Friday Favorites-2.28.20

It's FRIDAY!  Andrea, Narci and I are here with our FAVORITES!

I've been looking forward to this day for a year because of this...
It's GALA NIGHT!  WAHOO!  I cannot wait!

THANK YOU to everyone near and far who donated to the Manda Strong Foundation this week!  WE APPRECIATE YOU SO VERY MUCH!

We've raised SO MUCH MONEY over the last three days for these moms fighting cancer  THANK YOU for helping us do that!  If you'd still like to donate, you can check that out here.

Some girlfriends and I met up at the cemetery to remember Manda and squeeze her mama.

Another FAVORITE this week?  A sweet two-year-old friend's birthday party at Playstreet Museum.  If you pop into the area for a quick trip and have littles, you must check it out!

A FAVORITE still around my house is this leopard peplum blouse from WAL-MART!  I wore it to the birthday party last Saturday and got so many compliments.  

Guess who had the Sunday afternoon XFL game in St. Louis?  That hunk in the stripes!  My parents, brother, sister-in-law, and nephews all went to watch.

Yesterday, Shay and I worked on another episode for...
The Bestie Breakdown!

I'm loving our new graphic, a definite FAVORITE!  Several of you asked about where we got it done and it was at this Etsy Shop.  He does caricatures for gifts, graphics, business cards, etc.  If you're in the market for something like this, I highly recommend him.

Speaking of FAVORITES, I started a new blog series where I share some of our FAVORITE Things and this week I shared our FAVORITE Family-Friendly Movies.  You can see all of the movies in our list!

This group of twelve is headed out on a Spring Break adventure soon and hopefully we have a better time than Bowen was having in this picture.  ;)

In preparation, I've done lots of spring/summer shopping and thought I'd share a few with you...
This "Beach Bum" beach bag was a great little purchase.  It's under $20, lined on the inside, and will fold up perfectly for our vacation.  I was looking for something I could use on this trip and not be upset about it getting ruined.  With that price tag, this fits the bill perfectly!

Thank you for stopping by!  Enjoy your weekend!
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Manda Strong Fundraiser

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated yesterday to the Manda Strong Foundation.  In honor of Manda's third anniversary in heaven, we decided to host a fundraiser to raise money for other moms battling this awful disease.  You guys were AMAZING yesterday and so many of you donated.  If you haven't donated and would like to do that, we have a little more to go to reach our goal.  

Please head to...
to donate. 

Thank you!  Each and every donation counts so please don't think any amount is too small.  It all adds up!  Thank you SO much!

Happy Thursday, Friends!  See you tomorrow with a set of FAVES!

What's Up Wednesday-2.26.20

I'm linking up today with Sheaffer and Shay for What's Up Wednesday.  

Today, is a bittersweet day in my heart.  On February 26th, 2017, my dear friend, Manda Maxwell, went home to be with Jesus.  This day on the calendar always tugs at my heart.  I know she'd never come back to earth if given the choice.  She's healed and fully whole in the loving arms of her savior, but I'm missing her a little more today.

What We're Eating This Week...
I shared all about what we've been having for dinners lately.  You can see it all in this post.
What I'm Reminiscing About...
 My girlfriend, Manda, who truly lived out her faith each and everyday she battled cancer.  I'm remembering her life and all the fun times we got to spend together.

In honor of Manda's life, her parents started the Manda Strong Foundation, a nonprofit organization that comes alongside young moms battling cancer.  Manda had a strong support system who was doing lots of things on the side...dropping off fun family night baskets, having Santa stop by to deliver presents, delivering meals, Christmas shopping, and much much more.  Manda's parents saw how that support system helped ease the pain and make life a little easier for Manda.  She got to soak in more of those "mom moments" because she had this great support.  The Manda Strong Foundation helps mom create lasting memories with their families by coming alongside them to help financially as well as meet many other needs.

What I'm Loving...
In 2015, Manda and her mom, Cindy, were the guest speakers at a women's event at our church.  I LOVE that we have this on video to rewatch ourselves and to share with you.  If you've never watched Manda's story, I hope you'll take time this week to watch.  I pray your heart will be touched by my friend, Manda.

What We've Been Up To...
Just TWO MORE DAYS until the Oh, What a Night Gala presented by the Manda Strong Foundation.  I've been on this committee for the past year meeting, working, and planning this event.  Our tables are all sold, the band is arriving, and the food will be there!  I wish you all could come!  

What I'm Dreading...
Nothing at the moment.

What I'm Working On...
The Bestie Breakdown!!  What do you think of the new graphic?
Shay and I realized after Episode 1 that we had tons of work to do as well as so much to learn so we've been digging into the podcast world

What I'm Excited About...
After Shay and I mentioned the gala on The Bestie Breakdown, our podcast, I had some questions from readers who have been invested in Manda's story and were anxious to contribute.  While the gala fundraiser is a local event, we've made a big goal to raise $20,000 for moms battling cancer today in Manda's honor.  If everyone skipped their Starbucks today and donated just $5-$10, we could easily meet our goal.  If you'd like to join us in helping moms with cancer make some life long memories, simply head to Manda Strong to donate today! 

What I'm Watching/Reading...

Still working my way through this one.  :)

What I'm Listening To...
This soundtrack has been on repeat in my car.  Is it because all six of us love it so much?  Absolutely not.  It's because a sweet four-year-old uses her manners when she asks to listen.

What I'm Wearing...
The only thing still in stock from above is the leopard peplum top on the right.  I'm wearing a medium.

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
How I'm feeling right this second about my weekend.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...
Our Spring Break getaway happening in just one and a half weeks!  This vacation is gonna look a little more like this...
with all eight!

Remember, we'd love to for you to be a part of helping those Manda Strong moms today!  You can donate here to help us meet our goal in honor of our Manda!

Thanks for reading today!

FAVORITE THINGS-Family Friendly Movies

A sweet reader recommended a new series and to be honest-I'd like to hug her neck!  Let me introduce, A Few of Our FAVORITE THINGS....

I'll touch on a wide variety of topics.  Some will be things our entire family weighs in on and others might pertain to just one or two family members.  Either way, I'll be sharing our FAVORITES.

I've gotten lots of questions lately about our FAVORITE FAMILY FRIENDLY MOVIES.  

The spring sports season is a busy one for our family so we've been soaking up the weekend nights at home with plenty of family movie nights before the crazy of spring hits.  We like movies appropriate for the entire family but if I'm being honest-we probably wouldn't have been watching some of these with four-year-old Ebby Lee but since Britt is the youngest she hangs with the "older" movie choices.  Nothing is inappropriate for her, but if we're letting her choose she's voting, "FROZEN" all day, everyday.

I polled all six Slaughters {and took out all of the "Frozen" votes sent in by one particular four-year-old} to compile our list...

In no particular order, the Slaughter Family FAVORITES-

Do you sense a theme?  We're all about a sports-themed feel good movie around here and apparently, we have a soft spot for ocean animals. 

I have to tell you-when we watched Radio there's a sad part {I won't spoil it for you} and when it happened Bowen burst into tears.  When someone mentioned Radio, Bowen's response was, "That was such a sad one, but so good".  We agree!!

Here are our faves...

Now what about your FAMILY-FRIENDLY FAVORITES?!  Please SHARE!  We're always looking for a movie to add to our list!

Can't wait to hear your suggestions!

In the Kitchen


I'm ready to tackle this week!  We have our groceries ordered for the week, laundry almost all caught up, and spring sports are beginning to line the calendar.  While crazy, busy, chaotic nights aren't necessarily my jam, they're totally worth getting to see my kids participate in things they love.

When I asked for blog ideas, one theme throughout the suggestion list was FOOD!  Now I have learned to follow a recipe like a BOSS but if you sent me to the kitchen with a random assortment of items in hopes I'd produce a meal NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!  

If you asked Tab the worst meal I've ever made, he'd take you all the way back to the first year of our marriage when I found the recipe for SEAFOOD LASAGNA and tried to create it.  Let me just tell you-it was as awful as you can possibly imagine.

Today, I'm taking you into the Slaughter Kitchen or more importantly the Slaughter Meal Planner to see what's been or is on the menu....
We had these one evening when Tab was already home from work so he grilled them outside for me.  The kids ate theirs like a typical burger on a bun, but Tab and I loaded ours up with onion served bunless.  Burgers on one thing all my kids agree on so they're a regular around here!

Turkey + Spinach...I'm serving the family healthy items and the whole time they think it's just a meatball.  WIN WIN!

BBQ Apple Chicken Sandwiches
I could serve my family dirt on top of garlic toast and they'd probably eat it.  Needless to say, these bbq chicken sandwiches are SO easy and everyone likes them!

Homemade pizza night includes two packs of these and the kids each make their own pizza.  We typically have pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperonis for them to add as little or as much as they'd like.

I try to only have homemade pizza night when Tab is out of town, because if he's here he prefers a meat lover's dream with all the hearty toppings.  Let me just say-the kids stick to pepperoni and cheese, I'll add veggies to mine, and it's such an easy meal for us.

All of my kids are fans of my chicken parmesan recipe, which happens to come from...
the back of the Ragu jar.  I'm pretty sure I got this one from Marla.  It's one of Nixon's most requested meals and is DELICIOUS!  In fact, he requested it this past weekend and since it was just me and the kiddos I decided to make an easier version.  Look at me...stepping out of my comfort zone.

I cut up chicken breasts into fourths, breaded them, and placed them in my air fryer.  I boiled tortellini, added a jar of alredo and a jar of pasta sauce, then baked that while my chicken cooked.  Since the pasta was extra saucey we all dipped our chicken and it was delish!  3/4 of the kids asked for seconds so #WINNING!  And it was super easy!

If you don't have a weird thing with chicken, you could pick up some kind of frozen chicken and heat it up which would make this even easier.  I have issues so this worked better for me.

I should add that I thought I was really winning until yesterday after church I asked who wanted those chicken and noodle leftovers and NO ONE raised their hand.  Maybe insure all your kids are really hungry before serving this?  #alwaysworks

Another day, another burger around here.  :)
This recipe is all about the technique.  You can add anything to the ground beef your family prefers.  If you're going bunless, you can pick these up and eat these like a burger minus the bun.  I use my griddle for easy clean-up and they're all finished at one time.

Trader Joe's fried rice for the win!!  I have a bag of that as well as a cauliflower fried rice bag.  I found this chicken lettuce wraps recipe on Pinterest and am giving it a shot to pair with the rice.

Taco Pasta paired with a salad will make a really easy week night meal for dinner on a Tuesday.

Wednesday-Spicy Baked Chicken Tacos will cook in the slow cooker for most of the day and will take me just 20ish minutes to prepare.  The end of the week is busy for us so mama will need just that.

And Thursday night I have a GIRL'S NIGHT OUT so who knows what will be served for dinner?  Maybe delivery?  Maybe pick-up?  Maybe cereal?

Now, I'm off to grab my grocery pick-up order from the store!  

What's on your menu this week?


Friday Favorites-2.21.20

Happy, Happy FRIDAY!

This has been a busy busy week for me.  I'm happy to see the weekend arrive.  Today, Narci, Andrea, and I have teamed up for FRIDAY FAVORITES!  I hope you can join us!  In typical Friday fashion, I have a big pile of FAVORITES for you...

My first FAVORITE is from last week.  I was getting things ready for the first grade parties the night before Valentine's Day, and Bowen was excited about it all!

The only picture I took during the Valentine's Party.  #momfail
Check out his tongue...Bowen was SERIOUS about this game!  If you were in charge of some parties, let me know how they went!  Our first grade party was great!  This is what we did...

4 Stations:
*Math/Dice Game
*Little Lovebug Craft
*Minute to Win it Games
*Love Game {Kind of like Musical Chairs}

Valentine's night was my FAVORITE!  Can you see above my head?  Tab was back there grilling dinner, Ebby Lee and Bowen decorated the dining room for us, and we watched The Proposal on the patio after we ate.  It was perfection!

This was on my Instagram feed this week and it's a FAVORITE reminder.

I picked up my FAVORITE preschoolers from school this week and a picture was a must!

One day after school all the kids were playing outside as I was making dinner.  I looked through the window to see this...Britty suited up in flag football gear.  She was proud of it.  Can you tell?  ;)

Wal-Mart reached out to me recently to ask if I'd like to share some new spring tops from their latest line. I scoured their website to check out the line and I was so impressed!   That Scoop brand does it AGAIN!  If you're like me, this time of year I don't want to be wearing dark fall colors but I also don't want to spend a lot of money on bright cold weather things when spring is right around the corner.  Well, Wal-Mart has us covered, ladies!  This Scoop spring line has so many great items priced so well!

First up is this leopard sweater.  It comes in two other colorways as well.  I'm wearing a medium and would recommend sizing up at least one for the length {unless you have a short torso}.  This sweater is more on the shorter side so keep that in mind.  You could wear it with regular denim or white to make it a little more "spring-y".

Another peek at the leopard sweater.

I also think this geo sweater gives a spring vibe with the white denim.

Okay, and THE gem and FAVORITE thing from the line is this peplum!  It's a light, silky material, perfect for spring and it's so darn cute!  This could be dressed up or dressed down.  I'm wearing a medium in the blue.

And a small in this pink peplum.

A closer look...if you add one spring top to your closet, let it be the peplum.

Check out this navy and white polka dot smocked peplum top.  It'ss a light fabric and I'm pictured in the medium. 

A closer look at the smocked peplum.

If you daily have to dress up work, then you need this leopard wrap dress in your life!  Typically, I'm not a fan of wrap dresses.  They make me nervous with one little hook or clip keeping me from being exposed but this felt very secure.  I'm wearing a small.

Another work wear option, the ruffle dress. Love the style of this option.  I'm wearing the small.

You can shop all my favorites from the line here...

Thank you to Wal-Mart for sponsoring this post.

We have a Frozen fanatic in our house now and on the daily she gets an article of clothing out of her room to wear it on her hair like this and she walks around saying she's, "Anna".


Spring sports are ramping up around here so I snagged a picture of Nixon headed to his first official "in the field" practice yesterday with none other than "Anna" herself.

Lastly, we have a lot of Mix and Match Travel clients who have recently returned from the most MAGICAL place on earth.  Several have sent me pictures so I wanted to share....

This last family had a scavenger hunt for the grandkids to discover THEY WERE ALL HEADED TO DISNEY WORLD!

If you're planning your own Walt Disney World vacation, please send us an e-mail at  We'd love to help your family a magical vacation of your own.

That's all I've got today, friends.  Hope you have the BEST weekend!
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