Perfection + Winter

Happy Thursday, Ladies!!

I've seen this super cute outfit on Pinterest lots of times.  You're going to have to bear with me and use your imagination.  I couldn't find the original source and didn't want to post without it.  So...imagine a gingham check button-up shirt, a fur vest, an infinity scarf, good pair of jeans, booties, and cute earrings.  I'm 99% sure you guys have seen the cute image.  The girl might even be holding a Starbucks cup.  She looks darling AND cozy.

Here's me trying to recreate the look...(props to my boy, Nixon, for the photos)

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  This makes me laugh.  I told him to get my hair and my shoes.  He did the best he could.

Attempt #2  :) 

So I took it back to the bathroom.

Are you guys remembering that picture now??

Imagine a girl walking down a street though....take out my background.  #nofashionbloggertakespicturesinabathroom

Okay, so my pictures are kind of horrible, but hopefully you get the idea.  This combo seems to be perfection and winter all wrapped up into a cute little outfit.  I did the dirty work for you guys!  I scrounged up four options for everything you'll need to make this outfit.  A big majority of the goodies I found are on sale now!!  WAHOO!

Fur Vest Option #1/Fur Vest Option #2/Fur Vest Option #3/Fur Vest Option #4
I love a fur vest....any color, any shape, any style.  They're ALL my jam.  I have a couple that were more on the pricey side, but if you're new to a fur vest I wouldn't invest a lot in one.  They're a big statement, so I feel like I can't wear them too often.  All of these options are pretty inexpensive. :)

Buffalo Check #1/Buffalo Check #2/Gingham #1/Gingham #2
I have the Gingham #1 option and wear it all the time!  It's my go-to under a fur vest or a puffer.

Turquoise Earrings/Fuschia Earrings/Teal Earrings/Navy Earrings
A pop of color with the earrings are just fun.  Those new navy Kendra Scott earrings are speaking to me.  Do you hear them too?  :)

Scarf #1/Scarf #2/Scarf #3/Scarf #4
I'm drawn to plaid scarves, floral scarves, or any scarf with a pattern, BUT the ones I reach for the most are the simple neutral scarves that match everything.  These are all great options for a neutral infinity scarf.

AG Jeans/Halogen Jeans (under $50)/Vigoss Jeans (under $40)/Paige Jeans (under $100)
I found a variety of prices so we'd have some options.  All three of the jeans on sale are GREAT deals!  A new pair of shoes OR a new pair of jeans can turn my day around.

Leopard Bootie #1/Leopard Bootie #2/Brown Bootie #1/Brown Bootie #2 (under $70)
And some bootie options!  My booties are the exact style as the Brown Bootie #1 just leopard.  Unfortunately, they aren't making those this year.  (They do come in snake skin if that's your thing.)  The fringe Jessica Simpson booties on sale for under $70 is awesome!

I hope you might have found a thing or two that was speaking to you as well.  

Here's to creating that perfect winter outfit that just screams, "COZY!".  :)


Shelby said...

And I suddenly realize I need a gingham shirt in my life!! This combo is amazing, & you are so right! ~I feel like I have totally seen this floating around Pinterest...with that Starbucks cup! Happy Thursday! Thanks forth is fun post!

Anonymous said...

Yep! Those Kendra Scott Earrings are calling your name!! Adorable outfit!! :)

Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said...

Love your leopard booties and have kicked myself for awhile now that I didn't get those exact ones when they were available. Do you know I still don't own a fur vest? What is wrong with me?!? But, give me all the gingham!

Kimm said...

I love a gingham shirt ! Love this outfit!

Mix and Match Mama said...

Leopard and fur? Meow! Love!

Elaine Welte said...

I found this outfit on Facebook the other day! I actually wore similar to it yesterday! Except I don't have the fur vest! You look adorable!

Kathy Olson said...

You are the cutest little thing! I think I know the photo you mean.

susan said...

Your hair looks cute as well, how do you have it pulled back?

Melanie Smith said...

Love this combo! You're adorable.

Charity said...

I'm so happy you posted this because I have been meaning to comment and ask you for ideas on what to wear with a fur vest! I got the cutest fur vest at Sears of all places. It's sooo warm and cozy, but other than plain shirts i don't know what to wear with it!

Kelsey @ The Peacock Roost said...

Super cute outfit & your hair looks awesome like that!!

Lindsay's Sweet World said...

I sure do love a good gingham shirt... I have a baby pink and white one and I wear it a ton! Now I'm needing a navy and white one as well!

Elise @ Her Heart and Home said...

You are the cutest!!!! Love the look :)

Dana said...

Love the fur and the plaid! And seriously digging those leopard booties!

Leigh (Balancing By Faith) said...

Very cute! Nixon's pictures remind me of my 6 year old --- and then I just give up and try it on my own!! Ha

Megan said...

I know the exact pic!! Ha. Don't you hate that when you can't find it!!

Unknown said...

Here is a similar picture of the look complete with a Starbucks cup and all! ;) Nailed it, girl!

The Mumsy Blog said...

You have the cutest website! And I loved your combo of fur and plaid! So cute!