Third Annual Halloween Dinner

 This little tradition started three years ago and it's one I hope continues many, many more!

I host a little Halloween dinner for a group of my friends who've been meeting for years.  Instead of getting together for dinner, I send invites {this year an e-vite}, make the plans, have some kind of theme costume, and we all bring our best attitudes for a fun little evening together.

Tab had all the dad duties for this one while he coached Bowen's baseball game.  Don't worry, lots of my mom friends had her covered in the stands.

This year we all sported our favorite witch costume!  It's hard to see but my skirt wasn't a full skirt there were black leather pants as well.  My hat was MIA when it was dress-up time so I improvised.

These girls brought their "A" game!  We had Hermione herself, a 2020 witch-you know in sweats and totally unexpected because THAT is 2020, and so much more.  Some of THE cutest witches around!  

Please take note of Nixon's first attempt of a group picture...

My whole plan this year for hosting at home was a nice night on the patio but when the date finally rolled around the weather was HOT!  I was hot flashing just thinking about sitting out back in my black leather pants.  I improvised by moving the dinner indoors, cranking that AC way down and just set the dining room table.

I had food delivered which made everything so easy!  Salad, crab cakes, spinach artichoke egg rolls, steak skewers and more were on the menu.

Mini pumpkins and little candles were the decorations for the evening.

We ate and ate and just had a great night.

Thankful for these girls!

To see our past Halloween Dinners, 

As you're reading this my parents are driving down from Missouri, I've decided to take a long weekend from this little space.  My kids are off on Monday so I'm signing off today and will be back on Tuesday.  It'll be so nice to have the weekend with them and not worry about any blog work.  Andrea is holding down the fort on Friday Favorites tomorrow.  I'll see you Tuesday, Friends.  Have a GREAT weekend!

Photo Every Hour Coming At You

 I'll be over on Instagram sharing a look at my day via Insta-Stories!  I hope you join me!  To be honest, it's gonna be a really normal, average day but if you're like me, those are often the days I enjoy seeing the most from others.  

I'll see you back here tomorrow, friends!

Tuesday Talk-Scary Movies {Kind Of}

It's TUESDAY TALK, which means Fancy Ashley and I have teamed up!  Once a month we join forces and chit chat about anything and everything.  Like always, blogger friends we invite you to join us!

Today, I'm in the full Halloween spirit!  Our costumes have all arrived, we have fun plans on Halloween night, our pumpkin carving date is set, the weather is cooling off, and I've already set a few Reese's Cups WAY back in the pantry to hide.  We're Halloween READY!

But we're having a big debate about...


My kids are in that awkward stage where they want to watch something scary but it's hard to find something scary but still appropriate for their ages.  So, our family is kind of stumped!  

There's a part of me that's envisioning THIS as my future if we go too scary!  We need something in between, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Halloween.  Know what I mean?  They want something a little scary but nothing that's gonna have them running into my room for weeks on end.

I remember watching Tremors with Reba McEntire when I was little.  I think it was a complete accident and the super appropriate kid movie stopped playing so it automatically clicked over to regular television that happened to be on the channel airing Tremors.  I had bad dreams for days!  So much so that I just googled the rating on that movie and am shocked it was only PG-13!

Does your family have a favorite "in between" kind of scary Halloween movie you'd recommend for 5th and 6th graders?  If so, PLEASE share!!  

And do you remember the scariest movie you watched when you were little?  I don't even remember another option coming close to Tremors for me!  What about you?

I can't wait to watch your suggestions!  Thanks, friends!

Only ELEVEN days to Halloween!  Let's make them spooky...well, maybe just a tad spooky.  ;)

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Fall Decor

I busted out our fall decor back in September and wanted to give you a little look at the fall touches to help you get into the spirit.  There's just something about pumpkins and plaid that make the space feel cozy.

I found this moose a few years ago on sale at Pier One.  He gets added to the mantle every year for fall and winter.

I add some pumpkins, cotton, fall leaves, and that little, "Give Thanks" sign.

I need to figure out how Go Clean Co would get that off the hearth.  If you have any ideas, please shoot them my way!

We always add some pumpkin pillows.  I got the picture after Britty jumped on the couch.  #andthensheposed

In the front room, I decorate the mantel as well with a few fall additions.

And that's about it!  

Hope you enjoyed the little peek inside!  Now I'm off to do all the Monday things.  May your coffee be strong today, friends!


Friday Favorites-10.16.20

Hey There Everyone!  Happy Friday!

WHEW!  There's something about those four day weeks that feel like they go on FOREVER to me!  Andrea and I have teamed up again to bring you FRIDAY FAVORITES!  It's that day of the week where we get together to share some FAVES from our week.  Bloggers, we'd love for you to join us just add your blog to the link-up at the bottom of the post.  Thank you!

Here's my list for the week...
First up is THIS!  One of my girlfriends, Tracy, shared it over on her Insta-Stories and it spoke to me.  Definitely a FAVORITE!  I've never thought about balance versus harmony but I loved her words.  We should be striving for that harmony that leaves us fulfilled and peaceful when we go to bed every night.  And who am I kidding?  Harmony just sounds a little better.  Doesn't it?


Friendships in my life are one of my FAVORITE things!  Long time friendships, new friendships, neighborhood friendships, and the list goes on and on...something God has placed on my heart this week is how thankful I am to have women of all kinds who are so supportive and prayerful for me and my family. This week was a tough one and I had several friends praying, reaching out, and just checking up on us.  


This meme is for sure my FAVORITE of the week!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  One of Nixon's baseball coaches used quick sand as an analogy this week and I seriously wondered if he even knew what that was.  Why was it such a big deal when I was younger?  Now, we never hear about it!!


Back to that friendship quote, some of the same friends who were praying for our family this week grabbed this at Trader Joe's for me.  A new FAVORITE coffee!  It's seasonal, which means I should probably be stocking up right now because it's so good!  Pumpkin spice lattes are not my jam, but this pumpkin spice coffee is almost so good I don't even need creamer!  However, I still add a splash.  ;) 


Guess who has an off-weekend?  THIS GUY!!  I'm all-in supportive of Tab's officiating but one of my FAVORITE things is when he's home in the fall.  Last weekend, his game got postponed so we had a little unexpected weekend together, but this weekend has been on the books.  Looking forward to a weekend with him!


My kids' new FAVORITE space is our loft.  This used to be an utilized spot in our house, but after our little update now this is the new game/book spot.  Just a reminder to myself that moving toys around, rearranging furniture, etc. really does help my kids see toys/games/books in a new light.  Maybe it'll help yours too?


My friend, Erin, shared this Instagram account, SimplyOnPurpose.  She's a great mommy follow who emphasizes positive parenting and positive reinforcement.  She shares such great little reminders for me and thought it might help you too!  New FAVORITE!  {Thank you, Erin!}


Thank you guys for reading today!  Hope your weekend is a great one!

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Weekend Rewind

This past weekend was such a great one!  We began by taking a little road trip Friday afternoon to my nephew's football game.  They live about two hours away so we grabbed the kids just a bit early from school to make the drive.

They live in a small town outside of Waco.  We loved the small town football vibes going on.  Seeing #76's picture as we walked up was super cool!

Nix was bound and determined to get a peek at him before the game started.  Mission accomplished!

Friday Night Lights

My sister-in-law made sure the kids were set with game day shirts.  In the stands, every other row was open, ticket sales were limited, and we wore masks when we weren't eating {or taking a picture}.

Someone caught the cheerleaders shirt when they tossed it to the stands.

Great night of football watching!

The Slaughter guys :)

The teeniest Slaughter 

And the whole crew!  We had such a great night cheering on #76!

Due to our own boys playing on Saturday morning we couldn't spend the night, so we drove back after and got home around 12:30.  Not too bad, but it definitely allowed for an extra cup of coffee on Saturday morning.
Tab was home so we divided and conquered.  He at Nixon's game while I went to Bowen's.  My Saturday morning view.

Saturday afternoon was spent being lazy, watching football with our eyes closed because THOSE GAMES, and grilling on the patio.  It's probably my favorite way to spend a Saturday evening.

On Sunday Nixon had baseball early that morning and then we went to our neighbors to watch the Cowboys game.  I took zero pictures to prove it, but once again-a great time was had by all!

Monday was Fair Day here in McKinney which means NO SCHOOL so we drove to a nearby park about 15 minutes outside of town for a little fresh air.

The hiking trails were calling our name.

All of my kids were a little hesitant about loading up and driving out to this park, but once we arrived they all had the best time.

There were lots of people out and about enjoying the gorgeous day.

This girl is a fan of the outdoors.

Our attempt at a group pic...afterwards Nixon asked, "Bowen, WHY were you holding that log?".  Bowen's response, "Because it looked cool".   Who can argue with that?  

We hiked for about an hour and then headed to lunch.  It was a great little way to enjoy the beautiful weather we had on their day off. 

When we got back home it didn't take long for a neighborhood meet up to occur.  This is the sign of a good school holiday.  Right?  
The neighborhood gang's all here!

I'm so glad it's already Friday Eve!  See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!