Top Three-Birthday Parties

Tomorrow is April!  I can hardly believe it!  April around our house is all about some birthdays.  The big kids both have birthdays the same week, so we will be partying hard.  I thought it'd be fun to highlight my top three parties from the past.  Here we go....

Ebby Lee turned three and Nixon turned two right before Easter this year.  We thought it'd be great to throw one big jumbo Easter party for the occasion.  We had lots of friends and family come celebrate with a yummy lunch and an egg hunt.  Even the Easter Bunny made an appearance.  It was the perfect combo party!

This was the very first "kid" party I ever threw!!  I started planning months in advance and that is not a joke!  We had a candy-themed party for Ebby Lee's first birthday.  My in-laws were gracious enough to host and we turned their house into a little candy land.  

Nixon's Dog Birthday was one of my very favorites because hosting a party at the park was SO easy!  I still had a few decorations, a pinata, a "dog" themed lunch complete with doggy bags, and a built-in play area to keep them entertained.

If I polled my kiddos, Ebby Lee would without a doubt say this Princess Party was her favorite ever!  Partly because she probably doesn't remember the others and partly because she had an absolute BLAST!  I loved seeing all the girls' faces.  They were so excited about getting to dress up like princesses. 

I love making my kiddos' birthday special for them!!  This year Ebby Lee asked for a Fancy Nancy party at the same place as her Princess Party.  Easy Peasy!!  And Nixon requested a family trip to the zoo in lieu of a party.  Seriously....I suggested lots of fun party ideas and he wasn't interested in ANY of them.  So I'm giving the boy what he wants.  A day at the zoo all about him.  We'll be getting fancy and then visiting some animals next week.  :)

Happy Tuesday!!

Favorite Things-Nail Polish

WAHOO!!!  Andrea and I are having a Favorite Things Party and we're talking about one of my very favorite things...NAIL POLISH!  I can walk into Ulta or Sephora and instantly spend way too much money on nail polish alone!  I like to buy lots of colors but I tend to always go back to my tried and trues.

My very favorite nail polish look right now is a really light pink.  I've had Essie's Ballet Slippers for a while and have always been a fan.  This will sound crazy, but I always think a light pink makes it appear as though I have a bit of a tan (even when I don't).  And...I'm REALLY bad about taking my polish off.  I let it stay a day or two after it starts chipping and with a light pink it doesn't look nearly as bad.  :)

Or if OPI's your jam...

I love a nail polish collection.  Yes, I said I "love" it and I'm not even exaggerating. It's the perfect way to sample lots of colors.  Usually in a pack, Ebby Lee has a favorite and I have a different it's a win-win for us both.

In case you weren't convinced that a soft pink was a fabulous look. :)

A few of my other faves...

Apparently I like bright pinks/corals in summer and dark/sparkly in fall and winter. :)

What is your favorite nail polish color?  If you have a blog, please join our link up!!  If you don't, please comment and share your favorite!  I'd love any excuse to make a trip to Ulta.  ;)

Friday Favorites

Happy Day, Ladies!!  This week has been all "off" for me since we were gone for a couple days.  I'm ready for the weekend and a chance to reset.  We have big plans tonight...a sleepover in the playroom!  Wahoo!  Be jealous!  ;)

Narci, Andrea, and I are teaming up to host our Friday Favorites link-up!  You should join us!!

A couple weeks ago on Western Day, Nixon's teacher added this to their class Facebook page.  Isn't that cute??  It was a FAVORITE of mine!

Some of our very FAVORITE people we refer to as "M and G".  (Tab's dad and step-mom)  I saw this catering truck at a light and couldn't resist this picture.  

We had an impromptu barbecue dinner date with some of our FAVORITES on Saturday night.  The adults are now definitely out numbered at this table.

Yesterday one of my FAVORITE girls shared her crazy with us on the blog.  Click HERE if you missed it.  

One of my FAVORITE things to do is watch Nixon play tee-ball.  The Astros first game was on Wednesday night and they did great.  This year they're playing in the "advanced tee-ball" league which means there are outs.  No one got "out" last year in "beginner tee-ball", so it's big stuff!  I was a little nervous about how that would all play out.  I just forget that he's almost five and can totally handle some big stuff!  So proud of this kid!

 Doesn't this team look MEAN?? 

 This is more like it.  hahahahaha!

A FAVORITE night for sure!

Join Andrea and I on Monday for our FAVORITE nail polishes!!!

Have a great weekend, ladies!!!  XOXO

Owning It

It's everyone's favorite day of the month over here on the blog!!  The day when a guest blogger visits and shares her craziness by Owning It!!  Today, one of my very close friends in blog-land AND the real world is here sharing some funnies...Andrea from Momfessionals!!  In this post, Andrea totally owns it and one of the things I love the very most about her is that she does that in real life as well.  

I have been LOVING this series and laugh so hard every time Erika has someone guest post for her and when she asked me to participate my first thought was, “I’m soooooo not quirky”.  But as I started thinking about it, jotting things down and asking Dave about my “quirks” I quickly realized that I am crazy quirky.

- ONE –
My AMAZING Athletic Abilities…. And by amazing I mean none.

I am clumsy, uncoordinated and have zero athletic ability whatsoever.  That said, I typically hold a basketball one time a year at our School’s Back-To-School retreat for the staff free throw contest and EVERY year I make it on the first shot.  It’s amazing.

(the pic above is when I was nominated - as a joke - to participate in the Staff vs. Students volleyball game.  I played awful, but I looked cute!!!)

- TWO –
I’m a sympathetic blusher (and crier).

I blush and I blush HARD.  If something embarrassing happens, I can feel the heat starting on my neck and moving upward until it reaches my forehead.  I start off pink and quickly turn to bright red.  In high school I had an English teacher who (lovingly) called me glow worm. ;)  The worst part is that I blush on other people’s behalf as well.  If something embarrassing happens to YOU…. I blush.  If something embarrassing happens to someone on TV… I blush.  It’s uncontrollable and totally obvious.  I’m also a sympathetic crier.  If someone around me is crying I can’t hold back the tears.

In many situations, I'm SO thankful you do this.  :)  That way I'm not the only one turning red.  haha!


I watched E.T. at about age 4 (I think) while at a neighbor’s house and I’ve been emotionally scarred ever since.  For YEARS I was terrified to go to the bathroom at night because I was CONVINCED I was going to pull back the shower curtain and he was going to be laying there in the tub all white and sick.  My middle schoolers know about my E.T. phobia and over the years I’ve received E.T. dolls, keychains and pencils and have even had them create and post pictures like these…

- FOUR –
I’m HORRIBE with accents.

If you have an accent, chances are I understand less than 70% of what you’re saying.  I am AWFUL with accents!  We moved from Canada to North Carolina when I was in the second grade and my teacher was LOVELY, but she also had a super thick southern accent (not “Texas southern”… “Carolina Southern”).  Her drawl was completely foreign to me and I was continually asking for clarification on directions and then got sent outside the room on multiple occasions for talking to my tablemates (I was asking them to re-explain things to me).  I told my mom that my problems were that “I don’t understand”, but was too young to explain that I couldn’t understand because I literally couldn’t understand what she was saying.  Midway through the year she had a baby,  we got in a long term sub who was from somewhere up north, I immediately made a turnaround in the classroom and they were able to figure out that I couldn’t understand her accent ;)  Thankfully, after lots of time in the South I can now understand almost any drawl. 

On another occasion, Dave and I were vacationing in the Dominican Republic and the sweet girl who was checking us in to our hotel was giving me directions and instructions and when she went to get us our key I turned to Dave and go, “I have no clue what she said… my Spanish is horrible!” and he goes, “Andrea… she was speaking English”.

And in case you missed it – one of my most embarrassing moments EVER revolves around my inability to decipher accents. 

This one made me LOL!

- FIVE –
My Flower Pillow

When I was pregnant with Luke, the nurse who taught our birthing class recommended buying a pillow specifically to take to the hospital so you didn’t have to take one of your bedroom pillows (I’m not sure why, but Luke was my first and I did everything I was told.  Everything).  I bought a pillow and even made a cute fun, floral case for it (because it was pre-kids and I had all kinds of time to craft and sew and such).  I brought it to the hospital and fell in LOVE!!!!  I bought the pillow at Target and have never been able to find the exact same one.  It’s literally the perfect pillow.  It’s squishy, but not too squishy.  It’s never gotten lumpy and it always has a cool side.  Since I don’t have two of them I can’t officially use it on my bed (like when it’s made), so it hangs out as an extra and I use it EVERY night.  Mason has taken a liking to my “flower pillow “and he takes it to bed with him almost every night and then before I go to bed I go in his room and take it back. Hahaha

So if you’re looking at my pictures and see a weird floral pillow – that’s why. 

PS - I feel like now I've challenged you all to a game of Where's Waldo and you're constantly going to be spotting my "flower pillow" in all my pics :)

- SIX –
My desire to never hurt anyone’s feelings runs DEEP.

I am a total pleaser and I am aware that I’m a pleaser.  I HATE the thought of anyone being disappointed in me or even worse the thought that I've hurt someone’s feelings.  When I was in Elementary School and I would be invited to a sleepover my mom would tell me that I could bring one stuffed animal with me.  I had a favorite bear, but I didn't want my other animals to get their feelings hurt, so before a sleepover I would take all my stuffed animals into my closet to play “tea party”.  I would play for a few minutes and then I would sneak one out of the closet, shut the doors and loudly announce that I was running downstairs to get something.  My stuffed animals were left unaware that I was taking my favorite bear with me and I wasn't left feeling guilty.  I’m a hot mess.

Hot tea makes everything better.

Seriously though.  Hot tea makes EVERYTHING better.  I don’t drink alcohol (no really… I’ve never drank anything alcoholic…. I have nothing against it, I’ve just never really had a desire to, maybe because of hot tea???), but when I get home after a long day I want a cup (or four) of tea.  I blame my Canadian/British roots, but I’m obsessed.  I’m really particular about my tea – it has to be extra hot English Breakfast tea (a black tea) with a splash of skim milk and a sweet and low.  I’ve tried peppermint, green, oolong, earl grey, etc. and none of those can compare.  I drink it even when it’s 110 degrees outside.  I love hot tea.


(My favorite part of vacation at the Homestead???  TEA TIME!!!  And yes... I'm prego with Mason)

Is it crazy that I've NEVER had hot tea??  Maybe we should plan a tea date?

I hate seafood.  All seafood.

I have NEVER liked seafood.  EVER.
I can’t even eat a Calfiornia roll because I feel like the seaweed has a fishy taste.  Everyone thinks they can “convert me” with the whole, “I swear…. This one doesn’t even taste like fish” line and every time I want to puke my guts out.  Even Caesar salads that have too much anchovy paste are unpalatable.  Dave loves fish, but he knows that it he eats fish he won’t be getting even a peck until probably the next day.  We used to vacation on the Carolina beaches where the “daily catch” is plentiful and I survived those weeks eating hush puppies ;)

I chaperoned a trip to Houston and we ate lunch at a seafood restaurant on the boardwalk... hence the hush puppies ;)

Really??  You think the seaweed has a fishy taste?  I've never tasted that before, but now I'm going to be REALLY thinking about that little piece of seaweed!

- NINE –
Excessively thick hair.

I’m aware that LOTS of people think/say they have really thick hair.  I’d challenge any of those people to a “hot head” contest because apparently, medically, I have so many hair follicles it makes it almost impossible for heat to escape from my head like it’s supposed to when you’re hot.  Hence… my face turns purple when I’m hot and leads people to making me lie down with a cool cloth on my face on more occasions than I’d like to admit.  I did hunter jumping when I lived in North Carolina and when all the other girls were wearing gorgeous black velvet riding helmets with their coats and riding pants I was sporting a special plastic ventilated helmet since when I wore the velvet ones I had a tendency to pass out and fall off the horse. 

- TEN –
I read when I blow dry my hair.

I’ve mentioned that I read while I blow dry my hair to a couple of friends and the looks of confusion and puzzlement that I received have led me to believe that this is a quirk.  But it’s true…. I am HORRENDOUS at the round brush and so when I blow dry I just use my fingers to kind of help the process along and I usually flip my head over and put a book on my lap to read while I dry.  When the bottom layers are done I put a book on the counter and read while I dry the top layers.  Anyone else do this???  It’s not just a side effect of being a busy mom… I did this all the time growing up as well.  My mom would come upstairs and find me blow drying my hair and reading Lurlene McDaniel books (did anyone else read these books??? LOVE!!!)

I'm going to need Dave to take a picture of this in action!!!

 Well, there you go - ten of my quirkiest quirks. ;)

Andrea, thank you SO SO much for sharing your crazy with us today!!  I definitely learned some fun stuff and I'm still questioning, "How does her book stay open in her lap while she's blow drying her hair"??  hahaha!! I'm sure we could all relate to at least one of your quirks!!  THANK YOU for Owning It!!  XOXO

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What We Wore

I'm a slacker.  There's no other way to describe it.  I have no excuses.  Not a one.

This is what I've been wearing...
Chambray Shirt:  Similar here.
Floral Skirt:  Exact skirt at Target here and only $22.
Wedges:  Exact here.
Necklace:  Similar here.

Red Shirt:  Exact shirt here.
Military Jacket:  Similar here.
White Jeans:  Exact here.
Leopard Sandals:  Exact here.
Necklace:  Similar here.

Have a GREAT day!

Top Three

Happy Tuesday!!  Shay and I had a reader (thank you, Meghan!) e-mail us asking for some great bible study recommendations.  I remembered blogging about my favorite devotional books, but when I got her e-mail I knew I needed to do a Top Three post about my favorite bible studies!  I couldn't narrow it down to just three (sorry!), so I'm sharing my top five faves I've already read and a few on my to-read list.

#1 Restless by Jennie Allen
Shay and I heard Jennie Allen back at DotMom in the fall.  I was instantly a big fan.  I read her book Restless and then did the bible study.  I'd strongly encourage you to check it out.  This study is all about figuring out the special way God designed you to do amazing things with the gifts you've been given and the experiences you've had.

A friend posted Sacred Holiday's Christmas study and I purchased it without doing much research.  I enjoyed the Christmas devotional so much that I ordered the Easter one.  These devotionals are all about keeping the true meaning behind holidays important in the midst of all the celebrating.  I think you can still order the Easter study-Following Jesus' Life and I'll let you know when the next one will be out.

 #3 Beth Moore studies
Beth Moore can bring it in the bible study department, right?  I always take away so much.  Usually her studies take a little more time, so I haven't done one lately.  These two...A Woman's Heart and Esther are studies I've completed and were awesome!

I want to do the Children of the Day study soon!

I've also heard great things about the Daniel study as well!

 #4 Jen Hatmaker studies
I absolutely love Jen Hatmaker.  These bible studies are quick reads and perfect for moms trying to juggle it all.  She totally relates!

This is one of my favorite devotionals.

And...I've heard awesome things about this book.  It's on my to-read list.

#5 Kelly Minter studies
I did this Ruth study a long time ago, but I learned a lot.  She dives into the character of Ruth and you look at her in a new way.

These are a few more on my to-read list...
What Love Is by Kelly Minter

The Best Yes (Bible Study) by Lysa Terkeurst

Gideon by Priscilla Shirer

Freefall to Fly by Rebekah Lyons

Now it's your turn.  If you have a bible study you've enjoyed, please share!!  I'm looking forward to getting some new ideas.  Thank you!!!

A Little Getaway

to Deer Valley, Utah, is happening now!!  Isn't that gorgeous?!!

Tab and I left yesterday morning for a little work trip. The in-laws are holding down the fort (thank you!  thank you!  thank you!) and I'm doing my best to relax, read, and drink as much coffee/cocoa as possible.  

My Instagram name is "slaughteren" follow along on our little kid-free adventure!  Happy Monday!