Friday Favorites-4.30.21

Happy FRIDAY!!

Andrea and I are here sharing our FRIDAY FAVORITES and just like each and every week we invite you to join us!  Grab our graphic, link up with us, and add your blog to the link-up at the bottom of the post!

This week I have a little random assortment of things to share, but it's a bit short and sweet.

First FAVORITE is...a Photo-A-Day Challenge with Shay over on Instagram!  For the last few years Shay and I have teamed up to do a little May Challenge.  It's always so much fun!  You should join us!  Share with your friends, get your group together to join, and come post with us!  You just post with the prompt in mind each day and be sure to use the #photoadaywitherikaandshay so we can all see your pics!  We'd love to see you there!  It starts TOMORROW!  


A JT FAVORITE-I couldn't resist, ladies!



When did tornado sirens start going off for thunderstorms as well?  Just this week the girls were getting in bed and at that exact moment the sirens started going off so I let them sleep downstairs in our room.  Do the sirens go off in your town for only tornadoes or for thunderstorms as well?

Growing up in Missouri, we had our fair share of tornadoes...I remember two particular occasions where I was in a tiny safe space and damage had happened when we all came out.  This time of year is NOT my FAVORITE for that reason but once summer gets here hopefully those tornadoes stay away!


While the girls were huddled up in my bed, the guys were enjoying the Rangers game.  I called Tab when we were IN bed and I could hear the stadium singing, "Take Me Out To The Ballgame".  That new Rangers stadium is their FAVORITE.


It's often hard to share Britt's exact personality by just showing you pictures of everyday life but now this picture it captures her feisty, spunky self really well.  She's sugar and spice until she feels comfortable and then she adds in some sass to become Miss Personality.  These two are FAVORITES.


In case you missed a post from the week...

Wednesday, I teamed up with Sheaffer and Shay for What's Up Wednesday.

If you're contemplating some new casual sandals for spring, THESE arrived this week, are on sale, and are really cute in person!  Definitely a FAVORITE purchase!

Okay, I REALLY hope you join us for the Photo-a-Day Challenge!  Thanks for reading today!

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Doorstep Delivery


This week is kicking my tail.  Anyone else feeling that way?  Last night Tab took the boys to the Rangers' game and I politely declined.  Going to bed at a decent hour sounded way more fun to me.  And I realize that makes me sound old but I'm totally okay with that. 

I'm starting a new little series I'll share every six weeks or so called, "Doorstep Delivery".  Basically, I'll share some things that have made their way onto my doorstep lately.  From shoes to coffee, I've got an assortment this time.

I shared in my What's Up Wednesday post about these Walmart beach bags.  I ordered two to share with you and they both arrived.  Aren't they CUTE?!  The big bag comes with those two little pouches as well.

This tank is another Walmart find.  Very similar to my Madewell tanks but an even better price.  I also grabbed these comfy denim shorts.  {I didn't size up, but I'd absolutely recommend it.  I should have!}

Britt sported her new jumpsuit to school this week and paired it with our favorite denim vest.  That's the vest kindergartener Ebby Lee wore on the first day of school and now it fits Britt.

Walmart tank in another color. This was before I sprayed it with Tom and Sheri's.

The top and shorts came from a local boutique {you can find them here on IG}, but these sandals arrived via Nordstrom.  I ordered my normal size but want to make you aware these are narrow. 

Another peek at the platform sandals.  Super cute and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

My FAVORITE COFFEE arrived in bulk!

Sheaffer's graphic tee post had me unable to resist this top!

And I must tell you-I saw these sandals and kept thinking I wasn't a fan but finally decided to try for myself.  I didn't like the velcro in pictures, but you guys-they're SO comfy!!  I love them!  AND THEY'RE ON SALE!

The Walmart bag in fun for a little vacation getaway!

And my sweet friend, Karla, dropped off my Mary Kay eyeliner in "black".

Whew!  And that's a wrap!  What's arrived on your doorstep lately?

What's Up Wednesday-4.28.21


I'm linking up today with Sheaffer and Shay for What's Up Wednesday.  

What We're Eating This Week...

When I meal planned this week, I based it all on Shay's 18 Delicious Spring Suppers!  We've had Crab and Corn Pasta and Grilled Cod so far this week with Crab Cakes and Salmon coming up.  If you're looking for a little inspiration, you should check out that post!  

What I'm Reminiscing About...
In two weeks, we'll celebrate having our Britty home for FOUR YEARS!  Such a big milestone!  I've been reminiscing about our time in China and I'll absolutely never forget being loved on by our people when we returned home.

What I'm Loving...
This face!

And this one too!
I LOVE finding a good dupe!  Have you seen those cute bags from Stoney Clover?  They're darling but pricey!  I stumbled upon this dupe from Walmart.  It comes with two pouches as well and it's under $36!  If you have a VACAY scheduled soon, you might need to check it out!

What We've Been Up To...
I've reached this point of the school year.
Anyone else?

What I'm Dreading...
Nothing at the moment.

What I'm Working On...

Aren't those girls CUTE?!  
Most of my 9-3 is spent working with clients on planning the most magical Walt Disney World vacations!  If you and your family are interested in a WDW trip, please reach out to us!  We'd love to help you!

What I'm Excited About...
I'm excited about getting out of town soon with three of my favorite travel buddies!

We're not headed to Greece this time.  I'm equally as excited about the destination and officially counting down the days!

These three are FUN to spend vacation days with!

And I'm EXCITED about a little trip!

What I'm Watching/Reading...
I just finished reading this one, Share Your Stuff.  I'll Go First.

And we haven't been watching much television lately.  I can't even remember what we watched last?

What I'm Listening To...
Kelly Stamps posted this song and I've been listening!

What I'm Wearing...
My link for this brand didn't work last week-so sorry about that!  My dress is sold out but this is the brand.  It's my to-to when looking for a new dress.

These cropped wide-leg jeans have been on repeat.  {And this top too.}

My top is almost sold out but available in other colorways too.

And there are those pants again with a Target top this time. {sold out from fall}

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
This weekend is all about Bowen!  He has a baseball tournament so the family will all get to go and watch him!  Correction-I missed the memo that Nixon plays too so actually it'll be another weekend full of baseball.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...
SO MUCH!  This girl has swim lessons, Nixon graduates from ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, SUMMER BEGINS, and the list goes on and on!

Thanks for reading today!  See you tomorrow!

Pandemic-A Year Later

Hey Hey!

What a crazy weekend!  That rain kept pushing back our little road trip until we really were gone just a little over twenty-four hours.  But we got home around ten p.m. on Sunday night, so we were all exhausted by the time Monday morning rolled around.

I saw this post on Shelly's blog with 10 Questions marking one year of the pandemic and immediately knew I wanted to remember how life was for us in 2020.  If you're a blogger, feel free to use as well!

1. What was life like in early 2020?
When 2020 hit, life was really good.  The Slaughter Family rang in the new year in California at the Rose Bowl.  Mix and Match Travel was doing great with many trips booked for 2020.  The Manda Strong Gala we'd worked on for a year prior had just happened and we surpassed our fundraising goals by leaps and bounds.  And then we were in Hawaii on our Spring Break trip when the world at home completely shut down.

2. What was the biggest change?
We went from Tab working two jobs, me working from home amidst shuttling kids everywhere, and four kids who were all involved in different activities, sports, and extracurricular fun living busy lives to immediately all six of us were at home with very little interaction with others.  The shift from our normal lives to everyone at home 24/7 was huge.

3.  What were your coping mechanisms?
Hmmm...I was nervous, scared, and not sure what to believe at times.  I remember turning off the news as well as social media many, many days.  We stayed busy and active by lots of walks, bike rides, Peloton rides, workouts from home, lots of family game nights, more movie nights then I can count, and we played so much baseball in the street we might have broken a windshield.  Okay, okay...maybe we did break one windshield.  Sigh.

4. What did connection in your relationships look like?
The six of us have never been more connected.  My kids are like any other siblings which means they fight and argue, of course.  But in the most serious part of the pandemic, when we were not seeing anyone else, they got along so much better.  They were all each other had which as a mom was neat to see.  I talked to family over the phone and even had a few group FaceTimes.  Our Sunday School class met via Zoom every Sunday morning so we were able to stay connected to friends that way.  And we had several Zoom "date nights" with friends.  We'd set the kids up inside with a movie while Tab and I hung out on the patio with our computer {friends}.

5. What will you remember the most?
Just like a high school break-up, when we look back we tend to not remember all the bad so much as the good...right?  Well that's exactly what I'll remember from this pandemic.  I'll remember how we had so much family time, how we voted Survivor-style on who had to do the dishes one night and after watching the video I laughed so hard I cried, I'll remember the day we reenacted the Dude Perfect's Air Soft Battle Royale in our own backyard-with Nerf guns of course, I'll remember how our friends and family showed up BIG TIME to celebrate Ebby Lee and Nixon's birthdays with those amazing drive-by parties, I'll remember having lunch EVERY SINGLE DAY together, and I'll remember how even in the scary times there was comfort in knowing we were all together.  

6. What was the biggest challenge?
In the beginning, the biggest challenge as a mom was just keeping my family safe.  There was so little information in the early days and the lack of information was scary.  Another challenge was as the chef of this house, I remember getting to the grocery store and being really nervous about the lack of food.  It always worked out and I managed to get creative but in those early days the bare shelves of the grocery store were scary.  I'd never experienced days when the shelves were SO EMPTY!  Instead of our typical beef and chicken meals, we had lots of fish and seafood.  Us Texas residents are apparently always going to the beef and chicken first so it was much easier to find seafood.

7. What was a beautiful memory?
Since we were never leaving the house, one thing I had in much more abundance than I feel like I have in typical life was time.  My quiet times were much longer and I'll always look back on those days with beautiful memories of all my quiet mornings spent in my Bible.  Another beautiful memory was in the middle of our stay-at-home-orders Tab got hired into the NFL.  It was a call we'd been waiting on for a long time so to get it-even in the middle of a pandemic-was sweet.

8. What do you believe now that you didn't one year ago?
I would have said that we can do hard things but I'm not exactly sure I'd believe it like I do now.   After those pandemic days, I can confidently say that we can do hard things.

9. What would you do differently?
I wouldn't let myself get worried or stressed about things outside of my control. I'm the worrier of the family.  Tab is quick to say, "There's no need to worry about it".  And he WILL NOT worry!  

10. What will you carry forward?
I'll never take my friends and family for granted.  Hugging friends and seeing people face-to-face, well there's nothing just nothing like it.

What about you?  Best memory or something you'll carry forward from your year?

Thanks for reading today, friends!


Friday Favorites-4.23.21


I'm having mixed feelings and am toggling back/forth between is school REALLY almost over and I'm so ready to take a BREAK-how many more days of school are left?  I'm clearly all over the place.  Our school gets out a little earlier than normal this year so my house is counting down the days but the mom in me is SHOCKED we have less than a month!

In Friday fashion, I've teamed up with my girl, Andrea, to bring you some FRIDAY FAVORITES from the week!

Know a Mom FAVORITE?  When I move toys around and my kids find an oldie they've forgotten about and then get all excited all over again.  Just a friendly mom reminder to move those toys around and maybe, just maybe, your kiddos will get excited about an oldie too.
Saw this meme and it made me laugh out loud!  A FAVORITE from the week...laundry is always there.

I snapped this picture after church this past week-I got a lot of compliments on this FAVORITE church dress.  I actually bought it right before the world shut down last year so mine is sold out but if you're looking for a new church dress, graduation dress, wedding guest dress, cocktail dress-I always check this brand first.  The dresses run true to size for me.

Did you see my post this week where I shared a FAVORITE new pair of jeans?  I'm adding these to the skinny jean rotation and if you're looking for a pair to add to yours, you should check it out.

Yes, yes, yes, yes!  One of my FAVORITE things I read on social media this week.  What if the world was full of hype girls instead of all the haters?  

One of my FAVORITE mother/daughter duos is at Walt Disney World right now!  I love getting to see clients pictures and seeing Brooke's so far this week has been a FAVORITE!  Remember-if you're wanting to head to Walt Disney World, Mix and Match Travel would love to help you!  Check us out to learn more!

Last week after sharing a Day in the Life via Insta Stories I got some FAVORITE messages asking why I'm not there more often.  The quick answer is-during the day my life is quite boring and at nights I'm busy with my kids.  Hopping on Insta Stories just isn't a natural thought for me, but after reading your sweet comments I'm determined to do a better job.  At least for the weekend.  :)  Be sure to follow along over on Instagram.

Last FAVORITE-if the rain holds off, our weekend plans are a baseball tournament in Oklahoma.  IF, lots of "ifs" in this story, it happens we'll be gone for most of the weekend and I'll see you Tuesday.  IF it doesn't happen, I'll be here on Monday.  See, I told you lots of "ifs".  😂

Hope you have a great weekend!  See you next week, friends!

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Beginner Swimmers

 Whew!  This week is flying by!  We're already to Thursday, which is Friday Eve so we're practically already into the weekend.  Like that?  😉  I can do math like that too but only when I'm saving Tab lots of money.  #hedoesntseethesavingslikeido

This summer I'll have three great swimmers and a brand new beginner swimmer {hopefully} fresh out of a puddle jumper.  Britt has her week of swim lessons with Ms. Sally to kick off the pool season in May and our plan is to not go back to our puddle jumper days.  Around the time I was booking swim lessons I saw this random graphic about what swimsuits you should/shouldn't put your new swimmer in.  Think bright colors or any that don't blend in with the blue water as good and anything blue {especially tie-dye because it blends right in with pool water} as not so good.  I didn't save the graphic but the whole concept has stuck with me for months.  

I did a deep dive for some good swimsuit options for Britt this season and decided to share my finds with you.  You can click directly on the graphic and go to each suit.  And many are on SALE!

Just to clarify-there's absolutely nothing wrong with putting your child in a blue swim suit.  I've done it for years!  But when I heard that, it stuck with me and I wanted to pass it on to you.

Here's to raising up lots of great swimmers this summer season!