Questions Answered

 I'm answering any and all things vacation today!

I've tried to keep track of any questions I've gotten via blog or Instagram and am answering them all.

I got asked a lot about our clothes...
Ebby Lee's hat:  This is Ebby Lee's hat, but only navy is in stock now.
Ebby Lee's cover-up:  Exact here (33% off).

Nixon's swim shorts:  Exact here.

Bowen's swim shorts:  Gap Outlet
Bowen's swim shirt:  Gap Outlet

Tab's swim shorts:  Similar here. 

Erika's sunglasses:  Exact here.
Erika's Tassel Shorts:  These are from Altar'd State last year.

Ebby Lee's Dress:  Sold out, but this is the brand.  Dillard's has this cute brand and they have lots of goodies on sale.
Ebby Lee's Shoes:  Exact here.

Erika's Dress:  Exact here (40% off).
Erika's Wedges:  Exact here.

Nixon's Shirt:  Exact here.
Nixon's Shorts: Exact here.
Nixon's Shoes:  Exact here.

Bowen's Shirt:  Exact here.
Bowen's Shorts:  Shorts are old from last year.
Bowen's Shoes:  Exact here.

Erika's Dress:  Exact dress here.
Erika's Earrings:  Exact here.

Ebby Lee's dress is sold out too, but it's from that same brand.

Bowen and Nixon's suits came from Gymboree outlet.  

Ebby Lee's suit:  Here

Where did you stay?

What were your favorite things at the resort?
The entertainment at our resort was fabulous!  The activities at the pool were awesome and the beach and pool area were perfect!

Would you stay there again?
We're already thinking about our next visit to Mexico, so hands down we loved the location.  Next time we'll probably try a different resort.  Not because we didn't like ours, but because there are SO MANY resorts we'd like to give another one a try as well.  Any great family recommendations are wanted!!  :)

If you missed any recaps...

Where did you swim with the dolphins?
Our resort had this dolphin encounter attached.  We just went down to the ground level to sign up.  Easy!

How are the hermit crabs?
Currently, we still have four Meixcan crabs in hiding around our house. (ha!  YES, we still haven't found them.)  We have one Mexican crab that's been found and three purchased crabs in the cage.

Thanks for stopping by today!  See you tomorrow!  XO

What's Up Wednesday

 I'm joining MelShay, and Sheaffer for their What's Up Wednesday link-up!

What we're eating this week:

My family is in town this week so I've had our food planned down to the snack almost.  ha!

Monday:  Hard Eights BBQ fed us all!
Tuesday:  We're taking family pictures and will be eating something quick from home before heading out.  (sandwiches, leftovers, etc.)
Wednesday:  We're going out for delicious Mexican food before they head home on Thursday.
Thursday:  Tab's taking off work early to meet us to swim, so we'll probably eat out somewhere quick.
Friday:  We'll be throwing something on the grill.

What I'm Reminiscing About:

I'm remembering last year when we visited our Missouri family on their turf.

What I'm Loving:

Laid back bed times, no schedule, and all the pool time!

What We've Been Up To:

We just got back from our summer vacation to Mexico.  If you missed it...

What I'm Dreading:

What I'm Working On:
I'm still working on completing another room, but let's be real-it's summer!!  There's not a lot of searching going on around here.

What I'm Excited About:
The Fourth of July!!  Our town has the cutest little Independence Day parade.  We follow it up with swimming and fireworks.  Love this tradition!

What I'm watching/reading:

You guys know I'm watching Big Brother!  I've been asked to be "The Sheaffer" of Big Brother.  Maybe next year?  I can't make any promises though.  I'm gonna have to work on my jokes all year long before I'll even be close to ready.  haha!  #icantpromiseanything

I'm loving this book right now!!

What I'm Listening To:

I have to share this story!  At our resort in Mexico, there was an entertainment staff of four people who kept a party going on at all times.  Every day at noon they had a little aqua aerobics.  I always participated...1. To get my lazy self moving. 2. It was just fun!

Everyday they played the same music and by the end of the week-all five of us were humming/dancing along.  There was one song in particular that was in SPANISH we loved.  haha!  I videoed a tiny little clip one day of the group doing our moves.  When we got home, we all kept trying to remember the music.  I downloaded that Shazam app on Tab's phone, held my phone playing the video up to his phone, and it pulled up the song!!  Can you believe that?  Technology blows my mind.

I should add that I have NO clue what the words are really saying in English.  It could be something awful, but it has a great beat!

I found the video on YouTube.  Don't pay attention to the video, but listen to the music.  :)

What I'm Wearing:
ALL swimsuits ALL the time!

What I'm Doing This Weekend:
Celebrating the 4th of July...lots of pool time, for sure.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month:
A month full of no schedules before school starts up again.  :)

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Happy Wednesday!  XOXO

Slaughters in Mexico-Swimming with Dolphins

I shared Part 1 and Part 2 of our summer vacation last week.  I promised to share our dolphin encounter with you.  I finally got around to getting the pictures off the disk, so I'm ready to share!

On Sunday of our trip, we made reservations to swim with the dolphins and I'm using the term "swim" very loosely.  :)

*Be prepared for picture overload!!

We got the party started with kayak rides around this little canal.

The dolphin instructor was also in a kayak and she was showing us what hand signals to do to make the dolphins perform little tricks.

Nixon and I were in a kayak too, but they wouldn't allow phones in the water area.

The picture is real life-they were REALLY nervous at this moment.  haha!  

Then we all got in the water on a little platform and waited to do some tricks with the dolphins.  Tab was up first...
The pictures make it look super quick, but the instructor was so nice.  She took her time with everyone.

Bowen was up and oh my word...
 You guys!!  His little eyes are closed!  Holy sweetness!  

He was up second and he was a champ!  Seriously, he was all about that dolphin.

 See what I mean?  He was LOVING it!

This guy rocked his little encounter.  :)

 I think "the kiss" is an optical illusion on this one.  #andidontblamehim  #waitformykissingpic

Nixon did great, but he was definitely a little more reserved.

 I wanted this to be MY picture.  haha!

I told the instructor this one with Nix could count for me.  She didn't buy it.  :)

"Okay, that's close enough, dolphin"-doesn't that look like what he's thinking?

This cracks me up...clearly, Ebby Lee didn't get the "look at the photographer" memo. 

She was a fan instantly.

On the kissing picture, the photographer kept WAITING for us to lock lips.  ha!  I finally told him that's the best I could do.

The dolphins showed off a little bit.

We were SUPER impressed!  And then our little encounter was over.  I thought it was WAY more fun than I was envisioning and longer too.

If you guys have the opportunity to do this sometime, I highly recommend it!  The Slaughters give it five thumbs up!  :)

Last call on vacation questions!!  I'm answering them all on Thursday.  Just leave a comment if you have any thing specific you'd like me to answer.  

Have a GREAT day! XOXO

Let's Talk-Red, White, and Blue

Happy Monday!  Today, Andrea and I are chit chatting about all things RED, WHITE, and BLUE!

Every month we meet up here on the last Monday of the month and chit chat about things.  Here's a list of the upcoming topics...

I used to be all about some holiday decorating but to be honest this new house (even though I've lived here a year-I'm still calling it new! ha!) has me busy focused on just everyday decorating.  And the updating.  Oh my!  My list overwhelms Tab.  :)

Anyway, to change it up a bit today I'm sharing some RED, WHITE, and BLUE moments...

Red makes me think of being embarrassed because in only about 1.2 seconds my skin can go from flesh-toned to a bright shade of red.  I will NEVER forget this moment in sixth grade.  The entire class was sitting in their desks.  The teacher had just turned on a movie-something "science" related, I'm sure-you know to make it "school-approved".
It looked JUST like this. :)
  I asked to go to the bathroom and had to walk in front of all the desks and tv to get to the door.  I somehow tripped on the television cord and remember FLYING up through the air, landing on my knees, hopping up, and running to the restroom.  Because of the tv, I knew EVERYONE had just saw it happen.  I'll never forget that moment.

I kind of struggled with this one, because white-what real life story can go with that??  But I'm sharing a SCARY story.  White as a ghost...get it? :)

In 2012, we took a family beach trip (with Tab's family) to Destin, Florida.  We stayed in a condo right on the beach.  Our condo was AMAZING.  Super nice!  It was very long...the door to the condo had nice long hallway before getting to the living room/kitchen area where everyone hung out.  And it had a door handle that you just needed to pull down and the door would pop right open.  I also had two very small children who thought elevators were super cool.

Me and my people-Nixon 2, Ebby Lee-3

We were in the condo getting ready for dinner and I remember asking where the kids were.  They'd been playing hide-and-seek so we thought they were hiding.  After looking in a super calm manner, we all started getting panicked.  They were NOT in the condo.  Then we remembered the ELEVATORS!  The condo building was small-only five floors, but the bottom floor opened to the parking garage! All the adults were running, screaming, and losing our minds to find the kids!  I remember my pregnant self running down the stairs crying as we searched.  Finally-after what seemed like FOREVER but was probably more like two minutes, I heard my brother-in-law yell up that he found them get off one of the elevators.  Hallelujah!!  I'm not sure I've ever been more scared in my life. 

Technically, I should probably share a sad story, but I can't end on a negative note.  When I think blue, I also think relaxing and calm.  What's better than a day at the spa or let's be real-even an hour at the spa?  Right?

On our vacation last week, I scheduled a facial at the resort spa.  There's not much better than a facial in my opinion.

AHHH!!!  Can't you just hear the fountain sounds by looking at the picture?

I remember my first facial ever.  The aesthetician told me that she'd love for me to come in once a month for a facial.  Once a month?  Who has that kind of time?

This made me laugh!!!  So true, right?

The spa is amazing, but as a mom my favorite (and more realistic) way to relax is a bath at the end of the day.  When the kids are in bed, I grab a book and take a bath.  Works every time.  

What's your favorite way to relax?  Tonight, will be a little Bachelorette with some snoring kids in the bedrooms.  #ihope

And if you have a story about losing your kids, please share!  It'll make me feel WAY better about myself.

I hope you guys enjoyed my version of our Red, White, and Blue chat.  Thanks for stopping by! XOXO

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Whew!  That first week back after vacation is exhausting.  How did we have so much dirty laundry?  I'm thinking...

Right?  :)

I'm getting back to real-life and joining my girls, Narci and Andrea, for our Friday Favorites!

I'm sharing some random, everyday life pre-vacation goodness...

This picture.  Melt my heart.  Ebby Lee and Kensington in church.  All the heart emojis, right?  One of my new FAVORITE pictures.

Sweet Baby Josie and her sister live across the street and they're everyone's FAVORITES at our house.

 My FAVORITE jazz dancers and their final poses.

 My favorite six-year-old guy and I played a little baseball last week when Tab was out of town.  Nix was so patient with me.  We laughed and laughed at how horrible I was at pitching.  I ONLY hit him a couple times.  AAHHH!!  Nights like this are my FAVORITE.  

See?  Baby Josie is a FAVORITE around these parts.

The week before vacation Tab was gone all week for work.  Then he had a college football clinic in Dallas the entire weekend, so the kiddos and I decided to join him!  I looked up at one point and was the only female (and Ebby Lee) in the entire room.  We swam in the hotel pool all day Saturday and enjoyed getting to hang with other football officials and their families.  A FAVORITE little weekend getaway.

 I told the kiddos to pack a bag with toys, books, etc.  Knowing we'd be in the hotel all weekend, I wanted them to have plenty to keep them busy.  I never thought to double check their bags, but when we got to the hotel and I saw the contents of Bowen's suitcase I couldn't stop laughing!  A FAVORITE for sure!  #theessentials  

I posted this on Instagram and a couple of you commented that he totally gets it from me.  Remember my "What's In My Bag" post.  hahaha!  SO true!

On Saturday night the crews all split up and go out to dinner on their own.  Tab's crew went to The Ranch in Las Colinas and it was yummy!  I'm not a mac and cheese girl, but I stole a bite of Nixon's and YUM!  Nixon's FAVORITE, no doubt.

And this!!!!  Big Brother!  Who's watching with me?  This show just makes it feel like summer.
*I'm SO glad James is back!  #teamjames
*Love they're playing in teams to change it up!
*I would be horrible at any challenge because I'd be so nervous!
*I'm still surprised Vanessa's sister hasn't told everyone who she is.  It's SO obvious, right?
What team are you on??

We have a fun week ahead-lots of family are arriving tomorrow to visit for a few days!  Looking forward to seeing them.  Hope you guys have a great weekend!