What's Up Wednesday-3.31.21

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What We're Eating This Week...
My midwest roots are gonna be shining through when I tell you this but when my mom comes to town these are some of the recipes I request...salmon patties {yes, yes, I do}, egg rolls {she got the recipe from a friend years ago and makes the best homemade egg rolls}, and fried chicken with mashed potatoes {the kids' request every time}.

We had a birthday dinner complete with a birthday cake on Monday and then apparently the day after her birthday we put her to work in the kitchen.

What I'm Reminiscing About...
I was just thinking about how last year's Easter looked like treats from an Easter bunny in a drive-thru and church on the television.  I'm sure we'll all remember Easter 2020.

What I'm Loving...
I recently got a new foundation and just randomly check out the color!  WHAT are the odds?

I've heard amazing things about this company's skin tint but decided to go with something with a little more coverage for spring.  I'm gonna wait and try the skin tint when I have pool time in my future.  The products are all clean but then also have nutrients to help your skin as well.  

A little look at the true skin serum foundation .  I think it has a little spring glow.

What We've Been Up To...
We got to pop into or maybe I should say outside of the elementary school one day last week to see Bowen.

Baseball season is upon us...due to a turn of events my Saturday afternoon involved these two, a nice day, and watching a little baseball where I didn't even have a kid on the team.  

What I'm Dreading...
Nothing at the moment.

What I'm Working On...
ALL the Walt Disney World trips for precious families like this one!  Remember if you'd like some help with an upcoming vacation, please reach out to us at mixandmatchtravelagency@yahoo.com.  We'd love to help you!

What I'm Excited About...
Dare I say-the weather??  The Texas weather we've had lately has been AMAZING!

What I'm Watching/Reading...
I shared a post about the thrillers I'd read lately.  If you're a thriller reader, check out that post.  I think I'd recommend The Sanitorium first to anyone looking for just one to read.

I'm currently reading this one, Share Your Stuff.  I'll Go First.

We've got nothing on tv but sports.  Baseball and even a bit of basketball have been happening around here.

What I'm Listening To...
Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts.

What I'm Wearing...
A little look at my #OOTD...Amazon top.

Amazon top #2,

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
We have a volleyball tournament, a baseball tournament, and Easter to celebrate this weekend.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...
This girl turns 12!

And this guy turns 11!

Thanks for reading today!  See you tomorrow!


Hey Everyone!

I meant to share with you on Friday that my plan for this week was Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but I gotta be honest THIS WAS ME...


So...new plan-I'll see you back here on Wednesday and Friday.  My mom arrived {today's her birthday so if you see her wish her a special day} and I have a day full of fun while the kids are in school planned for us.  Promise I'll be back on Wednesday for What's Up Wednesday.

And just for laughs on Monday!


Friday Favorites-3.26.21


Hello, Friday.

I'm glad to see you.

My mom is coming into town this weekend to hang for the entire week.  I'm pumped about it!  Typically, she's here for a long weekend to see sports but about once a year we make it work where she visits for a while and this is the week!  She'll get to see all the kids do some kind of activity, watch a choir concert, we'll all beg for our favorite grandma meals, and it'll just be a good time.  

Andrea and I have some FAVORITES to share with you! 

First FAVORITE-this family of mine.  While the times we're all together in a big group are few and far between {hello-in the pic above only 1/6 of the Slaughters are represented}, this week made me realize how thankful I am for each and every one.  Sometimes you get to love your people in person and other times you have to love from far away.  Just was reminded how they're a favorite this week.πŸ’“


It's been a while since I shared a Walmart find but check out this FAVORITE this tie dye tee.  I ran in to get a few items the other day and these bright colors were speaking to me.  Since it's junior sizing, I did size up to an XL.  I wanted a loose fit.  I'm only seeing the two-pack online so if you're not interested in that, be sure to take a glance at the Junior's Section of your local store.


My FAVORITE thing to do from roughly 9-3 when my kids are all at school is help families like the one above plan a Walt Disney World vacation.  You can check it all out on our agency site if you're looking for some help planning an upcoming vacation!  We'd LOVE to help you!   And isn't that Hardison family CUTE?


I popped on my stories to tell you about this FAVORITE protein drink but knew it was worth another share...have you tried the Premier Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter?  IT IS SOOO GOOD!  I've had several flavors but this one is hands down way better than all the others.  And I even like the peaches and cream so I really do like them all.  

After an early morning workout, it was THE first thing I grabbed when I walked in the house.


And a FAVORITE comfy, fleece sweatshirt in a spring color was part of the #OOTD yesterday.

Now I'm off to get this place in tip-top shape before Grandma arrives!  Have the BEST weekend!

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Friends, I've been bitten by the book bug over the last few weeks and while I love books of all kind those thriller, mystery, suspense type novels always top the charts for me.  I have a quick little review of some I've read lately and then I want to hear your FAVES-if you have to choose just one!

FYI...I'd recommend all five of these books if you like suspense.

In this 2021 release, we're introduced to Jane who is a dog walker in a super wealthy neighborhood. Jane meets newly widowed and well-to-do, Eddie Rochester, and as they begin to fall for each other Jane cannot shake the feeling that something isn't adding up with his wife's death.

Basically any thriller with "wife" in the title sucks me right in to the storyline but then almost all books with "wife" in the storyline kind of get to be a bit similar.  This one reminded me a lot of a B. A. Paris novel.  If you're a fan of Paris, you'll be a fan of Hawkins.
Ooohhhh...imagine the scene an old sanitorium that used to house TB patients who came in for alternative treatments years and years ago turned five-star resort high up in the Swiss Alps.  Le Sommet has always been rumored to be eery, but once Elin's brother invites her up to celebrate his engagement she gets to experience it for herself.  A winter storm hits the area and an avalanche causes the guests to be stuck and then they realize someone's gone missing...

It was unlike anything else I'd read before because of that sanitorium aspect.  Loved the setting as well and the storyline sucked me right in.  Didn't want to put it down!  

 The Look-Alike

The Look-Alike is more of a psychological thriller...years ago Sienna Scott was walking her typical path and minutes before she arrived another girl wearing the exact same coat was murdered.  As Sienna returns to her hometown all of that is brought to life and she finds the answers she's been looking for.

This book kept me on the edge of my seat for all four hundred pages!

One by One

Ruth Ware is well known for her suspenseful novels and One by One didn't disappoint.  

A work group arrive at a luxurious ski chalet in the French Alps for a little work and some relaxation.  After a huge storm hits the area the group is stranded in the chalet and One by One...there are murders...

The Guest List

Off the coast of Ireland out on an island a little ferry ride away a magazine publisher is marrying her beloved television star fiancΓ©.  Cell service is spotty, the weather becomes a bit rough, and eventually a dead body is found.  

From the groom to the wedding planner to the mother of the bride, everyone is a suspect at some point.  If you're a fan of a suspense novel, you need to read it!

Now if you had to choose just ONE suspense/thriller to recommend, what would you suggest?  PLEASE SHARE!


Spring Weather Wardrobe

 With the amazing spring weather we've been having, my wardrobe has been going from long-sleeve tops and jeans to slowly but surely short sleeve tops and maybe even today shorts!  As I was taking a little inventory of what I have in my closet, I found several things that are back in stock and wanted to be sure to share just in case you find yourself getting prepared for this gorgeous weather too.

This tie dye jumpsuit in my normal size will get lots of wear this spring/summer again like it did in 2020.

The infamous Agolde Parker shorts are back and on sale.  If you're in between sizes, I'd size up.

Blogger fail...super hard to even see.  I get it.  But this is an Amazon tank under $18...color blocked with green and navy.  I wore it quite a bit with white jeans and dressed it up.  I was super impressed with the quality for $18!

This white pair of shorts is a little longer if you'd prefer a little more length, try these.

These shorts are the Target shorts I raved about all summer.  They're back!

I wore this dress two Sundays ago to church with a navy heel.  It's back this season in a different colorway...great price for a little something to spruce up that Sunday wardrobe.

And these sneakers...perfect for a casual day of errands or perfect for a day of baseball at the ballfields.  Either way they're in stock in a wide assortment of new colors.

After seeing those pics from last summer, I'm now off to lather on a couple layersof sunless tanner.  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


Easter Basket Ideas

Hey Hey!

Mamas, Easter is right around the corner.  This is always one holiday that sneaks up on me and has me scrambling at the last minute.  Do you guys feel that way about a fun little Easter basket?  I don't do much for my kiddos on Easter because two of my kiddos have spring birthdays and we don't push the whole Easter Bunny much but I do like to make it special.

I rounded up some fun Easter Basket ideas for both the boys and the girls in your life.  For that matter, if you're looking for a fun gift of any kind these will help.  Some of these my kids already own and others are items I just found online while I was searching.  You can click directly on the graphic to find each item.  You'll notice I prefer my kiddos to be outside so most of the gifts I give this time of year are gonna have an outside theme.

Good luck shopping, Easter Bunnies!

5 Things-3.22.21


Spring has SPRUNG in North Texas!  Our weather over the weekend was so nice.  We had sports and a little down time in the mix so I have a quick little post of 5 Things on my mind {as I type this late Sunday evening}....

#1 I saw this over the weekend and my, oh my, how I WISH!  If someone could make this happen, I'd be forever grateful.  My go-to candy of choice will always be some form of chocolate and peanut butter.  Always.

#2 I also saw this over the weekend and made sure to screenshot it.  As a mom, I feel like periodically I tend to really hone in on something that I "preach" to my kids quite a bit at certain times.  Bowen went through a stage where literally all we talked about in the car was how important brushing our teeth was because he had a hard time remembering on his own.  When Nixon was little every time we were in the car, we talked about keeping our hands to ourselves.  Remember I even made up a song about it?  Lately, this has been what our car ride lessons have been focused on.  The words we say to others and our friends and how powerful they really are.  It doesn't take much to really lift someone's day with a kind word. 

#3 Baseball is back!  There's just something about this weather that has us extra pumped about baseball happening now.  Baseball, great weather, and awesome friends...well, what could be better?

Nixon has this superstitious thing where if he plays well on Saturday then he begs and pleads for me not to wash his pants and he wears them dirty on Sunday.  It's gross.  I get it.  His pants from this past weekend were super nasty after the games on Saturday but this battle doesn't seem like one worth fighting.  And if it makes him feel more confident to wear dirty pants, who am I to take some of that confidence away?  That's how I look at it for now.

#4 Television Limbo-remember me telling you we were switching to YouTube TV?  Well, now Tab's getting cold feet but our current provider's options aren't great.  We're basically in a weird limbo state as we make our television provider decision.  And during the wait {our DVR isn't working}, we've gotten super into college baseball.  I have an aunt and uncle who had two boys and every time I visited their house their tv was on ESPN with some kind of sporting event.  Just this weekend as I was watching the Mizzou/Kentucky game on television I had a little flashback to their house and realized while I'm sure she did eventually enjoy watching sports a huge part of her desire to watch ESPN probably came from the fact they all did it together.  It doesn't really matter what we're watching as long as we're all hanging out together.  My mama heart completely gets it.  And I am now like my Aunt Sandi.  I realized this as I was checking baseball scores online last night.  I thought, "Who am I?".  Aunt Sandi...that's who.  I totally get it now.

Give me your mom stories about what you watch, what you read, or what you're into just to get to be with your people!

#5 One more weekend screenshot.  I hope you can read this from Kisses From Boys.  Her words are my prayer too.

Hope you have the BEST Monday!

Friday Favorites-3.19.21

Happy Friday!

Hope you've had a great week!  Andrea and I are here with some FRIDAY FAVORITES!  My list today is super random.  Prepare yourself.  :)

ALL the sports are now in full effect and while it makes for really busy week nights and weekends I couldn't love it more.  Watching my kids do something they love is my FAVORITE!

Bowen is on second base not the batter, but I wanted to share THAT SKY!  A FAVORITE, for sure!

When sports pick up, it requires me to really plan our meals.  We had dinner one night this week at 4:15 p.m.  And then I found myself eating a bowl of Lucky Charms right before bed because St. Patrick's Day.  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Another FAVORITE lately?  Our Texas weather!!  We've had amazing spring days this week {however-yesterday was a bit cool} and it's been incredible.

If you're on the hunt for FAVORITE MLB team gear, FAVORITE college gear, or even if your child's sports team uses a famous team's logo, then you must check out TailgateIt's a division of American Eagle but they have the cutest items with a bit of a vintage look from tanks to sweatshirts.  You need to check them out!  I stocked up on my "B" items since my boys are both playing for the Broncos this season and they use the Boston Red Sox, "B".  My collage above is all gear from the fall when I had a Tiger and a Fighting Irish.

I must share a new FAVORITE top!  This is from Target but the ruffle sleeve and the color give me Free People vibes.  My shoes are old and sold out but many similar options can still be found.  My jeans are on sale!  And my bracelets I wear almost daily are these.

Remember this one?  

The Target version is super similar.  It has a shorter sleeve and is more fitted in the body.  I would recommend sizing up if you have a long waist.  I didn't and I'm afraid after washing I'll be wishing I had.  New FAVORITE, friends!  

I have a post coming next week with the latest books I've read.  So far-ALL thrillers!  If you have a FAVORITE thriller, PLEASE share!  I'd love to add it to my list!

I mentioned my obsession with spicy pickles in my post yesterday.  There's no way I could make a FAVORITES list and not include these.  We had Shay's Sloppy Joe's on Monday and I topped mine with these pickles-SO SO SO GOOD!  They're kind of a spicy/sweet combo and I can't get enough.  Another favorite way to eat these is with a cracker, cheese, and little bite of sausage.  If you're a fan of a little spice, look for these in your store on your next trip!

I'm off to enjoy the weekend!  You'll find me soaking up that sunshine because next week looks rainy and gray.  Hope you find a little sunshine this weekend as well!

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