What's Up Wednesday

 I'm joining MelShay, and Sheaffer for their What's Up Wednesday link-up!

What we're eating this week:
Monday-Andrea's Pulled Pork-we ate the pork on a salad with veggies.
Tuesday-BBQ Apple Chicken-served it open-faced with sauteed onions.
Wednesday-Loaded Chili-found in Shay's new cookbook, Eats. (You can pre-order her book on Amazon now.)
Thursday-All the leftovers!!  Thursdays are our crazy nights.
Friday-We'll be eating out!

What I'm Reminiscing About:
Nixon and I at Tab's first football game of the season last year.  Nixon and I are headed to his first game again this year.  We'll cheer him on, enjoy some football, and take down some popcorn and pretzels.  #nixonsgamefoodofchoice

What I'm Loving:
I'm loving that we had everyone in our house had a great first week at school.

What We've Been Up To:
The fall activities are beginning!  Nixon is playing flag football this season.  So far, it's TOUGH, but he's loving it!  Ebby Lee has started dance and Bowen is so ready to go back to preschool.  Getting back into the swing of it over here.

This weekend we invited the Shulls over for dinner and then we hit up the lake via the paddle board and the canoe.  I must say my balance is definitely improving.  Before you know it, I'll be doing handstands on that board.  haha!  Totally kidding.  The kids all wanted to canoe and the guys both hopped in so that left Shay and I paddle boarding.  We went out to find them and when they started paddling toward us, we got nervous and headed straight back to shore!  It was getting dark and the water was a bit creepy.  

What I'm Dreading:

The weather...bring on the FALL!!!

What I'm Working On:
I've been busy working on Disney World and Disney Cruise vacations for clients.  If you'd like help planning your next vacation e-mail Shay at mixandmatchtravelagency@yahoo.com.  We'd love to help!  And...we just opened up for Caribbean, Hawaiian, and Alaskan cruises.  Shoot us an e-mail if you'd like to learn more.

What I'm Excited About:
This has been happening around our house this week.  Because you know what you have to do when you buy a house built in 1998?  You have to replace all the ac units about a year after moving in.  Wait...or is that just us?  BOO!  We knew we'd eventually have to replace them all, but we didn't know it'd be this soon.  The upstairs unit went out last Sunday night (the night before the first day back!) so after much deliberation we decided to just do it!  This sounds like a weird thing to be excited about BUT I'm excited about not having any air conditioning troubles for a long time!

What I'm watching/reading:
Big Brother
You guys are passionate about your Big Brother.  You are my people!  :)
*Victor is BACK in the house.  WHHATT??  I feel like that guy deserves to win because they can't keep him out!
*I have mixed feelings about Nicole.  I love her, but she's not the best at the competitions.  Good for her for winning that HOH though!

I shared some of my latest books last week here.

These two are on my nightstand right now. :)

What I'm Listening To:
We listen to a lot of Kidz Bop and Disney music around here.  They want something upbeat they can sing along to, so those two usually fit the bill.

What I'm Wearing:
I shared some new fall favorites on Monday. 

What I'm Doing This Weekend:
I'll be watching the guy in the stripes on the right do his thing this weekend.  :)

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month:
This guys starts back to preschool.  I never thought much about it before, but when my other two were home they ALWAYS had someone else at home to play with.  This guy is so ready to be around his friends at preschool.  

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Happy Wednesday!  XOXO

One Room at a Time-Powder Bathroom Edition

*First up, the winner of the Sugar Bit gift card is JULIE CONNELLY!  We're e-mailing you ASAP!  :)

We moved into our current house last summer.  It was built in 1998 and pretty much my list of to-do's touches almost everything in the house.  But...we loved the layout, the yard, the location, AND I think in a weird way we like renovating.  Remind me of that when I'm in the middle of a mess.  :)

I shared our finished dining room here with some before/afters.

This next room is a weird one to share, but I'm sharing it.  :)

I never took a picture of our front bathroom when we moved in.  It was just a powder bathroom...old wallpaper, vanity sink, toilet, mirror, and a boring light fixture.  I wanted the space to be a little fun and I think it's a space that can also be a little funky.  

We added a little fun to the space.  Right?  ha!

We took the old wallpaper down and I found this cute metallic geometric wallpaper.  It's a dark grey that in the right light can even be a little blue.

My family came to visit this summer and my cousin kept talking about this canvas she wanted to get to add to her powder bathroom.  My cousin's walls are a tan with a geometric design.  Anyway, at first glance I thought she was crazy putting this wild canvas in her cute bathroom.  But the more and more I looked at it, the more I fell in love.  ha!  You know that feeling of "there's only one shirt left and someone else is looking at it"-It's like you HAVE to have it?  Do you guys know what I'm talking about?  There was only one colorful cow canvas left in the store, so my cousin bought it while I scrambled to order one online.  I'm so glad I did.  I think it adds the right touch of fun to the bathroom.

We had all brass hardware and we changed it all out for chrome.

I found this fun mirror that fit the space perfectly.  The sink is crazy close to the wall so the mirror needed to be pretty tall and thin.

 I might have been taking these pictures around 5:00 a.m. when I didn't need one tiny bit of me to be seen in that mirror.  Trust me on that!

I found the mirror at the I.O. Metro Outlet in Fairview.  That place is super hit or miss, but on this particular day I scored.

I ordered a small chandelier from Lamps Plus to tie in all the chrome and add just a bit more fun to this space.

So that's two rooms down.  How many to go?  haha!  #whoiscounting

Thanks for stopping by!  XOXO

Let's Talk-Fall Favorites

Happy Monday!  Week two of back to school is when it all gets real.  Right?  That first week is SO MUCH FUN I found myself ironing cargo shorts-I'm NOT even kidding.  This week not so much.  :)

Today, Andrea and I are chatting about FALL!

I kind of spilled the beans and shared a ton of my fall favorites a couple weeks ago.  #oops  The good news for you is I did a little FALL shopping and thought I'd share the goodies with you.  I found some CUTE stuff!

I must say that I thought I'd ordered a FEW things.  I was stashing the boxes in my closet until I had time to take pictures of everything.  Well, when I started gathering all the clothes I had a LOT of goodies in my closet.

*Also I finally got a floor length mirror.  The mirror was heavy and I only got it to the front room.  ha!  I need my muscles (Tab) to carry it back to our bedroom.  :)

White Top: Here
Jeans:  Here (mine are a darker version)
Booties:  Here

I LOVED this top!  I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did, but the see-through parts hit my stomach at the jeans.  So you could see nothing-if you know what I mean.

Top:  Here
Distressed Jeans:  Here (mine are a darker version)
Booties:  Here
Black Jeans:  Here
Flats:  Here

This top was another one a little "outside my box" but it SCREAMED fall to me online.  I love the colors!

Top:  Here
Shorts:  Similar here.

I sized up in this plaid top.  I'm super lazy when it comes to laundry and we either dry clean or we wash/dry.  When it comes to plaid shirts, they tend to shrink a bit and get WAY to short for my long torso.  I sized up with the hopes that won't happen.

Top:  Here
Cami:  Here
Shorts:  Similar here.
Wedges:  Here

I thought this top was fun and a perfect transition from summer to fall type of top. You definitely need a camisole.  If you're crazy long waisted, you could size up with the length in mind.

Blazer:  Here
Cami:  Here
Jeans:  Here (mine are a darker version)
Flats:  Here

I ALWAYS want to try to pull off a blazer when I see pictures.  Seriously, I daydream about pulling them off, but I just can't do it.  This "boyfriend" style blazer was super comfy, but it just isn't me.

Sweater: Here
Cami:  Here
Jeans:  Here (mine are a darker version)

I was a HUGE fan of this sweater.  It was super lightweight.  I'm thinking wear it (HOPEFULLY) in the next couple months and layer up in the winter.

Top:  Here

This mustard color with my military jacket is going to be CUTE this fall.  

Top:  Here
Cami:  Here
Jeans:  Here (mine are a darker version)
Flats:  Here

This lush top comes in many colors and it's a great price.  Because I'm long waisted, I need a cami, but I don't think everyone will.

Top:  **RESTOCKED** Here
Jeans:  Here (mine are a darker version)

I love a cute football tee-shirt.  :)

Top: Here
Jeans:  Here (mine are a darker version)

My hair is covering the spaghetti straps, but I really liked this.  I find myself always grabbing the same thing for girl's night or date night.  This top will deliver on both of those occasions!

Top:  Here
Cami:  Here
Jeans:  Here (mine are a darker version)

Another GREAT transition top...it's super light.  You need a camisole, but we can throw on a scarf or jacket when the temperatures begin to drop.

Jeans:  Here (mine are a darker version)

Can you tell the difference in these vests?  No?  Me neither.
I bought one from Altar'd State because it was SCREAMING, "THANKSGIVING", when I saw it in the store, but a week later Amy from KenLeeCait surprised me with almost the EXACT one in the mail.  (THANK YOU, AMY!!)  And KenLeeCait's version is HALF-PRICE!!  WAHOO!  Check it out! 

 Sweater:  Similar here.  Mine is sold out.
Cami:  Here
Jeans:  Here (mine are a darker version)
Flats:  Here

I've been seeing some cute stuff from Billabong and finally decided to give this sweater a try.  I'm SO glad I did.  Super comfy but still giving off the pulled together vibe.  :)

Stripe Top:  Similar here.  Mine is sold out.
Vest:  Here
Jeans:  Here (mine are a darker version)

The kiddos surprised me with this puffer vest for my birthday with Tab's help and this striped top I ordered looks so cute with it.

Sweater:  Here
Cami:  Here
Jeans:  Here (mine are a darker version)

The slit in this sweater makes it a little more fun!

Top:  Here
Cami:  Here
Jeans:  Here (mine are a darker version)
Flats:  Here

Again, I sized up in this top to keep the length all season long.

Whew!  I hope I inspired you a bit with your FALL wardrobe!  Ready or not, fall is on the way!

You should join us next month when we're chatting entertainment!  XOXO

Friday Favorites

It's FRIDAY!  We survived our first week back to school over here and are TIRED!  During school I try to get up early to get some work done before the kiddos are even up.  My body has been a little out of that practice due to summer and I'm struggling today.

Just like every Friday, I've teamed up with Narci and Andrea to share my Friday Favorites.

This week I kept a running list of FAVORITE things on my phone and I'm sharing them with you today.

This is a FAVORITE on so many levels!  One of my FAVORITE girls is releasing her THIRD cookbook on October 1st.  You can head over to Amazon and pre-order your cookbook now.  This cookbook is broken up into months so there are SIMPLE recipes for each month...another FAVORITE!  The pictures are gorgeous and the recipes will make you want to cook every night!

I've been a big fan of these Circle E Candles for years, but just this week I had one that stopped burning.  It wouldn't stay lit and I was bummed.  It had a LOT more burning to do so I called just to see what they'd say.  THEY SENT ME A NEW ONE!  A FAVORITE when one of my FAVORITE companies pulls through on the customer service side.  I was so appreciative!

I shared my very FAVORITE book, Same Kind of Different as Me, a while back.  I recently saw on Facebook that it's becoming a movie!  If you're an "I-should-read-the-book-before-the-movie-comes-out" kind of girl...now is your time!

My FAVORITE view on a Saturday morning...sitting on the bar drinking my coffee while Tab cooks us breakfast.

Speaking of Tab, my sweet husband brought me back these Strawberry Yogurt Pretzels from his business trip.  He said that after two days of back to school riding solo I deserved them.  :)  He's my FAVORITE.

I started this Seamless bible study back in the summer and I knew I had to add it to my FAVORITES list today.  One day in the spring, I had three different girls randomly mention this study.  I didn't think it was an accident.  :)  This study relates all the big events that happen in the bible and shows how they're all related.  I personally think this study would be great for old or new Christians alike.  I think everyone could learn something.  It's a 7-week video series.  I've been downloading the video sessions from Lifeway.  If you're on the look out for a new study, I highly recommend it.

I shared my big kiddos' First Day of School yesterday. 

I forgot to add this note...
Bowen had randomly taken this Taylor Swift pendant to the neighbor's house.  They decided to leave a note from Taylor Swift herself wishing them a "Happy First Day of School".  A FAVORITE for sure!  

We went bowling with the Shull crew on Friday night.  Yummy food, great friends, and WINNING are all my FAVORITES!

Check out those scores!!  ;)

I hope you experienced some FAVORITES yourself this week!  Here's to a weekend full of FAVES!  Happy Friday!  XOXO

First Day of School

On Monday in our town you could hear a mixture of moms crying about sending their babies off to school and the other half were celebrating and shouting, "WAHOO!".  School was officially back in session!

We had backpacks packed, lunches made, clothes laid out, and were ready for the first day.  These two were excited about getting back to school, seeing their old friends, and getting to know their teachers.

Ebby Lee is in second grade.  Nixon is in first grade, and Bowen will head back to preschool a couple days a week soon.

And because we need some side-by-sides...

Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade

Apparently we love a denim vest on the first day.  :)  Mamas out there with girls who own a lot of strappy dresses.  It's the best way to make those dresses school appropriate.  My tip for today.  

Kindergarten-First Grade

And Nixon's first day look seems to be sponsored by Under Armour. 

Nixon on his walk into first grade.  He has such a fun, big personality but he's a home body and prefers to be with us or grown-ups he knows well.  He was a little nervous, but is loving his teacher!  Off to a great start!

And Ebby Lee was off before I had a second to take her picture.  She's in second grade now which in her world means LOCKERS.  Wahoo!   She is loving second grade so far and is already working on her first homework project.  Successful start!  :)

After drop off, Bowen and I headed straight to breakfast to meet some other friends/mamas.  And because apparently, I'm into the side-by-sides today.  Bowen and Ashby last year versus this year.

I enjoyed my breakfast and catching up with these ladies.

Our tradition has been that I decorate the door with crepe paper streamers, a banner, just whatever I can get my hands on or already have on hand for the first day of school.  As we were pulling into our neighborhood on the first day, Ebby Lee said, "AH!  I can't wait to see the door."  I FROZE!  I had FORGOTTEN to decorate it!!  You GUYS!  I warned her up front that I'd totally forgotten and promised to make afternoon number two special.  #momfail

The first day did include them arriving to these HOMEMADE chocolate chip cookies.  I think that was my FIRST time to ever make homemade cookies.  I'm not even kidding.  They morphed into a big pile, but tasted delicious so we didn't mind one bit.

Tab left that day for a business trip, so we did homework, vegged out, and then went out for dinner.  We had some yummy Italian food.  Because pasta and cheese make the first day even better.  :)

Our booth was the wild one!

We ended the night with showers, a book, and lots of first day stories.

Day two this was the scene....balloons, streamers, and pinwheels!

I ran into the store to grab some balloons and they had four inflated balloons-You Rock, Congrats, Get Well, and something super baby-I can't remember.  So I grabbed the other three and we decorated.  When Ebby Lee saw them she said, "Why does one balloon say, 'Get Well'?".  I explained the situation and told her since Bowen can't read that's his.  She thought it was HILARIOUS!

And because the second day of school needs a silly string fight-we HAD one!

Our neighbors stopped by and we all got in on the action.





On another note, Tab is a little particular about the yard.  He got back from his business trip late last night and I'm expecting him to notice the bits of silly string still in the yard.  EEK!  I'm going to send him straight to these pictures so he sees those bits of neon pink and yellow in the grass were TOTALLY worth it.  :)

We're ready for a GREAT school year!  XOXO