Friday Favorites-10.15.21


Hey Hey Hey!  

Hello, Friday!  Are we glad to see you.  :)

Andrea and I are here once again with Friday Favorites.  Just like every week we invite you to join us!  Simply add your blog to the bottom of the post and be sure to share some FAVORITES!

First up, I found this picture on my phone from Oktoberfest but I forgot to share.  So darn cute!  These two are always my FAVORITE!


Please notice all five of those little girls sitting in the stands.  That's the little girl posse on my street.  They came out to watch Ebby Lee play in her volleyball game last week.  It was the cutest thing! 

What a surprise!!  Ebby Lee had some FAVORITE fans in the stands!


The tackle football season is soon coming to a close.  I want to remember these days long after he hangs up the pads.  Getting to watch Nixon play is a FAVORITE!  


Have you watched Maid on Netflix?  I started watching because I'd heard it was good and immediately I was sucked in.  The story, her love for her child, her determination, her struggles, I could go on and on.  It tore at my heart strings.  The language is rated R so be aware of that but it's one I'd recommend.


Guess who had Open House and got to show off all their school work?

BRITTY!  {Who happens to be everyone's FAVORITE...I bet each kid would say she's their FAVORITE sibling if I secretly asked.}

All six of us got to attend and Britt loved getting to show off her class, her friends, and her hard work.  Such a sweet night!


A FAVORITE Thursday look...this tee and this initial necklace.


Britty got to go to the Arboretum with some of her FAVORITE people last week.  She had the BEST day!


That wraps up my favorites from the week!  Happy Weekend!  And you might wanna keep an eye out for that Monday night game.  ;)


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Ghoul Friend Halloween Dinner

 This past week I hosted my fourth annual Halloween dinner for some girlfriends.  This little tradition started four years ago when I decided it was time for us moms to have a little Halloween fun ourselves.  And now it's turned into a fun, fall night every year.

I've hosted the dinner out at a restaurant and now twice at my own house.  It doesn't really matter where you host, but I'd encourage you to grab some girlfriends and get together for a fun Halloween dinner too.

This year I invited the girls over for a GHOUL FRIEND Halloween dinner, get it?  ;)  I had lasagna, chicken alfredo, salad and rolls catered from a local Italian restaurant which made my hostess duties so easy! 
Since we were having a GHOUL GANG dinner, I decorated with skulls and bones I had from years ago.

Lots of little candles completed the table.

Ebby Lee, Britt and I decorated the table the day before so on party day I didn't have much to do to prepare.

I ordered the balloons from Amazon as well as the bats. 

The ghoul-friends of mine showed up!  They came spooky, scary, and looking fabulous!  We chit chatted, we ate, we laughed and laughed and it was the perfect night.  

To see our past Halloween Dinners, 

Let's Look-Holiday Storage

 Already Hump Day!  How fun is that?!  I've got a little more fun headed your way today because it's...
Let's Look with Shay!  Each month Shay and I team up to take a peek at something small in our lives.  We invite you to join us and then link-up your blog with us {at the bottom of the post}.  We've had lots of fun so far this year and I can't believe we're already in our tenth month!

In January, we kicked off the year by sharing where we make our coffee each and every morning.  

The month full of love, February, left us discussing our love languages.  I read that book years and years ago, but it's one I still think about often.

March had us discussing our perfect night in and what that looked like.  Here's a little peek if you missed it.  It involved these people...

In April, we chatted about our Fridges and Pantries.  After seeing some of your pantries, it made me wish how I must be missing some sort of pantry organizing gene.

In May we peeked at our backyard storage right before the summer season arrived.

In June we kicked off summer by sharing our summer bucket lists.

July had me sharing our master bathroom closet because it's the most organized space in that room.

In August we shared peeks of our phones and our apps.  I'm super un-techy so I really enjoyed getting a look at your favorites.  That post led me to download the Cozi app and it's the only reason my people have been where we should be so far this fall.

Last month we peeked at how we meal plan and shared some of our favorite recipes.

This month the topic is our holiday storage organization.  We keep all of our seasonal decorations in our second story attics.  We have two located right off the playroom which makes loading/unloading really easy compared to hauling bins up a ladder..  If I shared a peek with you, it'd look a lot like this....


Just kidding!!  :)

It's just bins in an attic.  This is clearly a topic I didn't think much about when we came up with our list at the end of 2020, but when I got to work on this post it seemed boring to share pics of my attic.  It probably looks just like yours.  I've got no fabulous seasonal organization ideas, but I do have a few pictures of the seasonal decor we have out right now.  

In the front room in our house we have a little bit of fall on the mantle.

Apparently, the mantle is my favorite place to add a little "fall".

My favorite fall view is this one here.  A look out over a slow cooker already full of dinner.  :)

When it's time to take it all down, we'll pull out all the empty bins, take down all the decorations, and then put them right back in the attic.  Easy peasy!

Next month, we're peeking at our Thanksgiving menus!  I loved doing this last year.  One of the weirdest traits about me is I could talk to you for hours about your holiday plans and especially your holiday menu.  I drive Tab crazy talking about what food we're having when guests are coming for the holidays.  So needless to say, I'm pumped about those posts!  Hope you join us!

Thanks so much for reading today!  Please join us next time and be sure to link-up if you joined us!

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Episode 20: Breaking Down the Podcast by The BOYS!


My family needed that three-day weekend!  Whew!  We were a little puny by the end of last week so to get an extra day before we hit up another week was absolute perfection!  

There's a new episode of The Bestie Breakdown out today and once again, we've got the GUYS sitting in our podcast chairs.  Shay and I turned over the mics once again to Tab and Andrew.  You guys seemed to really enjoy them last time so we had them takeover and cover the first nineteen episodes of The Bestie Breakdown.  I think you'll love this one!

They're real, they're raw, and they're extremely honest.

My favorite part might have been when Tab said, "I'm really bad at laundry.  Like really bad.  Like not helpful at all.".  hahahahaha!  I'm thankful he gave me all the laundry credit.  

Or it could have been when Andrew called us his, "B Team".  hahahaha!  WHAT?!  

I think you guys will enjoy the chat and relate so very much.  You can listen here or you can follow along on your favorite podcast platform.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Friday Favorites-10.8.21


Whew!  I'm not sure I've ever been happier to see a Friday.  We've had a week at our house!  I didn't get around to sending all my coffee money yesterday and I never got to ask those of you who can't comment on my blog to share via Instagram.  It's coming today barring nothing crazy happens at my house!  {Yesterday was one of THOSE days.}

Today, Andrea and I are here sharing some FAVORITES!  I've gotten random questions I'm addressing in lieu of a list of FRIDAY FAVORITES.  I always assume that if one person asks, that other people must be wondering so here we go...

First up these items from my post on Wednesday had all of the wrong links.  I'm so sorry!  Here's a quick list with the right links...

*Not Pictured-but these football gloves fit Bowen perfectly.


I'm not even sure how I've gotten this question and more than once over the last week.  Maybe Shay posted?  But for Madeley's birthday last year this was the gift I had made for her...

This isn't Madeley but it's a picture from Amazon.  I ordered that tiger sequin patch {tigers are our elementary school's mascot}, purchased a denim jacket {do it wherever you can find a good deal-Walmart, Target, Old Navy, etc., and then a local seamstress sewed the patch for me.  There are a wide variety of patches and Madeley loved it!  


For those of you who've missed it, Tab got hired in the NFL as an official last year.  Since last year was a strange weird, it's kind of as if he's reliving his rookie season.  Unfortunately, I can't share each week where he'll be but I can say he's on Clete Blakeman's crew.  I think you can see a list in random's posted on Twitter each week for sure.  The big kids all have sports until roughly the first week of November so I have my fingers crossed I can join him for a game right after those seasons.

Let's talk chili-

I shared in a recent Bestie Breakdown podcast episode that most of the time when I make a hearty soup or stew, that's all I serve.  I will add cheese, chips/crackers, hot sauce, etc.  Just those kinds of toppings.  I asked Instagram and the top answers were cornbread, salad, grilled cheese, some other kind of sandwiches, and many of you serve chili specifically with cinnamon rolls!


Several of you were wondering if Ebby Lee has started any kind of skincare.  And the answer is yes-she used some products recommended by our dermatologist for a while and now she's using this acne set by Tula.  She doesn't use much but what we keep discussing is how important hydration is!  She's also using these cleansing pads on any super oily days.  This little regimen could change at any moment but for now it's working pretty well.


A picture of my porch full of pumpkins last year.  This year I accidentally went a little heavy on the regular orange pumpkin and it's too much of the same color.  Lesson learned!


My favorite eye shadow is from this palette or this palette.  Those are my go-tos!


My go-to Starbucks order as of late is just a simple coffee with cream and two splendas.  And if it's crazy hot outside, I get it iced.  If I'm trying to save a few calories, then I'll get 2% or even skim but my preferred way is cream.  :)


And I much prefer my water room temperature.  Many of you agree but there are some of you who are passionate about drinking water ice cold.  :)  I actually loved reading those messages because I'm equally passionate about my water being room temp.  ha!


I shared information about The Bible Recap back in this post.  If you're considering reading the Bible through in a year {or so, it's at your own pace} I recommend you look into this.  The Bible Recap sells a book and/or you can listen to the daily podcast breaking down the scripture you read.  I'm telling you all the information is in this post!


😉...yes, I have some fun upcoming things planned.  I can't wait to take you along!  I promise I will!


THANK YOU, again!  So many of you left kind words and sweet comments on my post yesterday!  I'm gonna be sending more coffee money today!  And I truly am so thankful for you and your kind words!

Have a great weekend!


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Thank You


I got all sappy with emotions yesterday and when I sat down to work on my post the only thing that kept coming to mind was how thankful I am for each of you.  I scratched my plan and just wanted to say....


Thank you for taking time out of your day to come here to visit.  Thank you for following along with our family.  Thank you for the countless times I've asked for your recommendations and you delivered.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

My heart is just super thankful and I wanted you to know.

In honor of my thanks, I'm passing out love as well as some coffee money.  :)  Coffee on me today!  Please comment on this post with your venmo and I'll share the coffee love with as many as I can.  Also, I'll be posting on Instagram stories for those who can't comment on my blog or for those of you who want to get your name out there.  :)  Be on the lookout for that and you can leave your venmo there as well.

I'm so thankful for you!  Happy Thursday!


Amazon Finds-SIX THINGS

 Hey!  Hey!  Today, on October SIXTH, I'm rounding up the last SIX THINGS we've ordered from Amazon lately...

1. Quest Chips-These chips are a tasty and somewhat healthy version of a chip.  My favorite flavor is the loaded taco but Tab would vote ranch all the way!  If you ever make Walking Tacos, I think the Loaded Taco Quest Chips would be a great Doritos/Fritos substitute.  Okay, now that I'm hungry and craving tacos for dinner as I type {I'm finishing this up on Tuesday afternoon, by the way}.

2. Bats-I decided to add a few bats in the dining room this year for Halloween.  We're kind of going with a spooky theme in there while the rest of the house is decorated for fall.

3. Matchless Bible Study-I ordered this study by Angie Smith to start soon.  A neighbor was just telling me how much she was learning and enjoying so I decided to give it a shot.  I loved her Seamless study I did years ago!

4. Layering Initial Necklaces-I've had these necklaces for myself for a while, but someone who shares my first initial kept "borrowing mine".  I eventually broke down and spent the $15 for her to have her own set.  These aren't the best quality but I think they're really cute for under $15!  I wear mine all the time!

5. Premier Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake-I know I'm like a broken record when it comes to these shakes BUT they're so darn good.  Also, if you think I'm a fan, I should introduce you to Tab.  He might have just ordered enough for the rest of 2021.  When I asked him about all the shakes, he said that he just didn't want to run out again.  I get it.  Those shakes are good!

6. Billy Jealousy Pomade-Tab has crazy thick hair, which is why he shaved his full head of hair for years and years.  He needs a super strong hold gel and this pomade is his favorite.

And this is an honorable mention... Football Gloves-Bowen's gloves were just a tad too big.  One of his besties let him borrow this pair during the game on Saturday and he played so well.  I ordered him a pair before we were even to the car!  ha!  They come in lots of teams so you'll hopefully be able to find the team/color combo you're looking for.  Bowen's team is the Tigers with the inspiration coming straight from LSU, but they were sold out.  He'll be sporting some Oklahoma Sooners gloves this next weekend.

That list was a little random...some food, some hair pomade, and more..truly a little bit of everything!  ;)  Happy Wednesday, Everyone!