Easy Monday

Happy Monday, Everyone!

I shared last week Miss Britt had two big appointments.  Thank you for all the messages, e-mails, texts, and prayers about those.  They were both really good and we have nothing to be concerned about at the moment.

I've told you before that sometimes I get a little nervous sharing deep thoughts and personal experiences but every once in a while I just can't help myself.  Here I go again... :)

Britt sees a craniofacial doctor for her cleft lip and cleft palate development.  Prior to last year, I'd never thought about a craniofacial doctor before, but his/her job is dealing with any abnormalities with the head, skull, jaw, and neck whether it be from birth or acquired reasons.  With the hit movie, Wonder, coming out last year I feel like everyone's a little more accustomed to what that might look like.

At Britt's appointment, I opened the door to the office and instantly saw a high school age boy that had severe abnormalities on one side of his face.  You guys.  I wanted to stop right there, crawl into a little ball, and sob for this boy.  I don't know him.  I didn't talk to him.  He wasn't interested in making eye contact.  I don't know how he feels about his life.  Granted, I hope his parents are building him up, I hope he knows who holds his future, and I hope he has big, big dreams and fulfills every single one.  But I do know this.  His life is hard.  Even just sitting in a waiting room with people who are probably the most like him in the world is really hard.  It made me truly reconsider my "hard" days.  

And I guess I'm writing this post for you to think about your "hard" days as well.

Trust me when I'm say I'm not talking about those of you that are truly having hard days...sick children, death, loss of a job, etc.  Those things are hard.  Really hard.

I'm referring to those "hard" days when everything doesn't go my {our-I'm speaking to myself but hoping you can relate.} way and I think it's been such a tough day.  Maybe I have some extra unexpected work that takes longer than I was anticipating, I forget to turn the slow cooker on and dinner never cooks, I can't find Nixon's baseball pants so we're ten minutes late arriving to his game, and Tab was supposed to be home early but just called to let me know he'll be late.  Let's be real, that day wasn't ideal but it wasn't "hard".  Was it?  Do you ever have those types of "hard" days?

I want this little place in the internet world to be a place that encourages you, uplifts you, and brings you a laugh.  I'm not sure about you, but Mondays aren't always my favorite.  I'd love to have just one extra weekend day.  Wouldn't we all?  But I hope today, you join me by slaying this Monday.  And looking at it, like it's not so "hard".

Thanks for letting me share a little piece of my heart. 

Friday Favorites

Hey, Hey Friday!

Our school district listed today as a "Bad Weather Make-Up Day" and since we had zero Snow Days that means NO SCHOOL for my kiddos.  You can imagine how sad they are about that.  {Insert my sarcastic face here.}

I'm teaming up with my girlies, Andrea and Narci, to bring you some FRIDAY FAVORITES!

My hot random mess for the week...

-Cute Shoes-
I bought a similar Nike Flyknit Training Shoe for our Disney trip and I wear them all the time, but I don't work out in them. I don't think they have enough cushion to keep my aging feet happy. ha!  When I was walking through the mall on Wednesday, I spied these Nike Flyknit Running Shoes.  They're super cute.  There aren't many reviews yet but most are pretty good.  I'm giving them a try!  Hope they're a new FAVORITE!

-Holderness Family-
I've seen several videos from this couple...they're ALWAYS funny, but their latest video.  YOU GUYS!  The husband calls on his way home from work, tells his wife he's really craving some wings and they should go out to eat, and she has all kinds of excuses for not going out-however the main reason is-SHE ALREADY TOOK OFF HER BRA!  I totally understood where she was coming from!  The hubby can't even fathom this as an excuse, but I'm pretty sure EVERY WOMEN knows where she's coming from.  :)  It was a FAVORITE this week.

-Phone Issues-
You guys my phone started acting crazy late on Wednesday night.  It continued being weird on Thursday and by Thursday night I was on the phone with Apple and AT&T for over two hours.  Tab was out of town traveling back on Thursday evening and there was a span of two hours where I felt completely naked!  This meme spoke to me.  Phone issues are NOT my FAVORITE but this meme was.  :)

-Athleta Haul-
Yesterday, I shared the latest Athleta haul with all of you.  I went in the store to take a quick peek around and left with some treasures.  If you missed the post, you can see it all here.

-Being Kind-
This clip from The View was one of my FAVORITE things I saw this week.  It's no secret Candace Cameron and Whoopi Goldberg share very different beliefs.  But in this clip, Candace shares one of her hardest days on the View and how Whoopi reached out, put all their differences aside, and was incredibly kind.  The clip brought me to tears and it made me think about how often in life if we chose to be kind, everyone would win.  

Candace was on The View promoting her new book, Kind is the New Classy.  Sounds like I need to read!

In the spirit of being kind and spreading some cheer....

I'm giving away TWO $250 GIFTCARDS to Athleta or Nordstrom {YOUR choice!}  One for YOU and one for you to spread some kindness around by sharing with a friend.

I'll be posting a picture over on Instagram this morning.  All you have to do to enter is make sure you follow me, comment on that picture, and tag a friend you'd like to spread a little kindness to as well.

Happy Friday, Friends!

Athleta Haul

Hey, Hey Friends!

It's THURSDAY, which is basically Weekend Eve and that means it's gonna be a great day!  Did you follow that logic?  ;)

I had something else planned for today, but sometimes when the time arises you just have to go with the flow!  I have some new goodies I had to share with you!  Yesterday, after Britt's new speech therapist appointment {we loved her!  thanks for all the sweet messages!} we ran to the mall.  I promise I went into Athleta just to take a peek, but I came out with a new summer wardrobe.  #icouldntsayno  #ifoundabagoftreasures

I have a wide variety of workout and athleisure brands, but my two favorites are Zella {from Nordstrom} and Athleta.  Throw in a few Under Armour and Lululemon pieces and you have my workout wardrobe.  :)

Let me show you what I found!!

Please know I'm on day three of dirty hair and apparently when I slept the night before I was really rolling around because I work up with some major bed head.  Don't pay attention to all that.  Just notice the clothes.  haha!

Outfit #1
This tank is a dark purple/maroon in real life.  Kind of hard to tell from the picture.  These shorts are a little different than Athleta's typical shorts, but I love them.  They're plenty long, a fun bright color, and will be super breezy during a tough workout.

I wanted you to see the back of the tank ties.  It comes in a variety of colors and a select few are on sale.  And this bra is on sale too!

These shorts have a different waistband than Athleta's usual shorts, but it's still comfy and nothing that will create that dreaded muffin top!

Outfit #2
These tops and shorts will all be mixed and worn together.  Same shorts, new pattern and a new tank.  I've shared those striped navy leggings from Athleta over and over again, because they're my favorite. I knew I needed the short version as well.

Outfit #3
I'm about to go on and on about these pants.  Prepare yourself.  If you're looking for a super comfy, can be dressed up or dressed down pair of joggers, well look no further.  I found them for you.  My neighbor has this exact pair and every time she wears them I compliment her on how cute they are.  I had to try them on yesterday and you guys.  I was sold.  They'd be the PERFECT road trip pair of pants.  Please someone invite me on a getaway!  The pants come in actual sizes...0, 2, 4, etc...not just S, M, L. I typically wear a 2 or a 4 and I thought the 2's fit great.  Maybe if you're in between sizes, size down?  These aren't super long..the cuff at the bottom hits me above where I'd prefer a jean to hit, but I kind of slouched the pants up a bit and loved the look!

This bra and tank will be added to my mix of shorts for true workout wear.  I'll also wear the pants with a simple tee or simple tank as well.

I wanted you guys to see the comfy waistband of these pants!  AAHHH!!  So comfy!  I must add this is my first legit pair of joggers.  I have a casual pair that I never wear out of the house.  My plan is to wear these with slide-on sneakers or tennis shoes.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a great WEEKEND EVE!  :)

What's Up Wednesday

 I'm joining MelShay, and Sheaffer for their What's Up Wednesday link-up!

What we're eating this week:

Monday-Nixon had a baseball game right in the middle of dinner time so we grabbed something after his game.

Tuesday-Baked fish and veggies for us.  Fish and macaroni and cheese for the kiddos.  :)

Wednesday-Chicken Caesar Rice Bowls are one of our favorite weeknight meals.

Thursday-Steak and Wedge Burgers with sweet potato fries.

Friday-Bowen has a tee-ball game and then we're dining out with one of our favorite couples.

What I'm Reminiscing About:

On May 9th, 2017, we boarded a flight headed to China to pick up our girl.  I cannot believe in just a few weeks we'll be celebrating the one year anniversary of that special day.  It's been quite a year and we're still in awe of what a big God we serve.

If you missed any of my China recaps, you can see them here...

What I'm Loving:

This picture is all kinds of blurry, BUT I'm loving a date night snuck in between kids' sports and activities.  Last Thursday our calendar was BLANK!  EEK!  So I grabbed a babysitter and Tab and I enjoyed a nice, kid-free dinner complete with DESSERT!

What We've Been Up To:

We took some new family pictures with Narci to use with my new blog design.  {Yes, it's FINALLY happening!}

On Friday, these two enjoyed the best lazy morning with a movie in my bed.

We've been watching Bowen play tee-ball.

Ebby Lee and I snuck out of the house for a little Starbucks date.

And Britty and I have been loving on our friends and their new baby, Violet.  She is absolutely precious and I'm pretty sure Britt's face sums up how we were both feeling when we met her.

What I'm Dreading:

I don't think I'm dreading anything at the moment.  :)

What I'm Working On:

All kinds of Disney Land and Sea Vacations for families like YOU!  If you've been thinking of taking a Disney World vacation or maybe a Disney Cruise or possibly even combining them, then please shoot us an e-mail.  We'd love to help!  
We're also sending new clients to Mexico and cruises all over the world.

Shay and I have a big promotion going for anyone booking a trip during the month of May.  Everyone who books a trip during May will be entered to win a $500 Visa gift card!  Yes, we'll throw all the names in a big bowl and draw out one lucky winner who will receive a $500 gift card!  Now is the time to book!

What I'm Excited About:


What I'm watching/reading:

Right now, this has totally captured my attention.  I'll keep you posted on what I think about the ending.  :)

What I'm Listening To:

Our love of The Greatest Showman soundtrack is still going strong.  Just yesterday on the drive back from Dallas, it appeared like Britt was fast asleep.  Then one of the songs on this soundtrack came on and she POPPED her head up like she'd been awake the whole time.  The music gets the Slaughters going.  :)

What I'm Wearing:

I've been dressing up for church each week, but other than that...lately I've been in workout gear ALL THE TIME!  {My Easter dress is now 40% off!}  If you're on the hunt for some new dresses, you can see my other dress recommendations in this post.

What I'm Doing This Weekend:

This weekend Bowen has a tee-ball game and Patrick {pictured above holding him} and Mackenzie {our oldest babysitter and part of the family} are coming to watch.  I might as well have invited Santa Claus himself to watch Bowen play.  He's pretty pumped!  #andsoarewe

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month:

Our neighborhood is always a good time over Memorial Day weekend.  I'm looking forward to the outdoor parties, the fireworks, the pool time, and possibly this particular night out without a baby in tow.  :)  ha!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  XO

Slaughter Updates

Hey Everyone!

I feel like it's time for a little Slaughter update.  Just a quick way of keeping you in the loop of what's going on with all six of us.  ;)

As you can see from the picture, Britt has hit the stage where she's into everything.  She loves going in the pantry, pulling out the broom, and carrying it around the house.  #herfavoritepasttime  We have her big palate repair check-up today actually where we'll discuss anything and everything cleft palate related.  I remember getting the goal of twenty words for this appointment six months ago.  Just last night, Ebby Lee and I counted and we think she has more like twelve-if we get to count words like, "um", and "oh".  Do those count?  We were just referred to a new speech therapist who specializes in cleft lip/palate and we'll see her tomorrow.  I have super high hopes for that appointment as well.  And the truth is, when I get stressed about how much ground we still have to cover it takes me all of two seconds to start being grateful for just how far we've come.  Her receptive language is AMAZING!  If you guys remember, she was just sitting when we got her eleven months ago.  Now she can JUMP {and actually get a little air}, climb up/down the steps, and she stepped up on a curb just yesterday all by herself.  She's come so very far.  We're super proud of her!

I cannot even believe that in just four short months Bowen Slaughter will be headed to kindergarten.  I feel like he's right on the cusp of complete big boy, and that makes me want to sob my head off.   Bowen used to prefer hanging inside when Nixon was outside playing, but now he can hold his own in a game of Four Square like everyone else.  He has preschool graduation coming up soon.  And I just signed him up to play soccer this summer.  He's been dying to play and we've had a hard time fitting ALL THE THINGS in for everyone.  It's officially his turn and he couldn't be happier about it all.  Meanwhile, I'm watching his beginner tee-ball game and oh, so glad there are no outs.  #see  #hesstilllittle  #right 

Nixon Slaughter is eight going on eighteen.  He has officially hit the age where he doesn't want to be seen in public kissing his mom.  I never dreamed that day would come so soon {which is probably why I'm even sadder Bowen is growing up!  ha!}  Nixon's second grade year has not been ideal.  His class is on their third teacher of the year.  Yes, third.  The first teacher got a new job in the district.  We were all so excited for her {but sad to see her go} and the second teacher resigned rather quickly.  So, he's on his third and when you're in second grade that can be tough.  But...he's handled it like a champ.  He's rolled with the punches, learned new expectations {yet, again}, and has shown us how resilient eight-year-olds really are.  {By the way, we love our school.  I'm not bashing it at all...just being honest about how this school year has been for Nix.  Things happen.  I totally get it, and I'm super proud of him.}  I must add-Nixon is still putty in his baby sister's hands.  #sheknowshowtoworkhim

Ebby Lee is my little helper.  She keeps her room super clean {and for that I'm so thankful}, is always down to help tidy up a space, and is on top of her other responsibilities.  She tends to drive the boys crazy with her mother hen ways.  I'm secretly thankful she takes a turn and gives me a break in the pecking department.  ;)  Last weekend the boys were out of town and we watched two girly movies {that were legit movies I wanted to watch}.  And in moments like that I'm reminded this whole growing up thing isn't so bad after all.

Tab recently started a new job.  He stepped out of the insurance world and right into one of his client's offices.  He's loving the challenge of a new industry, getting to learn the tricks of a new trade, and meeting all kinds of new people.  The down side is he's been traveling quite a bit to meet everyone plus had a few football outings as well which made for lots of nights away over the last couple months.  I think the majority of that is over other than some random trips here and there.  He's also coaching one tough, undefeated tee-ball team {did I mention there are no outs?}, watching all the other sports, teaching Britty obnoxious things that only dads will teach, and managing to listen to me get in ALL THE WORDS at the end of the night.  ;)

I, on the other hand, am doing my best to keep our house running smoothly, to have dinner on the table, to encourage everyone to use their manners, to teach Britty ALL THE WORDS, to send families on amazing vacations, to plan random date nights for us {happened just last week-WAHOO!}, to create new drills for third grade volleyball practice, to point all my people to Jesus, to love on those around me, and to share a little of my crazy with all of YOU.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Hope you enjoyed our updates.  XO

Let's Talk...Southern Charm

Happy Monday!

Friends, let's talk about something REALLY serious...
 Just kidding.  :)

Not serious at all.  But who out there is watching Southern Charm?

Anyone with me?  Raise your hand if you're out there. 

I started watching Southern Charm last year.  I was way behind, started all the way back at Season One, and am caught up right now watching Season Five.  It's a guilty pleasure, reality television show that follows the lives of seven adults all living in Charleston, South Carolina.  And it's good.  It's real good.  {Rated R}

The main cast is made up of some living on family money, some who married into money, some super hard working making their own money, and others are jobless and you wonder how they have any money!  Or at least I do!  :)

A few of my FAVORITE things about this show...

*CAMERAN!  Do you follow Cameran on Instagram?  She is one of my favorite feeds to follow.  She is a new mama and is always keepin' it real.  Most of the time we can ALL relate!  One of my favorite things she's shared lately was a picture of an eaten rotisserie chicken and her caption said something about one of her favorite meals to make for her husband is the rotisserie chicken from Publix.  She went on to say she even prefers to serve it in the plastic container from the store.  ha!  We've ALL been there.  Haven't we?  And most often on the show I feel like she is the voice of reason.  #loveher

*ALL THE COLORS!  Most of the time the cast is chock full of bright vibrant colors. This cast does not shy away from the colors.  I love it.  I got finished watching this week and MIGHT have hopped on Lilly Pullitzer's website to try a couple things.  All of her prints scream, "SUMMER VACATION!!" to me so I'm getting prepared.

*Speaking of ALL THE COLORS...I also ordered a spring/summer Barrington tote and if that palm beach leaf pattern doesn't scream, "SUMMER!".  Then I don't know what does.  I left the initials blank so you can imagine your own there.  ha!

*THESE TWO...Shep and Austen...I've loved watching their friendship, {WAIT FOR IT} their SOUTHERN CHARM, and their dating lives play out on the show but HOW DO THEY HAVE MONEY TO LIVE?!  Shep has family money.  Right?  But what about Austen?  And if Chelsea isn't the most precious thing!  I'm not sure why one of these guys isn't doing everything they can to snatch her up?!  #shesgorgeous

*The MUSIC...The show has fun, catchy music and I seriously find myself dancing along as I watch.  #yesidothat

*THE DRAMA...Let's be real, the reason we enjoy reality television is the drama.  Right?  This show isn't lacking in the drama department.

*TAKES ME BACK...I think the music, the people, and the vibe of the show takes me back to one of my very favorite weekends.  I know this was New Orleans and the show is all Charleston, but I do see a few similarities.  {By the way, are you watching Southern Charm-New Orleans?!}  Apparently, I really let my people know how much fun that wedding weekend was because we were just talking about weddings the other day and Ebby Lee let us all know she wants to get married in New Orleans.  And she's never been, BUT she knows a wedding there is a good time.  :)

If you're looking for a show to keep you entertained, well look no further.  The drama, the architecture of the gorgeous city, the cast of characters, and well-the Southern Charm will keep you coming back for more every week on Bravo.  You can catch up on episodes via the Bravo app, purchase on Amazon Prime, or maybe catch reruns on Bravo-if you're lucky?

If you're a Southern Charm watcher, please share and tell me your FAVORITE thing about the show!  

Have a GREAT day, Everyone!