WHOA!  I am STRUGGLING today!  The Slaughters took FULL advantage of this holiday weekend.  We stayed up way too late every night and I'm paying for it today.  The one thing that gets me up and going though is this...
A SALE!!!  Who doesn't love a good deal, right?

I must tell you I worked on the majority of this post over the weekend so if things are out of stock-I'm so sorry.

I rounded up a few of my favorite things on sale right now...

All these shoes are at GREAT prices!

And my Lush dress is on sale in eight different colors for under $30.00.  I talk about that dress a lot so if you've been on the fence...now is the time.
These Converse in Ambient Blue are cute and way on sale.  #winwin

Ebby Lee and I snuck out for pedicures this weekend and I heard the lady sitting next to me say that she might be the only person who doesn't own a pair of Converse.  :)  I wish I could let her know these cute blue ones are on sale now.  ha!

This yellow tank I'm wearing is on sale now for under $24!  It's super comfy.  It has that burnt-out look a bit so I always wear a tank underneath. 

I have a girlfriend who has this dress and it's adorable!  It'd be perfect for an upcoming wedding or event.  So cute!

I have this top in the bright yellow.  I wore mine with black jeans and my favorite denim jacket.  Loved the combo!  I would have taken a picture for you, but it's at the dry cleaners. I'm no good at hand-washing or making sure things get delicately washed so I leave it to the professionals.  :)

If you're looking for a great black summer shoe, this is a great price!

And I checked out J.Crew Factory last week and found this gem.  I think rompers are so cute, but I'm really long waisted.  They usually don't work out for me.  This one is a cami though so the straps are adjustable. **I should have added-I got the romper and loved it!**

If you missed our summer plans yesterday, you can check out the summer line-up here.

I'll be back tomorrow recapping our weekend.  Happy Tuesday! 

Let's Talk...Summer Plans

First things first...

Happy Memorial Day!!

I'm so thankful for all the men and women who fought and died for our country.  We're celebrating those lives today.

Today, Andrea and I are chatting it up about our Summer Plans!  We want to hear what you're doing this summer as well, so blog it, link back, and add your blog to our link-up!

This is what the Slaughters have in store for SUMMER 2016...

*Gym days and pool days spent with these three.  (And Nixon's face STILL cracks me up!)

*Date nights with this guy.

*These cuties will go to tennis camp and odds are-it'll be HOT outside.

*We'll watch the 4th of July parade with friends and wear all our red, white, and blue.

*We'll sneak off to a movie or two to escape the Texas heat.

*I'll get sucked in to another season of Big Brother.  :)

*We'll celebrate some birthdays around our house.

 *We'll make some amazing memories at the pool.

 *We'll enjoy a summer getaway with our family of five.

*I'll have a blast getting to spend my days with all three of these people.

We're gearing up for a GREAT SUMMER!!

I hope you are as well.  Let's make it a great one, friends!  XOXO

Friday Favorites

Happy Happy Day!  The countdown is ON to summer vacation over here...only 3 days left next week!  And today there's NO SCHOOL because we had no bad weather days this year.  WAHOO!

I'm joining forces with my real-life friends and blogger friends too, Andrea and Narci, to share some favorites on a Friday.  :)

We'll be chatting on Monday about our plans for the summer.  Blog what you'll be up to this summer and join the link up!

 Sometimes I have to take a step back when I look at this girl.  One day this week Ebby Lee had picked the cutest outfit with a necklace that matched AND she fixed her own low messy bun.  She's sweet and caring and I'm oh, so glad she's mine.  Seriously....I have to take a deep breath sometimes.  She's turning into a really fun kid that gets jokes AND even makes her bed.  She's kind of awesome, so I needed to brag a minute. :)

I'm a BIG fan of those James Corden carpool segments.  If I scroll by one on FB, I have to watch!!  Do you guys watch those?

These two cuties had their very last day of preschool on Tuesday.  These lucky ducks got to be in the same class this year, so they had an absolute blast hanging out twice a week at school.

 A little comparison from September to May....his little baby cheeks are gone!!

But then this happened on Wednesday and I remembered how little he really is.  :)  He woke up from his nap and was fussing, so I held him on the couch where he snuggled up and went right back to sleep.  It was good for my mama heart.

Shopping with this kid is WAY different than shopping alone.  #wheresthekidleash

Have you guys tried these?  In the summer, my kids love a popsicle.  I'm not a popsicle girl, but I've discovered I AM a Greek Yogurt Bar girl!  I've tried these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars.  They're yummy!!  I've also tried another brand (but couldn't find a picture) of the Strawberry Greek Yogurt and again...delish!  Super refreshing when it's hot outside.  They have some protein so I pretend like I'm eating chicken breast on a stick-only these taste WAY better!

This was the line-up for the week in case you missed it...

Hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!!  See you Monday!  XOXO

Owning It

Everyone's favorite series is back today.  :)

I have a blogger and real-life friend here to share a little of her crazy with us.  Let me introduce you to Megan over at The Butlers' Quarters.  Megan and I met in BFG (Sunday School) years ago before either of us had any children.  Later, we were in a small group through our church with them so we met up every other week.  She's married to Austin and they have two handsome little boys, Baker and Fisher.  She shares her life, home, and family with us over on blog.  You'll have to check her out!  I'm so glad she's visiting us today!  You're going to love her.  Here's Megan...

1. I’m overly addicted to hand sanitizer.  If I pump gas, use a credit card machine to check out, or go through any drive thru (especially a pharmacy) then I MUST use sanitizer immediately. I thought this was normal? But when I asked people to help me define my crazy this was everyone’s first response…woops! I blame it on working in a doctor’s office.   

2. I hate kids’ playgrounds. So. Many. Germs. They are GROSS! But they are also a lifeline with young kids. I suck it up and let my kids go. But you guessed it: we sanitize after playing. For some reason in my head, indoor playgrounds are way worse than outdoor ones. Sunshine kills germs right? Let’s pretend like it does.

Thank you Chick-fil-a for providing these wipes! 

3. I ALWAYS have a reusable water bottle on me at all times. I might be overly obsessed. I carry it with me even to places that I know will have drinks! It's not always accessible and it's just easier if I can count on my own. I've taken a water bottle with me to weddings, parties, and various other dressy events. I just make it a fashion accessory and own it!

4. I have never gone to bed without taking off my makeup or brushing my teeth. I just can’t sleep if I don't do these things first. 

5. A few years ago, I read an article about how many germs there were on the back of your legs/feet after wearing flip flops out in public. Ewww gross! Since then, if I happen to wear flip flops in public then I have to wash my feet immediately when I get home. (see number 1)

6. Don’t even get me started on the rituals I use to clean my kitchen after I cook chicken. Everything needs to be thoroughly cleaned with bleach. I bag all the chicken trash and immediately take it out to the big outside can. I just can't stand the thought of raw chicken yuck in my trashcan. Any cutting boards, dishes or knives that touch chicken has to go straight into the dishwasher. Bonus tip: I always open the door to the dishwasher before I get my hands nasty so the handle doesn't need to be sanitized. And even though I don't wash any utensil in my sink, it has to be bleached, you know since I washed my hands in it. I don't even think this is overkill, it's a necessity. 

7. Speaking of poultry, I do not eat turkey. I noticed a pattern of getting deathly ill every Thanksgiving after eating turkey. So I decided I was allergic and stopped eating it. Austin and I got married on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. On the Wednesday before, my Mimi brought over chicken noodle soup and that evening I got super sick (think throw up everywhere). Well turns out she used turkey broth in the soup. The worst part is I had taken some red Theraflu before bed, and when I got sick in the middle of the night I was convinced I was dying. I mean wouldn’t you think that if you threw up red everywhere? Well, thankfully, it wasn’t blood, but I woke up everyone in the house before it dawned on me that it was just the medicine. Woops. But now I’m overly paranoid that I’m going to eat turkey by accident. So please don’t be offended if I double check what type of meat is in your crockpot.

8. I’m a double checker. I double check the doors, stove, and hair utensils before I leave the house several times. I also check every single door before I go to bed at night. Austin gets mad if I ask if he checked something because then he has to get out of bed to see. I’m pretty sure everyone does this! Right?

9. I might have saved the best for last...

This bottle right here haunts me. I can't see a bottle of orange soda and not get incredibly nauseous. You know why?  Oh yes because of this glucose drink. 

When we first started fertility treatments in 2011, I had to do a 2 hour glucose test. After the test I drove 5 minutes to my doctor's office for another procedure, and by the time I got there, I was very ill. I continued with the procedure, but by the time they were done, I was so sick that they had to call my husband to come pick me up. That day scared me for life. Flash forward two years and I had to repeat the test with both pregnancies. I was teaching at the time, and I had to ban all orange drinks from my classroom. I'm serious, if a student walked in with an orange Gatorade, I made them get rid of it. The sight of it was (and still is) enough to make me feel sick. In fact I can't write anymore about it.

Wow! All right friends, that was fun! I think? If you don't think I'm too crazy, you can hop on over to find me at The Butlers' Quarters! Thanks for having me Erika! 

Megan...thank you for OWNING IT and sharing your crazy with us today!  I'm so glad you stopped by!  XOXO

What's Up Wednesday

 I'm joining MelShay, and Sheaffer for their What's Up Wednesday link-up!

What we're eating this week:

This week our menu...
Tuesday:  Nixon requested spaghetti so I delivered.  :)
Wednesday:  Salmon and roasted veggies.
Thursday:  We'll be dining on leftovers.
Friday:  Friday night-Mama will not be cooking.  ha!  Eating out! 

What I'm Reminiscing About:

How these two began the school year as newbies and are ending the year like old pros.  :)

What I'm Loving:

Summer break is ALMOST here!  We're so ready for no schedules, late bedtimes, and hours by the pool.

What We've Been Up To:

We've been enjoying the moments of nice weather.  Our days are numbered until it's just HOT here in Texas, so we've been playing outside as much as we can. 
 I must share this story...Nixon recently learned (I'm using the term loosely-he cannot stop) to ride his bike without training wheels. I must tell you Nixon does this kind of thing really hard core.  When I say that I mean Nixon doesn't have a slow or possibly even medium speed when it comes to riding a bike.  I remember when he first started using a scooter.  He would go so fast he would fall.  Every. Single. Time.  The same thing is happening with his bike.  I know with more practice he'll figure it out, but for now-he accelerates at every turn (most people tend to slow down) and he uses his feet to stop himself (he thinks the brakes are overrated).  So with all that being said, we went to a local bike trail with super sized sidewalks to let all the kids ride their bikes on Sunday afternoon.  Imagine this big trail and about 25 feet ahead there's a little bridge with two poles in the middle.  I knew the second Nixon saw that he was instantly worried about running off the bridge or hitting the poles.  At the same moment the bridge is approaching, there's a little family walking past.  The four-year-old son stops (with his back to us) to literally smell the roses.  Nixon starts panicking at the upcoming bridge and  (because he cannot stop) plows straight into the four-year-old who never saw it coming.  Oh my word!  Can I just tell you how different all children are?  And especially boys/girls?  When Ebby Lee learned to ride a bike we'd have to say things like "stop using your brakes", "you're not going fast enough", "speed up".  With Nixon, I can't tell you the amount of times Tab and I have had to take off in full sprints to reach him before he runs into a mailbox, a parked car, or anything that could potentially be "in his way".  That boy!  

Thankfully, no one was hurt or injured during the park adventure, by the way.  :)

What I'm Dreading:

I'm dreading the possibility of Bowen discovering the fact that I threw this dinosaur in the trash.  This dinosaur's mouth opens up, the red light shines, and it makes a loud "ROARING" sound.  Friday night, this dinosaur did his "thing" EIGHT times in the MIDDLE of the night!  EIGHT TIMES!  He was sitting on a playroom shelf with no one or nothing around him.  Apparently, he was having issues.  He woke Tab and I up every time (but we were too lazy to walk upstairs and put him outside) and the big kids also told me he woke them up.  Needless to say, I did the right thing by pitching him.  Let's hope Bowen never finds out.  

What I'm Working On:

We constantly have some sort of house project going on over here.  I NEED to be working on finding an ottoman for the front room and another chair for the living room.  Have I searched yet?  Not so much, but it's on my to-do list.

What I'm Excited About:


What I'm watching/reading:

Shay gave this one to me last summer before the move and it got packed away for a bit.  I finally pulled it out and am loving it!!

I can't quit this show!  I'm still watching The Real Housewives of Dallas!  I need to catch up on the episode this week, but that dinner between Brandi and her husband was hard to watch!  Don't you think?

I just started watching Jojo on The Bachelorette!  I'm following along with Sheaffer's recaps because THEY'RE THE BEST!

What I'm Listening To:
We're still listening to The Beach Boys over here.

What I'm Wearing:

We're wearing ALL THE FRINGE.  You can read more about it here.

What I'm Doing This Weekend:

This was us last year before church in our red, white, and blue.  Last year, we were going through offers and packing ourselves up for a MOVE.  So thankful that isn't happening this year.

This weekend we'll be grilling out with friends, enjoying the great weather, eating good food, swimming, and celebrating Memorial Day.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month:

The Slaughter summer vacation is going down next month and we're all stoked!  We're looking forward to a week together with no work and all play.  :)

Happy Wednesday, Ladies!!  XOXO