Friday Favorites-Black Friday Edition

Happy Black Friday, Friends!

We had the BEST day yesterday.  Everything about it was super laid back, which is just like we like it.  We enjoyed the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in our pajamas complete with coffee + Sausage Breakfast Casserole.  We followed that up with a nice Thanksgiving lunch at Marla's house, vegged out as we watched football, and ended the night with leftovers watching even more football in our pajamas.  THE.  PERFECT.  DAY.  I hope you had a perfect day too!

Today, Andrea, Narci, and I are sharing our Friday Favorites with you.  As always, we'd love for you to join us!

Anthropologie is having 30% off this weekend.  They always have great hostess gift ideas, teacher gift ideas, some CUTE clothes, and much much more!

In honor of Black Friday, I have four Gift Guides I've shared in the past, but wanted to share again {you can click on the items in the graphic}.  If you need some gifting ideas, check these out...Happy Shopping, Friends!

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Bowen is 7 and What's Up Wednesday

Today is a big day in the Slaughter House...Bowen Hency Slaughter turns SEVEN!

Ahhh!  I cannot believe this guy is already seven!  Since he was born, Bowen has always been the easiest kid.  He plays with the neighborhood big kids, started showering himself way before the two big kids did, and has been able to carry on conversations with practically anyone since he began talking.   He's friendly, fun, and is the one who walks away from a baseball field with a whole slew of new friends.

He has the most infectious laugh.  Before I know it, I realize I'm laughing at something ridiculous too-all because of Bowen.

I'm so darn thankful I get to be his mom.  He's such a cool kid.

And just because Baby Bowen melts me.  :)

Since we're on Thanksgiving Break, today is ALL ABOUT HIM!  Bowen Slaughter, we love you so very much!  I'm so thankful I get to be your mom.   We love you big!
I'm linking up today with Sheaffer and Shay for What's Up Wednesday.

What We're Eating This Week...
This is a weird week for my kitchen.
Monday-We ate at my mom's in Missouri.
Tuesday-Tab fed the kids at the local grocery store food court area while I scrambled to get birthday ready for Bowen's birthday.
Wednesday-Bowen's choice for his birthday dinner.  He's still undecided on his choice.
Friday-We'll have a random assortment of leftovers.

What I'm Reminiscing About...
Last year at this time we were anxiously awaiting our family to arrive for Thanksgiving in Texas.  We love going to visit in Missouri, but it's just as fun for everyone to come to us.  It's always special showing visiting family around our town.

What I'm Loving...
Wal-Mart's sweater department has been showing out lately!  I haven't shared these three but they were in my big box from this weekend too.  {Red Leopard-Red, White, and Black-Blue Leopard}  My cousin and sister-in-law's high school is in the football playoffs and the school colors are red and black.  They each left with a new sweater for the next game!

What We've Been Up To...
Today our one goal is to celebrate this SEVEN-YEAR-OLD!

What I'm Dreading...
Nothing at the moment.  :)

What I'm Working On...
I'm working on all the laundry for the five of us from the well as the 12 other people who traveled with us I never got to meet.  hahaha!

What I'm Excited About...
THIS SEASON!!!  I've gotta be honest with Thanksgiving being a little later this season totally snuck up on me.  Anyone else?  I was so focused on Thanksgiving food, Bowen's upcoming party with friends, etc. that I totally forgot about getting him presents from us!  Last night I was scrambling at the very last minute to get him some gifts.  Just in case you think I have it together...I don't!

What I'm Watching/Reading...
I'm working my way through this book, Next Year in Havana, slowly.  I should add-it's not going slowly because the book isn't good, it's going slowly because this is my super slow reading time.  It happens every year.

What I'm Listening To...
Sports on t.v. because with three boys in this house there are always sports on tv.

What I'm Wearing...
I got a lot of questions about this top.  It's actually from Nordstrom last year so it's all sold out.  So sorry!

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
We have some fun things plan around town to get us in the Christmas spirit, but I hope the rain holds off!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...

Thanks for reading today!

Gift Guide for the BOYS!

On the road again...We're driving back to Texas today after spending a few fun days visiting Missouri.  I've been promising this Gift Guide for the Boys in your life and today is the day!  Bowen turns seven tomorrow and Nixon is nine.  My boys are both into playing sports preferably outside with a bunch of neighborhood kids and they're both out of the toy stage, which makes Christmas shopping both easier and harder in different ways.  Poor Bowen got out of that toy stage pretty early thanks to older brother, Nixon.  And like all my other gift guides, I'm sharing only things my boys have and love or things they're truly asking for this year.  Just wanted to share a little about mine-in case the boys in your life are similar.  :)

1.  Football-You can't have enough footballs-or at least that's what the boys in my house think.  This football comes in both a junior size and an official size.

2.  Boy Bike-Both of my boys have outgrown their bikes.  Nixon wants the bike I linked, but Bowen isn't near as picky.  We'll make sure we have two different colors so they look nothing alike.  Can you sense a theme in the Slaughter house?  Every kid is getting a new bike for Christmas!

3.  Jersey-Both of my boys are officially in the jersey stage of life-if there is such a stage for kids?  Whether it be their favorite college team, NFL, MLB, etc...they both have a couple jerseys on their Christmas list.

4.  How Great is Our God-This is a new devotional by Louis Giglio that my boys will be getting for Christmas.  This book uses science to explain how awesome God is.  I'm so excited for my boys to start reading!

5.  Weighted Blanket-Nix gets his bet sleep when we pile on all kinds of blankets and pillows on top of him.  That might sounds scary but I promise he can breathe and is safe.  I'm gonna get him this blanket and if he loves it and would prefer a little more weight, we can upgrade it later.

6.  Under Armour-Nixon and Bowen are both really into Under Armour clothes.  They're officially out of the toy stage, but they'd both be super pumped about a new sweatshirt, tights, shorts, etc. 

7.  Tennis Balls-My boys have gotten this can of tennis balls for the last several years in their stocking and still-every year at some point every tennis ball is lost and they're asking for more.

8.  Wiffle Ball Set-My boys are either inside complaining about the weather or outside playing some type of sport with a gang of neighborhood kids.  This wiffle ball set gets used ALL THE TIME.

What about the boys in your life?  What are they asking for for Christmas this year?  Thanks so much for reading today, friends!  Hope you're having a great week so far!  See you tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday and a special birthday celebration post!

Missouri Thanksgiving 2019

I remember being a young and married twenty-something who could not imagine spending a holiday any place other than Missouri.  My family is all there and they know how to make the holiday so special.  It just truly felt like home to me.  It still does, I should add, but things have changed a bit.  Nowadays when my family of six is all around the table and I'm serving a simple dinner of tacos, it can feel just as much like home.  So, the kiddos and I went to Missouri for a few days to pre-Thanksgiving because thanks to schedules, sports, and these sweet kids of mine we decided to celebrate with our Missouri family early.

I picked the kiddos up a little early from school, literally threw some clothes in a suitcase, and we set off for the nine hour road trip arriving right before 11:00 p.m.
Saturday morning we slept in and were spoiled with a breakfast casserole waking us up.  The fam was all showing up that afternoon for a little pre-Thanksgiving get together complete with games, delicious food, and a whole lotta laughs.

Did anyone else do this when they were little?  The cousins put together a play for the adults.  I remember doing this ALL THE TIME!  Please note the cutie standing on the couch who was "spotlighting". 

After the play, Bowen said he'd be available for photos.

A few of us jumped on the chance for a pic.

Someone turns SEVEN in only two days!

As I was packing us up on Friday a Wal-Mart box of Christmas goodies arrived.  I threw the box in the trunk with our suitcase and opened it on Saturday.  Then the girls and I had a photo shoot with all the treasures I ordered!
Did someone say UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER PARTY Christmas parade?  Wal-Mart has us covered!  My cousin and sister-in-law were so sweet and helped model!  Wal-Mart has a ton of cute Christmas sweaters available now-whether you're heading to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party or want to get a little festive during the month of December.  Either way, Wal-Mart has you covered and with two-day delivery-your order will be here in no time!

Plaid Christmas Sweater-is sold out right now, but you can see a wide variety of others.
Merry and Bright Christmas Sweater {I plan on wearing this one anytime in December!}

Just for fun my aunt, grandma, and mom wanted to show these festive sweaters are good for any age!  Aren't they cute?!
Merry Christmas-sold out

Bowen is infatuated with Beau, my cousin's son.  He thinks he is the coolest and would prefer Beau to come live with us.

We ended the fun playing a game similar to Hot Potato but if you were stuck with the Christmas ornament when the music went off you had to draw an article of clothing out of the bag and wear it.  Now you can only imagine some of the things we pulled out of that bag...hats, wigs, tube top, and notice Nixon in the granny panties.  It was a super easy and hilarious game-fun for the whole family!  If you look closely, you'll Britt was working on her wig.

These two were clearly winners as well.

There's nothing like being home with family.  We've had such a fun time and the fun isn't over quite yet!  We have one more day today so we're soaking in all the last minute fun!

If you are on the hunt for something festive and priced so well, check out all these goodies from the post as well as a few other faves I found...

Thank you to Wal-Mart for sponsoring this post.

Hope you guys have a great Monday!

Friday Favorites-Almost Thanksgiving Edition

At 3:00 p.m. today we're officially on THANKSGIVING BREAK!  WAHOO!  Actually, I'm driving the kiddos to Missouri so I'm busting them out of school just a little early to hit the road.  

I'm teaming up with Andrea and Narci to bring you my FRIDAY FAVORITES!  I have five really good ones for you!

First up, I teamed up with Wal-Mart to showcase some of their new womens' sweaters.  Did you know Wal-Mart makes online shopping super easy?  Wal-Mart not only has next day delivery but free shipping on orders over $35!  Easy Peasy!  I ordered these items on Wednesday and they were at my house by Thursday afternoon.   I found two sweaters that are new FAVORITES...
It's no secret during cold weather I am a big fan of an oversized sweater paired with skinny jeans.  It's pretty much my wardrobe all winter long.  So to say this hot pink leopard print sweater caught my eye might be an understatement.  The hot pink is sold out but this red leopard just arrived at my house-I'll post some pics of it soon.  Super pretty colors.  The top was practically screaming at me!

I did size up to two of my typical sizes to a large because a form fitting sweater just isn't my thing.  This sweater is on the shorter side so I'd also suggest sizing up for that.

This sweater weighed in as another FAVORITE...and get this-it's UNDER $15!!  It also comes in three other colors.  I sized up again for a more relaxed fit again to a large.

Thank you to Wal-Mart for sponsoring this portion of the post.


Next up...end-of-the-season sports?  Definitely not a favorite around boys would play sports 365 days a year.  The FAVORITE?  The trophies in their hands for getting second place in the championship flag football game.  This first grade flag football team had a great season!

 Just a few days later, Nixon's flag football team got first place in their championship game!   These guys played hard and had such a great game on Wednesday night.  Super proud of them!


Thanksgiving Feasts {a FAVORITE}happened all week around our house.  My sweet in-laws made it to all three of the big kids lunches.  First up was Bowen and his friends. 

Ebby Lee, who according to my MIL had a much calmer lunch than first grade Bowen.  hahaha!

And Nixon rounded out the week with his feast yesterday.

 Miss B didn't have a special feast but she got her FAVORITE, a string cheese, in her lunch everyday so it was basically the same thing in her four-year-old eyes. 


Wanna know something else that's not a favorite?  Having to get out of your house on a Friday night mid-Christmas decorating to purchase more Christmas lights.  WAAAHHH!  This was us last Friday night when we realized we weren't even close to having enough lights.  Moral to the story, order a few new sets of lights so this isn't you mid-decorating.  #learnfromerika


This is a FAVORITE I've mentioned before but it's worth another mention.  If your kids are like mine, if I put any sort of cauliflower in front of them they would roll their eyes, mush it around their plate to give the appearance they ate some, or simply pretend like they can't even see it.  But not with this mashed cauliflower!  The cheddar and bacon flavors give this such a great taste, my kids know it's cauliflower AND EAT IT ANYWAY!  It takes like 12 minutes in the microwave and voila-a side is ready to be served! 

I think that's all I've got for you today!  I hope you have the best weekend and see you on Monday!

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Gift Guide-For the Guys

I've been sharing Gift Guides around here but please know I'm only recommending things we have and love or items on our lists this year.   Today, I have a really special gift guide for you that was all Tab inspired.  You should know a couple things about my hubby before checking it out...

1.  Gifts are NOT his love language.  
2.  He's super practical.

Most years I still get him a few things and out of all the gifts he's gotten, this is the one he remembers.  And for a post like this when I asked for his thoughts, this is what he gave me.

Yeti Backpack Cooler-This is his hands-down his favorite gift ever and the only thing he wanted me to recommend for you!  Tab uses his at every baseball tournament-so much easier than dragging a cooler to a baseball field.  He throws this on his back and goes.  He also uses this at the beach.  We loaded the cooler down with drinks and snacks, threw it on Tab's back, and were set!  And any other event you can think of.  We highly recommend it for the man in your life!  BEST GIFT EVER!

This year we're opting out of gifts for each other and are gonna fit in an extra vacation in 2020.  But if you have a tried and true gift idea for the guys, please share!  What are you getting your man?

*Edited-So sorry this post was picture was making the words disappear this morning.*
And I got a few e-mails with items you guys are gifting the men in your life, so I added those to the post...

Thanks for reading today, friends!

Britt's Birthday Celebrations

A week ago Britt Bradford turned FOUR-years-old and we celebrated with a fun day out to the American Girl Store.
Look how happy this girly was!

We talked and talked about choosing a new baby doll and she was READY.

I mentioned yesterday she found this double stroller and was all about it.  She strapped her new baby in the front seat to stroll.  Thankfully on Tuesday the store was empty, otherwise she wouldn't have been let loose with the stroller.

This store is just the cutest.

Marla came with was the perfect girls' day out.  We shopped at The American Girl Store, hit up the mall for a little shopping, and then had lunch before heading back to McKinney.

That double stroller is backordered right now, but if you order quickly, it's supposed to arrive before Christmas.  {At least that was the case the last time I checked.}

Her new baby she likes to refer to as, "Baby". 

Such a fun way to celebrate this FOUR-year-old!

We had a fun family dinner with noodles {birthday girl's request} that evening and she opened a few gifts we'd gotten her.

At school the following day she took these super darling cookies {made by Gimme All The Sprinkles-her cookies are GORGEOUS!!  If you're local, check her out STAT!} to all her friends to celebrate.

Jennifer at Gimme All The Sprinkles has the cutest packaging and not only do the cookies look great, they taste great too!

Birthday Girl celebrating with all her friends at school.

This year we opted out for a big party because when I asked her who she wanted to invite to her party-her guest list was super simple.  We had the Shulls over for a framily dinner on Sunday night and celebrated one more time.  #justbecause
We were having such a great time I forgot to snap a single picture.  

And just like that...our sweet girl is FOUR!

I get asked all the time about gift ideas.  I made a quick little widget for a few other gift ideas for the little lady in your life...