Nixon is 11

 It's another BIG DAY in the Slaughter House.  Nixon Talbot turns ELEVEN YEARS OLD today!

Nixon has always been my full throttle, pedal to the metal, always keeping me on my toes kid.  While he's still my most active child, now he's also the most helpful around the house, the most respectful {I never have to remind him to "yes ma'am or yes sir" someone}, and he's REALLY grown up over the last year-enough so that he feels and acts so ready for middle school.

Oh my goodness!  I remember that bright blonde hair!  Nix has had a great fifth grade year and will be ever so ready to tackle middle school in the fall.

He still enjoys and football are his favorite, he likes to fish, watch sports, and he knows sports stats like you wouldn't believe.

And the hypnosis spell Britt put on Nixon almost four years ago is still going strong.  He loves that little girl so much he'd do absolutely anything for her.

Wishing the biggest BIRTHDAY WISH to my FAVORITE 11-year-old!  We love you, Nixon Talbot!

We happen to have a virtual learning day at your own pace so Nix lucked out with no school on his big day!  We're off to celebrate!  See you back here tomorrow!

Friday Favorites-Ebby Lee

Hey Hey Hey!

It's FRIDAY!  Hope you've had a GREAT week!  Like all Fridays, I teamed up with my girl, Andrea, to bring you some FAVORITES.  

I have one big FAVORITE today...EBBY LEE!  On this day, twelve years ago Tab and I welcomed a sweet little baby into the world.  We had absolutely NO idea what we were doing, but that bundle of joy brought so much fun and excitement to our days.  And she's still bringing it!  

I had a doctor's appointment on Monday, April 6th, 2009, and in that appointment my blood pressure had really gone up so they decided to induce me just three days later, and during that first round of the Masters on Thursday, April 9th, 2009, she was born.

I was super stressed about middle school and while everyday hasn't been a walk in the park overall she's had a great first year.  She's made some sweet, sweet friends.  She has one more tournament before her volleyball season wraps for the year and she's looking forward to 7th grade cheer beginning.

She loves going to youth group on Wednesday nights and I've loved watching her love for Jesus grow.  I'm excited to see what God has in store for this girl.

While I absolutely cherish the younger years, getting to experience these middle school years with Ebby lee are extra special.  Love hearing stories amongst friends, retelling of school events, and the jokes and humor she gets now make it even more fun.  Also shopping-shopping is WAY more fun than it used to be!  Now she's asking to go and it's hard for me to say, "no" to that request.

We can't wait to see what this twelfth year holds.  

We love you so much, Ebby Lee!

Now I'm off to celebrate this girl!  Hope you have the best weekend!  Birthday #2 is happening on Monday!

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National Park Tips

I shared in a blog post a while back our summer plans this year involve National Parks in lieu of our typical summer favorite, a beach somewhere warm.  I work on Walt Disney World vacations all day long and know all the ins and outs for an amazing vacation like the back of my hand.  {By the way, if you have plans of Walt Disney World in your future, please reach out to us at  We'd love to help you!}  But a trip out west is not something I'm dealing with everyday.  So, I'd love your help!  

We already have our lodging squared away but our destinations are the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Park.  We're working on filling our days with our must sees/must dos at each location.

If you've visited any of those three locations, please share any tips/tricks you have!  

*Did you do a private tour you'd recommend?

*Did you have a favorite meal at a restaurant we can't skip?

*Did you horseback ride with a company that had THE most gorgeous views?

ANYTHING you loved or would recommend, I would absolutely be giddy if you shared with me.  And I'm sure some of you would love reading those comments full of helpful tips and tricks as well.

Thanks so much, friends!  I really appreciate your help!


Currently Spring Edition 2021

It's been a while since I've shared a bit of what's CURRENTLY going on so I decided a spring edition was in order...

 Making:  To-do list after to-do list.  I have to be SUPER productive when Britt is at preschool to make sure I get everything accomplished during the day.  Know what keeps me on track?  Those LISTS!

Wanting:  Some magical unicorn of a tween store to appear.  Where do you guys shop for your tween?  Ebby Lee is in that in-between stage of not really wanting to shop in the girl department but not quite fitting into a junior's department either.  I'm on the hunt for a great tween spot.  Any ideas?

Cooking:  Hmmmm...we've had Shay's Beef and Rice Skillet Supper and baked chicken so far this week.  Tonight salmon bowls are on the menu.  I'm just baking salmon, cooking rice, and we're topping with our faves...carrots, cucumbers, onion, avocado.  I'll add sriracha to mine and I'd put money on the kids topping theirs with something refined like ketchup.  ;) 

Drinking:  It's almost La Croix season in my house!  That time of year when I switch from too much coffee to too many carbonated waters.  What's your favorite brand of flavored water...La Croix, Waterloo, ???  I need to branch out.

Eating:  EASTER CANDY!!  Why do I ALWAYS fall for the combination of chocolate and peanut butter?  ALWAYS!  I have no willpower when that combo is in front of me.  I also have no willpower for chips and salsa.

Reading:  I'm reading Share Your Stuff I'll Go First.  And I'm still working my way through reading my Bible with The Bible Recap.  I'm a few days behind but still going strong!

Looking:  For brightly colored swimsuits for Britt this year.  I saw something online about how important it is to put your new swimmers in bright, neon colors versus blues that blend in with the water.  And it STUCK with me!  Why have I never thought about this before?  So now I'm on a mission to have my girl in bright colors all summer long!

Playing:  LOTS of spring sports.  I know I can sound like a broken record when I mention these but our weekends are spent watching our kids enjoy the activities they love.  

Wasting:  Lettuce.  Period.

Buying:  The powder Tide because a girlfriend just told me if I scrub some on my kids' shoes it'll have them looking brand new in no time.  Do you guys do this?

Loving:  That Tab is home more than he used to be.  With kids' practices and after school activities it is so nice to have help with the afternoon shuffle.  LOVE the fact he gets to be close and work from home most days.

Hoping:  Ebby Lee and Nixon don't play at the EXACT same time this Saturday.  I mean-what are the odds, right?  Except it happens all the time.  I'd love to be able to watch both but it typically doesn't work out that way.

Marveling:  At the fact I forgot about an entire big bag of Easter eggs on Easter morning hidden in the back of my car.  What am I gonna do with those for an entire year?

Needing:  To talk to the person in charge of deciding these big championship sports games would be so late on a Monday night.  We didn't watch a single minute of the March Madness championship game because it started at 8:20 p.m.  And if you live on the east coast, it started at 9:20!  Who decided this?  Couldn't we bump that to a nice comfortable Saturday afternoon game?

Smelling:  The Magic Candle scent of The Contemporary {where Shay and I just stayed in February}.

Praying:  For a mama friend who has cancer.  Her name is Katy and my goodness-if you met her, your heart would be changed.  Please join me in praying for her.

Noticing:  I work THE BEST when there's a candle burning, my heater is going at my feet, and a cup of water at my side.  

Knowing:  I need to go flip the laundry and I'm hopeful the dryer is empty!

Thinking:  About this haircut Tab let Bowen talk him into at the salon.  It's a bit mohawk-ish meets mullet and it's horrible.  WHAT was he thinking?!

Opening:  I heard this outdoor cleaner is not only good for roofs but for patio cushions so I ordered.  It's on our list to tackle our back yard and get it in tip top condition for this nice weather.

Giggling:  About Bowen at dinner...I'm not sure what it is but in my older age give me ALL THE SPICE.  Tobasco, Chalula, or Sriracha-yes, yes, yes!  I added Tobasco to something and Bowen asked for some.  I gave him a couple dashes.  He took a bite, made the funniest, shocked face and it immediately all came back out.  {We're working on the table manners.}  But is this happening to anyone else?  Are my taste buds aging and getting bland so I can handle more heat?  What's happening?

Feeling:  Extra thankful for all of you as I finish this post.  Thank YOU for reading today!

Spring Make-Up

Spring is HERE!  And I decided because of that it was time to share what make-up is in my bag this season.  Before we begin I stumbled upon this and couldn't stop laughing...

That's exactly what those tutorials are like!

You won't find any super crazy pointers here because I'm this one...
I get a whole lot of help from Jesus on the motherhood side of things but I'm definitely winging the eye liner.  ;)

Here are the products I've been using for SPRING-

ILIA True Skin Radiant Priming Serum-This ILIA brand is an all-natural brand that has vitamins and nutrients inside all their products.  Not only is the serum priming my skin for foundation but it's adding good-for-me things as well that tightens and diminishes those fine lines.

ILIA True Skin Serum Foundation-I'm wearing color, "Bowen"...what are the odds?  This is a great medium coverage.

Kosas The Sun Show Moisturizing Baked Bronzer-Basically, this bronzer had me at the word, "Moisturizing".  This is a powder that just feels a bit creamy.  I apply it in that 3 shape to both sides of my face and maybe a bit down my nose.  And it really does give a sun-kissed look.  My shade is "Medium".

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush-Any product that's gonna make my skin appear like it's in some type of ambient light-YES!  Who doesn't look better in ambient light?  Am I right?  😂😂  This blush is very buildable and due to the variance in color appears really natural.  My shade is "Mood Exposure".

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil-Yes, it's in the name-GOOF PROOF.  Super easy to fill in those brows with this pencil.  Mine is "3.75".

Urban Decay Primer Potion-I ran out of this a while back and was just too lazy to remember to order another one.  It makes SUCH a difference!  

Tartelette Palette-Very neutral colors with lots of options.  Goes on very easily and stays all day.

Eyeliner-My favorite eyeliner is from Mary Kay {and my girlfriend, Karla}.  I stock up and it's my and steely.

Mascara-I'm using Marc Jacobs for some volume and then I top it with the Thrive Liquid Lash Extension Mascara.

ILIA True Skin Serum Concealer-I promise to stop gushing about that ILIA brand...this concealer does seem to be doing a great job.  The under eye is my major trouble area with my skin...that skin is so fragile and I want to conceal those fine lines as much as possible.  Lots of concealer gets cakey under my eyes and some seem to get in those fine lines and accentuate them.  Not this one!  I apply it after I do my eyes just in case anything falls down as I'm applying.  

True Dimension Lipstick-This lipstick has staying power but is also moisturizing.  My shade is "Sparkling Rose'".

Thanks for reading today, friends!

Easter Weekend Rewind

 What a fun busy weekend we had!  I'm writing this blog post at 8:25 p.m. on Sunday night so I'm gonna keep it pretty short and sweet.  My mama self is TIRED on this Easter night.  This weekend....

*We worked on writing our name, "Mom", and our grandpa's name-"Boo".  {We often wrote the letters out of order.}

*We played baseball for a big part of the day on Saturday.  Can you spy my #12?

*Part of our group got to attend the Easter service in their Sunday best and they happened to get photo-bombed by an usher.

*We took lots of pictures on Easter Sunday.  CHEESE!

*We decided to grow up right before my eyes.  {Doesn't Britt look BIG here?}

*We watched LOTS of volleyball all weekend long and came home with a third place medal.

*We ended the weekend super proud of these girls.

*We cheered loud for our #8!
*I saw this over and over again on social media and wanted to remind you of it this Monday morning. 

And now we're going to bed early {on Sunday night} because we're all exhausted.  Hope you had a great Easter weekend friends.  I'll see you tomorrow!

Friday Favorites-4.2.21

Hey There, Friday!

I'm here with a little short and sweet post sharing a few FAVORITES.  Just like every Friday, I'm linking up with Andrea and hope you do too!

Super appetizing pic and blurry-bhahaha!  BUT, I wanted you to see the egg roll-one of my FAVORITES from growing up!  Lots of you asked for asked for the recipe and here it is...

-Egg Rolls-
1 pound of ground beef
Half of a finely chopped onion
3/4 of a bag of slaw mix {back in the day my mom would shred an entire head of cabbage-but who has time for that}
Soy Sauce
Egg roll wrappers {you'll find these in the refrigerated produce section}

Brown the ground beef with the onion.  Drain any excess grease.  Add the slaw mix or cabbage and allow it to steam.  You add the soy sauce to taste and kind of bring to a boil but then turn it low/medium to let the cabbage cook to tender.

Then you add about a tablespoon and a half of the mixture to the egg roll wrap.  Directions for how to wrap are on the package.  They're WAY better if you fry them but we put ours in the air fryer. 

You could substitute ground sausage for a little more flavor.  The recipe makes about 20 egg rolls.  I also like the filling itself-if you want to make a little extra to eat outside of an egg roll.

As I was asking my mom for the recipe, she just kept saying she thought I liked them so much because it was a childhood thing.  :)


I'm not sure I'd say this is a FAVORITE...but you know how your phone is always listening?  I don't remember the last time I was talking about cracked heels but apparently my phone just knows me so well.  This popped up on my IG feed this week.  I have no doubts my heels need these.

I have a pair similar to these and they really help.  I put moisturizer on my heels and instead of soaking into a sock, it stays on that gel pad on my heel.  Random FAVORITE-if you get dry heels too.

Friends, I've got nothing but super riveting content today...cracked heel socks and canned salmon recipes.  😂😂😂😂😂  But lots of you asked for the recipes so I'm giving you want you want.  It's one of my FAVORITES...

Salmon Recipe
3 cans of the salmon {don't drain and pictured above}
almost 1 sleeve of saltine crackers crushed {leave about 4 crackers out}
2 eggs beaten

Mix it all together and this should make about 9 patties.  {a little smaller than a burger}  Spray your nonstick pan with olive oil spray.  Cook until they're brown on both sides.  Probably 5-10 minutes depending on how quickly you cook them.

Again, super simple but that's how we do it.


And lastly the most FAVORITE of the week...
A Savior who died on the cross for me and for you.  A Savior who loves us so much He sent His son to bear the burden of our sins, shame, and sorrow on the cross.  How thankful I am for Jesus.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believe in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16


Our weekend holds a volleyball tournament, a baseball tournament, and celebrating that our Savior is Risen!  Hope you have a great Easter weekend!

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