What's Up Wednesday-9.30.20

I'm linking up today with Sheaffer and Shay for What's Up Wednesday.  

What We're Eating This Week...
Remember how I said Texas had gotten the "FALL" memo?  Well, I'm pretty sure a fall dinner is required when the weather is participating like it is right now.  We're having Shay's Meatball Stuffed Acorn Squash for dinner tonight.  I'm excited to try them!  We've also had soup because once again the weather is requiring it.  😉  

What I'm Reminiscing About...
I've been reminiscing about fun fall events like the Texas State Fair.  It's not happening this year and I'm so bummed.  It's become a FAVORITE fall tradition for our family so to miss it is sad.

What I'm Loving...
This 15 min Country Ride by Denis Morton is my probably my FAVORITE ride.  It's super short so try it if you don't have a lot of time or if you want to pair it with another work out.  The music is all 90's country and I'm here for it.

What We've Been Up To...
The last two Fridays I've joined Tab during his lunch time workout for a little sweat session at the gym and then we have lunch.  It's a little two hour-ish day date that's become a fun tradition.  Views like this almost make me think we're off on a vacation.  #almost

My boys have not only been playing football and baseball, but we've snuck off to watch our friends play too.  This is one of Nixon's friends who plays in another town.  So fun getting to cheer him on!

These two {and their families} got up on Saturday to cheer on Nixon and his Fightin' Irish.  So sweet of them to come watch!

And we got to watch these three {along with many other friends who play on this team but just missed the pic} last weekend!

What I'm Dreading...
Nothing.  :)

What I'm Working On...
This Fall Photo Challenge!  You should join us on Instagram!  Start today and just post a picture using the #fallphotochallenge2020 so we can all see!

What I'm Excited About...
Everything in October!

What I'm Watching/Reading...
I got distracted with Netflix and am still reading this book, The Girl With the Louding Voice.  

I've been on the same book the last two months.  I should probably finish this STAT. 

Tab and I are on the Season 2 finale of Yellowstone and it's SO GOOD!  {DEFINITELY Rated R}  I'm now dying to head to Yellowstone on a little vacay!  By the way, if you're a Yellowstone fan, I was listening to the Big Boo Podcast and Melanie mentioned a candle that has to be the scent of John Dutton.  Well, I purchased said candle and would like to say that I completely agree.  If John Dutton were a candle, this would be it.  Or, if the company wants to rebrand the scent they should call it, "John Dutton".

What I'm Listening To...
Nixon has become a Luke Combs' fan so whenever he's in the car we have this cd on repeat.

What I'm Wearing...
This sweater is the perfect fall option!

This tank and leggings.  have been on repeat when I'm working from home.

And this puff-sleeved pullover has been working overtime as well.

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
Sports!  And that's it!  This past weekend we had two football games and two baseball games, but our Saturday was also spent watching all those close college football games!  YES!  YES!  YES!  I'm here for all that!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...
Sometimes an average night turns into a new family tradition.  In the past carving pumpkins hasn't been anyone's favorite tradition in our house.  Probably because our kids were little and couldn't do it alone?  I'm not really sure but last year we had a little pumpkin carving competition on the back patio with the heaters going and a spooky movie on t.v.  It quickly became one of those nights we want to repeat.  The kids are already talking about the competition we'll be having!  They can't wait!

I've decided on Pumpkin Carving Competition Night 2020 I'm gonna fix my hair and put on some make-up.  😂😂😂

Thanks for reading today!

Room Update-The Loft

 We moved into our house five years ago this past summer and have been slowly working our way through updating, tweaking, remodeling, etc.  Our latest project was last summer when tackled the big backyard patio.  Our brains and our pocketbooks are still recovering. 😂😂  So when Walmart reached out to see if I'd like to partner for a home project I was super intrigued.  Most of you are probably like me and are a little skeptical of the quality of the furniture.  But let me tell you-it is GOOD!  And the price is definitely right!

At the loft area at the top of our stairs we have a lot of super weird spaces.  The area is pretty small with some strange cut outs that make it difficult to create a cohesive space.  The loft area then leads into the playroom but again it's kind of a uniquely arranged space.  When we moved in I had high hopes for what I'd do with this area, but other areas quickly rose to the top of our priority list and this space has been completely empty since we moved in five years ago.  Until now!!

My big kids are definitely in that tween stage and Bowen being the third kid isn't far behind.  I wanted this space to be super practical and a space that could house games, books, some toys, etc.  But instead of the vibe screaming, "PLAYROOM!!", I wanted it to look a little more grown up.  You guys!  I think we accomplished it!

I wish I'd have taken a before pic!  Major blogger fail right there.  But this is me standing at the top of the stairs.  I found the perfect shelves and bought three to place side by side to give the illusion of one big piece.  The color is Rustic Oak.

I'll be sure to highlight the pieces I recently purchased....lamp, succulent, bookends, hyacinth baskets, wire baskets, and the rug.

A little view as I'm walking up the stairs.

A few of our favorite games...Electronic Battleship, Game of the States, Clue, Sequencing, Blokus, and Blokus Jr. 

I added a few highlights from each of the kids' rooms, put toys inside the baskets, and then used a few other decor pieces we had around the house.

A close up of the rug...comes in all sizes and shapes.  Oranges, golds, pinks, blues, and purples...super impressed with the quality of this.

When the kids were little this space held a train table, but those days are gone!  I found this chair, pillow, lamp {similar}, and {similar} table to make the perfect little reading nook.

A view from the other side 😉

The quality of all the products blew me away!  Walmart Home has a wide variety of other items just like these to make your space comfy and cozy as well.  And all the items were shipped directly to my house making this the easiest room update ever!  I'd like to add if you're looking for items a little more kid focused, you can find a ton of options at Walmart Kids.

I attempted one aerial shot balancing on a table to give you a better idea of the space.

The kids got home from school and were shocked at this new loft space!  They LOVE it!
A HUGE thank you to Walmart for partnering on this post!

You can shop all of the goodies I found here...

Fall Challenge

 Happy, Happy Monday!

The high today is SEVENTY-THREE DEGREES here in McKinney, Texas!  If that doesn't scream, "FALL!!!", to you then I don't know what does.  And I'm so thankful for those cooler temps!  This weekend was hot enough for a Slaughter kid to leave the football fields with a sunburn.  Now it doesn't take much for that to happen, but major fall vibes aren't happening when I'm spraying sunscreen and rubbing in aloe.

I thought it'd be fun to kickoff the fall season with a FALL PHOTO CHALLENGE!  Every day for the next month-ish let's post a picture of the prompt on Instagram using the #fallphotochallenge2020.  If you forget or miss a day, don't worry!  Just join in the next day and keep going!  Fall is such a beautiful time.  Let's fill our IG feeds with some positive, festive fall fun!

Hope you join me!


Another Mom Hack Comin' in Hot

If you've been reading here for a while, then this is an oldie for you.  I actually shared this mom hack way back in 2015.  You might have some deja vu as you read.  😂

Wal-Mart reached out to me and asked if I'd be interested in sharing about Wal-Mart's Online Pickup and Delivery service.  If you guys know me at all, then you know I LOVE to talk about another way to make your life {and mine} a little easier!  

Last month, I highlighted Wal-Mart's Express delivery service and today I wanna tell you about Wal-Mart's Online Pickup and Delivery as well as explain the differences between the two.

Wal-Mart's Online Pickup and Delivery is available in select areas and it's super simple.  You order groceries from Walmart, select your pickup or delivery time, and submit your order.  Then either you park in a designated spot, call the Walmart Pickup number, and your groceries are placed directly in your vehicle.  YOU NEVER EVEN HAVE TO GET OUT OF THE CAR!  Or...you choose a time for your groceries to be delivered, your shopper drops them off on your front porch, and YOU NEVER EVEN HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR HOUSE!  The Wal-Mart Express delivery is selecting, "express" at checkout to ensure your order arrives in two hours or less.  Three amazing options from one great retailer!

On Wednesday I realized I was way behind on getting our house fall-ready!  There wasn't a pumpkin in sight!  {We were running low on our canned pumpkin already too!}  And to top it off the kids needed a few things for school the next day, I had three school drop offs/pick ups, activities after school, and I needed to get work accomplished in between all of that which left me zero time to head to the store.  Enter Wal-Mart's Online Pickup and Delivery.  I shopped online that morning, selected an afternoon delivery time, and all of my items were placed on our front porch.  Amazing!

This girl is not only showing off our delivered groceries but the crazy/mismatched socks she wore for Sock Day in her Pre-K class.

Her top is in this one and this pair of pants would be really cute with it.  Her skirt is an in-store purchase only.

She was also stoked that order included applesauce.  We were out and this girly is addicted to the pouches.

$35 minimum and small delivery fee apply.  Pickup and delivery available in select markets.

I hope the next time you're in need of a quick grocery run and don't have the time, you remember this post!  Thank you for reading today, friends!  And thank you to Wal-Mart for sponsoring this post!

I found several new fall items that are super cute!  Some are headed to my house now!  Check these out...

Friday Favorites-9.25.20

Happy Friday!

Thank you for joining me today for FRIDAY FAVORITES!  wwAndrea and I are here to bring you a little happy and share some FAVORITES from our week!

One of my FAVORITES {and yours too} from the week was this sweater and these jeans {both on sale!!!}.  In the sweater, I'm wearing a small, which is true to size for me.  And the jeans are 27's which are true to size as well.


These pictures make me GIDDY!  After seeing Jeni's fairytale pumpkins on her front porch, I was inspired to change things up this year so yesterday I went to our local nursery to stock up.

If fall was a picture...


Funny little story, in 2008 when Kensington Kate was born, I hosted her sip-in-see right after she was born.  The theme was pumpkins/fall so I stepped up my front porch game and decorated with hay, pumpkins, mums, you name it!  Well apparently {or at least in my mind this is how it happened} there was a stow away country mouse hanging out in that hay because right after the shower there was a MOUSE in our house!  Give me snakes, spiders, and lizards any day over a mouse.  So, back in 2008 I vowed to never again use hay to decorate for fall.

It's not quite finished, but here's a peek at it almost complete.

Britty was a FAN!


I went to Trader Joe's this week {and shared on Tuesday}.  I tried lots of new things but this oldie is my FAVORITE.  I could pretty much dip a piece of paper in this cauliflower jalapeno dip and enjoy.  I do think you have to be a cauliflower fan to like this one.  It's creamy and has a little kick...I'm SOLD!


My FAVORITE second grader.  :)

And my FAVORITE fifth grader.  :)


We added a few new Halloween books to our library...
New books are a FAVORITE!


Do you guys remember these sneakers? {Sold out now}

Well, I found them on major sale for under $62 in this orange/blue colorway and ordered them so we could take a better look.  I'm not sure if it's the socially distanced life I'm leading now or the trend, but I'm definitely on the sneaker train this season....FAVORITES!


Last week I shared some favorite Walmart home items from Drew Barrymore's line but this week I wanna feature some FAVORITES from the kids' line.

That wraps it up for today!  Thank you for reading!  I can't wait to share Marla's party with you!  Follow along on Instagram and I'll be sure to post!  Lots of you are nervous for me...hahahaha!  You should be!  😂😂😂

Have a GREAT weekend!

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Few Peeks at My Day

Some of you are gonna read this post and have these thoughts...

and others are gonna feel this way {because you've let me know you feel this way}.
So I apologize in advance.  I'm a "9", a peacemaker, and would never want to do something to offend anyone but when I share a day in the life over on Instagram I typically get a lot of questions about things.  A blog post is a good way to answer some of those {especially the ones that are the same}, I try to make these more detailed, and some of you don't have Instagram so you've asked specifically.  Needless to say, I'm sharing peeks of my Monday.  #pleasedontbemad

And just to be clear the reason I like doing those on Insta Stories is for the questions!  I love the interaction with you guys and really appreciate you taking time out of your day to comment and follow along!

This was my Monday...
5:00 a.m.-Up and at 'em.
I had my quiet time, drank my coffee, got some work done, and got in a workout.  What's that saying about not missing a Monday?  I can apply it to so much of my life.  Starting Monday out the right way just makes my week better.

5:30 a.m.-Quiet Time

8:15 a.m.-I took the boys to school, Ebby Lee carpooled, and then I drove Britt to speech in the next town over.  While she was working, I ran through the Starbucks drive thru to grab breakfast.  The bacon egg bites are my breakfast of choice. 

9:30 a.m.-Britt finished, I dropped her off at preschool, and made a grocery Trader Joe's run.
10:00 a.m.-Grabbed groceries, emptied the dishwasher, started laundry, finished getting ready, had lunch, and did a quick clean up.

11:30 a.m.-Picked up another kid for speech.  This one is much closer to our house/school.

12:45 a.m.-Snacked on a spoonful of that edible cookie dough.  SO GOOD!  And then worked on my computer.

1:45 p.m.-About to head out to grab Britt.  This is my sweater and it's on sale now!  EEEK!  Jeans are on sale too!

2:30 p.m.-First pickup of the day complete by grabbing this cutie!

3:30 p.m.-Got Nixon from school, Bowen was playing at a friends' house, and had dinner going in the slow cooker.  Chicken Tortilla Soup was on the menu!

3:45 p.m.-Nix, Britty, and I waited on our last round of carpool for the day.

5:00 p.m.-Grabbed Bowen and then took Nixon to his football practice.  {Have I mentioned Tab was out of town? 😩  Right about two minutes before we arrived at the field, it started raining.  Apparently football happens in rain or shine {I'm used to baseball practice being cancelled}.  Since it was raining, the three of us decided to stay in the car during practice.  These two watched a movie on the little screen.  At one point Bowen turned the heat up which caused me to fall asleep!  Meanwhile Ebby Lee was at two different activities and Shay saved the day by feeding her dinner when Tab's flight got delayed.

7:00 p.m.-Look who made it home!!  WAHOO!!  Fed my people dinner and got in bed at 9:15 because mama was TIRED!

Thanks for following along {again for some of you}!!  I hope you have the best Thursday!  By the way, Happy Birthday, Marla!  I'm throwing Marla's birthday party tomorrow night!  WISH ME LUCK!  I'm gonna need it!