I can't believe I haven't shared these pictures!  It's been over six weeks since we had this little adventure and I'm finally getting around to posting.  Before I jump right into it, it's FRIDAY!  Andrea and I are here like we are each Friday sharing our FAVORITES.  This week I'm sharing a FAVORITE getaway we had this summer.  It was short, sweet, and just what my heart needed before we jumped right back into all things back to school. 

Remember for Andrew's 40th birthday the four adults went to Mexico to celebrate?  The big plan for Tab and Shay's birthdays is to go on a big trip and they kind of share since their birthdays are pretty close together...his is in August and hers is in October.  We decided to put that big trip off to next year and celebrate them turning 41 because it just felt right.  Due to training camp, Tab knew he'd be out of town on his 40th birthday so we scoured the calendar and found a few days we could get away to celebrate him.  

This summer he had the New England Patriots training camp the first week of August and the second week he was in Nashville with the Titans {over his birthday}.  We went a couple days right before he reported in Foxborough so we kicked off in Boston and then ferried over to Nantucket.  I really didn't take many pictures but I have some...

We flew out early on Saturday morning to enjoy Boston that afternoon.  Remember how we surprised Andrew with shirts and swimsuits with his face?  We changed it up and came out of our rooms in Pub Crawl t-shirts and nose rings for Tab.  Tab is a fan of a nose ring and it just isn't my thing so the magnetic nose rings were fun while they lasted!

We spent the afternoon walking around town, popping in and out, and had a great afternoon.

We got all dressed up for dinner out at Davio's right on the water.  The views were stunning.

The views of the harbor were absolutely stunning...even though it's dark outside and you can see nothing but part of a building in this picture!  ha!

The next morning we were up early to take our ferry over to Nantucket.  The Shulls have been visiting for years and love it so much.  We were pumped to get to visit with them.  We ferried over, checked into our hotel, and then grabbed our scooters for the day.

Let me just say-I'm minimally adventurous and want to have fun, be go-with-the-flow but these scooters made me NERVOUS!  I'd not move my head in fear I was gonna tip us.  By the end of the afternoon, I was well-versed in scooter life but the first hour I was a nervous wreck!  It was such a fun way to get to see so much of the island though.  If you find yourself without kids, you should consider! 

Made it to the beach!

Hunka hunka burnin' love right there...on a teal scooter.  We laughed at laughed at ourselves on these scooters.

And once again-we got cleaned up for a fun evening out.

Tab almost snapped that as I was closing my eyes...but wanted to show the gang was all there!

We ended the evening at the Club Car...such a fun night!

Our last day we hung out at the beach almost all day.  It was glorious!  Tab and Andrew left to get lunch and came back with the best sandwiches I've ever had.  They were delicious in the-I'm-still-thinking-about-it-sort of way.  This day just happened to be my real birthday {it just fell in the line up of dates we could make Tab's trip work}.  We had the most delicious dinner with gorgeous views.

Such a great little getaway!  And then because Tab reported really early the next morning to camp he took the last ferry off the island to make his way over to training camp. 

His gorgeous views from the ferry taking off.  Andrew, Shay, and I caught a flight from Nantucket the next day.  What an AMAZING time we had!  It was so much fun!

HUGE thanks to Andrew and Shay for making reservations and planning lots of fun while we were gone.  Since I'd never been they asked me some ideas and took over planning the most fun little getaway.  THANK YOU!  Thank you for showing us the island that has your hearts!  We loved getting to experience it with you!  And we had a blast celebrating our birthdays!  

That's a wrap on our FAVORITE little getaway with friends this summer.  My goodness-these pictures make me want to go back!

Hope you guys have the BEST weekend!  See you back here on Tuesday!

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All About Entertainment...Books and Shows

 Okay, I know we're all busy moms who are shuffling kids from practice to sports to school so we don't have many daily minutes to devote to our own personal entertainment.  If you're like me the shows that get the most air time are ones the entire family can watch and enjoy.  But as I'm folding laundry or for a few minutes before falling asleep at night, I like to enjoy a little entertainment that's just for me whether it be in book form or show form.  I haven't shared a list of the books I've read since March so settle in for a little book round-up along with a little look at what I've been watching.

I'm a Laura Tremaine fan so this book didn't disappoint in the least.  As a grown adult woman, it can be difficult to make and cultivate great friend relationships so in this book Laura highlights one of the biggest ways to do being vulnerable and sharing our lives.  Laura leads by example by sharing stories from her life so that we get a better understanding of her which in turn leads us to want to share our own stories.  It's sweet, heartfelt, and a read that will inspire you to get into the details of your life with others.

First of all, I shared some of the thrillers I read earlier this year in this post.  If you're into thrillers, I highly recommend you check it out.

This book is one of those thrillers that kept me thinking throughout the entire story.  Single mom, Louise, meets cute guy, David, at a bar.  Sparks fly and they kiss, but when Louise meets her new boss at work on Monday she's shocked to discover it's David and he's married.  In a strange turn of events she becomes friends with his wife and well, it's twisted, full of suspense, and a thriller you should read.

This was made into a Netflix series...did anyone watch?  Should I?

The Hot Flash Club

This book is an oldie but goodie.  I laughed and laughed throughout this story about a random group of four new friends who are tackling all things related to menopause while doing their best to find success, healthy love relationships, and more.  There are four books in the series and I have plans to read them all but I think I'll enjoy these even more in about ten more years.  These ladies are in their fifties-sixties age range and I'll be able to related much more when I'm closer to that age.

I finally finished this enneagram book!  If you listened to the Bestie Breakdown:  Breaking Down the Enneagram then you know we were both reading to learn a little more about our numbers.  If you have any interest in learning more about enneagrams, this is a good one.  The author has a chapter devoted to each enneagram number where he dives deeper into the motives behind each number, their wings, and more. 
Sarah and Adam are thought to have a perfect marriage but when Adam's mistress is found dead that perfect marriage begins to unravel.  

Hi!  My name is Erika and I love a thriller.  This wouldn't disappoint in the slightest.  It kept me guessing until the very end!

This book opens with a man and woman having an affair which leads to the woman being torn...between her husband and her lover.  I immediately judged the woman by her actions but throughout the story we saw more and more glimpses of her life...the hardships she faced, the trials she lived through, and the abuse she experienced all led her to where she is today.  I found myself rooting for this woman and cheering her on from the pages.  This is a book that I'll remember for years.  It's heartfelt, in some places haunting, and will pull at your heart strings.

This summer in preparation of our visit to Nantucket, I read 28 Summers, a love story that involved a man and woman meeting up every single summer for twenty-eight years.  A sweet, easy to read romance that used some of Nantucket's most popular establishments in the story.

This is a small Kindle only edition sequel to 28 won't want to skip this one after reading the first book.

Another thriller, another great recommendation.  I really can't even think of how to describe this one without giving too much away.  

According to Amazon, "Juno was wrong about Winnie Crouch.

Before moving in with the Crouch family, Juno thought Winnie and her husband, Nigel, had the perfect marriage, the perfect son - the perfect life. Only now that she’s living in their beautiful house, she sees the cracks in the crumbling facade are too deep to ignore.

Still, she isn’t one to judge. After her grim diagnosis, the retired therapist simply wants a place to live out the rest of her days in peace. But that peace is shattered the day Juno overhears a chilling conversation between Winnie and Nigel....

She shouldn’t get involved.

She really shouldn’t.

But this could be her chance to make a few things right.

Because if you thought Juno didn’t have a secret of her own, then you were wrong about her, too."

Currently Reading:

And a little look at what I've been watching lately..
Kim's Convenience-a cute little comedy sitcom about a Korean-Canadian family who own a convenience store.

Outer Banks-I got sucked into the second season of Outer Banks because I had so many friends who mentioned they were watching.  For some reason, this show bugs me because so much of the show seems so far-fetched but it ALWAYS works out for these high school kids.  Did you watch season two?  What'd you think?

LuLaRich-is a documentary based on the LuLaRoe business plan.  I just started watching but quickly got sucked right in. Have you watched this one?

And BIG BROTHER!  The tough as nails alliance, The Cookout, surviving all the way to the end was pretty incredible.  Now that they're having to go after each other the show is really getting good.  WHO WILL MAKE IT TO THE END?!  My money is on Xavier at this point.  Who are you cheering for?

What entertainment have you been enjoying?  Please share!

What We've Been Up To...

Here's a little peek at what we've been up to lately...

The fall fun is starting to kick in...we met the Shulls in downtown McKinney for a little festival that happened to be featuring our favorite hometown band.

The lights, the entertainment, the was just a fun night.

Three Amigos are our favorite!

Look at how festive downtown McKinney was looking!  It's those lights for me!

These girls are the sweetest.

We've been spending lots of time watching Bowen at the ball fields.

And we got to watch the Tigers' football team kickoff their season on September 11th.

They began with a very cool flag tribute for the parents.

We've been wearing our jerseys to school for jersey day because matching your friends at school is ALWAYS a good time!

We've been watching middle school volleyball games.

And running to and fro when it comes to practices as well.

We've been catching as many local high school football games as we possibly can.

And we've been doing all we can to soak in all the moments.  They're going by way too fast.


The Bestie Breakdown Episode 17!

 Hey Hey!

It's gonna be a FABULOUS day!  Today here in North Texas, the high temperatures have already happened and we have a real, true FALL day with 70's weather!  I've been looking forward to this since August!  Needless to say, we're having chili for dinner because what else would make sense on the first fall day of the year!

I've teamed up with Fancy Ashley for Tuesday Talk!  We tag team once a month {on the third Tuesday} and we chit chat about anything and everything!
The Bestie Breakdown is BACK!  On this episode, Shay and I break down SLOW COOKERS and AIR FRYERS!  {And chatting a bit about the Instant Pot too!}  Nothing makes me feel more like Superwoman than having dinner cooking in my slow cooker while we're going about our day.  I use my air fryer almost every day for making a side...whether it's sweet potato fries, roasted broccoli, or popping in baked potatoes.  So easy and so good!  Shay and I share how we meal plan and how often we grocery shop {is going to the store EVERY SINGLE DAY normal?!}.  You can find all the episodes as well as this last episode right here.  I hope you'll listen!

Thanks so much, friends!

And don't forget-if you read the Book Club book, Not a Happy Family, please e-mail us at or leave us an audio message on Anchor!  We'll be sharing those on the book club episode.


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Friday Favorites-9.17.21

Hey There, Friends!

How was your week?  Tonight we have nothing but dinner out on the calendar and this mama is HERE FOR IT!  I have big plans to watch a fall movie with the family after dinner, catch College Game Day on Saturday morning and then all three of our games on Saturday are right in the middle of the day which means we'll get cozy with college football on television.

I'm here sharing my FRIDAY FAVORITES with Andrea.  If you blogged your faves, please link up with us so others can check out your post.

Disclaimer first FAVORITE is super random, but it is revolutionizing my sleep!  I'm telling you-super random!

That's it.  😂😂😂 Okay, super random backstory.  I started noticing these wrinkles near my jaw line on both sides of my face.  I'm a back sleeper but I'm someone who creates this weird wrinkle along my lower cheek/jawline when I sleep.  Trust me if I showed you the sleep position you and I would both be convinced no one finds that comfortable but as soon as I'm asleep my body goes right back to that spot.  It's so strange!  I noticed these weird wrinkles that started small and would disappear after an hour or so each morning.  Eventually though they didn't quite disappear as quickly as before and I'd notice them sticking around in the afternoon.  I discussed it with a couple friends and then my I-Phone did that creepy thing I-Phones often do where a random ad popped up for this JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow while I was scrolling social media.  I impulsively added to my cart to see what that sleep wrinkle pillow was all about.  

That picture above is the JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow and let me tell you-it's my new FAVORITE pillow!  Since I'm a back sleeper I use that middle section for my head and it tilts my head in a way I cannot make that weird wrinkle, even when I'm sleeping.  The sides {I believe} are for side sleepers and there are specific ways you can use those depending on how you sleep.  But the pillow positions your head in ways there won't be pressure causing wrinkles on your face while you sleep.

Guess what's the best news?  I've been waking up without those weird lower jaw wrinkles!  The pillow is working!  I realize that was a super random story and favorite but after sending this picture to friends last week I knew it was something worth sharing here in this space.  If you have a similar issue, I'd highly suggest you try this!  It's been working for me!


CALLING ALL READERS!  The Bestie Breakdown has a podcast book club coming in 11 days!  We'll be discussing the book, Not a Happy Family, by Shari LapenaShay and I have both read!  We think you'll like this one and we can't wait to share our thoughts with you!  It's gonna be fun!  Make sure you download or order STAT!

Speaking of The Bestie Breakdown, did you listen to this week's episode on Breaking Down Time?  If not, you can listen right here on Anchor!  You can also send an audio message with a comment or question or shoot us an e-mail at


I shared some of my FAVORITE things from my summer/fall wardrobe earlier this week.  I've found some really cute things at a cute boutique online, Amazon, and Loft lately.  You can check out all the details here!


Have you watched Kim's Convenience on Netflix?  It's a funny sitcom about a Korean-Canadian family who run a convenience store.  It's a FAVORITE this week.  I've been watching when I fold laundry and well, we've got a lot of laundry.  ha!


Do you guys remember back in 2018 we raised money for Sheaffer’s cousin Alden’s family as her son,Holt, was going through cancer treatment.  You showed up in a big way, and ever since Holt was declared in remission (praise God!), Alden has been on a mission to pay it forward.

Twice a year, she identifies a local family in need, and she works hard to raise funds for the family.  Just this past March she raised $9,000 to help a sweet boy with Cerebral Palsy get a therapy dog!

This month, she’s focusing her efforts on sweet Braxton. Alden made a super informative video on YouTube HERE where she shares Braxton’s story and pictures of the family.  Braxton has a story unlike any other. Braxton was diagnosed in 2018 with neuroblastoma and spent the next year fighting for his life. After the long and hard treatment, scans would show that he beat neuroblastoma and the family was of course overjoyed! However, as a side effect to some of the chemotherapies he received, he has developed pulmonary fibrosis which is a very serious and possibly terminal diagnosis.

I feel certain that all of you are going to fall in love with Braxton, and I’m hoping many will feel led to help!  You can continue to get to know Braxton and his family on Alden’s facebook HERE and her instagram HERE where she will keep sharing tidbits about the family until the fundraiser is closed.

When Alden started these fundraisers, she decided to use her baking talents and bake “Cookies for a Cause”, with an option of just giving directly as well.  This go around, she has already committed to baking over 150 dozen cookies.  WHOAH. And although she’s perfectly happy to bake her little heart out to benefit Braxton, I would like to suggest that we forego the cookie element, and we give directly.

If you would like to give a cash donation, you can do so via the following:

     *Venmo (@feedingfridaynightlights)

     *Zelle (

     *PayPal (

Let’s all join together and really bless the socks off of Braxton and his precious family!


Thank you so much for popping in today!  Hope you have a great weekend!


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Slaughters Head West-Part 6 Glacier National Park

 The final recap of our summer vacation from Salt Lake City all the way to Montana is going down today!  It's about time.  I know.  I know.  

If you missed a recap, you can find them all right here...

Part 1-Bear Lake

Part 2-Jackson Hole

Part 3-West Yellowstone

Part 4-Yellowstone

Part 5-Montana

Picking up right where we left off, in Kalispell, Montana.  Our full final day of vacation was planned to be spent in Glacier National Park.  We rented kayaks on Lake McDonald bright and early {minus the grandparents} so my crew headed into the park in order to snag those kayaks.  We picked them up in Apgar Village and really-I could have spent my entire day just here.  It's a quaint little village with some spots to eat, a few stores, and access to the gorgeous Lake McDonald.

With the encouragement of my guy in front, our kayak tended to race Nixon's every chance we got.  By the end of our two hours, my arms were sore BUT ask me who won.  ;) #everytime

We kayaked, we played around near the water, we skipped rocks, and we would have swam but it was really chilly.

The lake was pretty.  This one is known for having colorful rocks AND because the lake is so clear being able to see them.

Kayaking happened to be the perfect way to check out this gorgeous lake.

Timer picture to prove we were all there.

These two were super intense if they got involved in any race.

Look who we ran into after our kayaking adventure!  Gary and Marla met us in the village for a little lunch.

We had scored tickets for the Road to the Sun {which you needed because they were keeping numbers lower} but we began knowing we wouldn't drive the entire thing.  Since we'd had our big Yellowstone day and then driven to Montana, we were kind of over being inside the car.  This Glacier Park tour we wanted to be out of the car much more.  We used our handy dandy GyPSy Guide app again.

We pulled off when the guide suggested this waterfall stop.  Britt looks scared but I promise she wasn't.

These kinds of spots were my kids favorites.  They loved getting to explore.

Or catch butterflies...that was fun too.

The views though.

We'd heard about a good trail {Avalanche Trail} that led to this gorgeous hidden gem of a lake you could only see if you hiked to the top.  Our plan was to check it out and if it was too much for the kids we'd turn around.  Well, this is where it got tricky due to no cell phone service.  Our group was split into two cars...Tab, me, Nixon and Bowen were in one while Gary, Marla, and the girls were in the other.  We arrived at Avalanche Trail and pulled off to park but the parking lots surrounding the area were all over, hidden from each other, etc.  We got separated and couldn't find them.  It felt like so long that we finally panicked that they'd gone up the trail thinking they'd find us up there.  So our crew of four took off practically sprinting up the trail.  I was a mess when we made it to the top!  But the views were absolutely stunning and well worth it...
Such a cool little spot once we finally arrived!

That backdrop looks so pretty it appears fake, doesn't it?

On our way down, I'm mentally fretting about what we do at the bottom.  We searched bathrooms, walked around the entrances/exits, and had decided we were going to move on to the next stop.  We had discussed where we'd stop next so maybe they went ahead.  But we miraculously spotted Tab's dad!

They'd panicked when we'd gotten lost too and looked and looked for us before finally scoping out this cool spot with water and shade to hang for a bit.

So the entire crew then popped over to the Lake McDonald Lodge.  This property kind of reminded me of Walt Disney World.  Tell me if you see the resemblance...

Isn't it cute?

I saw a little Disney in that cute lodge.

We decided another stroll around that Apgar Village where we began earlier in the day was where we wanted to spend our early evening so we drove back.  Gary's cousin and his family happened to be walking in the same little village and we bumped into them!  WHAT are the odds, right?

We'd heard such good things about the Sacred Waters Brewing Company so we stopped there for dinner.
The live musician was playing some Darius Rucker while we ate french fries after a lot of walking.  It was the perfect way to end our stay in Montana.

While packing and preparing for vacations like this always takes some work those amazing memories that will last a lifetime are so worth it!  This entire trip was outside of our normal summer vacation and the adventures made us all get out of our comfort zone just a bit which made it even more fun.  The Slaughters had the best time heading west!