The First "Week" of School 2019

This year our school first day of school landed on a Thursday {which in my opinion is pure genius}!!  We had the first part of the week to soak up the last bits of summer with a day at the pool, one day FULL of errands, and then one day to do absolutely nothing before school started.  It was fabulous!

On Tuesday-I took these cuties to get a quick hair cut before school.
Check out those new cuts!

I hadn't made Britt an appointment, but she sat patiently watching everyone else get their hair cut.  Each time someone got down out of the chair she'd say, "My turn?".  The sweet hair stylist was determined to get her in for a little cut too.  She just cut off all those long uneven pieces and I couldn't LOVE it more!  Can you tell Britt was a fan as well?  She sat so still in the chair smiling the entire time!

Is it just me or does it make her look more grown up?

That evening was Meet the Teacher and check out this cute FIFTH GRADER!

Guess who's in Bowen's class this year??  ASHBY!
I saw Ashby at a flag football game the first evening of school and I was all, "So, Ashby...did Bowen get in trouble today?".  I think I'm gonna like this arrangement. :)

My crew looking forward to a new school year!

Wednesday-I let this crew be as lazy as possible!  But that evening ALL THE FALL SPORTS started.  Two had dance class and two had baseball practice.  Can you guess who is who?  ;)

And a look back because...
Ebby Lee-Kindergarten
Can you believe she was this tiny?

Ebby Lee-First Grade

Ebby Lee-Second Grade
Nixon-First Grade

Ebby Lee-Third Grade
Nixon-Second Grade

Ebby Lee-Fourth Grade
Nixon-Third Grade

Check out these big kiddos...
Bowen-First Grade
Ebby Lee-Fifth Grade
Nixon-Fourth Grade

We're love Bowen's first grade teacher and are looking forward to a great year!

This is the LAST year for Ebby Lee at our elementary school.  I'm gonna be a nervous wreck next year!  She also has great teachers and is looking forward to having a great year!

Nixon has one new {to us} teacher and one of Ebby Lee's from last year but we've heard nothing but amazing things.  He can't wait to experience fourth grade.

This cutie will be headed back to preschool soon enough.

Bowen was all smiles at drop off!

Nixon was mortified I was taking his picture...hahahaha!

And just like that...another first day in the books!

After drop off, Britt and I met a lot of mama friends at Spoon's for breakfast.

I made these Smores Cookies for an after school treat.

And pigs-in-a-blanket too.  Right before the kiddos got home I added mustard and ketchup to that middle bowl.  They thought this was super fancy.  

And just like that...we're back to school.
Happy Monday, Friends!

Friday Favorites-Dude Perfect Edition


It's school day number two and is it weird to say I'm so thankful it's the weekend already?  haha!  Our school usually starts on a Monday, which means by Thursday everyone is exhausted so this tiny baby steps way of getting into the groove of school is my first FAVORITE!

I'm teaming up with my girls, Narci and Andrea, to bring you FRIDAY FAVORITES!

I have one big FAVORITE night to share with you today.  This past Sunday the family and I headed to the Dude Perfect Pound It Noggin Tour right here in Allen, Texas.  I've shared before my kiddos {and who am I kidding-Tab and I can get sucked right in to the videos too} are big Dude Perfect fans so the first day tickets were available I pounced.  

Sidenote-and I got CRAZY excited afterwards...just ask Shay.  I was like giddy about it ALL DAY.

The day finally arrived and we couldn't wait to spill the beans to the kids.  We'd kept it a secret, were on our way to the venue, and started giving them clues.  Bowen was the first to figure it out and they were pumped!
We're ready for you Dude Perfect!

We happened to be right in front of one of Bowen's besties and his dad, which made this whole night so much cooler in six-year-old Bowen's eyes.  Dude Perfect AND a friend?!

If any of your favorite performers are ever at the Allen Event Center, I suggest you grab some tickets.  The venue is small enough there really isn't a bad seat in the house.  I couldn't get six tickets all together so Tab and the other three kiddos set in the row in front of us {can you spot Tab down there?} and Bowen and I hung with his bestie.

Can you tell we were excited?

Dude Perfect is all about performing trick shots, competitions, and really any sort of sports entertainment you can imagine, but I had no idea how that would translate into a real-live show.

The big screen counted down and Bowen was GIDDY.

These five guys went to Texas A and M and started randomly videoing trick shots.  Their YouTube popularity grew into something INSANE.  They have famous athletes and coaches on videos, have contracts with Nerf for Dude Perfect trick shot goods, and just ended their first tour.  AMAZING!  The best news ever?  They're Christian guys who aren't promoting anything I don't want my kiddos to be watching, which is awesome.

At intermission we grabbed a snack and chatted about how much fun we were having!

Part Two

At the end of the show, the two finalists went head to head battling for the "Tour Winner" of the night.  It just so happened one of the guys stood right beside Nixon and Ebby Lee as he was attempting to shoot the gong.  I wish I had videoed from my seat because all I could see was Ebby Lee jumping up and down and Nixon staring in disbelief.

It really was a FAVORITE night for all six of us.

Can you believe FOOTBALL is starting NEXT weekend?  In anticipation we have big plans of being CRAZY LAZY all weekend long.  Hope you get to be crazy lazy too!

Happy Weekend!
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Slaughter House Shenanigans

Today the three big Slaughter kids are off to their FIRST day of school.  We have a fifth grader, fourth grader, and first grader.  Next year, Ebby Lee will be in MIDDLE SCHOOL!  WAAAHHH!  So, I'm trying my best to really enjoy this last year where I have three in the same school with one drop off time and one pick up time.  I know next year will be very different.

In the mean time, I thought I'd share a few pictures of what's been happening around here...

I took the kiddos to Urban Air Trampoline Park a few weeks ago and please note Britt with her arms crossed.  She kept trying to make it to the top and was clearly struggling.  She got mad and crossed her arms but then cracked a smile when she saw me snapping a picture.

Ebby Lee and Kensington went to a day camp at our church a few weeks ago where they did daily mission work.  Ebby Lee had the best time.

If you're local and are looking for a place to get plugged in at church, come visit us this Sunday.  You can get all the service details here.  This Sunday is Launch Sunday when all the students head to their new classes.  It'll be a great day and I'd love to see you there!

We've been watching a lot of flag football.  Can you spot Bowen?

We celebrated FOURTEEN years of marriage with a cutie in the middle.

We've done a lot of snacking this summer...isn't that what it's all about?

Everyone was pumped about celebrating my birthday with an evening out.  Well...errrr...everyone but Bowen.  :)

These two are a force to be reckoned with ALWAYS!

Three Slaughter girls ready for church. 

GREAT NEWS-You've heard me talk about One Stop Bow Shop before and I'm here to sing their praises again!  Casey from One Stop Bow Shop makes the BEST bows!  They're so well-made, come in so many different colors/sizes/varieties, and are machine washable.  Right now, One Stop Bow Shop is offering 20% off your order plus a free hot pink polka dot bow 

just like this with the code, Erika.

Now is the time to stock up!  Thank you, Casey!

I found this picture of these two in their matching pajamas on my phone from our time away last week.

That sums up life in the Slaughter House.


Let's Look-Favorite Shows to Binge

 Hey Hey!

Shay and I have joined forces today for Let's Look and we just happen to be covering one of my favorite topics...OUR FAVORITE BINGE SHOWS.  

Thanks to Netflix and Hulu we totally can.

There's just something about this time of year with fall right around the corner that ALWAYS gets me in the binge watching show mood. 

This is the line-up of my VERY FAVORITE SHOWS to binge watch.

*One Tree Hill
*Gossip Girl
*Hart of Dixie-would be at the bottom of the list
*Gilmore Girls

These shows are the kind I could watch but not be staring at the television to make sure I didn't miss something.  And almost every episode left me wanting a little more which caused me to tell Netflix, "Yes, I'm still watching".

I asked you guys for some great recommendations on new shows to binge almost one year ago exactly and you guys delivered!  You can read all the comments of this post and then I compiled all your suggestions into another post.


After binge watching Gilmore Girls, I shared a lot of my thoughts in this Gilmore Girls' post.  Dare I say it's been my favorite binge watching show ever?!

The characters, the setting-hello ADORABLE town of Stars Hollow, and the story line just kept me wanting more.

Speaking of Gilmore Girls...remember the time Tab and I visited Stars Hollow?


My second favorite show award ever would definitely go to Parenthood.

I shared all my Top Three Braverman moments in this post.  After watching that show I wanted to BE in the Braverman family.  Anyone else?


Now what are you watching now??  I need to get into another show and would love to hear your FAVORITE!

Thank you so much for reaching today!

Join us next time!

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