5 Things

 What a WEEK we had at home with our family of six!   You know what that week off from school did?  It made me SO READY for ALL THE CHRISTMAS FUN!  

Last Monday, I shared a FIVE THINGS post that was as simple as FIVE things I wanted to share.  It might be a new Monday tradition because after the weekend I typically have something to tell you.  And just like all days my thoughts are ALL over the place.

In no particular order...

#1 Thanksgiving Top-we had a great day at Marla's house eating way too much in the name of Thanksgiving.  I promise to share more of our week soon, but I got lots of questions on this top.  AND IT'S ON SALE!  WAHOO!  It also comes in white which is 66% off right now.  I think I'd wear the white even more because I'd pair it with both blue and black denim.  I'm in my typical size and I'd highly recommend it to you.  Also-I don't have a close up of this ring, but I ordered it over our week at home to be even more excited when it arrived.  It's adjustable which makes it easy for ordering or gifting.  I opened it up on Wednesday and wore it Wednesday-Friday!

#2 ALL THE SALES!  I did a little online shopping over the weekend and happened to spot a few things I own on major sale.  These Nike Air Max sneakers are on sale for under $85 with an original price tag of $160.  I purchased mine back in the summer because those bold colors were speaking to me!

My exact boots are from 2017 so they are long gone, but this newer edition is on major sale in the khaki leather/suede combo.  If you've been thinking about a Sorel wedge, these are cute!

This vegan leather jacket has been hanging in my closet just eagerly waiting to be worn.  It's now 40% off and I'd recommend your normal size.  The picture is super dark...so sorry!

#3 Christmas Dress-I found this little plaid Christmas dress for Britt in Walmart, paired it with black tights, and this gold sparkly jacket for the perfect Christmas outfit!  
 #BLOGGERFAIL because I forgot to take a picture of her all dressed up but as I was helping her change clothes I snapped this.  Knowing this year will be different, I'm just not certain I want to spend a lot of money on Christmas clothes so this is the perfect alternative to that!

I use my air fryer ALL THE TIME.  So much so that it typically sits on the counter.  However, a tragedy struck and it broke over the weekend so I'm on the hunt.  I really want the biggest one on the market.  With six people in our family, I want to be able to make enough of whatever we're having at one time.  Do you have any recommendations?  Hoping I can snag a great deal today!

#5 Advent Calendars-These should start tomorrow and today, I'm heading to the store to grab some type of calendar for both boys.  Remember, I told you I ordered two baseball related advent calendars from a pop-ad on Instagram?  They've never shown up!  GRRRRR!!!  So, basically my PSA for you is...don't get distracted by the pop-up ads!

This weekend I had a girlfriend who was super, super sick and by the power of prayer {her doctors were amazed at how quickly her body turned around} she's doing so much better.  Just a reminder of the power of prayer.  SO SO THANKFUL!  I'm praising God and praying for your Monday, friends!  Hope your week starts out on a great note!  See you tomorrow!

Friday Favorites-BOWEN IS 8!

How was your THANKSGIVING?  I hope you had a great day with your people.  We had a nice Thanksgiving lunch at Marla's and then we vegged out the rest of the day.  It was way quieter than I was expecting but it was great nonetheless.  Like all Fridays, I'm teaming up with Andrea for FRIDAY FAVORITES!  Today is a big day in our house! There's no Black Friday shopping going on around here.  We're too busy celebrating BOWEN TURNING EIGHT!

Oh my heart!  Baby Bowen went from this cute, squishy toddler to...

this tall, quick-witted, sports-loving kid!

Just last night I said that I felt like I was forgetting something but I could not think of what it might be.  Bowen immediately yelled, "KEEEVVVVIIINNNNN!!!!".
He's got jokes.

Bowen has the ability to get along with everyone and he manages to do it so well.  From two sisters to an older brother, he keeps the peace like no other.

These are a few of his FAVORITE things...the Oklahoma State Cowboys, football in the backyard, the Kansas City Chiefs, meatballs, and a BIG breakfast.  If you've been following along with his favorite teams over the last few years you might notice he always has a handful of picks but the teams doing the best get the most recognition.  I can't blame him for that!

Bowen Hency Slaughter, we love you so big, kid.  I hope you have the happiest day today and I can't wait to see what this year of being EIGHT-YEARS-OLD has in store!  So thankful I have a front row seat on your adventure!  Happy, Happy Birthday B!

Since there's no school we have one big day of celebrations!  I'm popping off now to get the party started!  Have a great weekend and I'll see you Monday!

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What's Up Wednesday-11.25.20

I'm linking up today with Sheaffer and Shay for What's Up Wednesday on this Thanksgiving Eve.  

What We're Eating This Week...
My friend, Erin, makes these meal planners I'd highly recommend for a busy mom who's looking for ways to stay organized around meal times.

It's fifty-two pages of a calendar for your meals on the left side and then the grocery list on the right with a perforated edge in between.  You can scroll back through and get ideas from your previous weeks when you're in a pinch over what to make for dinner.  It'd make a great stocking stuffer idea!

Monday-I thought we needed a little extra dose of veggies so I made Shay's Brown Sugar Bacon Burgers on the griddle {the griddle is my favorite way to make a big batch of burgers...especially if I'm using a lean ground beef} and skipped the buns to top them on a chopped salad. 

Tuesday-We had bacon wrapped chicken bites with peas and mashed cauliflower.

Wednesday-Tonight we're having a hot random mess of leftovers/clean out the refrigerator before Thanksgiving.


Friday-ALL ABOUT BOWEN-and it's full of his FAVORITES!  

What I'm Reminiscing About...
Oh, baby Bowen, with just one shoe and a pacifier touching the cart.  UGGGHHH!!!  Definitely a pre-2020 moment!  This chunky baby boy makes me miss those days so very much.

What I'm Loving...
I'm LOVING this study, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.  There's still time for you to order and get yours before December!  I started the study this week and can't recommend it enough. 

What We've Been Up To...
For the first time in maybe my whole life, I'm almost finished Christmas shopping before DECEMBER!  Who am I?  What helped was working on Christmas Gift Guides before Thanksgiving.  I typically share those in December.  I've even stayed up to date on the items that have arrived and most are already wrapped under the tree!

And lots of you have asked me about Ebby Lee's.  It's coming, I promise!  I had to push it to next week but it'll be out on Monday!

What I'm Dreading...
Nothing at the moment.

What I'm Working On...
I'm working on the cutie on the left's Christmas Gift Guide for this year!

What I'm Excited About...
These shoes I wore a ton last winter are back in stock!  And would make a great Christmas gift for the lady in your life!  Kind of a mix between a high top sneaker and an Ugg boot!

And this coat from last winter is back in stock as well in grey here or in the rusty pink here.

What I'm Watching/Reading...
We're reading lots of new Christmas books lately.  I keep them right beside the fireplace so Miss Britt and I have been reading two to three every night before bed.

Tab and I finally finished Season 3 of Yellowstone!!  WHOA!  What a cliffhanger-kind of ending!  Now, how do we patiently wait for the next season to be released?  When does that happen?  July?

What I'm Listening To...

What I'm Wearing...
Well, here in Texas it's been too warm but I can't wait to wear this coat!  I ordered mine a while back but it's on sale for 40% off now!

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
It's a super old picture BUT this weekend we'll be celebrating this sweet thing turning EIGHT!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...
I'm looking forward to ALL THE CHRISTMAS festivities.  Er....all the festivities that will be happening in 2020, that is.

Thanks for reading today!


This was Ebby Lee and I in 2018 getting our cook on.  We have big plans to make that happen again tomorrow.  And I'm not sure who is looking forward to it more.  Christmas movie in the background, fire in the fireplace, and three girls in the kitchen.  Britt is totally helping us this year!

Today, I was just thinking about how THANKFUL I am for all of you!  In honor of Thanksgiving, I'll be sharing a Starbucks gift card in my Stories over on Instagram!  Go grab a coffee on me!  THANK YOU for reading.  THANK YOU for following along.  THANK YOU for the recommendations.  THANK YOU for the prayers.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!

Thank you, friends!
See you back here tomorrow!

5 Things for Your Monday

 It's THANKSGIVING BREAK in my house!

WAHOOOOO!!!!  This weekend was spent organizing the upstairs and Tab turned himself into Clark Griswold regarding the outside of our house.  At one point he walked in from Home Depot carrying a Santa for the front yard and then asked if I could make big bows out of random Christmas ribbon he'd found.  

I had a completely different blog post scheduled for today but I watched one too many football games and made too many attempts on Christmas bows to get it finished.

Instead I have FIVE things for your Monday!  It's kind of a brain dump of all the thoughts floating around I want to share with you!
#1 Bowen's Gift Guide ADJUSTMENT
I shared the boys' gift guides last week and I must tell you that cute little stadium {#3} and helmet {#5} in Bowen's guide are gonna be HARD to put together!  Bowen got some early birthday cash from some grandparents {Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma Hency!} and he asked for the Pistol Pete or mascot version.  We ordered, it came in, and now part of my Monday will be spent helping him put that together.  

#2 Lupe Tortilla-THANK YOU for the recommendation!  Lots of you feel very passionate about Lupe Tortilla as well!  Any readers who live near a restaurant...right now they have family fajita packs you can order online or over the phone, pay for in advance, and curbside pick up.  We had the chicken and beef fajitas {think it was a party pack} and it came with guacamole, queso, and all the sides/fixin's.  The PERFECT Friday night meal!  Oh, and also-it began in Houston.  I was all off on my Texas locations.

#3 Whitney Houston Peloton Ride-I did this 30 minute ride over the weekend.  It was SUCH a good one!  I knew as I was riding I had to tell you fellow Peloton riders about it.  Thirty minute ride with Ally Love!  Go for it!

#4 Thanksgiving Finds-did you see my post on Saturday?  Once again, my calendar lined up and I shared a blog post this past Saturday.  You can read it here!

#5 Slow Cooker Coq Au Vin with Parmesan Mashed Potatoes-I stumbled upon this recipe when I was revamping my meal plan for Thanksgiving week and decided it seems to scream, "FALLL!!!!".  We had this last night and it was DELISH!  It took a little extra prep before I could dump it all in the slow cooker but it was totally worth it.  My kids all were big fans and I served it with an easy bagged salad to off set the extra steps.  😂😂😂 Also, it felt like I'd really made something fancy for us which is WAY outside the norm for an Erika dinner meal.

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!


Thanksgiving Last Minute Finds

Now that Thanksgiving is less than a week away, many of our plans are changing.  Instead of traveling to visit family, we'll be cozied up around our own dining room tables working on making this holiday special with our immediate family.  Tab's parents might join us or we might go to their house on Thursday but our original plans were six family members bunking up with us for most of the week.  

It's the new theme of 2020, right?

I mean you guys saw I'd planned out ALL of our meals for the four full days they were gonna be in town.  I ordered the matching Christmas pajamas, the turkey, the ham, the pies and was READY!



So instead I'm gonna focus on making Thanksgiving super comfy, cozy at home and to do that Walmart has some great last minute finds as well as super great prices!  Walmart Home is full of items that will make your home holiday ready as well as great gift options!
If you're looking for some last minute finds to help make your #PIVOT Thanksgiving a little more festive, here you go!

1. Plaid Placemats-These placemats could take you through the entire holidays season from Thanksgiving to Christmas!

2. Gold Flatware-I'm ALL IN for this gold flatware trend.  Bowen saw my gold flatware I'd used for the Halloween dinner and his immediate response was, "OH, FANCY!  A gold fork!", imagine that in the most crazy almost eight-year-old boy voice.  But I have to agree!  A gold fork just makes you feel a little more fancy.

3. Pumpkin Baking Dish-I'm not sure what side will be whipped up in this dish but it's gonna be good!

4. Eucalyptus Stems-Add in a few white pumpkins and your Thanksgiving table will be super simple and super cute.

5. Wooden Serving Tray-This is an item that would make a great little gift.  If you happen to be getting out, consider this as a hostess gift option or you could use it to spice up your own meal.

6. Wooden Salad Bowl-I have a wooden salad bowl similar to this and use it anytime we have guests over for dinner.

7. Plaid Throw-Yes, to all the cozy this Thanksgiving!  And these throws are under $15 making them a great gift!

8. Candle-Another great hostess option or a great priced item for a cozy, at-home Thanksgiving.  Lots of different scents and all under $12.

9. Chunky Knit Throw-I bought a similar knit throw earlier this year and it looks so good draped over our couch all year long.

10. Electric Carving Knife-One of those items I only think about once a year and am always regretting not having one.  

11. Cutting Board-Give me all the cutting boards on Thanksgiving!  And once again, a great little gift option as well.

As always, thank you for reading today!  And thank you to Walmart for teaming up on this post.  Hope you have a great weekend!

You can shop all the items in the collage here as well...

Friday Favorites-11.20.20

 Hey There, Friday!  
Do you know what today marks?  At 3:52 p.m. the Slaughter crew is on Thanksgiving Break!  WAHOO!

I have a little roundup of some Friday Favorites for you today.  Like all Fridays, I've teamed up with Andrea to bring you this weekly link-up.

First up are GIFT GUIDES!  I included both new and old items and each of my kiddos got their own gift guide.  Just in case you have kids or gift to kids the same ages as mine.  I thought these ideas might help!  Getting ideas from others is my FAVORITE!

And Ebby Lee's is scheduled for next week!


Did you see my Grocery Challenge post on Saturday?  It's always a FAVORITE working with brands I love and this little challenge was absolutely no exception!
And that gorgeous kitchen I'm in is a Tradition Home.  You can take a little tour of this model home in this post.


I shared a FAVORITE Advent and Christmas book in my Christmas Talk post on Tuesday.


One of Britt's FAVORITE friends dropped off this giant teddy bear for her birthday.  This bear is hardly noticeable...am I right?


Tab and I are finally finished with Season Three of Yellowstone.  This show is a FAVORITE for me!  Now, it's definitely rated, "R", so please be warned about that.  The scenery is absolutely stunning, I love all the characters, and now I'm anxiously awaiting Season Four when we pick up with the Dutton Family again.

Clearly we're fans.  Remember this?
Tab and I started watching around August and just finished.  I LOVED Season 1, Season 2 was just okay to me, but then Season 3 was GREAT!


There's a semi-new Mexican restaurant in the next town over called Lupe Tortilla{I think it started in west Texas}.  I've been once for lunch and thought it was delicious!  I've already told my family we're having it delivered tonight for dinner.  Can't wait to share a new FAVORITE with my FAVORITES!  Local peeps-you need to try it STAT!


My two FAVORITE boys have so much in common but one thing they disagree on is FAVORITE football teams.  Nixon's been an OU fan since he was four-years-old so when Bowen became a football fan he did what any little brother would do, he chose his brother's in-state rival team to be his FAVORITE.  Of course he did!  Tab's off this weekend so our Saturday evening will be spent on the back patio watching the Bedlam game between OU and OSU.  It'll be a FAVORITE kind of night.  With all that 2020 has brought, I'm thankful some regular things like this game are still happening.


Thank you so much for reading today!  Be sure to link up!

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Tradition Homes

Did you see my Grocery Challenge post over the weekend?  I typically don't post on Saturdays but it just fit right into the blog calendar that way.  If you missed it, be sure to check it out!

The number one question from that post was, "IS THAT YOUR KITCHEN?".

And while kitchen renovation is still on my to-do list, it hasn't happened at our house quite yet.  Trust me, you'll be the first to know!  I want to tell you who that cute kitchen belongs to though....my friends over at Tradition Homes.

Let me introduce you to Landon, a friend/neighbor.  Landon and her family started Tradition Homes two years ago and now have multiple communities throughout the metroplex where they're building.

Lots of questions about these shoes.  They run very true to size.

I don't know about you but I love taking a peek inside others' homes and a model home is no different.  I get inspired by new ways to decorate and unique ways to utilize a space.  Or if you're looking for a new home in the area, this post might really help!  I'll be sure to upload lots of videos over on my Insta-Stories today as well.  Be looking over there!  

The Tradition model home I'm sharing today is in Light Farms, located in Prosper, Texas.  And it's stunning!  

Now I have never done a photo shoot like this before so bare with me.  haha!  I was so nervous at one point there was sweat rolling!  EEEK!  Not cool, Erika.  I'm gonna let the pictures speak for themselves...

I snuck into the stunning master bathroom and snapped this!  This home is gorgeous!

This little backyard patio is adorable.

Check out this front entryway.  Can you imagine this space all decorated for fall?

Current Open Communities & Model Homes


Light Farms 60’s

3951 Sanders Drive

Celina, TX 75009


Creekside @ Colleyville 60’s & 70’s

3604 Valmur Avenue

Colleyville, TX 76034


Upcoming Communities – COMING SOON!


Windsong Ranch 86’s

4360 Liberty Drive

Prosper, TX  75078

COMING SOON - February 2021


Mustang Lakes 86’s

2309 Sorrelwood Court

Celina, TX  75009

COMING SOON - Summer 2021


Lakewood at Brookhollow 74’s

2961 Meadow Dell Drive

Prosper, TX  75078

COMING SOON - Summer 2021


Mustang Lakes 65’ Luxury Patios

2309 Sorrelwood Court

Celina, TX  75009

COMING SOON - Late 2021


Windsong Ranch 65’ Luxury Patios

4360 Liberty Drive

Prosper, TX  75078

COMING SOON - Late 2021

I had the best morning taking pictures with this sweet friend.  Thank you, Landon!

And thanks for following along on this little tour!  If you'd like any more information about Tradition Homes, I'd encourage you to check out their website to learn more.

Now I'm off to work on convincing Tab it's time for that new kitchen.  Wish me luck!  😉

*Edited to add-this isn't a sponsored post.  I treat this space like I do my real life and I wanted to share with you what I saw and experienced.  I had a great time walking through this home and thought you might enjoy seeing it as well.