Oktoberfest 2019

 This past weekend was Oktoberfest in downtown McKinney and while we've never been to Germany and don't like beer, we are HERE for a festival!  Give us a carnival ride, midway games, and a funnel cake and we're all in! 

My top is from Amazon.  I think it runs true to size.

First up we stopped over at the Weenie Dog Race Stand.  There were zero dogs in sight so we improvised.  :)  Can you spot Ebby Lee and Bowen racing?
The faces of four kiddos excited about Oktoberfest!

Bowen volunteered as the tribute to ride the rocket ship with Britty.  We didn't realize there wasn't a way to control if your ship went up high in the air or stayed low to the ground until they were already on ready to go.  Thankfully, it didn't matter-Britty didn't mind the height one bit!

Love this girly of mine so much!

The fun house is always a good time!  However, my kids tend to RACE through fun houses.  I might have been shouting, "Enjoy it!  Take your time!", right as this picture was taken.

We played all the games.

On the bumper cars, Ebby Lee drew the short straw and her car would not move.  She basically sit still in a braced position and was an easy target for those two brothers.

Look who we bumped into after that...ASHBY SHULL!  {And family but I didn't get a picture with all of them.  Don't worry she wasn't Oktoberfesting alone.}

The four big kids took off to ride The Orbiter.  Shay, Andrew, and I were certain one of them was gonna get off sick but they were AWESOME!  And oh, so proud of themselves.  This ride was pretty fast!

We decided a food break was in order for the Slaughter crew.  We had popsicles, corndogs, lemonade, and spatzle.  It happened to be a rather warm fall day here in McKinney, Texas, so the popsicles were definitely a hit!

See what I mean?

We made our way back over to the rides for just a couple more before it was time to leave.  Ebby Lee and Nixon put on their brave pants to ride this one.

We could see and hear Ebby Lee SCREAMING the entire time.  Britt thought this was hilarious!  She'd throw her head back and laugh and laugh.

I've said it before but here I go again...it's events like these that make our big town feel so small.  Walking through Oktoberfest, we bumped into friends from school, teachers from school, friends from church, friends from the baseball team, and on and on.  I love that our town hosts events like this.  It is such a fun time!

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Friday Favorites-September 27, 2019

Happy Friday!

You guys I am tired.  This week I got up super early every day to get all the things taken care of so today, I'm sleeping in a little bit.  And by that I mean like 6:00 a.m. or something.  #earlyriser  

I have a round of FAVORITES for you.  I'm joining Narci and Andrea to bring you the Friday Favorite link-up!  You should join us!

First up is kiddos' sports...while having something on the calendar every night can be tiring, I LOVE watching my kids enjoy sports and activities they love.  Tab is coaching Bowen's baseball team and they've been playing twice a week at the local ball fields.

Doesn't this look like a FUN group of six-year-olds?!  Watching this crew is a FAVORITE of mine!


Okay, this next FAVORITE is super random!  But we had this for dinner one day last week and I totally forgot to share this with you last Friday.  When a kiddo asked if we could have this again, I knew I needed to share with you!  A couple things...
*Have you tried mashed cauliflower? 
*This takes about 12 minutes in the microwave and thanks to the "cheddar and bacon" flavor my kiddos LOVED this as a side dish.
*We've only tried this flavor...I'm not sure if the other flavors would be more "cauliflowery"?



My FAVORITE show, Big Brother, just ended for the season on Wednesday night.  
*What'd you think of the winner?  I was #teamnicole all the way, but I thought the way all three of these walked away with prize money was great.  
*Do you think Jackson and Holly will make it in the real world?
*I wasn't surprised one bit by how the night played out.  Jackson is a competitor and he showed us that all summer long.  Did he deserve to win?  Probably so.  Did I agree with his type of game play?  No.


These two are another FAVORITE.  We got to pop into the kiddos' school this week and Britty was so pumped to see Bowen during the day.  

Hope you guys have a great weekend!
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Mom Jeans 2.0

Okay, I hope the title caught your attention a little bit.  I've gotta be honest about something-this post was not on the calendar for today but I got dressed yesterday morning, put on a new pair of jeans, fell in love, and then knew I HAD to share this with you!  I am SO excited to share MY NEW FAVORITE PAIR OF HIGH-WAIST DENIM!  Yes, I said it.  These jeans are HIGH-WAIST and I have fallen in love with them.  {AND THEY'RE ON SALE!}

I added these jeans to my closet back during the Anniversary Sale.  I remember trying them on and liking them but since then...I've noticed the trend of tops getting shorter, which happens to be a major problem for a long-torsoed girl like me.  I purchased this top {loved the flowy-ness and print} but then had the hardest time pairing it with jeans because it's on the shorter side.  Enter the newbies...

 When I think "high-waist", I typically think, "mom jeans".  Anyone else?  So, I've been a little hesitant to jump on the train.

Do you also picture the Saturday Night Live skit?  The problem I have with high-waisted jeans is typically the backside of me looks incredibly long.  Maybe the pockets or too high?  Or maybe the pockets are too low?  Please note the lady in orange's pockets...

But these jeans don't do that!

The moral to the story is...these jeans are high-waisted and really flattering.  If you're looking to add denim to your closet, I highly recommend you add these.


What's Up Wednessday-September 2019 Edition

I'm linking up today with Sheaffer and Shay for What's Up Wednesday.

What We're Eating This Week...
Monday:  Baked Cheeseburger Sliders-When Shay posted this recipe last week, I knew I had to make them ASAP!  My kiddos are all burger fans!  These were a HIT!

Tuesday:  BBQ Chicken Rice Bowls-If you allow the Slaughter kids to build their own bowl at dinner, then they'll eat more.  Anything they can choose the toppings gets eaten better than me plating their food.  Just a little tip I've noticed that works to get my kiddos to eat a little more.  :)

Wednesday:  Mom's Meatloaf-Have you guys ever tried the Bob Evan's refrigerated mashed potatoes?  I grew up in a mashed potato snob household.  My mom wasn't making or eating an instant potato which worked out well because she makes the best mashed potatoes.  {Lucky me!}  But I don't so that little Bob Evan's container is the perfect addition to my meatloaf.  I'll pair it with a salad and voila!

Thursday:  You know that situation where you'll need to eat dinner at 4:00 p.m. or at 9:30 p.m.?  That's happening with us tomorrow so I'm not really sure what we're eating or when it will be. 

Friday:  Kitchen is closed. 

What I'm Reminiscing About...
I've been working on planning lots of Spring Break trips for Mix and Match Travel families, which has me thinking about our Spring Break trip last year to Beaver Creek.

What I'm Loving...
I'm loving how much this big girly has grown!  She can now carry her backpack!

What We've Been Up To...
Britt had her first soccer game of the season this past weekend, which means it's pure and utter chaos over here on Saturdays.  I couldn't do it without my village.  :)  Two other moms in our neighborhood signed on as coaches so I couldn't pass up the opportunity for her to get to play with a big group of girls we know.

The group who was sitting out the first round made use of their time by playing, "Duck, Duck, Goose".  I'll share in my stories today a little video of the game.  Britty kicked the ball twice...once on purpose {in the video} and the other time she didn't even notice the ball and tripped right over it.

Then it was off to the flag football fields to cheer on Bowen right after early soccer.  Another mom on our team gifted our group this velcro-run through sign {I'm sure there's a better way to describe that}.  I thought I was taking a video to send to that mom and instead I took one picture before they ran through....

And one after.  :(

The Tigers played HARD on Saturday morning!

We've been to church with our cute little fall clothes.

As well as crazy bed-head in the back.

What I'm Dreading...
Nothing at the moment.

What I'm Working On...
Magical vacations for families like YOU!

We'd LOVE to help you with an upcoming vacation too!  Please e-mail us at mixandmatchtravelagency@yahoo.com to get more information.  Cruise?  Walt Disney World?  European vacation?  And more!  Let us help!

What I'm Excited About...
All the fun FALL brings!  I'm ready for it!

What I'm Watching/Reading...
I'm finally reading The Mother's Promise by Sally Hepworth.  I'm about 1/4 of the way in and so far-it's GOOD!

The big finale IS tonight and I'm feeling a little -eh about it.  I definitely am not a fan of a showmance making it to the final two.  How did that happen?
I'm #TEAMNICOLE all the way, but I'm not feeling too good about that.

What I'm Listening To...
Everything in the background.  :)

What I'm Wearing...
I've been wearing my Target finds-like this dress on Sunday morning.  I teach three-year-old preschool twice a month at church with my girlfriend, Meagan, and she showed up wearing the cutest fall dress from Target too!

This tee is perfect for this time of year.  I wore it Sunday afternoon around the house and then to a flag football game.  It runs a little short {in my opinion} so I'd size up.

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
Oktoberfest is happening in downtown McKinney this weekend and we'll be there!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...
Halloween and all the festivities that come with it!  What I'm learning is the years really do fly by so I'm trying my best to make the most of it!

Thanks for reading today!

You've Gotta Watch

Remember my Friday Favorites full of feel good stories?  When I shared that post so many of you mentioned loving hearing about the good-in-our-world type of stories.  This story made the list a couple weeks ago but I'm sharing it again because it's that good.

I was at Britty's first soccer game {super early so Nixon and I missed College Game Day} and got a call from a sobbing Sheaffer.  She'd watched the segment on Arkansas State University's coach, Blake Anderson and his wife, Wendy.  I found the link and watched it as soon as I got home.

At the beginning of the segment, Blake says that he knows if Wendy could choose coming back to be with her family or staying and allowing her story to touch others, he knows she's want her story to have an impact.  I hope you'll take six minutes this morning to watch the video about Blake and Wendy Anderson.  I'm praying their story will touch you this morning.

After the way the University of Georgia supported Arkansas State University, I'm officially a DAWG fan.  After watching the video, I have no doubts there will be lots of new Red Wolves fans out there as well.

Thanks for reading.

Are you Spring Breakin' It?

Most of the time what I'm sharing over here are the things I'm dealing with, topics that are coming up in our house, and just things that are important to me.  I've been busy spending my day times {and sometimes my nights} talking nothing but vacations for Mix and Match Travel families.  And we've been doing a lot of chit-chatting about SPRING BREAK.  It got me to thinking...I wonder if my blogger friends have already made their SPRING BREAK plans?  Periodically, I talk to new clients who are wanting to travel in thirty days or less.  While it's totally possible to plan most trips so quickly, I just thought I'd give you a little nudge if you're thinking about heading out of town for SPRING BREAK.  Now is the time to get to planning!

Just in case you need a few ideas...
Maybe your crew is looking to spend a few days at Walt Disney World combined with a few resort days?

Or you want to set sail on a Disney Cruise?

Or in Vail?

Whatever the case may be, NOW is the time to get those plans taken care of.  If you're needing some help planning your trip, please reach out to us at Mix and Match Travel.  We'd love to help you!  E-mail us at mixandmatchtravelagency@yahoo.com to learn more.  Right now, we're planning Walt Disney World trips, any cruise vacations, Hawaii vacations, and international trips.  We'd love to help you and your family!

Okay, if you're heading out of town for Spring Break, let me know WHERE ARE YOU SPRING BREAKIN' IT this year?

Happy Monday!