What's Up Wednesday-July 2019

The VERY LAST DAY OF JULY...I can't believe it!  I'm linking up today with Sheaffer and Shay for What's Up Wednesday.

What We're Eating This Week...

Monday:  Chicken Tacos were on the menu.

Tuesday:  Anniversary Dinner OUT! I didn't realize Bowen had a flag football game so plans for an anniversary night out quickly changed.  Instead we ate a variety of leftovers.  #fancyhuh

Wednesday:  Girls have some fun plans tonight so I'm leaving the guys at home with their own menu planning.

Thursday:  Taco Stuffed Potatoes are up!

Friday:  My BIRTHDAY!  So we'll be dining out!

What I'm Reminiscing About...

What I'm Loving...
Having everybody all together.

And lazy days spent poolside.

What We've Been Up To...
ALL THE SPORTS!  My three big kiddos are all playing a sport this summer so our evenings have been spent at the local indoor sports' facility watching them each do their thing.

What I'm Dreading...
SCHEDULES...I'm both dreading it and looking forward to it all at the same time.  

What I'm Working On...
I'm working on making sure everything is organized before school starts.  Not sure I'll get there but we're working on it.  :)

What I'm Excited About...
There are STILL some great items in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale like these boots...
And the smocked peplum top.  Remember the head hole portion of this top is really small.  I'm not even kidding when I say that if you have a big head, you should size up.  #forreal

The black skinny jeans with the raw hem are still in stock!

These Sam Edelman booties are in stock in three colors.

And the flat hoops in both silver or gold.

This sweater isn't available in the green anymore, but it still comes in five other color options.

Pajamas are still in stock, come in four colors, and would make a great gift.

The perfect transitional bootie is still available in this color as well as others.

This pleated tank is still available in two other colors and is perfect for fall in Texas.  The wrinkles are free of charge-if you need help with those, call me.  ;)

This jacket is back in stock!

What I'm Watching/Reading...
I'm working on this blog post on Tuesday morning so yes, I'm watching the finale part 2 of the Bachelorette tonight!!  And I'm also watching Big Brother.  It's starting to pick up a bit!  #finally

I just started reading this book and will have a full summer book review up in a few weeks.  I read a lot of great books this summer and can't wait to share!

What I'm Listening To...

My very favorite podcasts are interviews/entertainment/girlfriends chatting.  Let me know if you listen to anything similar and shoot your favorites my way, please!  

What I'm Wearing...
Outfits like this...a light breezy top paired with some shorts.  Please note, after taking this picture I ironed my shirt. 

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
Celebrating my BIRTHDAY!  I turn THIRTY-SIX years old on Friday and we'll have a fun night out.  Then Marla is hosting a little family dinner for both my and Tab's birthday on Saturday.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...
Hmmm...I'm not looking forward to the routine but at the same time I am looking forward to the structure.  Does that make any sense?  I'm excited about FALL on the horizon, football games, new teachers, new friends, sports starting for all my kiddos {have I mentioned Britty is playing soccer}, a fun trip, and more!

Thanks for reading today!


Tab and I are celebrating FOURTEEN YEARS of marriage today!  Every year I share something about marriage on this day.  To change it up a bit, I thought I'd share FOURTEEN little fun facts/stories about us.  
#1 We met in 2003 at Arkansas State through a mutual friend and I actually got his number.  The church I attended while at college was hosting an "Arkansas State Sunday" {I'm pretty sure they called it something else but I can't remember.} so it was all themed around the university.   I invited he and our friend to church and guess what....they didn't come!  {Spoiler alert-two years later Tab was regretting that decision. ha!}

#2  We bumped into each other two years later at our campus apartment pool and this time was a bit different.  My roommates and I invited he and his friends to our house for "Taco Night".  Unbeknownst to us, he never extended the invitation to his roommates.  So that evening Tab walked into an apartment with four girls...well played, Tab.

#3  We started dating and texting...do you remember cell phones back in 2004?  I stayed at school that summer taking a couple classes and I remember texting him all through class.  I didn't know how to space properly and my texts all looked like this...


#4 Tab graduated December of 2004 and at that point we were one hundred percent sure we were getting married.  The only thing missing was a salary for a ring to seal the deal.  He contemplated staying in Arkansas for a job there or moving to Dallas to start a career in the city.  The prospective company flew us both to Dallas to check it out {which as technically just the girlfriend I thought this was super cool}.

#5  That's how we got ourselves to Dallas, Texas, and eventually made our way to the beautiful suburbs of McKinney.  When we began house shopping we pretty much looked at every suburb in the area before landing here.  I'm so very glad we did-you know how much I love McKinney.  Our top contenders were Rockwall, Frisco, and McKinney.

#6  Our very favorite show to watch together is Dateline.  Give us a Friday night with a Dateline episode and we're HAPPY.

#7 I'm backtracking a little here but Tab proposed on top of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee.  You know the hotel where the ducks march through on the daily?  That's the one!  I was shocked and had no clue he was in town...it was absolutely perfect!  One of my college roommates hid in the background and took pictures for us.  We really should take our kiddos on a Peabody Hotel at some point.

#8  I typically tag along to one of Tab's football games solo every year.  This year we're hitting up a new-to-us-stadium and I'm super pumped about it!

#9  Tab and I both have birthdays in August.  Ebby Lee and Nixon both have birthdays in April.  Bowen and Britt both have birthdays in November.  Apparently, we work in pairs around here.

#10  When we brought newborn Ebby Lee home from the hospital, new mom, Erika, fit into NO CLOTHES.  Tab said that he'd stay with baby Ebby Lee so I could run to the store to grab a few things.  I remember leaving and hearing Tab say they were gonna read a bible story.  My newly hormonal self could NOT handle that-I'm pretty sure I cried ALL THE WAY to the store.  

#11  Tab has a hidden talent...he can beat box.  Now he's very picky about when he shows this secret skill.  If you met him on the street and asked, he'd pretend like he doesn't even know what you're talking about.  But he can...trust me.

#12  We once had Thanksgiving dinner at the same table as Joe Buck, TROY AIKMAN, and Cris Collinsworth.  I'm not gonna lie...I had a really hard time focusing on my meal.  ;)

#13  It's safe to say when we started dating that old saying, "When you know, you know" just rang true.  Everything felt a little different and we were talking marriage just a few months into our relationship.

14.  Marriage is HARD, trust me-I get it.  You'll never hear me say it's easy.  Tab and I both come from broken homes...let me add-our homes were super loving and we were blessed with amazing parents.  But I think they'd all agree that divorce makes the family dynamic tough on everyone-kids and parents alike.  Even now at holidays, instead of having two sets of grandparents to juggle seeing, we have way more.  This is something Tab and I work very hard at it.  Do we always get it right?  No!  We fight and argue just like everyone else, but we're committed to making this work {and if you're committed to something-you should make it fun, right?} and making it successful.  Needless to say, FOURTEEN YEARS is something to celebrate.  We're gonna do just that tonight...at a first grade flag football game.  In honor of the day, maybe we'll spring for an icee and a popcorn.


Spotlight On...

Hey Hey Everyone!

I'm talking products today!

Have you heard of Kopari products?  I'd like to chat about the Kopari Coconut Body Milk in particular.  This is a body lotion with a faint coconut scent designed to hydrate the skin.  The Body Milk is paraben free, non-gmo, and free of all those other things that are harmful to our bodies.

My thoughts?

I prefer a lotion with a GREAT smell so I'd suggest skipping this product and instead grab the Kopari Coconut Melt.  {The Coconut Melt is one of my very favorite summer products!  And check out all the great reviews!}  I find that to be way more hydrating and the smell is unbelievable as well.  For the price, I much prefer the Coconut Melt to the Body Milk.

If you prefer a very slight fragrance to your lotion, then the Kopari Coconut Body Milk might be right for you.  {Mom, I'm looking at you. :)}

What about YOU?  Have you tried the Kopari Coconut Body Milk?  If so, please share your thoughts!  

You can see other products I've reviewed here...

Thanks for stopping by today!

Friday Favorites-July 26th Edition

Happy Friday, Friends!

This week has been full of LAZY days for the Slaughter kids and lots of working at my desk for me.  Needless to say, I'm ready for the weekend and an excuse to get out and have fun with my people!

I'm joining Narci and Andrea for FRIDAY FAVORITES!  Each week we invite you to join us by sharing your FAVORITES and then adding your blog to our link-up!

My summer nights have been spent doing a lot of this...watching my kiddos play their FAVORITE sports.  I wouldn't trade it for a thing.  :)  I realize I snapped this picture and Ebby Lee looks like she's casually enjoying herself-ha!  A friend texted asking how I was doing so I sent this picture back.  I should have got her in action.

My kiddos can be a lot of things...sassy, mean to each other, in each other's business, etc. {and I can be all those things too} but something they have not been one bit is jealous or upset about adding Britt to our family.  I get asked that question a lot when asked about adoption and I realize my children are not perfect, but they absolutely adore Britt Bradford.  So much so that just yesterday we texted Ebby Lee's fourth grade teacher showing her that Ebby Lee had fixed Britty's hair just like her teacher always wore hers and then this happened...

Nixon needed a picture.

And Bowen wanted one too.  :)

You guys...the football days are approaching quickly so days like this when we're all together are not taken for granted.  These are my FAVORITE!

And my dress was gaping from this angle...so you're welcome for that little geometric shape.  ;)

A typical summer "mom" uniform for me {if we're talking anything other than my swimsuit cover-up}...tank is old but the shorts are 50% off now.  They have all different colors so you could pretty much wear them with anything.  A good sale is my FAVORITE!

I saw this meme and laughed and laughed.  My girlfriends are my FAVORITE!  I'm gonna give you one guess who I'd tag as this friend in my life...

Share who you think it might be!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

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Currently {in July 2019}

Okay, friends!  Today I'm sharing a little about what's CURRENTLY happening around here.  Sit back and enjoy!

Making:  My grocery list...am I the only one who feels like I'm shopping for groceries every other day?  WHY ARE WE OUT OF FOOD AGAIN?  So today, I'm making yet another grocery list.

Cooking:  Did you see my post from Tuesday?  I shared my entire meal plan for the week!

Drinking:  Lately...it's been water and coffee with a La Croix or two thrown in.

Eating:  I've been really into Trader Joe's nut selections.  Cashews?  Yes, please!  Truffle almonds?  Absolutely!  Pistachios?  Of course!

Reading:  I'm about halfway through Sold on a Monday.  I thought the first fourth of the book was a bit slow but now it's picking up!  I'm pretty certain Amazon "recommended" it to me after I read Before We Were Yours.

Wanting:  To know WHO Hanna chooses!  I had a little fill-in-the-blank box on my Insta Stories last week asking who do YOU want Hannah to choose on the Bachelorette.  A very very small group said Jed and when I say, "small", I mean could count them all on one hand.  Peter and Tyler were about split.  #teamtyleroverhere

Looking:  At all the spoilers and while I will not give anything away, I'd just like to add that it's been a really fun season.  Don't you think?

Playing:  Whew!  Britt and I just played hide-and-seek with Tab and he left us hiding under the blanket for WAY too long.  I was sweating!  I kept saying, "Let's get out!", and she'd whisper, "no".  #shegetsthegame

Wasting:  My girlfriend, Lisa, posted this on Facebook and it's SO TRUE!  I always have good intentions.

Buying:  Just a bit longer left in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale,  you can see my post all about my items here.  

Wishing:  I could meet all of you for coffee!  Wouldn't that be fun?  Except you know I have a thing about public speaking or just being the center of attention in a large group so I'd prefer to meet you all in teeny, tiny groups.

Loving:  I know I've mentioned her before but I absolutely LOVE Britt's speech therapist.  We were at speech just earlier this morning and I was asking about the future and elementary school.  She stopped me mid-worry and said that she'd love to go shadow her at preschool this year.  You guys!  She works three days a week seeing patients and on one of her "off" days she wants to go check in on my girl!  Isn't that so sweet?  I loved her before she even said that but my heart swelled this morning when she mentioned it.

Hoping:  Bowen can learn to tie his shoes before school starts. 

Marveling:  At how far Britt's speech has come {and marveling at how far we still have to go}...she tends to not open her mouth enough to make super pronounced sounds so we're working on that.  I'd say I can understand 90% of everything she says.  Tab can probably understand 80% and then friends/family probably 70%.  Back in the day, those numbers were much, much lower so she really has come so far!

Needing:  To haul off a couple big trash bags.  We went through the toy closet upstairs and I was amazed at how many broken toys and random bits of trash were up there.  Ugh!  

Smelling:  Lavender in my diffuser.  It's my very favorite oil to diffuse.

Wearing:  This was me after Ebby Lee's volleyball game tonight...white tee, joggers, and denim jacket.

Noticing:  It appears like I'm dressed for fall or spring but let me explain...her game was at 8:30 p.m. and at that time I want to be wearing pajamas.  I thought the joggers were a good compromise.  Paired with the jacket because it can be chilly in there.

Knowing:  Football season is almost here!  Fellow football wives...are you ready?!

Thinking:  About how quiet my house will be once school starts, so today I'm choosing to be thankful for ALL THE NOISE.  :)

Opening:  A pair of school shoes for Bowen...these shoes just arrived.

Giggling:  About Nixon's lyrics...he's always singing a random song but he ALWAYS has the words wrong.  He's a good sport and will sing for us all to hear him use the wrong words until we correct it.  Earlier this evening, he had us all in stitches with his incorrect word choices.

Feeling:  So very thankful for those of you who made it all the way to the bottom of the post.  :)  Thank you for reading today!


It's HERE!


BIG BIG NEWS around here today!

Guess what?

Shay has been working on this website for MONTHS and it's finally ready and looking FABULOUS!  You guys have to check it out!

Mix and Match Travel does our very best to provide each and every client with his/her own personal itinerary.  We build that after having a personal relationship and learning more about exactly what the client {and his/her family} are looking for.  While the website doesn't include packaged pricing {because we prefer to build each package custom}, you will be able to read more about the vacations we plan, send it to family/friends, and head there to learn more. 

I answered some Insta-Story questions on Monday and I had a few on travel I saved just for today.  :)

Emily!  I don't know if I can name JUST one so I'm gonna list my favorites at each park.  

{Is that cheating?}

Magic Kingdom-Seven Dwarfs Mine Train BUT a close second is Splash Mountain.
Epcot-Frozen Ever After
Hollywood Studios-Tower of Terror...honorable mention shout out to Slinky Dog Dash.
Animal Kingdom-Avatar Flight of Passage

I hope you're truly considering that same Greek Cruise because let me tell you...

We booked ours about fifteen months in advance but we'd suggest nine to twelve months.  If you know your dates and can do it fifteen months in advance, that's great!  

E-mail us at mixandmatchtravelagency@yahoo.com!  We'd LOVE to help you!

Of course you can!

I'm VP of sales and head of all Disney Vacation Planning...and I LOVE this job!  I love getting to work with clients to make their vacation dreams come true!   My very favorite part might be seeing pictures when clients return.  There's nothing like seeing a family photo full of smiling faces enjoying a magical vacation.  Since joining Shay at Mix and Match Travel years ago, I've tackled lots of Disney training and have something fun planned very soon.  You'll have to wait and see!

Don't forget to check out THE NEW WEBSITE!

And if you'd like help with an upcoming vacation, please shoot us an e-mail at mixandmatchtravelagency@yahoo.com.  We'd LOVE to help you!

Just a few of our Mix and Match Travel clients enjoying some magical vacations!

Happy Wednesday, Friends!