Set Sail

Do you see me??  I'm in the lounge chair second row.  ha!  Totally kidding.

This week our family is setting sail on a Disney Cruise. I'm going to be taking a little blogging break for the week, but I'd love for you to follow along on our adventures by following me on Instagram. 

I'm here or you can also find me by searching "slaughteren".

I hope you guys have a great week!!  Please stop by next Monday to hear all about our adventures. :)


Scavenger Hunt Blog said...

You guys in enjoy!! Have a wonderful spring break!!
Lesley McFarland

R's Rue said...

Have fun

Lindsay's Sweet World said...

Enjoy! I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Lindsay's Sweet World

Unknown said...

I looked for you in the picture forever before I saw you said you were just kidding! lol!