Friday Favorites-December 6th, 2019 Edition

Hey Hey!  

You guy just NINETEEN DAYS until CHRISTMAS!!

I'm a bit in shock and wanted time to slow down a whole lot between now and December 25th.

I have a big ol' post of randomness for you today.  All favorites, of course.  ;)  That's the name of this Friday game...right?  Like always, I'm joining Andrea and Narci to bring you Friday Favorites.  We invite you to join us each and every week-simply link up at the bottom of the post.

First up, we watched Christmas with the Kranks on Friday night.  Our first Christmas movie of the season coupled with four of my FAVORITES makes for a great night!


Speaking of cozy movie nights in our pajamas, check out THIS TOP {waaaahhh!!  It's sold out right now but I'll let you know if I find it.  I linked another comfy top.} and THESE BOTTOMS from Wal-Mart!  I wish you could touch the screen and feel how soft these pajamas really are.  

Can you tell they're made out of a super soft velvet?

One more look.  I purchased them as separates, but you can also score a set that comes in lots of different patterns.  As always with Wal-Mart, you can order online and receive your comfy cozy pajamas in just a few days shipped right to your door.  While you're at it, you should add a couple presents to your cart.  ;)  I'm all about snagging seasonal pajamas and with prices like this, you can have a pair for every holiday!

I've gathered up some really cute pajama options for you...

Thank you to Wal-Mart for partnering with me on this post.


Remember how I told you I cannot French braid to save my life?  Well, this is THE VERY BEST I've ever done in my life.  It was way too loose and after moving around a bit fell out but I documented it just to show you.  If you have a YouTube video I should watch on this, please share!!  Or if you teach a French braiding class and live near me, please share that as well.


The Sunday after Thanksgiving our church goes ALL OUT with a big Christmas service.  This one was feeling all sorts of festive.

My kiddos were all in their Christmas best and we LOVED the service.  Amazing songs, the costumes, and REAL animals had their attentions captured the entire time...even Britt!

Hot cocoa courtesy of Mrs. Narci.  :)

One more for the grandparents.

Right after church, Ebby Lee's volleyball team was playing for the second day in their volleyball tournament.  These cuties were SO GOOD while they were playing!

When you match accidentally match our besties, you take a picture!

My favorite #8 serving!  

So super proud of these girls!  They played so well!


I thought you guys would appreciate this....the footballs I ordered as party favors are pictured on the right and the bags I ordered to put the footballs in are on the left.  THAT is often times a depiction of my life.  hahahahaha!  Anyone else?


Thank you for stopping by today!  Happy Weekend!
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Thanksgiving 2019

This Thanksgiving 2019 might go down as one of our best ever!  Typically, we either stay here in Texas hosting family or we head to Missouri.  This year we kind of got to do it all!

If you saw my post last week, we went to Missouri the weekend before Thanksgiving and headed back to Texas on Tuesday.  We got in a nice visit with all the family!  Absolutely perfect!

 Wednesday, we celebrated Bowen's birthday with our family of six.  

It was all about Bowen and his requests...Chick-fil-A for lunch, Urban Air in the afternoon, homemade pizzas, and dinner on the patio.

 Thursday, we got to sleep in and enjoy a breakfast casserole made my Ebby Lee.  We watched the parade and had a super lazy morning.  Ebby Lee and I were in charge of Sheaffer's Pineapple Casserole, Sweet Potatoes {I actually called my grandma to ask a few questions about this on Thanksgiving morning and then got off the phone so thankful I have the ability to call her.}, Green Bean Casserole, and rolls.  Marla hosted this year and out did herself {as usual}.

With the grandparents :)

The adult table was looking all kinds of gorgeous for Thanksgiving.

Look at my place CUTE!

And the kid table was darling!

We ate, watched the Cowboys game, ate a little more and then ended the night on our back patio.  I'm telling you it was Thanksgiving perfection.  I went to bed that night with such a very thankful heart.  I hope you had a great one too.


Jumping on the Movement

Hey!  Hey!

Okay, maybe this has been happening every December and I've completely missed the boat until now but have you heard of the Kindness Advent Calendars?  I stumbled upon one on Facebook this past weekend and then found the honey hole after Googling them.  Basically, it's a random acts of kindness for the twenty-five days in December leading up to Christmas.

I LOVE this idea for many reasons...

*Next year I'll create my own and make it super age-appropriate for our house.  The possibilities are endless.  Things can range from smiling at three people to letting someone get in front of me in line to drop off a goodie for a neighbor to tell a friend something you love about them.  You can make it work for a two-year-old to a house full of teenagers.

*This doesn't have to cost money, which is so nice during the holiday season.  Most things I tend to add to our plate during this already busy season cost money.  And let's talk about that lesson for our kids...being kind is absolutely free.

*I've been known to choose too many daily countdowns around Christmas because let's be honest-there are SO MANY FUN THINGS TO DO!  But what would happen is we couldn't do it all and it'd give me another reason to be a bit stressed during the season.  Well, this is easy!  And this year because I'm super late to the Kindness Advent Calendar train I literally screenshot one calendar to share with the kids.  As we drove to school on Monday I told them all about it and gave them the challenge of giving one person a compliment that day.  They all happened to have dentist appointments so when I grabbed them out of school I asked if anyone had completed the assignment.  They had ALL complimented someone already!  It gave us a chance to all share the kind things they'd said at school.  I'm not tooting the Slaughter kids horn here...I'm trying to say this is just an easy thing to add this season that shouldn't stress or bog you down.

*And if it happens to spread kindness in your community-well, that's just icing on the cake!

Today, the Slaughters are being challenged to hold the door open for someone.  See, I told you it's easy, but hopefully we're spreading some Christmas cheer and a little kindness wherever we go this season.

Have you guys heard about this?  Have you been doing it for years and I missed out on this like I missed out on gaucho pants?  If you're like me, no worries-I'm adding it to my calendar to remind us all about this next year in November! 

Here's to spreading a little kindness around!  Have a great day!

Bowen's Video Gamin' Party

With a birthday that falls over Thanksgiving week, it can be difficult to get your friends together to celebrate.  This year we opted to have Bowen's party right after school the first day back from Thanksgiving break.  This was my festive front porch...
Last year we had a party in the park scheduled with a big bounce house and dreams of a big football game in Bowen's head.  That day last year was FREEZING and extremely windy so we had to change ASAP to a back-up.  Again this year, when I asked Bowen what kind of party he'd like to have he said, "Football", but there's no predicting the weather so he opted for a video game truck {with a little football on the side if the weather was nice}.

I grabbed these cuties right at school pick up and they anxiously awaited the video game truck doors opening.

I kept it simple.  REAL SIMPLE.  Pizza, cookie cake, drinks, and a few balloons...There was a group of balloons on the mailbox and this happened before the party even officially began.

The birthday boy's official quote, "I just touched them".

A few minutes later friends arrived and they hopped right in.  The games were all set up inside and these two party hosts made sure they semi-knew what they were doing, changed games, and helped if they needed it.

Miss Ashby was super sweet and partied with the boys with a big smile on her face!

It was a great set up and the EASIEST party ever!

From my front door...little did neighbors know there were 16 kiddos inside.

Until we ushered them out for pizza and cake.

We sang, blew out the candles, and cookie cake was served!

OUTSIDE-because 15 boys.  ;)

They scarfed down the food and played in the yard until parents arrived.  Football, whiffle ball, name it, they were playing!

What a crazy crew!  Pictured above are Bowen's people.  He loves them big and we were so glad they all came out to celebrate him!

Moms, if you're looking for a party idea and especially if you're unsure about the weather-highly recommend!  I'd recommend a video game truck for seven-year-olds and up, some of the kiddos got tired of sitting {and I totally couldn't blame them} so it worked out perfectly the weather was so nice yesterday.  They just popped in and out of the truck.

Okay, friends...I'm off to accomplish all the things {or that's at least how it feels-haha!}.  Hope you get all the things checked off your to-do list too!

Happy Tuesday!

Christmas Talk

I typically do a post highlighting all the things us moms can do to prepare for the Christmas season in November to help us all remember things we might forget.  But YOU GUYS!  This year I'm behind!  So, hopefully you're all ready for the Christmas season, but just in case you're anything like me and a bit on the struggle bus December 2nd maybe this will come in handy.

*Address Labels*
Christmas cards are in the making so address labels are now on their way!  This makes my address labelin' game SO MUCH EASIER!  I typically order mine from Shutterly and snag a really great deal.

*Online Shopping*
I complete 99% of my shopping online.  I have a list of things I'm looking for this season for everyone on our list and I'll keep an eye out for the best deals.  Some items will never really go on sale so typically I spend one day making some big purchases {those items that never go on sale} and then I feel SO MUCH BETTER about Christmas arriving.

This is one of the most important things I do all season.  With football games, Christmas parties, kids sports', and everything in between if I don't write it all down, I forget and then we miss out on things.  I'll write something as simple as, "Christmas Movie Night", on our calendar so that we really take advantage of all our free moments this season.

*Remember the Reason*
I always snag a Christmas devotional, advent, study of some sort to help me dig in deeper to the Word during the Christmas season.  This year Narci shared an Advent study from Lifeway and I ordered it.  I started a little early this weekend and am loving it!  You still have time to order it today {I'd just expedite the shipping}.  For the kiddos, we have The Wonder of the Greatest Gift and The Christmas Promise.  There's such a gap in between Ebby Lee and Britt I decided to grab two and hopefully something will speak to all age groups.  :)

*Advent Calendars*
This year I grabbed four of the little advent calendars from Trader Joe's and the kiddos will enjoy their own little treat every morning or night.  Typically, I grab Lego calendars but last year they weren't as interested in those as years prior.  We kept it simple in 2019.

*North Pole Breakfast Supplies*
Every year I keep our breakfast simple {do you hear a theme?}...some fun festive plates that I order online {like a few I'm sharing at the bottom of this paragraph}, donuts, strawberries, and hot chocolate are all on the table.  My kids LOVE it!  We don't keep the festivities to a certain day of the year.  We just make it work for our schedule.  And this year Mama's running late so this breakfast will be happening later this week.

*Christmas Pajamas*
I just ordered some this weekend and I can't wait to share them with you!  To be continued...

I'm gonna slow down this season and soak it all in.  I don't even want to type this but I really don't have many years left with kiddos at home.  I'm taking full advantage {and you should too!}.

Okay, friends...WHAT am I forgetting?  What else should I be writing down and adding to my to do list?  Happy Monday, Everyone!