Friday Favorites

Hey Friday!

I'm happy to see you.  :)

Today, I'm joining my Friday team, Andrea and Narci, to bring you Friday Favorites.

First up is one of my favorite friends, my girlfriend Jeni.  She and her family just got back from a Disney Cruise over Thanksgiving Break.  You can read all about her cruise HERE.  She recently started an adorable blog with her bestie, Paige where they share some amazing fashion finds, fabulous home decor, and much much more!  Go check out their blog HERE!  You can follow them on Instagram HERE.

And if you've been thinking of a Disney Cruise, Mix and Match Travel is now booking Disney Cruises all the way through May 2020.  If you'd like help planning your magical vacation, please shoot us an e-mail at


One of the most popular questions over on the blog this week were about this sweater...did I get my normal size or size up?  I almost always size up in sweaters.  I'm not a fan of a tight-fitting sweater.  I much prefer mine to be oversized, so yes, I definitely sized up!


If you've read here this week, then you know we had a special birthday in the house!  Bowen turned six.  You can see his interview HERE and his birthday party HERE.  Tab and I joined him at school for a fun little birthday lunch.

And then later that evening, we celebrated family style at a local hibachi place with M and G.  Then just five hours later, I'm pretty sure I had food poisoning and spent all night in the bathroom.  #ugh  #nodetailsneeded

Thanks to that episode, I'd like to name Gatorade a favorite this week.  ;)


Shay and I decided to read the same Christmas books this month.  You can read her recap HERE.  We're typically reading different books and then recommending them to each other so it was fun to be reading them at the same time.  All of these were cute books...., Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe, Christmas at Little Beach Street BakeryAn Island Christmas, and Alaskan Holiday.  Those are in a particular order...faves to least fave.

I noticed Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe is a Hallmark movie!  I recorded it, but haven't watched yet!

I also read The 13th Gift:  A True Story of a Christmas Miracle.  This one might have been my favorite.  It touched my heart in big ways. 


It's kind of short and sweet today, friends.

Hope you guys have the BEST weekend!


Bowen's SIXTH Birthday Party

I've gotta tell you we had a fun party at the park complete with a big obstacle course bounce house all set and booked for Bowen's birthday party, but when the big day got closer....the weather got colder and windier.  On Black Friday {with the upcoming party scheduled for Sunday afternoon}, we decided to go with Plan B.

Our gym has a basketball court and at this point, I was semi-desperate so they agreed to let me host the party at the gym with the kiddos getting free time to play and be CRAZY!

Sounds like the perfect birthday party for six-year-olds.  Right?

A Slaughter party can quickly be whipped up with some balloons.  Balloons scream, "PARTY"....don't they?

We patiently waited for the party guests to arrive.

I love this kid so much.

And somehow instead of looking almost six...he looks almost TWELVE!

We added table clothes, paper plates, water bottles, and some cute little basketball straws.  

Tab had been working in California the day before.  He made it in-just in time for the party.

When everyone arrived, we hit the basketball court.

Sweet friend, Clayton, was there to party!

This is pretty much how it looked the entire everywhere, running amuck!

Until they got thirsty and hungry.  :)  ha!

These three girls made their way up to the track to get a few laps in.

After all the ball playing they could handle, we went back up to the party room for cupcakes!

Bowen and one of his kindergarten besties, Eli.

Know why he's smiling?  He snuck an extra cupcake when I wasn't looking.

All Bowen's friends sang the loudest rendition of "Happy Birthday", I'd ever heard.  #anditlookslikehimtoo

Sweet sisters

Bowen and another kinder bestie, Dylan.

Bowen with most of his kindergarten crew.  He has such a good little group of friends that partied hard with him on Sunday.  We're so very thankful for each and every one.

We ended our night CRASHING early.  After Thanksgiving, a weekend full of family, and a birthday party on Sunday afternoon...we were ALL exhausted!


What's Up Wednesday-November 2018 Edition

Hey!  It's time for What's Up Wednesday.  :)
I'm joining Mel, Shay, and Sheaffer and answering all these questions...

What We're Eating This Week...

Monday:  Pizza Joe's and brussel sprouts {my favorite}.

Tuesday:  We let Bowen choose the restaurant for his special birthday dinner...he voted hibachi so we had all the fried rice we could handle.

Wednesday:  Since we had ALL THE TURKEY last week my body was craving burgers...Swiss Stuffed Burgers are happening tonight.  Anyone else feeling this way?

Thursday:  Tab and I have a fun night out so the kiddos will be enjoying corn dogs and french fries.

Friday:  We have another night out...didn't plan it that way...but I'll order pizza for the crew at home.

What I'm Reminiscing About...

This big six-year-old being a squishy toddler....oh, how I miss that baby Bowen.

Now he's all grown up and looking like this.  Sigh.

What I'm Loving...

I pulled out this picture from our visit with Santa last year and I'm loving it.  Doesn't every baby need a picture where they're losing their mind on Santa's lap?  #priceless

What We've Been Up To...

 We had a fabulous time with family over Thanksgiving.  Getting some shopping time alone with my sister-in-law and mom was just icing on the cake.

We watched The Grinch on Friday afternoon-CUTE CUTE-and a super festive movie to get in the Christmas spirit.  Then we made our way over to Bass Pro.  Bass Pro typically has a few things for the kiddos to do...carousel, crafts, and more along with being decked out in Christmas decor.  There was hardly anyone else in the store so we snagged a ticket to see Santa.

We strolled around and pretended to ride four-wheelers.  Britt was rocking her fall clothes and a side pony.  #thanksfordressingmegrandma  #haha

Along with pose in front of big Christmas trees.  :)

What I'm Dreading...

Nothing at the's the most wonderful time of the year! 

What I'm Working On...

I've been busy working on upcoming Spring Break trips, summer vacations, and we're quickly booking lots of fall 2019 getaways for sweet families like the one above.  If you'd like help with planning your next vacation, please e-mail us

What I'm Excited About...

All the fun festivities this season brings....from holiday parties to family movie nights...I'm excited about it ALL.

What I'm Watching/Reading...

I just finished The 13th Gift:  A True Story of a Christmas Miracle and it was so good!  I'm fairly certain it should be a Hallmark Christmas movie or maybe it already is one?  But it touched my heart and I'd definitely recommend it.

We're watching ALL THE CHRISTMAS MOVIES around our house.

What I'm Listening To...


What I'm Wearing...

I got tons of messages about this sweater and I'm so sad to report it's sold out.  :(  I got it from Vici and they have a TON of super cute should check them out.

And you can see all the new items I've been wearing lately in this post.

What I'm Doing This Weekend...

My favorite dancer has her Christmas recital and I cannot wait to watch!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...

The thing I'm the most excited about are these family advent calendar cards.  There are 25 in the kit, one for each day of December and they're quick activities that go along with a scripture of the day.

This is an example of an spans the ages of my kids and will be something everyone can participate in.  I'm looking forward to starting this with my people!

What Else is New...

I was strolling around Target this week and saw that big coloring pad Britt was coloring on last year.  In the dollar section, Target has the big Countdown to Christmas activity books for $3.00.  Last year, I grabbed some and left them out on my kiddos' spots at the table.  When they had a second they'd do the activity, color, and just have fun with it.  Some of it was super easy for Ebby Lee, but she still enjoyed it.  Just wanted to pass on that find.  :)

What's My Favorite Elf-on-the-Shelf Trick...

This is where I'm really no help to anyone....that elf and I are not friends.  I forget to move him and to be honest, he ends up spending the majority of his days posing in our garland, stockings, or Christmas tree.  Anyone else?

Hope you guys have a great Wednesday!