Here With Us

Everything changed that night.  The night my Savior, Jesus Christ, was born. 

On posts like this, I always struggle with what to say, how to say it, and saying enough.  I want readers who don't know the love of Christ to seek more answers to their questions after reading my words.  I want to inspire all of you to be full of hope as we await the return of our Savior.  I want us all to grasp how long and how wide and how high and how deep is the love of God, so big in fact that He sent his son to this earth to die for your sins and mine.  

After much prayer over my words, I was reminded I share my life on these pages.  I'm not a Bible scholar nor are you coming here expecting to get a super eloquent message about Christmas.  Instead you come here to read a little about my life and what's important to me.  

Every Christmas season this exact song brings me to tears.  I might have even shared it in this space before, but I think it's worthy enough for another share {and definitely more-if we're counting}.

Here With Us-you can listen to the song on this link, but pay attention to the lyrics.
It's still a mystery to me
That the hands of God could be so small
How tiny fingers reaching in the night
Were the very hands that measured the sky

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Heaven's love reaching down to save the world
Hallelujah, hallelujah, son of God, servant King
Here with us, You're here with us

It's still a mystery to me
How His infant eyes have seen the dawn of time
How His ears have heard an angel's symphony
But still Mary had to rock her Savior to sleep

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Heaven's love reaching down to save the world
Hallelujah, hallelujah, son of God, servant King
Here with us, You're here with us
You're here with us

Jesus, the Christ, born in Bethlehem
A baby born to save, to save the souls of man

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Heaven's love reaching down to save the world
Hallelujah, hallelujah, son of God, servant King
Here with us

Hallelujah, hallelujah
Heaven's love reaching down to save the world
Hallelujah, hallelujah, son of God, servant King
Here with us, You're here with us
You're here with us

Never as much as in this past year, have I felt the urgency of our Savior returning.  As we hope and long for the day, I pray you have a relationship with Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. It's the best Christmas gift you could ever receive.

You can read posts from the past about Christmas here...

Wishing you lots of love this Christmas season! 
Merry, Merry Christmas, Friends!

I'll be taking a little break from the blog to enjoy Christmas and then the week after I'll be visiting my family in Missouri but I will be sharing our life over on Instagram.  Please follow along with us over there.  I'll be back in this space on January 4th!  Ready to tackle 2021!  I hope you'll join me!

Thank you so much for being a part of my 2020!  

Family Pictures 2020

Today, we're gonna bake all afternoon just to get Christmas week off to the best start!  

We had our family pictures taken earlier this month and wanted to give you a little peek {because the way the Christmas card situation is going...well, they probably aren't gonna make it to anyone in time for Christmas.  URG!}

A little Slaughter photo session...

Happy, Happy Monday, Friends!


Friday Favorites-12.18.20

This afternoon officially kicks off CHRISTMAS BREAK for my family!  And to say we are pumped would be a bit of an understatement.  😉

To get the weekend started on the right foot, I have a fun dose of FRIDAY FAVORITES for you.  As always I've teamed up with Andrea and hope you'll join us!

First up, I asked for some crazy Griswold Christmas stories over on Instagram and you guys delivered!  I'm sharing some of my FAVORITES!
Wait for it....
They look so GOOD!

This story was by far the most popular!  Apparently, we all have some spatial reasoning issues!

WHAT are the odds?!?

This is the EXACT kind of thing that would happen in the Slaughter House!

Jennifer channeled her inner-Clark for a school dress up day and looks AMAZING!

Our luck, we'd get the squirrel.

Total GRISWOLD move!

Thank you guys for sending all those in!  They were so fun to read and hopefully brought some Christmas cheer to you as well.  It always makes me feel better to know we're not the only ones crazy things happen to...right?


A FAVORITE outfit for Christmas errands!


Please help me!  Do you have a great show recommendation?  Tab and I finished Yellowstone recently {and we loved it} but what should we watch next?   Please if you have a FAVORITE, share it with us!  We've never watched Ozark.  Should we try that one?  The Crown?  Anything else?


A few funny Christmas FAVORITES from the week...


Okay, I'm off today to go volunteer as an elf at the kids' school!  Hope you have a great weekend!  See you Monday!

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Home for the Holidays

Friends, we're in the last stretch of days before Christmas is here!  We decked the house in lights, had the Christmas tree up, and decorations galore but I'd forgotten to transition the front porch from Thanksgiving decor to Christmas.  I popped onto Walmart to grab a few things and when they arrived the porch was Christmas ready in no time!

Cute decor that arrives to my house quickly?  SIGN ME UP!  Walmart Home has so many finds ranging from Christmas wreaths to Christmas trees to bows that add a fun, festive touch to any front porch.

Here are all my porch details...

These bows are so cute!  Since Christmas is so soon, I also bought the black/white gingham bows to switch out and use during the winter months.  I'll take down the red and do a little swap to have the porch looking winter-ish until March!

This rug combination  seemed very "wintery" to me.

My picture isn't doing it justice but that little Christmas tree is pre-lit and is such a great price!

The other side of the porch...excited to use those lanterns in the fall next year as well!

Thanks for taking that little porch tour with me!  If you need a few things to spruce your porch up, be sure to check out Walmart Home!  

You can shop all my goodies here...

Thank you so much to Walmart for sponsoring this post!
Happy Thursday, Everyone!

Christmas Memories

 When we transitioned to staying here in Texas for Christmas instead of celebrating in Missouri with family, we had to come up with some new traditions.  Our Christmas Eve is one of those.  We go to our church's Christmas Eve service and then go have a nice dinner {typically at a steakhouse}.  We dress up and this evening feels much different than Christmas Day spent mostly in our pajamas.

I'm guessing due to 2020 you might be changing things up this holiday season.  Let this be an encouragement to you today...

I saw this meme on Instagram this week and it really hit home.  The only two gifts I can remember getting as a kid on Christmas are the Queen Greatest Hits cassette tape and a Nike wind suit that my mom coordinated all the way down to the socks.  That's it!  But I can remember so many amazing details about what games we played, how it felt to have my entire family in a church pew at the Christmas Eve service, and always how my grandma's house smelled on Christmas.  So I decided to poll my kids...

Ebby Lee
Best-My favorite thing is going to the Christmas Eve service as a family.
Worst-I don't have a least favorite thing.
Best Present-My desk

Best-We get to go to the Christmas Eve Service, have a nice steak dinner and then open presents on Christmas.
Worst-I've got nothing.
Best Present-I can't remember.

Best-Opening Presents
Worst-There's too much chocolate.
Best Present-Bike

Best-Presents and Jingle Bells {her FAVORITE song at the moment}
Worst-She had nothing.
Best Present-Bike

When I asked my kids these questions, they didn't hesitate to answer with what happens to be their favorite or best part of Christmas.  They didn't have to think twice.  But every one of them took a long while to answer when it came to their best gift and Nixon still couldn't come up with something.

I just wanted to send a little reminder and bit of encouragement to you today...the magic of the Christmas season is what they'll remember when our children are all grown up.  This year in 2020 may they remember the game night you had as a family around the Christmas tree, the night you dropped off gifts to a family in need, or Christmas morning as you read about the birth of Jesus.

Here's to not stressing about those last few days of shopping because we all know the presents won't be remembered years from now.  Let's make some new and magical memories this Christmas season.


Griswold Family Christmas Stories

The LAST Tuesday Talk of the year is going down today with Fancy Ashley!

I'm sure you've probably seen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation at some point.  The premise of the movie is Clark Griswold played by Chevy Chase is bound and determined to have a "fun, old-fashioned family Christmas" with his family.  From his Christmas lights causing a town-wide power outage to the aunt's cat getting electrocuted the Griswolds' Christmas is one mishap after another.  It's full of laughs and something we can all relate to because who hasn't had a Christmas story similar to something Clark endured during the movie?

I'd recommend recording it on TBS or something because then the language is much better! 

I actually don't know if I'd ever watched the entire movie until marrying Tab.  His family loves it, watches it every year and can pretty much quote the entire ninety-seven minutes.

Remember the year we all got Griswold-inspired shirts to wear on Christmas?

I've been wracking my brain to come up with our most Clark-inspired story from our own Christmas just to bring a little cheer to your day and I have two...

*Tab is one of those guys who really has no clue what Santa is bringing our children until Christmas Eve night rolls around and we're working like Santa's elves.  {I'm telling you this because he is positive he'd have told me this gift wouldn't be a good idea.}  In 2018, I thought it'd be fun to get Britt one of those Step2 {similar to Little Tykes} Roller Coasters.  They must have discontinued them because when I tried to find a picture for you the only one I could find was over a thousand dollars and trust me-hers did NOT cost that much!
It looked just like this one above.

On Christmas Eve night though, as we were putting this together...1. It was really loud to move all those pieces and keep it quiet. I'm positive Ebby Lee and Nixon learned the truth about Santa due to this roller coaster in 2018. #momfail  2.  Tab started getting frustrated that it was so big which in turn led to me getting frustrated.  I mean the picture looks big but it doesn't do the entire coaster justice.  In our house, it started at the front door and went all the way past the staircase.  This thing was GIANT!!  It was the kind of Christmas Eve night we went to bed WAY TOO LATE and both of us were lacking great attitudes.  Very Clark Griswold, if you know what I mean.  But the kids loved it and would go zooming down that coaster all the way to the fireplace where we had to sit up pillows to slow them down or they'd hit the stone going way too fast.

*Griswold Story #2 takes place when I was little.  My mom is going to love me sharing this story with all of you, by the way.  On Christmas morning, my parents would always sit up a tripod with the video camera to record the gift giving.  Anyone else's parents do this?  So, my brother and I ran into the living room super pumped to see what Santa had left us.  We ooh-ed, and aah-ed over our gifts and then set up shop to open our family gifts.  We always opened gifts one at a time so everyone could see what you're getting.  I remember exactly where I was when this happened...I was sitting on the couch getting ready to open a gift when a MOUSE ran right across the middle of the living room floor headed straight for the kitchen.  I take after my mom in many ways and one of those is give us spiders, give us lizards, give us a snake even, but do NOT give us a mouse!  EEEKKK!!  My mom and I were instantly up on the couch screaming while my step-dad was chasing this mouse!  WE WERE A SIGHT!  And remember, it was all on camera.  :)  VERY Clark Griswold!  Don't you think?

Okay, now what about YOU?  Do you have a Clark Griswold family Christmas story?  I'm going to ask for your stories on Instagram today as well.  We've all felt a little Griswold-ish at some point during the holidays.  Am I right?  And hopefully the stories can bring a little smile to your season!


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5 Things


I shared our Christmas cards from the past just last week and right this minute I'm feeling like Kevin in Home Alone.  At this minute, I'm not exactly sure my cards are going to make it in time this year!  I thought the company I ordered from would print, add the postage, and ship directly.  But, I was wrong.  Do you guys know of any companies that do it this way to save the step of mailing to me and then me shipping out?  I know it won't help me one bit this year but I'm already thinking of a new strategy for 2021.


I know most of us are deep in our list of Christmas movies right now so you might not be able to watch this now but remember it in January.  Disney Plus has a new movie called, Safety, that's so very good.  My kids watched it with their sitter on Friday night and they liked it so much they had me watch it with them on Saturday.  I laughed AND I cried!  



This past weekend I did that thing where I made sure all my kids' Christmas gifts looked even.  Every year without fail EVEN WHEN I'M MAKING A LIST, I manage to have one kid who has way less than the others.  I'm frantically ordering a few small things right now to ensure everyone is even!  And I remember being a kid and my mom doing this.  I didn't understand at the time why it was so important to her but I get it now!


I don't know if I've ever gotten more questions or comments on an outfit before from the earrings to the  pullover to the leggings to the bracelets to the boots, you guys were fans.  Lots of you asked if I'd do this more often, just share what I'm wearing that day and I'm committed!  Now some days you might see me in an old ratty shirt and leggings BUT I'll give you a peek!

We had a great weekend and did lots of Christmas movie watching with the fireplace going and all the twinkling lights.  I'm not complaining but I did keep thinking back to what our typical weekends look like leading up to Christmas and they're much busier.  No Christmas parade this year, no Christmas program at preschool, no big Christmas parties where all the parents attend.  It's very different and I know from your messages where you are looks even more different than how things look here in Texas.  I read this devotion earlier this week and it was such a great reminder that God isn't surprised by anything that has happened in 2020. And he won't be surprised by what our 2021 looks like.  God knows what the future holds and if we ask, He'll give us just the strength we need to face any challenges that arise.  Praying for your week, friends!


Friday Favorites-12.11.20


Whoop!  Whoop!  Whoop!

Three cheers for the WEEKEND!

Andrea and I are here for FRIDAY FAVORITES!  I have something really fun today!  Walmart and I teamed up to bring you some new winter items that after you try them will become new FAVORITES!  I'm sure!  Typically, my December fashion looks very Christmas-y.  From red to green to all things plaid, I'm doing my best to spread a little holiday cheer in whatever I'm wearing.  Then on December 26th, I always think-WHAT am I gonna wear now?  Well, let me tell you...Walmart and I are here to help!  I have a big batch of winter sweaters and tops, great quality, and all priced so well.  These will all be perfect from now until spring!  Walmart fashion has changed in big ways over the last few years.  And these tops are here to prove it!

Left to right...speckled sweater, purple sweater, green sweater.
Walmart has a new line out called Free Assembly and guys, IT IS GOOD!  Most of the tops today are from that line and very rarely do I do a post where I share EVERYTHING I ordered but this round-up is that good!

I'm starting with my FAVORITE-this speckled sweater is so darn cute!  It has the cutest sleeve detailing which is why I'm posed funny because I want you to see that shoulder.  This comes in several color options and is under $15!  Yes, FIFTEEN DOLLARS!  I'm wearing a medium so I recommend sizing up one.  {The jeans I'm wearing above are super old.  So sorry!}  I ordered two of these to try-both a small and medium and gave the extra to my neighbor.  She liked it so much she put it on immediately and wore it that day!

This sweater is a very light weight option.  I must tell you it does contain a little wool.  I know some people are very sensitive to that.  This also comes in many colors and is also a great price point.

Exact same sweater as the black above, just in this purple instead.  I don't have a wool issue so these will be on repeat on mild winter days.  I'm wearing a small in both of those.

Give me all the fun sleeves and this top with these juliette sleeves is no exception.  I'm wearing my typical size but could have sized up so depending on how you like to wear tops-tight/loose, I'd just keep that in mind.  Once again, comes in other colors!

This sweater is the softest top!  It comes in black, red, green, and pink so lots of options.  I canted to leave this one on because SOFT!!  And again-it's on major sale for THIRTEEN DOLLARS!  True to size.

We had a crazy warm week in Texas and so a light button-up was absolutely perfect!  It comes in a solid red {hello, Valentine's Day!} and another print.  I'd recommend your typical size.

I'm not a blazer girl.  I've attempted numerous times to make it work but to no avail until this blazer arrived.  What do you think?  It's got a slouchy sleeve and is a little longer length, which works for my torso.  I'm working on all the ways I can style this.  It also comes in many other colors.

That wraps up my FAVORITE sweaters and tops from Walmart right now!  Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post!  I hope you found something you might like today!  Thanks so much for reading!  You can shop all the tops from the post here...

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post!

If you blogged today, be sure to link up with us below!  Happy Weekend, Everyone!

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