Target Clothes Haul

First up, THANK YOU to everyone who commented on my Tuesday Talk post yesterday!  If you don't know what I'm chatting about, head over there and make sure to read the comments as well.  It might give you some great new ideas for your Christmas shopping this year!  

You guys!  I had a couple of things I needed to grab from Target yesterday and as I strolled past the women's clothes I did several double takes!  I was like a moth to a flame!  I couldn't stay away!  Target has some CUTE CUTE stuff right now!  So, I took one for the team, headed into the section to shop, and brought lots of goodies home.

Snakeskin is all the rage right now and this top is a great price as well as super light.  Dress it up or down...this will be a heavy hitter in the fall rotation.

This top has a very light animal pattern and some funky shoulders but I kind of love it.  I'll pair it with black jeans or super dark denim and probably dress this up.  It's on the verge of being too short so a front tuck is required for me.

Check out the snakeskin belt.  I kept kicking myself for missing out on that cute snakeskin belt that was part of the Anniversary Sale so I was pumped about this one!

Okay, let's chat about this cozy, fuzzy sweater.  I'm gonna call it a tad boxy but I sized up and front tucked it to give it a little more shape.  I'll pair it with these booties on cold days.  Worst's not online yet!  WAAAHHH!!  Maybe you should check your local Target to see if it's stocked?  And I'll report back if I ever see it online!

I mean...I had to.  Right?

And remember this skull sweatshirt from last year?  It's back in a 2019 version!

Doesn't this top scream FALL?!  It's light and perfect for Texas falls-whenever Texas decides to switch over to fall.

SUPER SOFT SWEATER ALERT**This one is versatile!  Target had it paired with dress pants for a work wear look.  I'd pair it with jeans OR with over workout leggings.  It's crazy soft and not too thick.

A simple little shift dress with fun sleeves.

And that's a wrap with the Target Haul!  I really thought Target hit it out of the park with most of their fall goodies with such great price points for adding a few fun new fall things to your closet.  Hope you found something to get you in the fall spirit!

Oh!  And this one isn't from Target-I got this tank a few weeks ago at Anthropologie...Longhorn fans, this reminds me of you.  :)

Have a great day, Friends!

Tuesday Talk-We're Talking Gifts

Hey Hey Friends!

It's TUESDAY TALK, which means Fancy Ashley and I are here chit-chatting about a random topic.  Each month we invite you to chit chat along with us as well as join the link-up!  

I was browsing around on Facebook this weekend and happened upon an article about gifting kids "experiences" over presents at Christmastime.  I cannot find the exact article or I'd link it here but during my search I stumbled upon a ton of other similar ones.  Basically the gist is our kiddos all have too much...too many toys, too many games, too many {fill in the blank} but as parents we want that big exciting Christmas morning so we just add to all the excess they already have.  Instead of doing that, gift "experiences" and make some amazing memories instead.

 I've gotta tell you-I've been majorly convicted about this around our house the last couple years.  We used to travel to Missouri and be surrounded by family on Christmas Day.  When we did that, I didn't feel pressured one bit to make the Christmas look big, but since we've had Christmas at home {and it's just us all day long} I feel the pressure.  Now, let me add-I'm the only one putting pressure on myself.  My kids aren't being bratty about this, but I'm doing it to myself.  I read this article and everything resonated with me.  My kids don't play with a ton of toys anymore.  They'd rather be outside throwing the football, hitting the volleyball against the house, playing four get the idea.  So WHY would I buy them more things just to buy more things?

This year we're changing it up!  I'm not exactly sure how it'll look just yet but we're gonna cut down the Christmas purchases and enjoy experiences together as a family.  Typically, Tab has a bowl game sometime during the holiday season so it's hard for us to plan our winter break until his schedule comes out.  I'm hopeful we can turn whatever bowl game he has into a little family trip, keep it a secret from the kids, and surprise them on Christmas day with a FUN experience and a GO-PACK-YOUR-BAGS kind of moment.

I must add that we'll still get them gifts but way less than we typically purchase.  I'm starting now to train their little minds to be excited about this concept.

Here's a list of experiences we could gift our kiddos instead of scanning Amazon for the hottest toys in 2019...
{Just in case you're looking for some ideas}

*Season Passes-to a local water park, museum, zoo, etc.  My mom has done this for my kiddos for the last two Christmases and I'm SO appreciative.  I hope she's reading this and does it again.  :)

*Theater tickets-this could be big like a musical in Dallas or as small as tickets to the local movie theater.  Let me be honest-my kids would love both.

*Sports Event-Gift them tickets to a baseball game, volleyball game, etc.

*Hotel Stay-All four Slaughter kids would be pumped about a night at a local hotel.  If you make it The Great Wolf Lodge or Gaylord they'd be even more pumped.

*Gift Card for a fun night out-Top Golf, Medieval Times, putt-putt golf, bowling, etc.

*Manicure/Pedicure-My girls would love a gift card to get their nails done.

Okay, have YOU done this??  And if you do this in your family, please share your ideas!
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Our Weekend

 This past weekend was a FUN one!  When Tab got his schedule back in the summer, he and Andrew planned a quick little boys' trip around the UCLA/Oklahoma game.  The game was being held in California and it happened to fall on a weekend the boys weren't missing any baseball tournaments.  So, it was decided BOYS' WEEKEND was on!

Their flights left super early on Friday morning but then they had the whole day to enjoy all that sunny California had to offer.

The Santa Monica Pier was on the to-do list.

 Bowen was STOKED to be included in this getaway!

 I'd say they had lunch with a VIEW...wouldn't you?!

At this moment, I'd just eaten random leftovers from my refrigerator for lunch and the guys sent Shay and I pictures of their food.  OH MY GOODNESS!  I was so jealous!  I'm talking I had ham rolled up in a piece of cheese, leftover roasted okra, and some nuts.  THAT was my lunch and they sent REALLY good pics of lobster, seafood pasta, etc.

Now I know they must have done something in between lunch and the pool but Tab didn't take pictures of whatever it was.  Nixon mentioned they drove by the Hollywood sign?  At some point they made it into the hot tub with Mr. Lyndon before dinner and bed.

Meanwhile, Saturday morning the girls and I were becoming Georgia Bulldog fans for life!  This was the sweetest!

Ebby Lee had a volleyball game and then we made our way around town running errands.  First stop was Edith's for a super girly lunch complete with this dessert which she mentioned tasted just like hard boiled eggs.  #excusemewhat

Who knew Britty would bypass her macaroni and cheese for my onion soup?

We managed to get a little shopping in.  At one point, Britt was mad we wouldn't let her hold something breakable so she proceeded to show a little attitude but when she caught us looking-she BURST into hysterical laughter.

 At the same time the boys were getting geared up for the big game at the Rose Bowl!

Hands-down this was my boys favorite part of the entire trip!

They had so much fun throwing the ball around before the game started.

Just like that...the weekend was over, boys made it home, we all got ready for school the next day.

Hope you had a great weekend as well!

Friday Favorites-Things Touching My Heart This Week


How was your week?  We're finally almost in the swing of all the fall activities.  My body is getting used to eating dinner at 4:45 or 7:50-thanks to that 6:00 baseball time slot. :)  The slow cooker is in the #1 spot as my BFF and fall is officially happening in ten days which means the temperatures have got to cool off.  Right?

I'm here today, along with Narci and Andrea, sharing some FRIDAY FAVORITES.  This list is full of stories that really touched my heart this week.  I'm hoping they touch yours as well.

You guys know we talk a lot of football around our house.  And by that, I mean I basically just hear a lot of football talk without having much to contribute to the conversations between Tab and Nixon.  But this University of Tennessee story was one I leaned in to hear more of!  When I was visiting Knoxville last weekend, my cousin's hubby told us this story and I basically wanted to purchase enough of these shirts for it to become my new uniform.  The way the alumni and University of Tennessee fans pulled together to support this little boy is amazing.  The shirt sales got so big they crashed the internet and afterwards this little boy was offered admission to UT.  LOVE hearing stories like this-a FAVORITE for sure!

Tab and I both attended Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas.   While we had great times there, living in Texas coupled with Tab's football games himself, makes it hard for us to ever make it to an Arkansas State football game.  Let me tell you-I've never wanted to make it to an ASU game more than I want to attend the game this weekend.

Just recently the wife of the head football coach, Blake Anderson for Arkansas State University passed away from breast cancer.  The way the football team, university, and the town has rallied behind this family makes me so proud to be a Red Wolf. 

The reason it's a FAVORITE?
Arkansas State plays Georgia-at Georgia this weekend and just to show their support Georgia is hosting a pink out game on Saturday in Sanford Stadium in honor of breast cancer and Wendy Anderson calling it #wearpinkforwendy.  Schools coming together to support each other-major FAVORITE!


Do you follow my friend, Meredith, on Instagram?  If not, you need to now!  Meredith was born and raised in Oklahoma but now runs an orphanage in China founded my Morning Star Foundation.  Her orphanage cares for children with severe heart disease.  Basically, Meredith is AMAZING.  She's the hands and feet of Jesus and the work she does is incredible.  Just recently three of the kids she had in her orphanage who were besties were in a year-ish span ALL adopted by families from the Nashville area.  These two pictured above were best just got to America with his forever family and the other has been recovering from a surgery for almost a year in the hospital.  The families reunited these boys and OH MY HEART....I was sobbing in the orthodontist's office with tears streaming down my face.  A FAVORITE this week!


Do you guys know my friend, Erin, over at Simple Purposeful Living?  Erin and her family of five recently adopted a little boy from China so we have a special connection.  I read one of her recent Instagram posts and couldn't get it out of my head because I've lived and felt exactly how she's feeling...

"Some of you have asked, “Did he speak English when you got him from the orphanage?” No he didn’t. “So, do you speak Mandarin?” We learned just one phrase, “ wo ai ni”
I love you.
However, we failed to take one thing into account. He had never heard those words. They held no meaning.
We would have to show him. Not in a day or a week or even a few months but in a lifetime.
So, I’d whisper “I love you” in his ear as I fed him his bottle. I would say “I love you” as I kissed him on the forehead or as I washed his hands. As I dressed him, I would look in his eyes and tell him. When I laid him down to sleep or held his hand. He needed to know, feel and experience what “wo ai ni” meant. Love shown in simple but purposeful action so those words would hold meaning when spoken to him. They would be the soft kiss, the warm embrace we desired him to know.
So often I want to say the right thing but really my actions speak and reveal what my words mean.
Today, he crawled up into my lap and laid his head on my shoulder, I whispered for the millionth time “I love you”. He turned his face toward me, looked in my eyes, smiled and puckered up. The words now have meaning. I hope he always knows how deeply he is loved but until then we will continue to show him. ❤️ .
I took for granted knowing love. It makes me want to purposefully in simple ways extend a little more love in action to the world 🌎."

Erin recently posted about their visit to her son's orphanage and let me just say that I'm so thankful I wasn't reading in public.  You might want to read with tissues in hand.  :)

Adoption is amazing!  And I truly believe if God has placed adoption on your heart it will be there forever.  Please act on it.  Your child, just like Theo and Toby {above}, could be waiting on you.

I hope these stories touched your heart too!  Happy Friday, Friends!
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Texas Rangers

 Last night the Slaughter Six spent our evening at the Globe Life Ball Park, home of the Texas Rangers, over in Arlington, Texas.  

These four were pumped about a night out!

We started early observing a little batting practice.

 Family Fun this point in the evening it was crazy hot but a bit later the sun went down, there was a breeze, and the weather felt great.

Britt kept saying, "I'm sweaty".

This girly is growing up!  She managed to crawl up on this wall and sit all by herself.

Sweet Sisters

The Rangers had a special tribute for 9/11 honoring some special veterans complete with a fly over.  It was awesome!

My row :)

How crazy is this?  Before Tab and I had kids we worked with the youth at our church.  The guy sitting about five seats down from Bowen was in my small group 12 years ago.  I saw the side of his face and said his name just to see if it was him.  And it was!  How crazy is that...right?!  We visited for a few minutes and caught up but out of all the seats in that stadium-we were in the same row!

This one is a little tricky to see but check out the Slaughters on the big screen. 

All smiles because they'd just had nachos for dinner!

We got home way past our bedtime but went to bed with happy hearts.

Let's Look-Our Calendars

 Hey Hey Friends!

Thanks for popping in today for Let's Look, the monthly link-up where Shay and I take a peek at our lives and we invite you to share a little bit of your life with all of us.  

It's funny the topic today is all about OUR CALENDARS, because I gotta be honest...I'm a bit in that stage of barely surviving all the things.  You know that feeling of just needing to catch up for a second?  The truth is I'm living in that stage this week and now here we are talking calendars.  Oh, the irony.

Every time I head out of town or return it takes me a bit to get back into the swing of life...laundry caught up, blog posts written, etc.  Thanks to my amazing weekend-I'm living on the struggle bus this week.  The good news is-I haven't forgotten a practice, game, or more importantly, a child all week-thanks to my trusty calendar.  

This is the calendar I purchased for this new school year.  The Happy Planner.   I was walking the aisles prior to school beginning and got sucked into the new school supplies section, which happened to have a ton of planners as well as accessories.  I really liked the size of this particular planner...the monthly layout gives me plenty of space for all the things.

A little peek at my calendar...

A few things I've finally learned about myself-
*I will NOT remember a date.  Even if I try my best so I e-mail myself the date and when I'm at my desk can quickly add it to my calendar.
*I keep a large desk calendar on my office desk which houses all birthdays.  I see it daily while I'm working so this totally works.
*Going back to the first one, I don't carry a paper calendar with me.  They're too big and too bulky and let's be real-I'm not carrying a purse.

And that's a peek at our September life/calendar.

Next month we're chatting yummy fall recipes!  Can't wait to get some new ideas!  If you joined us, please link-up at the bottom of the post.

I can't end the post today without this...September 11th, we'll NEVER FORGET.  This past year I was able to make it to the 9/11 Museum on two different trips.  While I haven't been to a wide variety of museums, the 9/11 Museum is the most touching museum I've ever visited.  I was brought to tears by these citizens bravery, strength, and courage.  To all those whose lives were directly impacted by this tragedy, please know you're in our thoughts and prayers today.

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