Friday Favorites


I've enjoyed partnering with Narci and Andrea all year long to bring you Friday Favorites.  :)  We're looking forward to continuing in 2017.

I'm going to make it short and sweet today.  I joined Tab for his bowl game trip and we're in Jacksonville, Florida, enjoying some kid free time.  You can follow along with us @slaughteren on Instagram.

I'm praying 2017 is a great one for each and every one of you!  See you back here in 2017!  

Year-In-Review 2016

I love taking a look back at our year and sharing it with you.

Nixon started basketball in our church's Upward Basketball League (and I somehow missed the memo about wearing a t-shirt under your jersey!).  #oops

I set some goals for myself in 2016 and did my best to rock them.  My word for the year was "BETTER".  I just wanted to be BETTER at all my roles....wife, mom, laundry-doer, you name it- my goal was to do it better than 2015.

And Ebby Lee, Kensington, and Molly hula hooped in the school talent show.  I thought my heart might burst. These girls were adorable and had the whole crowd cheering.

We put the finishing touches on our new dining room and checked that room of our list.  #anditfeltgood

The big kids celebrated the 100th Day of School...Ebby Lee by gluing one hundred pom poms to her shirt and Nixon by dressing like a one hundred year old man.  :)

And we danced the night away at the elementary school valentine dance.  By "danced the night away", I mean the girls, Smith, and Bowen danced while Nixon kept mentioning how awkward the whole thing was.  haha!  #hegetsitfromhismama

The first week of March we set sail with the Shull crew on a Disney cruise.

At the end of the month, Tab and I headed out to Park City, Utah, for a work trip.  I attempted to ski for the first time.  Attempted is the key word there.  :)

We celebrated this sweet girl turning 7 with a fun painting party complete with all the paint, lots of sweet girly giggles, and all kinds of fun.

And just a few short days later, Nixon turned 6!  He's my easy kid when it comes to parties and gifts.  He chose a bowling party with a few of his friends.

And Shay and I ended the month big with a girl's trip to New York City!  It was everything a girl's trip should be and more!

The kiddos spoiled me rotten on Mother's Day.  Ebby Lee's class pulled out all the stops making us mamas feel special with a cute little tea in their classroom.

We celebrated Memorial Day with a weekend full of friends and family.  A birthday party, a new baby, and a backyard party just to name a few.

The Slaughter family headed south to Mexico for a week of fun in the sun!  (And no cooking for me!)

A slew of our Missouri family came to visit.  We managed to fit in everything from water parks to Lego Land and everything in between.

We started our Independence Day with a hometown parade with lots of friends and ended it with lots of swimming and burgers on the grill.

And the big kids spent a week of tennis camp in the morning and afternoons by the pool.  :)

We planned one last summer getaway to the J.W. Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and we managed to never leave the resort once!  We wore bathing suits practically 24/7 and were never more than three steps away from the lazy river.  #itwasthelife

Marla hosted a football themed birthday party for Tab complete with tailgating food, football party favors, AND face tatoos!

These two kicked off the new school year in second and first grade!

And we completed another room...the POWDER BATHROOM and checked it off our list. (And I decided to share a toilet on this blog for the second time in 2016!)

We had new front doors installed and loved the way it transformed the front of our house.

The crazies and I headed to the Texas State Fair to watch Tab ref the Oklahoma/Texas game.  The fair is one of our favorite things to do all year long!

We were all a bit shocked when Tab made it on ESPN by accidentally tackling a player.  Oops!

And for the first time in years we all dressed up for Halloween.

We all celebrated and packed our bags when Tab got a football game in New York.  We joined him for a trip to the city AND a trip to West Point.

This guy managed to go from a toddler to a big FOUR year-old over night.  He had his first big friend party and loved it!

For Thanksgiving we headed straight to Missouri to spend all the time with family and friends.

And we ended the month shocked and so proud of Ebby Lee and Kensington for singing in our church's Christmas performance.

We did our best to squeeze in as much Christmas fun as possible all month long.

Thank YOU for being a part of our year and for making it so special.  Here's to a great 2017!  XOXO

Most Popular Posts of 2016

Can you BELIEVE we have just THREE days left in 2016?

This is how I'm feeling about it...
2016 has FLOWN by!

This little space on the internet where I share "a little bit of everything" I try my best to keep upbeat, encouraging, and full of light-hearted fun.  But it wouldn't be the same without all of YOU.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for commenting, e-mailing, and messaging me.  And THANK YOU for reading.  XOXO

Today, I'm counting down the Most Popular Blog Posts over here in my little space in 2016...

#5 Slaughters in Mexico

The Slaughter family traded in our Florida beach trip for a Mexican vacation this year.  From dolphins to sand to tacos by the pool we had a BLAST!  I shared it all in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

I shared our house all decorated for Christmas.

#3 New York City Fall Trip with the Family

The kiddos and I packed up and headed to New York City with Tab for a trip to the Big Apple and a West Point football game.  I shared the family fun in Part 1Part 2, and Questions Answered.

#2 New York City Spring Trip with Shay

Earlier this year, I accompanied Shay on her first trip to the Today show and my first trip to New York City!  We did all the girly things you can imagine and I shared it in Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.

#1 Spring Break Disney Cruise

For Spring Break this year, we packed up and headed south for a Disney Cruise with the Shull family.  It was five days full of fun in the sun.  We can't wait to go back!  I shared it all in Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and You Asked.

Today just confirmed that YOU ARE MY PEOPLE.  Your favorites are Christmas and travel.  How can anyone argue with THAT?  Again, THANK YOU for enjoying this space with me.  See you tomorrow!  XO

Christmas Week Recap

This picture makes me laugh.  I look like a mix between Aunt Edna and Cousin Eddie.  HAHAHA!

See the resemblance?  ha!

When we decided we'd stay here in Texas for Christmas, I made sure to plan some fun, festive things for us to do the week leading up to Christmas.

Our first night of fun was a carriage ride in Highland Park with the Shull family.  They have carriages that seat six up to fifteen.  We opted for the twelve passenger carriage and had plenty of room.

 Kind of hard to see, but three cute girls sat in front.

This was the view from behind me.

I sat beside this guy.  And #photobombbyandrew

The weather was absolutely perfect AND the houses were gorgeous.

 We had so much fun and I'd definitely recommend this to anyone!

Wednesday night, we had our neighbors over for dinner.  Marla showed up in almost the same shirt I was wearing!  We laughed and laughed! 

You guys know I'm trying my best to get on the dog train, but I'm just not there yet.  We went to Tab's mom's house on Thursday for a little get together with all the cousins.  This dog was sitting on the couch next to me.  I grabbed my phone to take a picture and the dog turned and looked at me.  EEK!  We were all laughing so hard!

Seven grand kids around the kitchen table.

The girls did a little shopping on Friday before we left.  She was channeling her inner-Cindy Lou with this headband.  Right?

Christmas Eve...we started a new family tradition!  We headed to our church's Christmas Eve service and then had dinner out before looking at Christmas lights.

We quickly got pajamas on and Nixon insisted on setting out broccoli and carrots for the reindeer.  Those pesky reindeer forgot to eat those!  EEK!

Tab and I were up for hours getting everything assembled.  Being an elf is TOUGH!  When we headed to bed, we just happened to see Santa was in Cape Girardeau (the town in Missouri where lots of my family lives).

Sunday morning, Santa came through in big ways.  We had three super excited kiddos!

Bowen got a Power Wheel truck and was dying to try it out!

We headed to Tab's dad's house later that evening and Bowen told us he'd just follow us there in his truck.  The crazy part is...HE WAS SERIOUS!  hahaha!

We finally got out of our pajamas around 3:30 and got ready to head to M's house.  These mermaid/shark tale blankets were a hit!

And Marla had a custom bobble head made for Tab and then painted his outfit to look exactly like his official's uniform.  

And that's a wrap!

Our family had a great week celebrating Jesus' birth, spending time with family, and enjoying some free time.  I hope you had a Merry Christmas as well.  XO