Hot Random Mess of Christmas Ideas

Happy Thursday!

You guys.  It's happening.  Christmas is in TWENTY-FIVE DAYS!  EEK!  Our elf on the shelf shows up tomorrow and it's GAME ON!

I'd say I'm 75% finished with Christmas list. Maybe you're like me and are trying to wrap up your shopping as well.  I hope today's post is helpful.  I know there are Christmas Gift Guides EVERYWHERE right now so I tried to put items on this, "Hot Random Mess" list that I haven't seen all everywhere.  But with that said, some things are just THAT GOOD and they deserve to be on ALL THE LISTS.

Today, I've teamed up with Nordstrom to highlight gifts for pretty much everyone.  Nordstrom is seriously the best in customer service and will make that 25% of a list you have left SO easy to finish.  I began this post making it all about the men (I'm showing you what I got Tab because he doesn't read here.  If you see him before Christmas, keep the secret to yourself), BUT I really splurged on one main thing for him so he's not getting many gifts.


First up is a gift for the boys, Nixon prefers to sleep in hardly ANYTHING.  Like pajama shorts (even in the dead of winter) but when it's time for him to get up he's so cold getting out of bed.  This robe caught my eye. 

I'm hoping he leaves this by his bed and grabs it every morning.  He's also a fan of the COZY items so it should be a WIN on Christmas morning.  Online there are a lot of cute robes for boys, for girls, monster robes, and fox robes.

This next time could be a gift for anyone on your list.  These S'well bottles are the water bottles my kiddos take to school daily.  I have one as well.  They keep water cold all day long and are easy to use.  Bonus-they don't have a bunch of parts to keep up with...just the bottle and lid!  WAHOO!  #momwin
They come in a variety of colors.  They'd make a great stocking stuffer as well!  You could gift different colors to each of your kiddos.

Please note this picture shows just how much I love you all.  :) 
It was laundry day as well as do-something-with-those-packages-Erika PLUS I hadn't showered from my morning workout BUT I wanted you to see this workout pullover.  Any workout lovers on your list OR maybe just someone who likes to sport the athleisure wear?  This pullover (currently sold out) would be PERFECT.  This one is very similar to the one I'm wearing.  It'd make a great gift.  I always size up.  I don't want a pullover to be super tight since I'll have a workout top on underneath.  Don't worry-I have another option for you as well...I think tank tops and workout pants might be hard to gift someone because of sizing but these pullovers to wear over your workout clothes are perfect.  I own this one and wear it ALL THE TIME!  My neighbor has it too and EVERY time she wears it I compliment her.

I'm not an oily person, but I am just a little intrigued.  This diffuser is at a great price point for learning more.  It'd make a cute gift as well along with a couple bottles of oils and voila!  

Okay, this parka is Tab's big gift.  I splurged on this because he would NEVER buy it for himself.  But the last few years he's taken several ski trips with family and friends and EVERY time he goes his smaller North Face jacket just cannot hang.  If you're like me, it's HARD to think of something to gift your husband.  I know this will be a gift he uses for YEARS!  And when he's in the mountains walking around after dinner one night, he'll thank me.  ;)

Tab's just sold out, but these two are super similar...this one has the same hood and this one is a more puffer coat with the same color scheme.

To be honest, a vest, a jacket, or a big coat Tab would be excited about anything North Face under the tree.  

And this Google Home is going to be a "Family" gift for everyone.  I have no doubt this thing will get used ALL THE TIME!

We've had this Bose wireless speaker for years.  Just yesterday Tab was working in the yard and had it outside with him.  We use it inside, out back by the pool, or even in the front yard working on Christmas decorations.  If you don't have one at your house, I highly recommend it.

Okay, friends...I told you it was a HOT RANDOM MESS of ideas.  Don't you agree?  :)

I hope I helped today with someone on your list!

Thank you for stopping by and thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  You can see all the goodies I featured by scrolling.  Happy Thursday!  XO

Bowen's Western Party

You guys saw on Monday that our Baby Bowen turned FIVE.  I don't call him "Baby" anymore but for a long while I felt like our friends and their kids did.  Not.  Anymore.

On Sunday evening, we had his party and I'm sharing all the pictures with you today.  

For the local girls, on the west side of McKinney (right across the street from Frisco) sits this place called Storybook Ranch.  Every fall they transform themselves into a pumpkin patch which is definitely what they're most known for, but during the year they host private events as well as give horse lessons, trail rides, etc.

This year when Bowen and I were talking about his party we just kept going back to this spot.  Yes, he's old enough to have opinions...decor, location, guest list...he helped with it all!

I'm gonna be honest from the road the location doesn't really look like much, but when you get back to the western town area there is so much space for kiddos to run free, a pavilion with tables, we had pony rides (which Bowen informed me the day of the party were a bit too baby for him-Eye Roll from Mom!), a bounce house, and more. 

Here was our Sunday evening set up...(and I seriously couldn't have chosen better weather for the party.  It was AMAZING!)

Marla met me there a bit early to set up so Tab could bring the kids later.  We had balloons, those hanging paper lantern decorations, and some things for the tables to make it a little more festive.

The manager asked me to park the vehicles behind the pavilion to get them out of the way so I did but it messed this cute picture up just a bit.  ha!

Thank goodness for the bricks holding down the balloons AND the table cloths.  

Our party favors were these little cowboy hats and...

Trail Mix from Target for the parents.  :)

You guys when Ebby Lee turned one-I remember making decorations a month or two before in preparation.  I've changed a lot since that party.  ha!  I Amazon Primed western decorations to our house the week before Thanksgiving, ordered the food while in Missouri, and on Saturday (one day before the party) the kiddos and I ordered his cupcake cake from our local grocery store.  There were cupcakes underneath but they iced it like a cake.

And it turned out pretty cute!  

I think the jail was the only spot open for them to go inside, but they didn't seem to mind.

When we got everything finished, I let my party decorators take a break.  :)

These cuties showed up and we waited for the guests to arrive.  Ebby Lee didn't get the plaid memo.  ;)

He's FIVE!

The guests all parked in a parking lot closer to the road and this trailer brought they back to the party wagon-ride-style.


Blurry because now that this girl is walking-she is always on the move!

These guys had one job...the pinata.  #andtheytotallycamethrough

This crew of five is a force to be reckoned guys know Ashby, those cute girls-Hadley and Layton- are in Bowen's preschool class and they're also friends from the gym, and Urban (on the right) is a friend who lives in our neighborhood, which means watch out kindergarten!  haha!

The kiddos rode ponies and to be honest seemed to have fun in the wide open spaces.  :)

We got a bbq dinner from Hutchin's BBQ because #western party.  It just needed brisket.  Right?

These two cuties were happy to smile for my picture.

Do they look like trouble or is it just me?  ;)

Bowen thinks Macsen is pretty stinkin' funny.  #andidotoo

Miss Britt enjoyed all the loving she got from G.
Our crew on B's special party day!

And one with the grandparents.  :)

After dinner it was PINATA time!

Everyone had a turn and then this...

Please note the big kids...totally understanding how this works.

Don't worry...we made them share.

So thankful for this crew who came out to celebrate Bowen!

We sang, Happy Birthday, all enjoyed a cupcake and then called it a night!

He was a fan. :)

We sent all the kiddos off with balloons and Britt was stoked about hers.

While we waited for the wagon ride to pick everyone up, this guy opened presents.

Seriously, a big ole' THANK YOU to everyone who came out to celebrate!  Bowen told me it was his BEST PARTY EVER and considering he's had approximately five...that's saying something.  ;)