Outfits of the Week-Hat Edition

I'm not sure about where you live, but here in Texas fall weather showed up!  And for a couple days, Mother Nature almost catapulted us all the way to winter.  {Maybe that explains my Christmas post yesterday?}

I'm not a fashion blogger by any means, but periodically I'll see pieces someone else has styled and think-I have all of that, I should put it together.  Or often times I'll see a piece I've been looking for someone has linked to, which makes my shopping easy peasy.  Either way, I hope you enjoy taking a peek at what I've been wearing lately.

I should tell you...I had some bumps {don't ask for the medical name because I can't remember} removed from my forehead last week which created approximately thirteen scabs {but who's counting?  ha!}.  I declared it HAT WEEK and tried to get creative while covering up my forehead!

I went to the mall to run a few errands {don't worry-I did add shoes} and got lots of compliments on my outfit.  However, when I picked up my kiddos from school Nixon's first response was, "Mom, is that the hat I wore for my Indiana Jones' costume last year?".  

Yes, he did.


I was a fan of the ensemble, but maybe you're like Nixon and you think I should head out on an archaeology adventure in this get up.  ;)

Hat, Chambray Top {Similar}, Jeans, Belt, Plaid Wrap 

On Friday last week, Shay and I met up with Meredith.  If you don't follow Meredith on Instagram, you should stop what you're doing right now and go follow her.   Meredith runs a baby home in Beijing for babies with severe heart disease.  She is the most inspiring feed I follow....so so self-less, courageous, and loving those babies unconditionally.  She and her tiny babies will touch your heart in many, many ways.  I'm so thankful we've gotten the chance to meet her in real-life, but for real-GO FOLLOW her!

This was my get up for brunch with the girls...chambray top, leopard sweatshirt, jeans {similar}, waterproof booties, and hat.

Another rainy day called for leggings, a comfy sweatshirt {mine is sold out-similar}, and the most cozy socks.

Sunday afternoon was flag football and I was ready for the cool weather that didn't show up until the next day.  #oops

If you missed my last post of outfits, you can see all the details here.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, friends!



Sarah K said...

Girl, you can rock a hat!

Anonymous said...

Look at how cute you are in a hat!!! I love these outfits!!!

Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said...

Such cute outfits! My favorite was the leopard sweater and denim with the green hat! SOOOO CUTE!

Mix and Match Mama said...

You looked so cute all week in your hats!!

brookerichardson said...

I love a cute hat!!! You look cute in all those outfits!!! And I love me some Meredith!

Simple Purposeful Living said...

You look so cute in all of these and how cool you got to have brunch with Meredith :)! We are anxiously awaiting a match for our adoption over here!

Karen Ward said...

I'm so sad!! That leopard sweatshirt is sold out! Waaaaaaaaa!

Amanda [Life of Littlejohn] said...

Love all of these outfits!! I laughed out loud at Nixon’s question!

Lindsay said...

love that leopard sweatshirt - what size are you wearing?