Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Friends!

I'm in the middle of a little Christmas blog break, but my girls, Andrea and Narci, are holding down the fort.  :)

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

Today is the last day of school around here.  My big kiddos are out in just a few hours {depending on when you're reading this} until the new year!  We cannot wait!

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"When they saw the star, they REJOICED with exceeding great joy" Matthew 2:10  {emphasis is all mine}  And The Message says, "They could hardly contain themselves".

When I read this story, I always skim over the fact that everyone was waiting for a savior.  Yeah, yeah...I'm waiting for my Nordstrom order too.  But no, they were REALLY waiting.  They were YEARNING for a change, for Heaven to come down to earth. 

"When they saw the star, they REJOICED...".

I'm someone who gets excited over all kinds of little things.  Maybe you are too?  Dinner out-YES, I'm pumped.  My kiddos brought home some great work from school-WAHOO, Mama is happy!  I caught a glimpse of a flushed toilet-EVERYONE'S GETTING DESSERT for that one!

But you guys this is HUGE...God sent his son to earth to experience it all and to be a living sacrifice for each and every one of us.  For you, for me, for your kiddos and mine.

That deserves MAJOR REJOICING!  The best Christmas gift EVER came years ago in the form of a baby for YOU and me.

My question today is have you accepted this gift?  And if you have, are you REJOICING this Christmas season?

I'm not sure where your heart is at the moment, but I'm praying for you.  Maybe you've never accepted Christ as your savior?  Maybe you accepted years ago and since then you've strayed from your walk and just haven't made your way back?  Or maybe you just need the simple reminder to have a rejoicing heart this season?  Wherever you are, I'm praying for you.

Thank you for being a part of this little space of mine.  I'm looking forward to many new things in 2018 and hope you'll join me.

Merry Christmas, Friends.

I'll be taking a Christmas break and then a New Year/bowl game/family getaway break.  I'll be back on January 8th.  I'll have the link-ups posted so you can still join in though.  You can follow along via Instagram (slaughteren) in the mean time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

2017 in Review

Ladies, can you believe Christmas is in FOUR days?!  I know I say this every year, but the month of December goes so quickly!

Who am I kidding?  These days the entire year seems to fly by, so I enjoy taking a peek back.  Today, I'm showing you what the big highlights of the year were and sharing them with you in a little 2017 recap.  Or actually a "LONG 2017 recap" because how can a recap of the whole YEAR be short?

Tab and I began 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida.  He officiated the TaxSlayer Bowl and we made it a little kid-free getaway.

We experienced the only bit of snow North Texas would receive last winter.  :(  This was it.

And thanks to the Disney show, Liv and Maddie, Ebby Lee played her first season of basketball.

We managed to sneak away on another little vacation.  This time with friends-the Shulls-to Park City, Utah, for a little skiing and a lot of spaaing.

Ebby Lee and I hosted a little Valentine Art Party for a few of her friends.

And then the end of the month was devastating.  My sweet friend, Manda, went to be with Jesus

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." 2 Timothy 4:7  There's not a verse out there that describes our Manda better than this one.  I pray that lives were touched and hearts were changed by hearing her story. 


Bowen began his first spring season of beginner tee-ball, and he was so stinkin' cute in his uniform.

And I hosted a fun little Favorite Things Night for some girlfriends.


Ebby Lee performed in her second grade musical.

And she turned EIGHT!  We celebrated low-key with a big ole mall date with Kensington.

Just a few days later, Nixon turned SEVEN and we partied hard at Top Golf with some of his friends.

We also celebrated that He is Risen on Easter.

At the beginning of May, I shared our BIG NEWS.

We left just a few days later to get our girl!  We got Miss Britt Bradford Slaughter and all five of us experienced our hearts growing three sizes that day.  We fell in LOVE!

We arrived home from China with the BEST support system of friends and family waiting to welcome us home.  So so so thankful for these people.

The fun didn't end there...our house was decorated, we had groceries delivered, meals delivered, and all kinds of goodies.  To say we could feel the love, was an understatement!

We fought hard against the jet lag and celebrated big as a family of six over Memorial Day weekend.

We snuck away for a little staycation at the Gaylord where we bumped into some friends and hung out all evening.

We ran all the errands.

And enjoyed LOTS of pool days with friends.

Independence Day was a BLAST!  The parade, pool time, and fireworks are all some of my favorites.

Shay and I snuck off at the end of the month on a little Mexico get away to check out some resorts.

We celebrated my 34th birthday with a donut party hosted by Marla.  :)

And Tab and I took a little getaway to California for some football,  studio tour fun, and all the food.

We had a last summer getaway with the Shull crew to San Antonio before school started.

Then the big kiddos began school....Nixon started second grade and Ebby Lee started third grade.

Just a few days later, Miss Britt had a big surgery.  We had a couple nights in the hospital before we had lots of recovery time at home.

Bowen began his last year in preschool.  He grew up right before my eyes.

And these girls and I had a fabulous evening together with our annual scarf exchange.

We were busy every Saturday watching Nixon play flag football.

And we started a new tradition...the rodeo in the fall!  We went for the first time and had a BLAST!

Before the month ended, some of my girlfriends and I snuck away on a little girl's trip to Mexico.

These two enjoyed all the attention at home during the week.

We made a pumpkin patch trip with the Shull girls.

And we partied hard at our Bible Fellowship Group's Harvest Party.

We decided we wanted to give our big kiddos nightmares so we snuck off to a haunted house.  {Totally kidding-no nightmares have happened since.}

We attended a fun fall party complete with apple bobbing and face painting.

And we celebrated Halloween at Bowen's preschool as well.

But trick-or-treating with my family and friends has to be my favorite October activity.

Britty turned TWO!   This girl has grown up SO much in a mere seven months.

We began our Thanksgiving break in Branson, Missouri.  We saw all the lights, a Christmas show, and enjoyed delicious food.

Then we headed over to my family's side of the state for a Hency Thanksgiving.

 We got back to McKinney in time to celebrate Home for the Holidays.

And then Bowen turned FIVE and we partied it up cowboy style.

This month Ebby Lee and I began a new venture of VOLLEYBALL!

The parade of lights in Mckinney was a ton of fun!

We had a special Sunday morning this month when we dedicated Britty at church.

And we got to take the most epic Santa picture ever.  Britt wasn't a fan.  ;) 

We have a few more festivities planned this season along with Christmas with some family.  We had a fun little getaway planned for the first of the year-like flights booked and everything and THEN we got news on Tab's bowl game so we now have two getaways back to back.  All that to say, I'll be blogging tomorrow and then am taking off next week for Christmas and the following week because we'll be out of town.  You can follow along on Instagram at "slaughteren".  I'm going to do my best to venture out in the Instagram story world.  I've gotta be honest.  My technology skills are limited so you might see some strange posts before I "get it".  haha!

This is always one of my favorite blog posts of the year.  I love taking a look back and seeing what the previous year had in store.  And a huge THANK YOU for being a part of our year.  Thank you for reading, thank you for the comments, thank you for the e-mails, and especially than you for all the prayers.  XO