A Few Things in Stock

Hey Everyone!

Happy Thursday!  My parents are arriving in town this afternoon to see all the sports this weekend so I have a house full of four happy kids.  The grandparents are on their way!  Even Britt has been counting down the days until their arrival.

I rounded up some of the items I scored last year that are back in stock or even some items new this season that are well stocked right now.  There's such a fine line between showing you what I wore and waiting too late for it to be sold out.  BOO!

The perfect fall shirt has gotten lots of questions...I ordered my typical size, a small, and thought it fit well.  It is on the shorter side so if you're long-waisted and in between, I'd order up.  Mine fits perfectly but if it shrunk any...no good!  And I only hang it to dry.

One more shot {kind of} of the perfect fall shirt.

 This top was great for a warm fall day. 

If you missed this pullover last year or want to grab it in a new color for this winter, now is the time!  Check out all the options!

Tan Leopard Top-I sized up to a medium...this one is thin.
Camo Pullover-I sized up to make it a little more oversized.
 Pink leopard-I sized up in this one too.
*All super inexpensive tops I grabbed from Amazon last year and they're all in stock this year!

These waterproof booties are 35% off making them a great deal!

This plaid top is still available in this color as well as two other options.

My dress is old but these booties are a fun fall edition to my closet.  Due to the pointed toe, I think these look really cute with my bootleg jeans.

Thanks for reading today!  See you back here tomorrow!

All Over the Place

This post is coming at you from ALL OVER THE PLACE, meaning it's a big old random dose of all the things going on, floating around in my head, and things I've been meaning to share but keep forgetting.  

Basically, I titled it, "All Over the Place", because the other seemed a tad too long.  ;)
First up, let's talk Game Day Gear.  Did you know American Eagle has a division called, Tailgate?  Most of their items are sports-related...MLB, NBA, college attire, etc.  They also have music, natural parks, and more.  I stumbled upon it on an Instagram ad and thought they had some of the cutest stuff!  They have over forty-five universities represented in their college line-up!

Being a college football official's wife and graduating from a smaller university, I don't have a well-known team I really support.  We tend to cheer for all the Big 12 teams in our house but when I saw all the goodies Tailgate had I knew I needed to give them a try.  Bowen's flag football team for the last two years has been "The Tigers" {his coaches are big LSU fans} in full blown purple and gold.  So, I grabbed two tops I could wear to the field to support my favorite six-year-old tigers.

I had to show off that the temperature here in North Texas dropped so low on Thursday night/Friday morning we were lighting fires!  First fire of the season!  My top is 30% off right now.  Looks like ALL college gear is 30% off right now!

Tab left for his football game on Friday right after lunch and I finished up my work on the couch with the fire going.  It.  Was.  Delightful!  I might have texted him this picture to rub it in just a bit.

Friday evening, the kiddos and I watched Beetlejuice.  WHAT A WEIRD MOVIE!!  I remember being so confused when I was younger while we watched and to be honest-I felt the same way as a thirty-six-year-old watching.  It's rated PG but it probably should be PG-13 because it's a tad crude in places.  I recorded it on Freeform so there wasn't much language but if you rent it, I'd be prepared for that.  However, I'm not necessarily recommending it.  This movie is so weird!  Do you guys remember?

Saturday morning was COLD!  And Britt and Bowen both played EARLY on Saturday.  I sported my other tiger shirt, along with this beanie {similar}.

Britty and I took this one and then cracked up because how'd I block her entire face?!

Much better!

Soccer star ready to take the field!  Her coat is so darn cozy.  She kicked the ball this week!  WAHOO!  Some family friends asked her at Nixon's football game if she scored any goals.  Her response, "Two".  #liarliarpantsonfire

These two cuties attended an 80's themed ice skating birthday party on Sunday afternoon and had so much fun!

Our Sunday School Class's Annual Harvest Party was Sunday evening so we got our costumes on to PARTY!  Cindy Lou Who was looking ADORABLE and a tad like Little Red Riding Hood.  {After the party, I ordered her the Cindy Lou wig to solidify her costume.  I don't know that she'll like it but we'll see.}

With the right wig, I think there will be no questions.  :)

My girlfriends decided Britty should wear lipstick everyday.  ha!

Do you recognize Benny Rodriguez?  The cool kid from The Sandlot?

Bowen dropped the oversized jersey and looked just like him.  Don't you think?  ;)

And Miss Peanut Butter...to her bestie's jelly.

The girlies

I forgot to mention...I also had one nine-year-old who was way too cool for a costume.  Someone mentioned how much he loves Britty-yes, I should have had her ask him to dress up as The Grinch.  He wouldn't have been able to say no.

Mrs. Andrea always does the best job planning this party....slide bounce house paired with the best food!


What a CREW!!

Please note Cindy's pose.

She LOVES the Grinch so we thought this costume was fitting.

What this duo looked like together.

And check out these Rapunzels with Cindy....too cute!

Okay, friends...that wraps it up!  Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


Tuesday Talk-How Do YOU Sleep?

Hey Friends!

I'm BACK!  If you stopped by yesterday, I apologize for being MIA.  My kiddos were out of school and I decided to take the day off as well.

Today is Tuesday Talk with Fancy Ashley, the Tuesday of the month when we get together to chit chat about anything and everything.

You guys, I don't know what's happening to me lately but this is me...
 I used to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.  Now, if I'm ever woken up, I'm a goner for hours-I have the hardest time falling back asleep!  Over the last few months, it's gone down hill....

It's so hard for me to stay asleep and once I wake up...then it's even harder for me to get back to sleep.

 Basically, lots of people are dreaming about me if this "legend" is true.  hahaha!

This weekend I overhead two girlfriends discussing this issue as well and I learned I'M NOT ALONE!  One mentioned CBD oil to relax her and help her sleep.  Another mentioned taking "calm", I think it's a vitamin from Amazon?  I'm not doing anything, but maybe I should be?  #wellexceptextracoffeethenextday

Let's chat about this...
*Is it getting older and that's what happens?
*Someone mentioned my hormones can do this to me?
*I've heard keeping a note pad beside your bed so when you think of something you need to do instead of worrying about it, add it to your list, and get back to sleep.

How do YOU sleep?  Do you take anything or use anything to help you sleep?  

Please HELP friends!  Basically, what I'd like to tell my younger self right now is to enjoy sleeping all night because it's gonna get harder for you as you get older.  Enjoy those restful nights!  :)

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Friday Favorites-October 11th Edition

Happy Friday, Friends!

As you're reading this, I'm probably waking up {sleeping in this morning-no early gym time for me!} and it's supposed to be cool and raining in McKinney!  EEEKKKK!!!  Hello, Fall!  We're so glad to see you!

I'm joining forces with my girls, Andrea and Narci, to bring you FRIDAY FAVORITES!  These are the things I'd share with you if we were meeting for coffee and chatting about our weeks....the highlights, if you will.  Let me share a little of my FAVORITES in the Slaughter House.

First up are these cuties...Britty and Madeley.  Shay and I made the drive to Canton, Texas, last Friday with these two school-skippers for a day of shopping.  Once a month in east Texas {Canton-to be exact} there's a big market with a WIDE variety of things.  And when I say WIDE variety, I mean everything from puppies to beds to fall decorations and so much more.  Texas hadn't quite gotten the fall memo so it was hot, but these two were troopers!  A FAVORITE from my week.  :)


I've mentioned that Britt is playing soccer this season.  While she doesn't really kick the ball that often {we're averaging once a game at this point}, she absolutely loves spotting her people in the stands and waving as big as she can.  I've gotta be honest...it slays me.  This sweet thing on the soccer field waving so big at her people.  

I'd also like to mention Britty had a big check-up appointment and visited her speech therapist she only sees about twice a year.  In the past, she's been too shy to really attempt to talk or the therapist could just hardly get her to say much.  Not this week...this week Britt named all the animals she pulled out of her hat {literally} and the speech therapist gushed and gushed about how far she's come.  To a mama who is surrounded by three-year-olds who are talking up a storm, it can be a little discouraging so my mama heart was swelling hearing this therapist gush.  She sees cleft kids all day, every day and was impressed.  Definitely a FAVORITE!

I'd like to add we still have a LONG way to go, but hearing some praise along this journey was good for my soul.

Did you see these pumpkin minis Narci took last week?  They turned out SO CUTE!!  If you're local, you should e-mail Narci STAT to set up a time to take some pictures of your pumpkins!  I've already ordered my pictures and am anxiously awaiting their arrival.  A new FAVORITE fall decoration!


Last weekend we were busy with ALL THE SPORTS and Nixon's baseball team pulled out the championship win!  WAHOO!  Not only was the sky AMAZING but seeing the big smiles on these boys faces...so worth it!  FAVORITE moment!  They played their hearts out and earned those rings!


How my days are mostly spent...working and with a cup of coffee in hand.  :)  The make-up and hair is NOT how most of my days are spent. ha!  I shared my Target haul recently but finally got to wear this top.  It's light so it's great for fall days here in North Texas....a new FAVE!


Okay, friends!  Thanks for having coffee with me and discussing my week.  How was yours??  I'd love to hear a FAVORITE from your week!  

I'll see you back here on Monday!

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What I'm Priming Lately

It's been a while since I shared what Amazon has been delivering to my doorstep.  I thought it was time for another installment of-WHAT I'M PRIMING LATELY...

I purchased this when I was sitting outside Saturday for a 3:00 p.m. baseball game that happened to feel like the sun was on the next field over.  SO STINKIN' HOT!  Another baseball mama had this fan and Britt basically stole it from her.  So I ordered one for us!

I ordered this for my Halloween costume....any guesses?

I asked Madeley for some birthday ideas since her birthday is coming up and she mentioned Polly Pocket.  I didn't even know Polly Pocket was still a thing, BUT we have three birthday parties coming up for four and five-year-old girls so I ordered several Polly Pocket sets for gifts.

I've heard about these sheets from bloggers, Instagrammers, etc...so I finally decided to try them out!  I grabbed these in "royal blue" {but they look navy} because they looked more fall/winter than our typical ivory set.

Do you guys remember these books?  Ebby Lee has read a couple and enjoyed them.  I ordered her a couple more from Amazon.  WHY didn't I save these years ago?

Some might call these, "camping chairs", but I'm calling them our "baseball chairs".  We added a few more to our ALL THE THINGS WE TAKE TO A BASEBALL TOURNAMENT list.

All the moms on Bowen's flag football team {the Tigers} decided to get the same shirt for game day.  If you're a Tiger mom yourself or maybe even an LSU tiger fan, this shirt is cute for a great price.  I ordered the "women fit" in a medium.

I've mentioned this before...this laundry detergent is amazing!  I don't use it for all our clothes but definitely sheets and towels.  I purchase the "diva".  This is a great gift idea for someone who has it all.  Oftentimes, my mother-in-law is so hard to buy gifts for but I think she'd love this.   When we moved into our house our realtors gifted us a little basket full of goodies and a small bottle of this was inside.  It was nice for many reasons...1.  I had NO idea where my laundry detergent was when we first moved in.  2.  It smells SO GOOD!

Blah, blah, blah...I know I keep droning on about baseball tournaments but when Nixon has an all-day tournament in the heat he has a tough time staying hydrated.  I heard about this powder and grabbed some for those long tournament days.  He's a fan of the flavor and it seems to keep him hydrated.  #winwin

This is the volleyball Ebby Lee's team uses and hers bit the dust recently.  I ordered her another one.

I ordered a small, but I'd recommend sizing up because it's on the shorter side.  There's plenty of room everywhere else but I could flash my mid section if I raised my hands.

That's about it.  Before you know it, I'll be adding Christmas gifts to my Amazon cart!