Happy Halloween


I hope you have the best day filled with lots of tricks and way more treats!  I'll see you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


What's Up Wednesday-October 2019 Edition

I'm linking up today with Sheaffer and Shay for What's Up Wednesday.

What We're Eating This Week...
This week we're going ALL IN on Shay's Wickedly Delicious Halloween Menu.  We had Spooky Spaghetti and Brunswick Stew already this week.

What I'm Reminiscing About...
I'm reminiscing about Halloweens past...this was us back in October 2017.

What I'm Loving...
The ERIKA top...did you see my post about it yesterday?  Now was it really named after me?  Absolutely not...but it is spelled my way AND the top is SUPER cute.  

What We've Been Up To...
We've been partying hard at birthday parties with Sleeping Beauty herself.

And a whole slew of princess friends.

We've been acting WAY too cool.  Can you tell that's what they're doing in this picture?

Decked out in fall colors for Sunday at church.

And we've been enjoying some face painting at the local club's Halloween party.

What I'm Dreading...
Nothing at the moment.  :)

What I'm Working On...
I finally have all the kids' clothes for family pictures.  I have a couple options for myself but I'm still working on what Tab will wear.  Hmmmm....

What I'm Excited About...
November is another BIRTHDAY MONTH in the Slaughter House...so I'm excited about celebrating these TWO!

What I'm Watching/Reading...
I'm working on loading up my Kindle with new books.  Right this second all my spare time is spent watching...
I'm over halfway through Jane the Virgin and can't stop watching!  Lots of you guys sent me e-mails about this one.  You guys are my people!  

What I'm Listening To...
Halloween Party Music on Pandora has been happening around here 24/7.

What I'm Wearing...
All the Game Day Gear has been happening lately.  I've been soaking it up since our fall sports are wrapping up.

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
I'm heading out of town with some of my favorite ladies.  It's gonna be FUN!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...
I'm looking forward to seeing our Missouri family!  This year we'll be traveling to them over Thanksgiving.

Thanks for reading today!

The Erika Top

Okay, friends.  Are you ready for this?  

A sweet reader e-mailed me saying that she'd seen an "Erika top" spelled my way and I should check it out.  THANK YOU, SARA!  Because I did just that and maybe due to the namesake {hahaha!} I fell in love with this top!

Let me introduce you to The Erika Top.
Isn't it CUTE?!  It actually comes with the nude tank worn underneath as well as the lace top.  You can purchase it in blush, navy, burgundy, black or this ivory.  Please notice the gold detailing around the cuffs.  I paired it here with a corduroy skirt, but you could wear it with any type of jeans-bootcut, flares, skinnies as well as dress pants.  You know how many tops this time of year scream FALL so when January rolls around I have a hard time wearing them?  This top is one I'll be able to wear from September all the way to February here in Texas.

What happened to my hair in this one?  But just wanted to show you it looks really cute with jeans as well.  Clearly, no fashion blogger here because a leopard belt would have been cute or some cute booties but hopefully you get the idea.

I thought this top was cute enough it deserved a post all it's own.  Maybe the name had a little to do with it?  ;)

I ordered mine from Dillards but I also found it at ShopBop.

Happy Tuesday!



I'm not sure about you but I have some last minute fun I'm certain the Slaughter family is gonna have this week.  I thought I'd share our plans just in case you're wanting to add a little spooky to your week as well.

*SPOOKY MENU-Shay helped us out big time with her Halloween menu post last week.  My kids aren't gonna know what hits them next week when they have regular old tacos for dinner.

*BOO FRIENDS-Is your neighborhood doing this?  My kids got BOO'd last week so we're gonna pass along the fun for a few other families.  If you don't know what this is, it's just leaving a few treats/candy/trinkets/or toys on a family's door and "Boo-ing" them.  The family that got us rang the doorbell and ran off before we could see them.  We have plans today to grab some goodies to pass on the fun to some other families this week.

*CARVE PUMPKINS-Last year, I brought the fun of this to the front yard.  It worked GREAT!  I picked up Papa Murphy's jack-o-lantern pizza, played Halloween music {think Monster Mash, Addams Family theme song, I Put a Spell on You-from Hocus Pocus}, and kept the messy stuff outside.  The kids LOVED it and so did mama.  

*SCARY MOVIE-We've checked most of our Halloween must-watch movies off our list but Tab is strongly encouraging us to watch The Worst Witch.  Has anyone seen that?  He watched it growing up and remembers it as the best Halloween movie ever.  I'm not sure if it is or if his six-year-old self is remembering it differently than his thirty-eight year old self.  Either way, we're gonna give it a shot!

That's what's on our list for the week!  What about YOU!?! 

Happy HALLOWEEN Week, Friends!  
Let's make it a good one!

Friday Favorites-October 25th Edition


WAHOO!  My kiddos are off on Monday so today at 3:00 p.m. marks a long weekend for us and we are HERE FOR IT!

In Friday fashion, I've teamed up with Narci and Andrea to bring you FRIDAY FAVORITES!  Typically, I share five favorites to keep things nice and easy but today I've got more favorites from my week.

First up, I want to wish Shay, this bestie of mine, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRIEND!  I love you so much and am so thankful for you!  You know her as Mix and Match Mama, but to me she's a bestie of almost twelve years.  

Some of my very favorite things about Shay are...
*She and I are both planners {my husband might call us calendar freaks} so much so that when I want to talk about something in October 2020 she's not gonna blink an eye.  She's just ready to chat.
*I love getting to be a part of this Mix and Match Travel Agency with her!
*We share a love of all things cheesy when it comes to food. No lie-when we go to dinner with the hubbies the husbands always order something much healthier than we order.  Shay and I will order many things, split things and enjoy it all!
*She makes the BEST second mama to my kiddos.  I'm sure you guys had second moms too growing up whose homes you were at an awful lot, maybe had favorite food they made even, knew that you could be your true and complete self around them just like your own mom and Shay makes such a GREAT one to all four of my kiddos.  When you're a mom, someone loving your kiddos means more than them even loving you.

Really this list could go on and on and on...


I love you so much and hope you have the BEST BIRTHDAY!


My first FAVORITE is watching that cutie on the mound.  Nixon's love for baseball runs deep and it's so much fun watching him play.

This is not so much a favorite...Britty woke up on Saturday morning with a swollen eye.  It looked like mosquito bit her on her eyelid, but my FAVORITE was how she handled it.  Nothing's keeping her down.

On Sunday afternoon we made it to Libby's 5th Rockstar Birthday Party.  This was Britt's first party to attend at Made of Sugar and Spice in Downtown McKinney.  {Ebby Lee had her fifth birthday there too.}

She got her nails painted, make-up done, and hair styled.

You guys!  A FAVORITE thing to watch.


Group shot with the birthday girl smack dab in the middle.

Bowen wrapped up his fall baseball season with some of his FAVORITE friends and FAVORITE coach {his dad} on Monday night.

I saw this FAVORITE meme earlier in the week and couldn't agree more.  This is SO ME!!

Do you wanna know Britt's FAVORITE pair of shoes?  Those sequin sparkly Ugg boots!  Wanna know what she thinks they go with?  EVERYTHING!  ;)

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Real Mom

Let me introduce you today to my friend, Allison.  Allison is a mama to three and lives in McKinney, Texas.  We met a few years ago at Obstacle Ninja Warrior, discussed all things adoption, became social media friends, and just bonded over our China babies.  Allison has a special way with words and just this week she wrote a post about adoption that was absolutely AMAZING.  The entire time I was reading I related to everything she said.  And I couldn't let the week pass by without sharing it with you.

You HAVE to go read her post!  Seriously!  Go check it out now!  Here's the link...

Thank you, Allison, for sharing your heart!

Here's to hoping the "Carols" of the world learned a little something from reading today.  One real mom times four signing off now.  Thanks for reading, friends.

Second Annual Halloween Dinner

I have some FUN to share with you today!  Last night I hosted my second annual Halloween dinner for some girlfriends.  And let me tell you-we had a GREAT night!  I strongly encourage you to grab some girlfriends STAT for a fun night out!

We had our Halloween dinner at Rye in downtown Mckinney and they could not have been nicer!  I called several months ago to make the reservations...we decided upon the seven course tasting menu and I mentioned it was a Halloween-themed dinner.  You guys!  Rye went above and beyond about adding in so many extra special touches.

Last year-this was us...all decked out in our favorite costumes.  This year the theme was black-out.

I arrived a bit early with balloons {which happened to get crazy tangled up so we made it work} and fun party favors {spiced pecan pumpkin bread kit and pecan pumpkin butter}.

I'm telling you...Rye can handle a theme.  As I was waiting for my girls, they whipped this up to add to the tables.

I mentioned the black-out theme.  Right?  I ordered a few things from Amazon and Tab Slaughter {totally throwing him under the bus here} threw the box away!  WAHHH!  Just accidentally.  So at the last minute I improvised in the outfit department.

Love these girlfriends of mine so much!

Do you recognize this girl?

The night began with a blue cheese/crab/arugula dip and chip.

Two different types of brussel sprouts were followed up with a fancy beef taco and then homemade pasta we couldn't stop raving about.

The chef did such a great job on this one...check out that acorn squash full of veggies.  Followed by a few more courses, I just forgot to take pictures of.

And dessert was a delicious caramel squash cheesecake {Yes!  Squash?!} alongside the CUTEST set of smores served fireside {and it smelled just like a campfire!}.

I love these girls so very much!  I'm telling you-grab some girlfriends, choose a theme, and head out to dinner ASAP!  Promise you it'll be a great time!


Kiddo Update

Wanna know what you guys tell me you want to see more of?

Day in the Life posts and Life Updates...that's easy enough, right?

I'm sharing a little update on the Slaughter four...
 First up is Britty!  She's a big five day a week preschooler this year and we're finally {her and me both} into the routine of it!  She was a little hesitant at the beginning of the year but enjoys going and even talks about two of her school friends all the time.  

I don't think I've mentioned it before but Britt is super animated with her expressions.  Yesterday, I sent one of Nixon's old cups {it actually said, "Nixon Slaughter"} because I couldn't find Britt's school cup.  Her teacher told me at pick-up that when she realized it was a cup for Britt, she said, "Britt, this is your cup".  The teacher said that she gave her the craziest look like, "WHAT are you talking about?".  Another friend referred to her looks as an ability to give shade with just a look.  That's a skill...right?

Just about two and a half years ago we brought home the most shy baby who didn't want people to notice her.  Now she's grown into this feisty, fun little thing who is talking up a storm {all the praise hands for that!}.  God is good, friends.

Ebby Lee is right on the cusp of that tween spot and is growing up right before my very eyes.  She's the absolute best helper, keeps her room and closet immaculate, and happens to remember EVERY SINGLE DETAIL about her day.  #shegetsitfromhermama  The boys often get frustrated after school because her school stories last so long.  #sorryboys

This fifth grade year is shaping up to be so much fun...at our elementary school fifth grade is the last year on this campus so she's one of the "big dogs" now enjoying all the festivities that brings...morning announcements, Safety Patrol, a little more leeway throughout the day, and much much more.

She's mentioned a few things she'd like to put on her Christmas list and they're all officially "big girl things".  I'm a tad heartbroken but mostly really excited to be able to shop for her this season.  ;)

Can you spot Nixon in this blurry picture?  I'm using it anyway because this sums up Nixon's life right about now.  He's all sports all the time...from practicing to playing to watching.  He's currently playing baseball and flag football {and loving every minute of it}.

I've mentioned before that Nix and I love to watch College Game Day on Saturday mornings, but this season has been tough.  Britt plays soccer at 8:00 a.m. most Saturdays so we're having to forgo the excitement of College Game Day for three-year-old soccer.  It's pretty much the same, right?

Tab recently found all of his old football and baseball cards so he gave them to the boys.  Nixon will look through them to find the best players, but it never fails-he leaves a stack of the best players in his pocket from sneaking them into church and they get ruined.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME.

Bowen is LOVING first grade!  He just mentioned to me last night that he's so glad he was put in this particular teacher's class because she's the best. 

His baseball team, the Indians, ended their last regular season game last night.  I wish I had videoed their first scrimmage and compared it to their game last night.  They grew SO MUCH on the field.  It was a fun season to watch.  

His flag football team has a couple games left before the season is over and this kid couldn't be prouder to be a Tiger.  He has two little friends whose families are LSU fans and now he's including himself in that group.

Remember I had a $25 bounty on whoever taught Bowen how to tie his shoes?  Nixon and Ebby Lee weren't getting in a big hurry so this past weekend my mom taught him {super quickly-it would have been the easiest money they'd ever earned}.  Afterwards you wanna guess who was "just about to teach Bowen to tie his shoes"??  Both of those big kids!

After that challenge my mom mentioned him riding his bike without training wheels.  Bowen's response, "No, that's kind of dangerous like riding a motorcycle".  Well played, Bowen.   I'm sure just like the whole shoe tying thing he'd learn quickly, but he's found it's easier to keep up with Nixon and Ebby Lee on foot rather than on bike and training wheels.  His birthday is next month and he doesn't know it but a bike is on that birthday list so look out, B!

Thanks for reading today!