Friday Favorites-5.28.21

 It's FRIDAY!!

Andrea and I are here sharing Friday Favorites!  Each and every week we invite you to join us by linking up!

This weekend is one of my FAVORITES to live in my neighborhood.  The flags lining the street get me every time.

We've had many lessons happen in this field over the years and during this past week due to all the rain Bowen got in on the pitching action.  Bowen played it cool in front of the older boys watching but it was a FAVORITE moment of his week.

{I was this far into my post when the system had technical difficulties so no pictures from here on.  So sorry!}

A new FAVORITE item arrived this week...this initial hat!  Isn't it cute?  There are a variety of colors and I was super impressed with how well it's made. 

All three of my big kids had some sort of sports camp this past week.  A FAVORITE thing for all three!  One afternoon Nixon, Bowen, and Britt all fell asleep...that makes camp days a FAVORITE for mom too.  ;)

I grabbed this tank while in Target last's a great option for the weekend.  If you need a little red, white, and blue, check out this tankFAVORITE!

Okay, I spotted the Reese's Ultimate Peanut Butter Lovers candy in the grocery store last week and typically don't add random candy to my cart but I did it and it's a FAVORITE!  It's the kind of thing I can't keep in my house or  I wouldn't be able to stay away!  

We're making Red, White, and Blue Mix this afternoon to have a little something festive in the house.  A homemade treat is always a FAVORITE!

My FAVORITE thing is hanging out with my family so my summer blog schedule is gonna look a little different.  Instead of my typical five days a week of posts, I'm skipping every Monday.  I'll still be blogging Tuesday-Friday, so please come visit.  I have some really fun things planned for the summer but I'll be sharing them all four days a week to give me a little extra time to hang with my people.

And that wraps up my FAVES from the week.  Have a great weekend, friends!  I'll see you back here on Tuesday!

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Summer Interviews

We're officially four days into the greatness that is SUMMER BREAK!  We've been working on a SUMMER BUCKET LIST but in the mean time I wanted to know what my kids are looking forward to this summer.  When they think about what's to come, what are they the most excited about?

Well, here we go, friends.  These were their responses...

Britt:  "Spending time with my family."
That answer sums her right up.  She loves school, loves her friends, but she REALLY enjoys her people here at home the most.

Bowen:  "Getting to eat Bang, Bang Shrimp."
One of the local restaurants here change their menu every season and last summer Bowen discovered his love of bang bang shrimp.  He's been talking about it all winter long and is counting down the days until they bring it back.  Fingers crossed it's soon!

Nixon:  "I'm looking forward to our summer trip."
This summer vacation to Yellowstone has Nixon's name written all over it.  All the kids will enjoy it but I truly think Nixon will love it the most.  I've been thinking that so it warmed my heart he's been thinking the same thing.

Ebby Lee:  "SLEEPING IN".
She is twelve, after all.  Last night she asked around 8:00 p.m. if it was fine if she went to bed because she was so tired.  I remember doing that growing up...Wednesday nights were my one night in high school where I had no late sports' practices, games, etc. so often when my parents left to go to Wednesday Night Bible Study {there wasn't a youth program} around 6:40 p.m. I'd say, "Good night"...knowing I would be fast asleep by the time they got back.

Tab and I are both looking forward to weekends spent by the pool, all the extra time with our kids, the relaxed pace that always comes with the summer days, and all the memories we'll make over the next few months.  

What are YOU looking forward to this summer?!


What's Up Wednesday-5.26.21



I'm linking up today with Sheaffer and Shay for What's Up Wednesday.  

What We're Eating This Week...

Last week, I was a mess in the dinner department but this week is a different story.

Monday-Pasta with Bacon and Corn-I don't make much pasta in our house but even my non-pasta eater was a big fan!  And it was SUPER simple!

Tuesday-Last night I had dinner with some girlfriends but I try to have a slow cooker dinner ready to go for my family while I'm gone.  BBQ Chicken Tacos were on the menu {and I'm looking forward to a lunch leftover taco}.

Wednesday-Are a crazy night...youth group at church, football practice, and baseball sprinkled in has me making Wednesday nights our most easy meals of the week.  Tonight, it's Hot Lobster Rolls-EASY!

Thursday-Did you see the Dill Pickle Burgers Shay just posted?  We love a dill pickle in our house so we're firing up the grill on Thursday just for these burgers!

Friday-And we're kicking off the first week of summer with Mexican food out on Friday night!

What I'm Reminiscing About...
I miss her everyday...

What I'm Loving...
This Kopari Coconut Melt is my FAVORITE summer product.  I'm LOVING that it's time to use this again!  

What We've Been Up To...
ALL THE END OF THE YEAR EVENTS-especially since this kid graduated fifth grade.

What I'm Dreading...
More rainy days.

What I'm Working On...
My girlfriend, Meagan, posted this yesterday and I could not stop laughing.  That's it.  That's an example of my brain at all times.  I'm sure you feel the same way too.

What I'm Excited About...
Pool Days-it's been raining cats and dogs over the past couple weeks here in North Texas and I'm so over it.  I'm ready for nice warm days we can spend poolside.

What I'm Watching/Reading...
Tab and I are finally watching The Crown.  We're just about four years too late to the party but we've arrived.  We're watching just one episode at night but the past two nights I cannot help but fall asleep during the last fifteen minutes and he gets so annoyed.  ha!!  I'm telling you-my eyelids will not stay open.  He's saying things like, "You're not asleep.  Are you?"  And I'm opening my eyelids as he speaks.  Or he'll ask me if I saw what just happened and when he asks for a detail-AAHH!  He knows I missed it.  I can't help it.  I'm tired!  

I'm still reading, The Hunting Party.  

What I'm Listening To...

What I'm Wearing...
This sweater top has been on repeat paired with a variety of things but on this particular night it was these jeans and sandals.  And Sheaffer's bracelets-hard to see pictured above but you can find those all on this page.

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
We're hoping to spend sometime in the backyard by the pool over the weekend...fingers crossed!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...
Spending my days with these four...even if it rains all month.

Thanks for reading today!  See you tomorrow!

School Year 2020-2021

I can't believe we made it!  In the fall our school opened for the first three weeks virtual for all students and then were given the option to go in-person or continue virtual school.  We opted for in-person so right after Labor Day the big three started second, fifth and sixth grade and Britt's preschool opened as well.  I know many of your kids didn't have the opportunity to set foot in a building this past year so while we experienced a few bumps along the way I'm so thankful my kids have been able to experience school with friends the past year.  Their teachers were absolutely amazing and despite it all-these four had a great year!

Britt was in Pre-K this past year.  She learned SO much...letters, shapes, numbers, months of the year, days of the week and on and on.  She loved her friends, her teacher, and getting to go be social five days a week.  In August, we'll start a Transitional Kindergarten at a new school.  It's one of the few programs in our area that's specifically for older five-year-olds who aren't going to kindergarten yet.

Bowen Slaughter decided to grow a ton this year.  :)  Bowen had one of the best teachers for second grade.  When we logged into his first day and his bubbly teacher was cracking jokes and keeping an eight-year-old boy entertained via a computer screen, I knew he was in for a great year.  He was put in a class with lots of his good friends as well as he made plenty of new ones.  He's super social so while the summer is his jam, Bowen's already looking forward to third grade.

Nixon Talbot decided to grow up on me and just ended his elementary school career to head to the middle school with Ebby Lee in the fall.  My goodness!  I wasn't prepared to have all the emotions on his last day.  A girlfriend who also had a son graduating fifth grade texted me that morning asking if I was emotional and I wasn't one single bit.  But then we got to the graduation ceremony where the principal started speaking about this class as she teared up and well, then it was all over for me.  Nixon had a great year but he is absolutely ready for middle school.  Many of his baseball friends will be joining up with him at middle school so he'll go into sixth grade knowing many kids.  He is ready!

Nixon on the first day of kindergarten and then the last day of fifth grade.

We're so proud of this kid!

After graduation all the fifth graders paraded through the school as parents, teachers and students cheered them on.  Then we took Nixon out to lunch...

Two peas in a pod.

I'm not exactly sure how it's a GIF, but it is so I'm going with it...the fifth grade graduation party was awesome!  All the fifth graders got dropped off at the local pool after school.  The snow cone truck came, there was a dj, lots of food was provided and Nixon was living his best life!

Since Ebby Lee missed out on the end of the year fifth grade fun, I didn't even know how great this would be.  Nixon had the best evening hanging with his friends at the pool.

And these two...friends since birth.

And Ebby Lee survived sixth grade!  hahaha!  I actually think I was the one who was super nervous.  Ebby Lee grew so much this year and had a great first year of middle school.  She met many new friends, had some great teachers, and is looking forward to seventh grade.  

It's been a YEAR but we're so thankful for our schools, for teachers, and for all the memories made.

Swim Week


DAY ONE OF SUMMER BREAK IS GOING DOWN NOW!  Today, my kids have nothing so we're gonna do something fun to kickoff the break.

Last week was not only full of all the end of the year things and fifth grade graduation festivities but I was the brilliant mom who scheduled swim lessons for Britt everyday at 2:30.  Clearly, I didn't look too closely at my calendar before agreeing to last week.  

My kids have all gone to the same swim instructor, Mrs. Sally, since Ebby Lee was three.  She's taught all three big Slaughter kids to swim and Britt is well on her way.  This will be her summer!  As lessons approached I took a little walk down memory lane and found these...

In 2018, baby Britty started swim lessons.

And finished with a medal!


And she must have gone from little girl to a young lady in 2020.

Since we swim a lot all summer long, I usually buy several swim suits at the beginning of the season and then they wear them out almost by the time school starts.  Just recently I shared some swim suit ideas for beginner swimmers...bright colors that don't blend into the water.  {And many of those suits are on sale right now!}  I have a few of those suits pictured so you can see how cute they are in real life.


This two-piece is bringing all the fun with those stripes and cute straps.

Love the little flower detail on this suit!

The colors, the pattern, and the ruffles did it for me on this suit.

Give this girl ALL THE COLORS!

And this was the other suit she wore during the week...super cute color-blocking!

Do you guys have an event that really kicks off the summer for you?  I'd say Mrs. Sally's Swim Lessons is always something that really gets us into the spirit of summer.  Needless to say, we're happy to see you SUMMER!

See you back here tomorrow for some last day of school pictures.

Friday Favorites-5.21.21


Do you know what today is?!


What a year it's been!  I think it's safe to say everyone is ready for a much needed summer break-teachers and kids alike.  When I was at school yesterday, everyone I talked to was ready!

  Andrea and I are here with FRIDAY FAVORITES from the week.

First FAVORITE, this little romper comes in a cute blue/yellow lemon combo, yellow/orange tie-dye, or this multi-color fruit.  I got it for Britt to wear this summer and she loves it.  It's easy, comfy and washes so well.

Another FAVORITE...girlfriends and golf.  Shay and I made our way over to Jeni at the golf tournament last week and it was so good to see her.  Having that tournament in our town was just fun!  And getting to hang at Jeni's on Saturday was even more fun but I forgot to take any pics...womp. womp.

Last year J Crew had this top that turned out to be a FAVORITE.  J Crew, please make a 2021 version and bring it back!  

I've mentioned these FAVORITE Nature Valley Biscuits with Coconut Butter before but I had the Chocolate Peanut Butter this week and they're good too!  If you need a little sweet snack, check them out!

One of my FAVORITE friends had some new FAVORITE bracelets release this week and I want to share them one more time...

1. Pink Cuff Bracelet with whites, creams, and some soft pinks-Sheaffer's cuff bracelets in this collection are my absolute favorite.  They're easy to wear by simply connecting a magnet but they appear like you've really added the perfect mix of arm candy.  

2. White/Mustard Wrap Bracelet-A little white, a little mustard, and a whole lotta cute.  

3. White Cuff Bracelet with whites and golds-I hate to choose a FAVORITE but if I did, this would be the one I reach for the most.  This bracelet can be paired with almost any shade of gold-vintage, bright, and a paler gold are all in this bracelet.

4. Turquoise Cuff Bracelet-This bracelet has that row of gorgeous turquoise beads, a darker turquoise row, and then several rows of shiny beads as well.

5. Grey/Blush Wrap Bracelet-This wrap has a variety of grey tones with some blush as well and would go with just about anything.

Last FAVORITE of the day...SUMMER BREAK!!  Always a FAVORITE! 

Thanks for reading today, friends!

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Photo Every Hour


Whoop!  Whoop!  Whoop!

If you're new here, let me tell you what's happening today.  About once a month, I post a day in my life in real time over on my Insta Stories.  I'd love for you to join me!  You can find me on Instagram.  Today is the SECOND to last day of school and all the end-of-year festivities are happening!  Hope you can follow along!  I love doing these days because it's always such a good way to get to know many of you better.  Let's get this Thursday started!


The Sheaffer Told Me To Collection

You GUYS!!!

I'm gonna gush over my girlfriend, Sheaffer, for just a minute.  First of all, if you don't follow Sheaffer, you should start immediately.  Sheaffer and I met about twelve years ago when some girlfriends got together to start a Bible Study that quickly turned into a group of friends who love each other big.  Sheaffer is absolutely hilarious!  No one can laugh at themselves more than Sheaffer and I appreciate that in a friendship.  No pretending, not taking ourselves too seriously, and finding the humor in every day...yes, yes, yes!  Sheaffer gives her all in everything she does whether it's finding the BEST bowl of lobster bisque this side of the Mississippi to truly praying for prayer requests, it's a true blessing to call her a friend.  

Today, she has a bracelet collaboration with VICTORIA EMERSON going LIVE!  I couldn't be more excited for her!  And the picture of her on the Victoria Emerson page is GORGEOUS!

Check out the goodies in her collection!  My goodness they're cute!  And when I saw those little jewelry bags with Sheaffer's name I flipped!

I wanted you to see a close-up of each bracelet.

1. Pink Cuff Bracelet with whites, creams, and some soft pinks-Sheaffer's cuff bracelets in this collection are my absolute favorite.  They're easy to wear by simply connecting a magnet but they appear like you've really added the perfect mix of arm candy.  

2. White/Mustard Wrap Bracelet-A little white, a little mustard, and a whole lotta cute.  

3. White Cuff Bracelet with whites and golds-I hate to choose a FAVORITE but if I did, this would be the one I reach for the most.  This bracelet can be paired with almost any shade of gold-vintage, bright, and a paler gold are all in this bracelet.

4. Turquoise Cuff Bracelet-This bracelet has that row of gorgeous turquoise beads, a darker turquoise row, and then several rows of shiny beads as well.

5. Grey/Blush Wrap Bracelet-This wrap has a variety of grey tones with some blush as well and would go with just about anything.

The BEST NEWS is there's a BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE deal going on right now!  So you don't have to choose just one favorite.  😉 No code is even needed for the promotion.  You can check out Sheaffer's entire collection and see how I styled them in my everyday Mom life from errands to swim lessons to a golf party...
Last week we got to watch Ebby Lee's 6th Grade Choir Concert and this was my outfit...Sweater Top, Denim, Sandals, and Pink Cuff Bracelet.

Here's a little up close picture of the beads in the white/mustard wrap bracelet.

Same Sweater Top, Wide Leg Denim, and the Pink Cuff Bracelet...again.  I like that combo. 

Same day but it got so much warmer outside so I changed mid-day...Summer Tee {sold out}, Orange Denim, and Turquoise Cuff.

And a striped tank paired with the grey/blush wrap bracelet.

Remember-the bracelets are all BOGO, so grab one for you and one for a friend.  You can see all Sheaffer's collection on this page.

I'm so so proud of you, Sheaffer!  Thanks for letting me be a part of this special day!