Friday Favorites-GOTCHA DAY!

Hey There, Friends!

Andrea and I have teamed up like we do each Friday to share our FAVORITES!  I can't even believe in just one week we'll be enjoying the last day of school for the 2020-2021 school year.  Then in the fall, Nixon will be joining Ebby Lee in MIDDLE SCHOOL!  

Today, I have one BIG FAVORITE for you.  Tomorrow we celebrate what we were doing four years ago...
our family of five became a family of six in Kunming, China, when we met our Britt Bradford for the very first time.  My goodness...the most faith filled decision we've ever made turned out to be the biggest blessing, our Britty.

Britt Bradford arrived as a baby who couldn't walk, talk, crawl, eat on her own, and could barely cry loud enough to make a dent in the volume levels that often happen in our house and look at her now.

She's sweet and a little salty, she sings, she dances, she jumps, she's guys she does it all.

Adoption is simply amazing.

Britty is somehow the baby of the family but the boss as well.  She is super expressive and has the most crazy looks at times.  The other day Nixon came inside telling me a story about something and she looked at him with a roll of her eyes and said, "Oh, REALLY?".  Needless to say, she's got a great sense of humor.

Britt has attended a pre-kindergarten program five days a week and has flourished.  She now knows almost all of her letters and sounds, the days of the week, the months of the year, the alphabet, numbers, colors, etc.  Her teachers have told me how quiet and shy she started the year and now-that girl is her best self.  

She has strong opinions about things like-how her hair should look and what shoes she wears with each outfit.  She KNOWS what she wants.

Just this week her speech therapist and I were laughing because she can sometimes have the toughest time with remembering a word we think she should know like, "giraffe", but if you asked her what cleats were she'd know exactly how to explain that particular type of shoe.

We've decided to hold her back one more year before she starts kindergarten to make sure she's extra ready.  In the fall she'll attend a transitional kindergarten four days a week, so we've declared Fridays will be Britt and Mom Days!  From the zoo to the library to the park, we have big plans for our last year at home together.  

The adoption road hasn't always been easy and if I could predict the future, I'm sure I'd see some bumps up ahead but ADOPTION IS SO WORTH IT!  I'm telling you-if God has put adoption on your heart, I pray you'll act on it.  There are sweet babies just like Britt who are waiting on their moms and dads...maybe that's you.

Happy Gotcha Day to this sweet girl of mine!  We love you big, Britt Slaughter.

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Mexico Getaway for Andrew's 40th

Last week we boarded our flight bright and early to head to...


And this is how we boarded the plane.  😂😂😂

When Andrew and Shay pulled up to get us for the airport, Shay told Andrew I needed a second opinion on my shirt so she ran in, changed, and we all came out in tie-dye shirts with his face.  We all four could not stop laughing, but Andrew was doubled over in laughter.

It was FUN, light-hearted, and we don't take ourselves too seriously!  If you are heading out of town for a birthday trip, I highly suggest you do the same.

With eight kids, six kids in sports currently, and the end of school year festivities approaching we didn't have too much time to getaway but we managed to have wonderful grandparents hold down the forts while we relaxed at The Grand Velas Resort in Rivieria Maya.

The views from our room were STUNNING!  {The pics were taken a little closer to sunset.}

I couldn't get over how gorgeous the grounds were.

Little did Andrew know that once we arrived, we had another shenanigan up our sleeves.  We all wore similar "Andrew" swimsuits to the beach on the first day.  You should have SEEN his face!  The staff thought our "Andrew" garb was too funny as well.

After an afternoon at the beach, we got dressed up for a delicious Mexican dinner.  My dress is super old from Lilly Pulitzer.  I bought it years ago and really only wear it on beach vacations.  These are some similar options.

All dressed up for a fun dinner.  :)

My wedges come in three other colors but the light blue was something I didn't have in my closet.

The next morning...check out the view!

Tab and I have to step up our selfie game.  Haha!  This was right off our balcony.

Both mornings we had the most delicious breakfast...always a made to order egg scramble, toast, fruit, and many other goodies {that was my go-to}, and then we snagged a great spot at the pool with the best views.  I got a couple messages about my hat and unfortunately, it's old but this is by the same brand, just the 2021 version.

See what I mean?

And then a look back at the resort...

I think it's time for a camera upgrade.  😂😂😂  When my camera is in selfie mode all of the pics are grainy.  Boo!  But this is us at night #2 at an Italian restaurant.  I had a carbonara but we all voted that Tab's truffle mushroom lasagna was the winner.

After two days in the sun, Tab and I were both lathering up with this each evening.  It's a spray aloe with oil.  We'd walk through the bathroom and almost slip on the floor because it was so slick in there from us spraying this.  But highly recommend on a beach trip!

Ready for our final day in the sun!

Meanwhile, a girlfriend sent me this from Saturday at home.  When we booked the trip, our schedule was blank but you know how rain-outs go.  A tournament got scheduled so we watched from our phones.

And then on Mother's Day we all woke up to make it back home to our favorite people!  I love this dress I found at this local boutique.  I was crispy for our flight home.  I think sometimes getting a spray tan before a beach trip deceives me into thinking I don't need to apply sunscreen as often as I do.  Lesson learned!

It's tough getting schedules to align, lining up childcare {THANK YOU, MOM!}, getting everything planned out for when you leave, etc. but it is SO WORTH IT!  Getting away is good for my soul!  We had the best time with those Shulls and are ready to go BACK!  Happy BIRTHDAY, Andrew!  I'm so glad you turned forty this year!

If you're looking to head to Mexico or another gorgeous beach, please reach out to us at or check out our website to learn more.  We'd love to help you plan an amazing getaway as well!

And thanks for reading today!

Let's Look-Backyard Organization

It's ALREADY the second Wednesday of the month!  How did that happen so quickly?  Shay and I are here for our May Let's Look.  If you're new here, every month Shay and I host a link-up {and we'd love for you to join us} where we give you a little look at how we handle something.  Our hope is you share how you do it and we all get to learn from each other.  Here's a little recap of what we've shared so far this year...

 In March, I shared My Perfect Night-In.  

Love Languages-were the hot topic in February.

And January had us talking about our Coffee Bar Area, where that magical cup is made every morning.

Today, we're talking OUTDOOR ORGANIZATION.

On our back patio, we have just a teeny bit of storage but really keep things simple back there.
We have two small refrigerators that house drinks which really come in handy during the summer months.  Then to the right you can see two sets of double doors.  One set houses a trash can with some cleaning supplies and the other houses random things we might need when we're out back...paper towels, grill cleaner, etc.

You can see it to the left of the picture but that television on the wooden wall we've been talking about adding a little cabinet right under there for towels, sunscreen, etc.  Tab and I both are really out of sight, out of mind type of people so we don't think about it until we're out back.  I think we'd love that little addition.  

The pool toys can be a LOT so we have a storage bench {similar to this one} right out back.  We've moved some patio furniture around and it's now right where the arrow shows.  {It's rained both Monday and Tuesday here so I couldn't sneak out to snap a picture that was bright enough for you.}  We keep our pool toys at a minimum, but everything used for the pool goes inside...goggles, pool toys, noodles, buckets, etc.  At one point we had our pool storage bench around the side of the house so it wasn't visible but often times our toys didn't make it back in the bench.  Having it right beside the door makes it so much easier for everyone.

That's pretty much a little peek at our outdoor organization.  Like I said, we keep it really simple out back.

I shared last year about our patio renovations.  You can check out that post here.

And if you're looking for some great swimsuits this season for your beginning swimmer, you should check out this post.

Next month we're sharing our SUMMER BUCKET LISTS!  Hope you join us!

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Ten Days In

We're BACK!!!

Mexico could not have been more good to us.  We had the most glorious weather, the beach was absolutely gorgeous, and the relaxation was amazing!  It was just what this mama needed.  Every time Tab and I get away without our kids I always think, "Why don't we do this more often?".  It's just good for us to get time away but you know how it is with kids.  It takes a lot to make it happen...{THANK YOU, MOM!} which makes me even more thankful when it does.

Shay and I are TEN days into our Photo-A-Day Challenge on Instagram.  If you haven't started participating now is the time!  Oftentimes I skip posting on Instagram because I can't think of what to share, overthink sharing, and eventually talk myself out of it.  I've discussed this with MANY of you and realize many of you do the exact same thing.  It's a great way to easily share a little of what's going on with you and your family this month!  I'm telling should join us! 

Just a little refresher, this is what we're sharing this month...
You just share something related to the prompt and be sure to use #photoadaywitherikaandshay.  

A little recap of the Slaughter's first ten days...

ME-I'm a wife, mom to four kids, daughter of the King, blogger, who spends her weekdays planning travel for Mix and Match Travel Agency and carpools kids to all the things in the afternoon/evenings.

MORNING-My Sunday morning was spent watching a Broncos' win!  I have all the heart eyes for that cutie playing third base.

FAMILY-I had to go way back to Spring Break to find a picture of us all together, but these are my people...the five people who have the biggest pieces of my heart.  On the particular Monday I shared this picture, it just so happened someone overflowed the toilet.  Nothing is more Monday than an overflowed toilet.  Am I right?

BLACK AND WHITE-A favorite quote from the week.  This is SO ME!  Sad but it's true.

FIVE-I doubled up and decided to share two of my favorite FIVE-year-old and my favorite FIFTH grader.

I BOUGHT a little Mexico getaway for Andrew's 40th Birthday!  Our resort was absolutely stunning!

FRIDAY-the very best way to spend a Friday has to be on a beach.

SUNSHINE-It was a bright, bright, bright sunshiney day!

MOM-God gave me one of THE best when he blessed me with my sweet mom.

9:00-I had a big old smile on my face because I was in bed before 9:30 p.m...yay!!  Anyone else get giddy about an early bedtime?  

Again, we'd LOVE for you to join us!  Hope to see you over on IG!