Friday Favorites-Weekend Edition

We're in FULL BLOWN decorate-for-Christmas mode at The Slaughter House!  EEK!  Why does it always get so out of control messy before it gets nice and cozy.  I'm dreading that but it'll be so worth it.  Right?  Tell me it'll be so worth it.  :)

  I'm joining Narci and Andrea to to bring you Friday Favorites!  Today, I have a post full of favorites from our weekend to share.

First up-CONGRATULATIONS to @caelacakes.  You're the winner of the CHRISTMAS CASH!  I messaged you this morning!

On Friday afternoon, the three big kids had a Fun Run at their school.  Bowen and the first graders were up first.  Please note this flag...Shay and I really showcased our craftiness with this one.  Don't you think?  Let me tell you-there were some AMAZINGLY decorated flags.  

This kid ran his heart out!

Look who I found after the run...ASHBY!

I had a little one hour break and then it was time for 4th and 5th graders.  Please note Nixon's TEETH!  UGH!  Apparently he had his mouth open as he ran through the color.  {4th and 5th graders got a Color Run.}

At the end of the run, they passed out color cups and let all the students toss them in the air.

Can you tell?

Tab's Saturday game was local so Friday night he got to join us for the Friday Night Lights at our local football stadium.

It was chilly Friday night but it made for the perfect football-watching experience!

Saturday morning we were up early headed to the TCU/Baylor game in Ft. Worth.  We were on the field by 8:15 a.m.

 Game Day came EARLY!  Bowen stayed with Marla, who took him to his flag football game.

Since the game started at 11:00, the kiddos and I grabbed a yummy breakfast in our free time.  Please note, Ebby Lee only had a TCU shirt so she added a gold long sleeve to be more neutral.  ha!

Nixon is always down with the jokes!

The weather was absolutely perfect on Saturday!  This was the view from our seats.

Check out the cutie on the right.

My crew for the game.

Toward the end of the game, they walked us down to the sideline so we could meet up with the officials outside their locker room.  Little did we know there would be three overtimes.  So we were on the sidelines for a while.


I kept having to make this one scoot back.  #justalittlecloser  #onemorestep

 Another overtime, another picture of the guy with the "U".

We ended our weekend with the cowboys on tv, a fire on the patio, and the heaters turned way up.

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Gift Guide-Tween Girls

I know Gift Guides are EVERYWHERE right now so if you're finished shopping just skip right on over these posts.  If you're like me and are just starting to begin your Christmas shopping, then I hope this gift guide helps.  Today, I'm sharing a Gift Guide for the Tween Girls...think ages 8-12ish.  Some of these are items on Ebby Lee's actual list and others are items she already has and loves.  Ebby Lee and I sit down earlier this week and we made this list together.

If you need some tween girl ideas, please check these out.  You can click on the actual images to be taken to the item...well, that's how it's supposed to work.  Fingers crossed!

1. Puffer Coat-Ebby Lee has a new puffer coat on her list this year.  This age is all about that sweet spot between a little girl and a teenager and this coat fits the bill perfectly.
2. Leopard Crossbody-A little crossbody for the win and coupled with some furry leopard..double win!
3. Kendra Scott Necklace-Ebby Lee's first grade teacher had a strong love of all things Kendra Scott.  So much so that Ebby Lee has been able to identify a Kendra Scott piece since she was six.  She's finally asked for a small necklace she could wear daily with a neutral stone.
4.  Fearless Faith-Ebby Lee has this devotional and highly recommends it!  Great for a stocking!
5.  Cruiser Bike-If this cruiser doesn't scream "tween bike", then I don't know what does.
6.  The One and Only Ivan-Ebby Lee's fourth grade teacher recommended this book to her last year and she LOVED it!  Her teacher has already let us know there's a sequel coming out in the spring of 2020...just in time for the Easter basket.  {The Amazon review said third-seventh grade reading level.}  
7. Chargers-In our house chargers disappear with socks.  Anyone else?  My kiddos don't have phones, but they do have mini I-Pads.  Everyone typically gets a new charger in their stocking.
8.  Fuzzy Chair-Ebby Lee saw this in the Pottery Barn catalog so she insisted we add it to this list.  Her room is just way too small to fit one other big item.  She's out of luck!
9.  Gel Pens-What tween doesn't love a gel pen?
10.  Karaoke Microphone-This is an oldie but goodie for Ebby Lee.  When friends come over, they still get out this microphone to karaoke!
11.  No Show Socks-Another stocking stuffer item!
12.  Headbands-Ebby Lee has started wearing some headbands and these are her favorites.

What about the tween girl in your life?  What's on her list?  I'd love to hear some other suggestions!

Thank you!

Let's Look-Entertaining Ideas

Hey Hey!

It's time for Let's Look with Shay, where once a month we take a peek at the way we handle things in our lives.  FYI-we'd LOVE for you to join us next month.  If you blog, please link-up in December!  We're sharing our gift wrapping stations next month.  I have no doubts some of you will blow me away with how crafty your space is.  It'll be fun!  You should join us!

Today, we're sharing ENTERTAINING IDEAS!

Whew!  Let me just tell you-in my fifteen-ish years of adulthood I've learned a lot about entertaining and myself.  What I've learned is if I do everything, then I'm somewhat of a fussy host.  I'm worried about the food, I'm stressed about the drinks, or what condition my house is in and it turns into me being the conductor of the hot mess express!  I'm so worried and stressed the whole night that it's not even fun for me!

Please took me a long time to realize that's just ME!  And that's okay, but if I'm going to go to all the trouble of having people over then I want to enjoy it.  So maybe you're like me and you tend to get a little fussy/overwhelmed/stressed/FILL IN THE BLANK when you're having people over.  If so, I've learned some tips over the years that have really helped.  Hopefully, they'll help you too.

This is probably the most important thing I've learned.  I remember having people over {maybe for the first or second gathering in our first home} and I'm positive I tried to make ten appetizers.  WHAT was I thinking?  Is there any wonder I was a sweaty mess by the time my guests arrived?  Now I've learned if I cook for guests I make something super simple that will be in the slow cooker long before my guests arrive, I make a lasagna {or something similar} earlier in the day, or we put something on the grill.  Having the main course out of the way makes thing so much easier.  Otherwise, I'll pick up the main dish and prepare a side or two at home.

A main course, a side or two, and a dessert is great!  I used to way overdo it on the food and my guests really could have cared less.  They're just there for the company.  Right?  I've learned to simplify things and it helps control my hot mess express status.

I've learned my limits over the years and when we host kiddos' birthday parties-we have the party outside of our house.  It can be a local party place, a gym, or even the park but having a house full of kids along with all the party details is too much for me.  Kudos to the moms who thrive in this environment, but I've learned it isn't for me.

If I'm having people over on Friday, then the week before I have something on my to-do list everyday to prepare.  For example, I'm cleaning one day, making sure the front porch is ready, getting all caught up on laundry, setting the table for the party, etc.  

If you're throwing an event where you'll be gifting favors, then plan those in advance.  When I plan this early, then I can typically catch favors on sale.  Win-win!  

Don't be an Erika and get so stressed about your event that you miss the reason you're having it.  ENJOY IT!!  I'm so much better about this now, but just in case you need to be reminded...have fun!

What about you?  What are some of your tips?  What's an entertaining tip you have?  Please share!  

Thanks for reading today, friends!
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Britt is FOUR!

It's a BIG DAY in the Slaughter House!
Miss Britt Bradford turns FOUR!

This sweet girl is full of spunk, sass, and personality.  She can speak her mind with just one look.  And let me tell you-she can give a LOOK.

 She's grown so very much this past year.  She played soccer this fall, is still taking ballet and tap classes, and is loving her five-day-a-week preschool class.

 Two and a half years ago this girly of mine was quiet, shy, stoic, and afraid of letting anyone in.  Now she bee bops around the baseball field so confidently she has other dads picking her up, offering her snacks, and asking about her soccer schedule.  Did I mention she's small, but she has a big personality?

And today, she's skipping school for a fun little birthday treat-Marla and I are taking her to the American Girl Store!  We'll follow the day up with a family dinner tonight to celebrate!

Happy, Happy Birthday Britt Bradford!  We LOVE you so very much!

Three Things for Your Monday

Hi Friends!

Happy Monday!  
My kiddos are out of school so we're having a get-caught-up-on-life and get-stuff-done-around-the-house kind of day.

A huge THANK YOU to all the veterans.  Today, we honor all who have served and we thank you.  In honor of this day, a picture of my family with my favorite veteran, Grandpa Hency.
Later this week I'll be sharing some Gift Guides.  Yes, it's early but we're talking Christmas!  If you're like me, you want to get as many Christmas-related things taken care of now before the hustle and bustle of the busy season begins.  So we're getting in the Christmas spirit and in order to do that-A GIVEAWAY!!!  I'm giving away $300 in Christmas CASH!  Maybe you put it toward your Christmas list and knock some gifts out soon?  I'll be posting a picture on my Instagram this morning.  You can comment and tag a friend to be entered to win.  The giveaway closes on Thursday at 8:00 p.m. and I'll post the winner on my Friday blog post.  Good luck, friends!

A requested favorite is when I share a picture every hour over on my Insta-Stories, so it's going down today!  You can follow me here over on Instagram {slaughteren}.  You'll be seeing a typical day out of school for the Slaughters.  Hope you join us!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Friday Favorites-November 8th, 2019 Edition

Happy, Happy Friday!

What a week!  With a girls' trip on the front of the week, this has been a short one for me.  Monday, my kids have a day off so next week will be a weird one too.  Those short weeks get me every time!

Today, I'm teaming up with Andrea and Narci to share my Friday Favorites with you.

First up, is my GIRLS' TRIP to Boston!  Nine of my favorite girls and I headed out early Sunday morning for three nights kid-free, enjoying the best food, and spending hours upon hours girl-talking..meanwhile we were taking in the sights, sounds, culture, and history of the gorgeous city of Boston.

My pictures are gonna be way out of order and I'm not giving a full blown recap.  If you want to get more details about our trip, Andrea shared details yesterday, Sheaffer is sharing today, and Shay blogged about her favorites in Boston this week.

*How do we choose our roommates?
We literally draw names out of a hat.  This year my roomie was...

Switching roommates allows us to all get to bond/spend some extra time with each other.

We had a great time together.  Loved bunking up with her!

We kind of all decide on the location together and we all keep in mind that in a group of ten there must be a little give and take.

 Getting away for a few days with the girls is good for my soul.

And if I'm being honest, it's good for Tab and the kids too.

 It definitely takes some sacrificing to get childcare covered, days off, etc...but we make it work, have super supportive husbands, and are so thankful for everyone who kept things running at home.

That wraps up FAVORITE #1...girl's trip with some of my FAVORITES!  


While I was gone, my FAVORITE three-year-old turned twelve.  Don't you think??  She looks so old here!  WAAAAHHHH!!!  

You guys!  When I picked her up on Wednesday afternoon she said, "Mom, I missed you".  
And I melted into a puddle right there on the floor.

Next week this girly of mine turns FOUR!


At the Boston airport I picked up a snack for the flight and OMG-have you tried these?  I'm not sure where to even get them but if you're a cashew fan-TRY THESE NOW!  I searched for these online and came up empty-handed.  I did find them on Amazon for $23, but I don't think they're THAT good.  If you see these online, please share!  A snacking FAVORITE!


This weekend we'll be on the sidelines watching our FAVORITE guy in stripes on the field.  I'll be sure to post a picture sharing where we are in case you're looking for a game to watch on Saturday.


On the trip, I read An Anonymous Girl and YOU NEED TO READ IT!  It's suspenseful and thrilling but not dark or creepy.  It's my kind of book, a new FAVORITE, and I'd recommend it!

Thanks so much for reading today, friends!  Happy Weekend!
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