Red + White + Blue

Hey Everyone!

Happy May 3rd to You!
 I have a confession to make.  

In the summer months, the Slaughters don't wear a lot of clothes...we pretty much are wearing swimsuits 90% of the time.  Nordstrom reached out to me recently to talk summer clothes {I jumped at the guys know how I feel about their quality and customer service...the BEST around!} but I didn't know what type of summer clothes I wanted to feature.  I try my best to keep this spot 100% genuine and then it hit me.  All summer long, we don't wear a ton of clothes, but we do always sport some RED, WHITE, and BLUE!  

If you're like me, throughout the summer-for get-togethers, holidays, or special occasions, you too might need some RED, WHITE, and BLUE!

 And mamas, grandmas, aunts, daughters, and friends...I think I found some super cute RED, WHITE, and BLUE for your 2018 summer.

Like I mentioned before, the customer service at Nordstrom is the absolute BEST around.  With free shipping and free returns, Nordstrom makes shopping with littles from home so easy.  I scoured the website AND the store for the cutest RED, WHITE, and BLUE pieces I could find.

Okay, first up is this super cute red peplum tank paired with my favorite white jeans {this is the other pair I own-love them both.  The only reason I didn't show you both pairs is because one was dirty and you know how I feel about laundry}, sandals {mine are sold out, but these are similar}, and tassel earrings.

By the way, thank you for all the sweet comments about my hair.  Yes, I cut off quite a bit just a couple weeks ago.  When my hair gets too long, it gets so thin at the bottom.  I thought it was perfect timing with summer right around the corner.  :)

You guys.  I have a confession....I love a jumpsuit.  I think they're so stinkin' cute, but a ton of them are just too short for me since I'm long-waisted.  This one, however, WORKS!  The floral is a red, pink, orange combo and there's a small part of your back showing but my strapless bra strap was covered completely.  If you're a jumpsuit fan, check this one out.  And you should take a peek at these wedges too.

Confession #2...I also LOVE a ruffle.  This top is cute, flirty, and just plain fun!  The red and white combo makes it perfect for any summer party!  I paired it with these jeans and wedges.

A more close-up look of the top.  ;)

Not only do I love a red and white ruffle top, I also love a navy one.  This brand also makes this same top in white, black, and pink.  It's a fun take on a regular ole' tank or tee-shirt, for sure.  This top is one I'll always tuck in...if I wear it out, it's on the verge of being too short.  {But I'm long-waisted.}

Close up :)

This top isn't quite red.  The actual color is called, "poppy".  I think it totally works though.  I paired mine with this super inexpensive cutoff pair of white shorts and a leopard belt.

Let's pause and talk shorts for a minute...I feel like every summer I have issues with shorts.  I 100% agree the pair shown above is short.  I ordered another pair to highlight but they looked too long.  I want to keep it real over here, so yes, they're short.  I wouldn't be wearing these to church, by any means.  I know my audience and this would make an appearance at a backyard barbeque or date night.  I actually ordered this exact pair last summer.  They have a little cuff that's been stitched and I cut it to make them just a tad longer.  I wore them all summer long and was in need of a new pair.

This peplum tee could be dressed up or dressed down depending on your event.

And this grey tank could as well.  {Grey is sold out, but it's available in white.}

You guys, I wasn't sure about this dress, but I LOVE it!  This one could be worn to church, dressed down with sandals, or dressed up for a fancier night out.  The possibilities are pretty endless with this dress.  It is more of a "shift" dress so it's not form fitting at all in the mid-section.  Some of you might like that and others might not.  EDITED:-The dress is sold out,but it does come in a halter top option.  I'll keep watching to see if it comes back in stock!

Blue and white maxi for the win!  The bottom of this is pretty see-through, but the top part {where all the girl parts are} have an extra layer.

Another shift dress option WITH pockets!  ;)  You guys know how I feel about those.

And for short-waisted girls, I highly recommend this ruffle peplum.  Because I'm long waisted, I thought it looked just a tad too short on me, but this was super cute other than that.  It zipped in the back and was a nice, thick material.  I wanted to include it-because it'd be perfect for more petite girls.

Okay, what do you guys think?  Did you see any RED + WHITE + BLUE you love?!  I hope you're a little inspired.  Thanks so much for reading!

And a big thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!

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Bethany @ Our 4 Sons Plus 1...Super Cute Girly Girl said...

Love them all! And yes, your hair looks great! :)

Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Ooooh. I love that first red top. That may have just gone in my never-ending Nordy's cart. Looking good, friend!

Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said...

Your family really does rock some red, white, and blue! And I can't get over how cute you are in that jumpsuit! AND YOUR HAIR!!!! Love the new cut.

Mix and Match Mama said...

This theme is so cute!! Who doesn't want red, white and blue in the summer???

Anonymous said...

I love these outfits!! Bring on all the red white and blue! So fun!

Dustie Day said...

You rock all of it!

Whitney Pegram said...

That jumpsuit is SO cute!!

brookerichardson said...

I love your hair! I keep meaning to tell you that. Plus you look cute in all these outfits!!!

Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said...

OMG I love them ALL!!! My favorite is of you in the poppy top and white shorts. I would NOT look amazing in those shorts but they look like they were made for your legs! And I am THIS CLOSE to cutting my hair too. Mine gets super thin at the ends too. Building up my courage. ;)
That Inspired Chick

Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams said...

Loving so many of these tops! I'm a huge fan of red/white/blue outfits, especially in summer. That red striped tee with ruffles is ADORBS!

Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams