Friday Favorites-7.23.21


It's FRIDAY!  

We've been having the BEST week on vacation!  Today, we're going from Jackson Hole to West Yellowstone before venturing into the park tomorrow.  A breakfast spot from Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, checking out the best little souvenir shop {from what we've heard}, and a stop at the Grizzly Center are all on the itinerary today.

In Friday fashion, Andrea and I are sharing our FRIDAY FAVORITES!  Since I'm out of town this week, I just have the link for you but I'll be back on Tuesday.  Have a great weekend!


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Nordstrom Sale Hits and Misses

Happy Wednesday! 

If you're following along on Instagram, we woke up for our last morning in a tent this morning and are now on our way to Jackson Hole.  Who knew I'd think glamping in a tent was fun, but here I am!

Last week I shared the items I'd ordered from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and was able to do a quick try-on before we left town to share with you.

If the item is sold out, I'd recommend just keep checking back.  Many times returns and restocks happen throughout the sale.
These pajamas are a HIT!  Love the fit, comfort, and fall colors.  I even packed these for our trip!

Another HIT...this faux leather dress.  It comes in black and brown and is way cuter than I'd imagined.  We have an upcoming fall work trip for Tab and I think this will be perfect. I sized up one.

I ordered both colors in these booties just to see...grey and tan.  I preferred the tan and am sending the grey back but fit well and are a really versatile bootie, if you need one in your closet.

A little peek with them on.  ;)

I'm a fan of this green!  I needed a new warm coat {and probably North Texas won't see snow or sleet for years because of this purchase} and really like this one. TTS.

I've seen this top everywhere...definitely a hit for most people.  I sized down because it's oversized but then the sleeves were pretty snug.  I think this is an easy one that can be worn all fall long but I'm not sure I'd recommend sizing down.

Our middle school colors are navy and gold so this seemed appropriate for a middle school football game.  I ordered my usual size and think it fits very true to size.

Not my favorite...this top was really boxy, short, and too thin.  

This was a big HIT!  Probably my favorite top I ordered.  This puff sleeve cardigan is a little on the shorter side but with high waisted jeans will be darling all fall/winter.  TTS

This sweater is a big maybe...again, it's on the shorter side but I think will be cute with high waisted concern is I remember in seventh grade health class learning about what colors compliment your skin tone and grey was as off the charts bad as you could get for me.  Yes, my seventh grade self remembers that.  So I'm not sure I'll keep it.  My color of choice was already sold out when I ordered.  I liked the different fit and the long arms-kind of made it feel comfy like a sweatshirt.

This dress was an item I threw in my cart and added way later {which is why you never saw it in that post last week}, but I think it'll be cute this fall with sneakers to be casual or dressed up with heels.  TTS.

This jacket was a big miss.  In the photos, I loved the bright pink but the fit just wasn't flattering.

However, I LOVED this one!  This coat is super comfy and SO soft!  I ordered TTS and really couldn't love it more.  It also comes in a green...definitely runner up for my favorite sale item.

That wraps up my Nordstrom Sale finds!  Hope you guys have the BEST Wednesday!  Remember this week I'm just posting Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday so I'll see you back here on Friday!

Tuesday Talk-Breaking Down The Besties

Hey There!  It's TUESDAY TALK, the day of the month where Fancy Ashley and I team up to chit chat about all the things.  

Right this minute, well I guess depending on when you read, but most of today our family is out enjoying Bear Lake.  We headed west yesterday and are in our first leg of our big road trip by flying into Salt Lake City and driving up to Garden City, Utah.  We "glamped" last night and hit the lake this morning. You can follow along on Instagram to see the pics!  I tend to over think my posting of day to day life on people REALLY wanna see this, is it Instagram worthy, etc. but I love following along with friends' travels so I instantly become an overshare-r when we're out of town. 

Today, Shay and I have a brand new podcast episode out where our husbands take over the podcast microphones to Break Down The Besties!

This episode was a blast to record.  Shay and I were in the room but too far from the mics to pick up any of our back talk. ha!  Today, you'll get a little look at Tab and Andrew.  They're funny.  They're charming.  They've got jokes.  This episode is a fun one.  I hope you'll listen.

As always you can listen on your favorite podcast platform or click here to listen to all the episodes.

Remember to send any specific request or questions directly to

Have a great day, everyone!  See you tomorrow!  And since it's our vacation I'm tweaking my usual posts...Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday-is happening for the next two weeks and then back to four days.  Thanks so much for understanding.  It's hard to prepare the blog, life, AND all those suitcases before heading out of town.


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Friday Favorites-7.16.21


It's official.  I'm so glad to see you, Friday.

Every Friday Andrea and I team up to host FRIDAY FAVORITES, a weekly link-up where we share some of our faves.  This week I have a good ol' hot random mess of a list that includes "a little bit of everything".

First up, last weekend at the baseball tournament day #1, I noticed one mom in a really cute tennis skirt.  On day #2, I spied a different mom looking so comfy cute in her skirt.  And on day #3 there were no less than four moms in tennis skirts and each one looked as adorable as Sporty Spice.  {By the way, I did the Spice Girls 30 Minute Ride this week on my Peloton and as a former CD owner I thought I was gonna be singing the entire time.  I only remembered ONE song..."tell me what you want, what you really want"...that was IT!  Has anyone done this and did you remember ANY of those songs?}  Sorry, I got sidetracked but the moral to the story is I jumped on the skirt train and am not looking back...
This pink skirt is a new FAVORITE!  Just saw the pink is sold out but it also comes in black.  It runs TTS.  It's like Athleta just knew I'd be a fan so for weeks this skirt kept popping up in every Facebook/Instagram ad I had.  Some might even say it was fate. 😉 I paired it with this white top for the picture but will wear it with black, navy, graphic tees, etc.

A peek from the side...the skirt has built in shorts with a small rubber piece around the legs preventing the shorts from riding up.  Super comfy!  And please notice our BIG SWIMMER!  This girly has been doing such a great job in the pool over the last few months.  In case you're interested, Britty's suit is on sale now.

I might have walked up to one mom last weekend wearing this EXACT outfit and complimented her so much that by the end of the game she'd pulled up her Athleta receipt and I was ordering this exact tank and skirt as we watched baseball.  I will say that both are true to size but I really prefer these tanks in the darker colors.  The lighter colors are more see-through and just aren't my thing.

A little peek at the length from the back.

I also added this skirt to my brand but similar built-in shorts underneath.  I sized up in this skirt-one size up to give it a little more length.  This one also comes in a tall-if you'd prefer a longer option.

The back has the pleats.
Basically, I just need a racket, tennis ball, and some hand/eye coordination and I'm ready for the court.

These tennis skirts can be dressed up/dressed down in so many ways.  And I'll be adding them to my suitcase for our vacation!


Bowen went fishing with a friend this week and caught this fish!  A FAVORITE!


Somebody's new school backpack, lunch box, and water bottle arrived this week.  It's Britty's FAVORITE!  Last night, she put it all on to model for us.  SO cute!

An up close look at that sparkly backpack.  :)


Did you see my post yesterday featuring all of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale FAVORITES I ordered?  I'll be sharing a round up of hits/misses once my items arrive next week!

A few items arrived yesterday and spoiler alert...this dress is a FAVORITE!


Have you read The Paper Palace?  I noticed Reese Witherspoon named it her book of the month for July so I decided to give it a shot.  Wow!  It starts off with an affair and my moral compass alarm was going off big time as I read.  I kept thinking how much I wasn't a fan but as I continued to read lots of trauma and abuse throughout her lifetime were revealed.  Some of it was tough to read.  This book left me thinking about how often people are living with hard, heavy scars from a childhood we can't even begin to fathom. This was one I'll be thinking about for months to come.  It was good-so if you're a reader, I recommend it.  {Rated R}  But if light/fluffy is your jam, then I'd skip this one.


And last FAVORITE of the day...this $15 casual dress from Target.  Comes in many colors.  If you're short, then I'd size down.  I think mine would have been too short but the rest would have been just fine.


Thanks so much for reading today, friends!

We leave on Monday to head out of town for our summer vacation, but I'll still be popping in here on the blog so be sure to check back!  And you can follow along over on Instagram! My Instagram goal for vacation is to POST!  I love following along with people's trips via social media!

  Have a great weekend!

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Nordstrom Sale Everyone's Talking About

Knock, Knock

Who's There?


Water Who?

Water-you asking SO many questions for?


Welcome to life with Bowen Slaughter :)  😂😂😂

The ironic part is I really do ask a lot of questions so it was totally appropriate.

Okay, I know there are a few things throughout the year that every blogger shares and I do try to be mindful of that.  I really have never gotten into Prime Days so I never post about it but the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a sale I truly love shopping each and every year.  In this space, I try my best to be my authentic self for you and shopping this sale is authentically something I enjoy.  So I'm sharing.  I've decided to share what I ordered and then once they arrive {I'm expecting them today} I'll do a hits/misses kind of posts with pictures of me in the items.  I also found many items in the sale I already own and I'll be sure to highlight those as well.  Every year I approach this sale a little differently in what I'm actually looking for.  This year was the year of tops. :)

First up, these are the treasures I found when I was scouring the site...

After making that collage I also ordered this puffer jacket.  It reminds me of the infamous Amazon coat I got close to ordering numerous times but never did.  I like how this one is shorter and not as baggy.

And these pajamas look very fall to me, but here in Texas it'll still be shorts sleeping weather for a long while.

Then I spotted several items in the sale I already own and love...
These embellished combat boots are a girly take on the more traditional look.  They also are much more narrow than other boots.  I got mine last year and wore them quite a bit last year.  You can snag them now at a grab price.

The shoes shown above aren't exactly the shoes in the sale this year but the new 2021 version is.  This brand is known for it's comfort and they know how to mix that comfort with cute very well.  The shoes come in a variety of colors.

One again, my Ugg boots pictured above are a couple years old but there's a new 2021 version in the sale.  They come in both black and brown.

My favorite summer product is this Kopari Coconut Melt.  This combo pack in the sale gives you two scents to try-the original coconut scent and the tropical coconut as well.  And I spotted my favorite summer sunscreen in a pack at a great price.  No matter where I'm using it-the beach or the ballfields I've been known to get compliments on the smell-it's good!  As always, this is my favorite blardigan from Barefoot Dreams.  And the Spanx Faux Leather Leggings are a great buy now too.  I got them for my mom last year at Christmas and she said that she received so many compliments all winter long.

That wraps up my Nordstrom Sale shopping and recommendations.  I'll be sure to share what I thought of the items once they arrive.  Have a great day!

Let's Look-Bathroom Organization

Hey There!

Thanks so much for all your sweet words about the podcast yesterday!  Ironically, I got up early to work and work out but my work to do list just kept growing so I never got the workout done.  Of course it would happen on the fitness podcast day, right?  Just proof though that it doesn't always happen for us either!  

Today is a Let's Look Wednesday!  Shay and I are sharing a little look at our bathroom organization.  If you've been reading here a bit then you know me.  This is SO ME...

BAHAHAHAHAHA!  Anyone else relate to that?

Last year when we were all home due to covid, I tried to make good use of my time at home and I did organize many things around the house.  One of those spaces that got organized and still looks good to this day is our BATHROOM CLOSET!

While I'm often times trying out a wide variety of skincare or make-up to give you my thoughts and feedback, one thing I never do is waste a product.  I will use it {even if it's not my favorite} or I'll give it to a friend or family member to use.  In the rare situation where I despise a product, then I'll throw it out but that doesn't happen often.  This organized closet helps me see each and every item in my closet so I know what I need.  And right now it's not a single thing.  :)

The top shelf houses cotton balls, Q-tips, and teeth whitening products with a divider in the middle and the other side has bar soap, sunscreen, and a few travel bags.

Second shelf has all the hair care products from travel size to full size ranging from shampoo to frizz control oil to dry shampoo.  Remember when I did the dry shampoo review?  I still have plenty of dry shampoo!

Third shelf has skin care, lots of self tanner, perfume, hair ties, tinkle razors, and a big mix of other random items without a home anywhere else.

The fourth shelf has hair tools...blow dryer, curling irons, and flat irons as well as the smaller towels.  

We have big towels on the bottom of the closet.  When we redid the carpet in our bedroom when we moved in years ago, they replaced this little patch and we've been storing big towels down there ever since.  Can you tell we're a hodge podge towel family?  What are you?  Do you have all matching towels in each bathroom?  Or do you have A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING?  {See what I did there?}

When I organized all my products last year there are five things I bought that really helped...

1. Shelf Divider-If you have a closet where you fold anything, this is a good option.  It came in a pack with a few other dividers as well.

2. Double Decker Lazy Susan-I store all my small hair products on this and can easily spin it around to get a good luck at everything.

3. Lazy Susan-This option is even better-much sturdier, a little bigger and holds more.

4. Plastic Containers {I used a variety of these}-I think these can also be used in the refrigerator for keeping that organized as well.  I keep this one full of travel size hair care.  I've been known to go out and grab a new travel shampoo and conditioner every time I was going out of town.  Not necessary if you're organized!  

5. Organizers-Come in a variety of sizes and you can use them to hold anything.

That's all I've got today, friends!  Next month we're chatting about our phones and favorite apps.  That should be good!  Hope you have the best day!  Don't forget to link up with us!


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Episode 7: Breaking Down Fitness

 How was your weekend?!  Our weekend was a fun one...Friday we had two baseball games and dinner with friends that night.  Saturday we had more baseball, volleyball tryouts for Ebby Lee, and when we planned a family cookout/swim day at our house I didn't know the other things were happening.  Tab's brother and sister along with their families came over for the afternoon/evening.  So it was full of fun!  When Sunday rolled around Tab and I both took naps.  haha!

I hope your weekend was one for the record books as well!  Today is a FUN DAY!


Episode 7:  Breaking Down Fitness just released and we'd love for you to listen!  In this episode, Shay and I break down when we began working out, how work outs throughout the years have looked, and how what's more important than a number on the scale is how you feel.  I hope after listening you're inspired to get your body moving by doing something you enjoy whether it's a walk around the neighborhood or a crazy intense Peloton bike ride.  As always, if you enjoy the listen, please leave us a review and rating.

You can see all our episodes right here or you can follow along with your favorite podcast platform.  Thanks so much for listening, friends!


Friday Favorites-7.9.21


I'm gonna dive right into my list of FAVORITES today.  As always Andrea and I are hosting FRIDAY FAVORITES, a weekly link-up we invite you to join every single week.

Nixon and Smith went to our church's missions camp last week and had fun!  This camp had Bible study time in the morning and a mission project in the afternoon with games and fun spread in throughout their day.  A FAVORITE from last week, for sure!


I just finished, The Perfect Marriage While it wasn't my FAVORITE thriller, it's worth a share if you're a fan of these dark, thriller type books.  Disclaimer-definitely rated "R".  Would you defend your husband if he was accused of killing his mistress is the question Amazon asks about this read.  In the book, his wife is a defense attorney so that basically sums it up right there.


FAVORITE from this past week was getting away with some of our FAVORITES for the 4th of July. Typically, we like to do this trip right before school starts as an end of summer hoorah, but with twelve people scheduling something like that can be tough.  The only time we had to all get away together was 4th of July weekend.  And I'm so glad we did it!  There's a huge, nice gas station chain called Buc-ee's here in Texas {and maybe making it's way into other states?} so a stop on a road trip is always a must.  

The gang's all here!

We relaxed in the lazy river.

We weathered the storm in order to get good seats.  The things we'll do for our kids, right?  

Lots of smiles after a few days away!

Another FAVORITE?  THE BESTIE BREAKDOWN!  Well, actually your responses.  This past week I've gotten lots of comments, messages, and even texts from friends about the podcast.  Thank YOU for listening!  And for recommending it to your friends.  If you haven't listened yet, please give it a shot.  You can find all six episodes here or you can follow along on your favorite podcast platform.


I went through this study years ago and thought it was such a great one.  Some ladies in my neighborhood have been getting together weekly to discuss and while I've told them I'm not sure I'll ever make it in person I started the study as well.  And was reminded why it's a FAVORITE!  If you're looking for a Bible study, I'd highly recommend this one! 


We're having family over this weekend and I'm making this potato casserole to serve with our protein.  Shay's made this one for us several times and it's my FAVORITE!  I love being able to have things pre-made and just bake once guests are over.  

This weekend we have a baseball tournament happening as well as family coming into town tomorrow for a visit.  I'm looking forward to it!  Hope you have a great weekend, friends!  See you Tuesday!

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