Friday Favorites

It's Friday!!  That means only 4 more school days (not counting today) until it's officially SUMMER in our house.  Andrea, Narci, and I are sharing our Friday Faves!  You should join us!

First up...have I already shared these pictures??  I might have, but they make me laugh.  I'm totally sharing again.  A couple weekends ago we met Sheaffer and Carter for a little mall playdate.  Ebby Lee got this fabulous pair of glasses in her kid's meal.  They were her FAVORITE!  She wore them all weekend long and she even told me they helped her read better!  ha!

I don't know about you but with three kiddos close in age there is a lot of messing with each other.  They don't always use the kindest words or gentlest hands with each other, but those moments when everyone is getting along are my FAVORITE!

I saw this in People magazine and had to share.  Andrea and I shared our FAVORITE hair products earlier this week.  You guys had a couple questions that I totally forgot to answer in my post:

Do I wash my hair at night or in the morning?
I wash my hair in the morning for sure!  If I go to bed with wet hair, I wake up looking like a crazy lady!  Nothing good comes from that.  Trust me.  

How often do you wash your hair?
I wash my hair every two-three days.  I'll use dry shampoo on the days I don't wash my hair.

What kind of curling iron do you use?

What kind of straightener do you use?
I forgot a picture, but I have the BaByliss Flat Iron.  A couple years ago my Target brand one completely stopped doing the trick.  I upgraded to this flat iron and it's been GREAT!

What blow dryer do you use?

Lunch dates with these two are my FAVORITE!

This kid is a hot mess!  We met Marla for a little ice cream date after picking up Ebby Lee yesterday.  Dairy Queen is always a FAVORITE!  He got chocolate ice cream ALL OVER him and everyone sitting near him. :)

Last night Narci, Andrea, Marla, and I drove to Dallas to support our girl, Sheaffer, AND do a little shopping while we were down there.  Because why not, right?  It kind of looks like I'm about to doze off in the above picture, but I'll take it.  haha!  We had an absolute blast!  Accessory Concierge has the cutest stuff.  We all came home with some darling goodies!  
Shopping + Girl's Night + Jewelry= FAVORITE

Fun night with some FAVORITE girls!

Have a GREAT weekend, Girls!!

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday night (t-ball was cancelled AGAIN) Tab and I met a dear old friend and his girlfriend for dinner. Marla and Gary watched the kiddos for us and even kept them overnight!  Wahoo!  We met for dinner at 7:00 and didn't leave the restaurant until after 10:00.  Crazy shenanigans for the Slaughters on a Friday night.  :)

Don't pay attention to my chippy nail polish!  UGH!  Saturday morning we had a little breakfast date at Market Street.  I have no clue why I love their breakfast as much as I do, but I do!  I'm a big fan of their breakfast burritos.  Anyway, I slept in (well until 7:00), had a burrito, and then finished it off with a yummy coffee.

Then we picked up the hooligans from the grandparents.  They had the best time!

A new furniture store, Nebraska Furniture Mart, opened a month ago close to us.  We decided to fight the Memorial Day weekend crowd and check it out.  Do you know what you do when you see the Sleep Number Sheep walking around??  You ask to take a picture with him.

A selfie before church in our red, white, and blue for Memorial Day.

Super blurry-but someone else wanted in on the fun!  We cooked out with friends Sunday night and enjoyed a nice low key CRAZY rainy Memorial Day.

On Tuesday the boys and I had lots of groceries to get after the gym.  I asked them if they wanted to grab a bite before we shopped.  Nixon asked for biscuits, gravy, and sausage.  Bowen asked for spaghetti at 10:15 a.m.  haha!  

Yesterday, Tab took Nixon to the Byron Nelson golf tournament.  The golfer behind him is Jordan Spieth.  Apparently Nixon said loudly, "Dad, that's his driver", while he was about to hit/swing (don't know the technical golf term).  Jordan heard him looked over, laughed, and had to start his little routine all over again.

Hope you're having a great week!

What's Up Wednesday

 I'm joining MelShay, and Sheaffer for another installment of their What's Up Wednesday link-up!

What we're eating this week:
Monday- Marla made Chicken Pot Pie at her house and made an extra one for us.  The best dinner is the kind you don't have to cook, right?  It was delish!
Tuesday-We made homemade pizzas with all the toppings.
Wednesday-Tonight we're having Beer Cheese Joe's.
Thursday-We're having Shay's Chipotle Corn Chicken. 
Friday-We're having a super simple meal that my kiddos gobble up.  I buy chicken tenderloins and cut them in half.  Then I wrap half a piece of turkey bacon (I usually get the low sodium kind) around the piece of chicken and bake them.  They're crazy easy and my kiddos can't get enough!  I'm a condiment freak, so I dip mine in a Thai chili sauce, but the other members of my family eat them plain. 

What I'm reminiscing about:  Our awesome trip to Disney World last year.  I can hardly believe it's been a whole year since we were there.  We went on the trip with my parents and my brother, sister-in-law, and their two boys.  We had the absolute BEST time!

What I'm loving:  That summer is right around the corner!!  It can't get here fast enough.  We are ready for pool days!

What we've been up to:  There has a been a LOT of this going on around here.  We've been staying in, watching movies, reading, and waiting for the sun.  Nixon has approximately 12 tee-ball games to make up!

What I'm dreading:  Putting away four loads of laundry.  haha!  I told you guys laundry is my weakness especially the putting it away part.  As I work on this post, I'm on load #4.  I'm about to have to put that all away!  WAAAHHH!!

What I'm working on:  Last month I was dreading cleaning out all the closets and I'm SO happy to report that is DONE!  Closets are ALL clean in the Slaughter House.  :)

What I'm excited about:  We are all looking forward to our upcoming beach vacation.  We do a lot of relaxing on the beach and pool-side lounging on this trip.  We started going pre-kiddos and have since started a tradition with Tab's dad and his side of the family.  It's going to be a great week!

What I'm watching/reading:  I tend to keep a book in my car and then one inside so I'm always reading two books at one time.  Right now I'm reading Let's Pretend This Never Happened and Own Your Life.  I'll give you a review on both soon!  I've been watching The Bachelorette (because I just can't quit!!) and we started watching Texas Rising (all about how Texas got it's independence) on Monday night.  I'm the complete opposite of a history buff, but if you mix in history with a good television show I can hang!

What I'm listening to:  As I type, I'm listening to Gilmore Girls.  Only on Season many more episodes to go!

What I'm wearing:  STRIPES!
Skirt: Here
Maxi Dress:  Similar option here.

What I'm doing this weekend:  My parents are coming into town to catch a tee-ball game (maybe).  We'll be hanging with the grandparents.  :) 

What I'm looking forward to next month:   Summer!  Summer!  Summer Vacation!!  We have swim lessons, a beach vacation, and something big planned!

What else is new:  I can't even believe I'm typing this but...BOWEN IS WEARING UNDERWEAR!!  I still put him in a diaper at night time.  He's usually wet in the morning AND I still have a lot of diapers.  I wasn't expecting him to really be interested.  So far he is doing GREAT!

What's my favorite thing to grill:  Our grill is on the brink of death, so we have to be very selective in what we grill.  It tends to either burn the chicken or it takes forever to cook it. can still grill the perfect burger!  We love burgers on the grill.  Pretty much any kind!  Our favorite might be Shay's Cheddar Beer Burgers.  We also love grilled shrimp!  We'll eat it plain or have shrimp fajitas.  

Thanks for stopping by, today!!

Top Three

A couple weeks ago we discussed baby names for our Tuesday's Top Three and you ladies were big fans!  Over the next couple weeks, I thought it'd be fun to discuss 

 When I was pregnant with Ebby Lee (over six years ago) the trend for baby nurseries seemed to be bold colors.  I chose pink, green, black, and white and we were all about some bold patterns and color in that room.

I could only find mid-finished pictures.  But this was one side of her room.

This was the other side.  You can't see the pink rug or much of the zebra print chair.  I absolutely loved her nursery, but if I was making a little girl's nursery now I'd choose something VERY different.  I perused Pinterest for some baby girl nursery inspiration-2015 style.  

Here are my Top Three Favorite Girly Nursery Looks...

This nursery looks so elegant.  I'm not sure how practical the white chair is, but it is absolutely stunning in this room.  Love the chandelier and the soft pink curtains.  Super cute!

I think this is my VERY favorite one.  I love the shiny gold with the coral and the gold polka dot wall is to die for.  Love love love this room!

If you're a fan of color (which clearly I am), this might be the one for you.  The turquoise and pink with those darling curtains is adorable!

These are a couple random goodies I found that I loved:

Apparently I'm a big fan of a floral with pinks and turquoise.

I've seen this sign before, but how cute in that pink and grey nursery?

Okay, so if you had a baby girl, please share with us what her nursery looked like!  If you haven't decorated a girl nursery, then please share with us what look you'd go for.  What is your favorite?  Excited to read about your favorites.

More in our Top Three Baby Edition...
We shared Baby Girl names HERE.
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Favorite Things

First things first..Every day we should remember those who gave their life to serve our country, but especially today we remember and are so thankful.  Happy Memorial Day!

The last Monday of every month, Andrea and I host a Favorite Things Party.  We have a theme every month and today we're talking HAIR PRODUCTS!!  We'd love for you to join us.  Blog your favorite hair products, link to us, and add your blog to the link-up!

I promised you guys a LONG time ago, I'd do a hair post.  I'm totally delivering today, but the pictures are pretty much horrible.  haha!  Have you guys heard of the Keratin Treatment or a Brazilian Blowout?  I think they're super similar.  These treatments are supposed to make your hair smoother and more manageable.  I have super thick dry and damaged hair.  My hair stylist has encouraged me for years to try the Keratin.  She always jokes that it arm is sore for days after blow drying my hair.  I finally bit the bullet and got the treatment about two months ago.  It was amazing!  It was kind of pricey so I'm anxious to see how long it really lasts.  Before this treatment, I couldn't have blow dried my hair only.  It needed to be curled or straightened.  The treatment made my hair so much more manageable that a couple times I only blow dried and was done!  I'll let you know how long it lasts.  I'm hoping for four to five months!  But because of that, I changed my shampoo and conditioner upon the recommendation of my hair stylist.

She encouraged me to use these products to make my treatment last longer.

#3 It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In-one of my girlfriends told me about this years ago.  I spray this on after getting out of the shower.  Then comb through and it makes my hair way more manageable.  

The other two products I'm constantly grabbing are these...

#1 Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Styling Creme-When I curl my hair and use this afterward.  It gives my curls a little shine.
#2 Moroccan Oil-I use this all the time.  I apply it on wet hair before blow drying.  I apply it after blow drying to get a little of the frizz out.  Or...I apply it after styling my hair to give it a smooth appearance.

 Girls...I'm doing this all for you!  haha!  These pictures crack me up.  So-I first used the It's a 10 Leave-In Conditioner and combed.  Then I blow dried AND blow dried but it took WAY less time because of my Keratin.

 I either wear my hair curled or straight.  This day I curled and I section my hair into three groups.  I curl the bottom section first.  You can see in the second picture I hold it with the curling iron turned away from my face.  I did this all over my head and then repeated with the other sections.  

I applied some of the Glossing Creme and pinned a little back.  I'm not sure if you agree, but I feel like my hair is moody.  Some days it all works out for me and other days it just won't cooperate.  I was reading a magazine the other day and it said, "32 years of age is the best year for your hair".  You guys!!  No pressure to my locks, but in August I'll turn 32, so this is my big shot, right?  :)

I tried to do a little close-up of the hair only.  Please pay no attention to the chipped nail polish.  It's been a busy week.  

If you have any questions, please ask away!  Like I said, I know those pictures were weak!  Here's to a GREAT Hair Day!  XOXO

Friday Favorites

Wahoo for a long weekend!!  Even though the weather isn't necessarily screaming, "Start of Summer!" over here in these parts, I'm SO excited to kick off summer.  Even if I am wearing long pants, a scarf, and a jacket.  :)

My girls, Narci and Andrea, and I are hosting our usual Friday Favorites.  We'd love for you to join the party!  Blog something (anything) that's your favorite, link back to us, and add your link-up!

This started out as a FAVORITE moment, but quickly went south.  On Monday after picking up Ebby Lee we ran into the grocery store.  I had the BEST attitude and agreed they could ALL push a kiddie cart.  What was I THINKING??!!  By the end of the shopping trip, we'd ditched one cart and I was bent down pushing two to the checkout.

Tuesday was this big kid's last day of preschool EVER!  He is looking forward to spending the summer at home.  On Tuesday, the entire preschool (even Bowen's one-year-old class) got to have Field Day.  Nixon loved it-except he is NOT a fan of getting "dry clothes" (you know anything that isn't a swim suit) wet.  His teachers posted the funniest picture of him holding a wet sponge.  All the other kids have it over their heads and are getting drenched.  Nixon is holding his with only two fingers as far away from his body as possible!  haha!  Field day a FAVORITE.  Wet games in "dry clothes" not so much.

This dude is a mess and this was the best he'd give me on his last day of school.  He's acting like a cheetah.  Don't ask.  I don't really know.

2/3 of my FAVORITE boys.

One of my FAVORITE things is arriving at the post office and having NO LINE!!!  I knew it was my lucky day!

On that whole post office note, if you ordered a Rodan + Fields' Sunless Tanner from me, it was shipped this week and should hopefully arrive to you today or tomorrow.  Thank you to everyone who ordered!!

Classroom parties with these two are a FAVORITE of mine.  I snagged Nixon a few minutes early so he could join me in Bowen's class.  

You can see the line behind him that says, "Bowen".  That's how tall he was at the beginning of the year.  Look how much he's grown.  We're so thankful for the sweet teachers the boys had.  They were such blessings to our family and loved our boys this year.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette is one of my very FAVORITE shows.  No matter how hard I try, I just can't quit it.  Anyway, we went over to M and G's on Tuesday night to have dinner and watch the Bachelorette.  I caught all the guys in the bedroom watching something manly.

On Monday, join Andrea and I for our Favorite Things Link-Up.  Monday is all about hair products.  We'd love for you to join us!

This is the list for the rest of the year.  We have a lot of fun left.

Hope you have the best weekend!  XOXO