Let's Look-Inside My Purse

 I'm back with another Let's Look today.  Shay and I were out of town during the March edition so we skipped but decided we'd add it back in this week.  And it's one of my favorite topics {I'm being sarcastic here, can you tell?}....we're peeking at the inside of my purse.

First of all, let me introduce you to my assistant today...
Comfy Outfit...CHECK!
Hair in a Ponytail...CHECK!

This is exactly I've been working from home a lot too.

If you've been following along for a bit, then you know I'm NOT a handbag or purse kind of girl. I prefer to travel lightly and by that, I mean I prefer to grab my keys, wallet, and throw my cell phone in my back pocket.  Now all that to say, last year I stepped my game up, bought a purse {mine is old but I'll link some similar options}, and carried it as much as possible.  #babystepshere

This is the purse I bought last spring and unbeknownst to me, I carried it ALL SPRING/SUMMER LONG!

All you handbag people would have been so proud!  It's kind of a light blush so I found it to pretty much go with anything and everything.

If you're under 5'7", don't worry it can work for you too.  :)
It's in great shape and I plan on carrying it all spring and summer long.  #again 

Before our Spring Break vacation, I grabbed this one because I thought I'd need to be carrying more when we were out and about.  It comes with a small navy bag as well that can be worn alone or you can use it to keep things organized in the bigger bag.  It was like two bags in one.  

I wore this navy bag with a fun strap when I needed to have just a couple small thing with me.  The bigger bag was perfect for sunscreen, towel or two, plus all the necessities.

Speaking of necessities, these are mine...{and what I typically have inside my purse}
Wallet-it was a gift years ago.
Hand Sanitizer

See why it's often easier for me to throw a thing or two in my pocket?  I travel light!

What about YOU?  What do you have in your purse I should be carrying in mine?

Next month, we're sharing our weekends.  My oh my!  How I hope that involves us getting to be out of our houses.  Fingers crossed, friends!

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Holley said...

I love that you like to not have a purse usually! I'm a total purse freak and love them but I find it so fun that you don't lol! Love the purse you chose! So cute! And love your bed frame!! Where did you get that from?
-Holley @ beesimplyorganized.com

Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said...

I saw the title of your post and immediately wondered if it was going to be a blank page. :) LOVE that TB bag (it's so classic!) and that neoprene bag is SO MUCH FUN!

Unknown said...

You're the yin to my yang. ;)

Rachel Embery said...

I’m with you, no purse. My wallet is my phone case(built in wallet on the back). I’m not a makeup touch up person at all so n need to carry that silly stuff! I wear makeup but not enough to need to be touched up. When I travel I do wear a cross body small backpack. Which I have left places because I’m not use to carrying a purse. Otherwise it’s my phone and lipgloss, which Mark has to keep in his pockets for me if we are out at an event or nice dinner.

Elspeth Mizner said...

I love this! Simple is best sometimes, especially when you are running out for a quick errand.

Joanne said...

I don't often take mine with me either... though I do sometimes carry it into the car and then leave it there.