Friday Favorites

It's Friday!!  Narci, Andrea, and I are sharing our favorites!  You should join us.  Just blog your favorites, link to us, and then add your blog to our list.

We've had a great week here in Texas.  I'm sharing some of my FAVORITES from the week.

Ebby Lee and I had a birthday party on Saturday for one of her friends.  Girl time with this chick is one of my FAVORITES.

While we were at the party, Tab had the boys at the gym working on their fitness.  This boy and a Fergie reference are both my FAVORITES!  :)

After dinner we made our way to the grocery store to stock up on a few essentials.  This was our grocery store on Saturday night!  EEK!!   But a couple snow days at home are always a FAVORITE....until we ALL need to get out of the house.

 Sunday night G came over for chili and we all celebrated when we got the call for NO SCHOOL!  Movie night and hot chocolate instead are a big FAVORITE around here!

 Snow Day #1...Playing in the ice...a FAVORITE!

 Tuesday morning we woke up to no power.  Boo!!  We headed to Market Street for my FAVORITE breakfast burrito.

We decided we'd go to the gym to let the kids play.  I walked slowly, watched daytime television, and drank coffee on the treadmill.  Easy treadmill walking might not be super productive, but it was a FAVORITE!

 We took the kiddos to the gym/basketball courts.  They ran off a lot of energy a FAVORITE for me!

And we ended snow day #2 with dentist appointments for all three.  Bowen in this big chair, with the sunglasses, holding Tab's hand is a FAVORITE!  :)

Remember to join us!  Have great weekend! 

Owning It

Ladies!!!  I'm super excited about today.  The guest blogger today happens to be the blogger behind the very first blog I ever started reading.  Maybe that's the case for some of you too?  Today, Kelly from Kelly's Korner is visiting us and "Claiming Her Crazy"!  I absolutely love Kelly!  She is a wife, mama to two girls (and soon to be a little boy as well), and a fabulous Christian example of someone living out her life for Christ.  When Shay and I went to Nashville in the fall for the Dot Mom Conference, we got to meet Kelly.  She was just as sweet in person as I'd imagined her to be.  Kelly "owned it" today and is sharing her crazy.

1.   I'm terrified of cats.  TERRIFIED.  I wouldn't touch a cat to save my life.  When I was little I thought all cats wanted to eat me.   Cats can jump on my lap and I just sit frozen until it gets off.  My friends all tease me for my disdain for cats.

Kelly, our neighbor a couple houses down has a cat door AND a cat run in the back of her yard.  Have you ever heard of that?  I hadn't, but you would flip out if you saw a cat just swinging in and out of her cat door!!

2.  I have a weirdness about eggs.  The thought of eggs makes me gag.  Scrambled eggs literally make me want to throw up. And I wouldn't eat an omelet EVER.  BUT I really like quiche and deviled eggs.  I can't explain.

3.  I love Mexican food.  And though I prefer a nice Mexican restaurant.........I have loved Taco Bell since College.  I know it's kind of gross but I just CRAVE Taco Bell sometimes.  I have to run for the Border when I need fast food.  Yo Quiero Taco Bell! :-)

In college, we had "Taco Wednesdays", which meant Taco Bell and the Bachelor.  I can get behind some Taco Bell!

4.  I wore a lot of terrible 80's/90's clothes.  TERRIBLE.  And had the biggest hair in Arkansas.  I mean - I wore THIS in college.  And thought I looked cute.

Good news - floral rompers are in style for spring 2015.

This made me LOL!!!  I love this floral romper!!  :)

5.  I have always hated blue jeans.  I actually started wearing them in the last few years but I don't think I owned one pair of jeans in college.  My college friends can vouch for this.  I pretty much only wore dresses in high school and college.  And really in Elementary school too.  I hated pants.  (And now my daughter Harper is the same way.  HATES pants.  I'm being paid back.)

6.  I am SUPER absent minded.  I probably lose my keys, debit card, or other important things about once a week.  I drive Scott crazy because I'm so disorganized.  I lost my passport on our last vacation and was afraid I wouldn't get back home. (I made it home but I still need to get a new one.)

My husband would say the same thing about me!  haha!  I have a tendency to just stick my debit card in Bowen's bag or my pocket and then it's gone for ages.  We're soul sisters on that crazy.  I completely understand.

7.   I had a lead foot in college.  I got a lot of tickets and took defensive driving three times.  I got my last ticket in my mid 20's and ended up having to do HOURS of community service.  I had to ride around in the back of a truck with a lot of juvenile delinquents in an orange vest while a police officer took us to service locations.  I had a professional job at this point.  Needless to say - Scott will be teaching our children to drive.

8.  This is my hair my senior year of high school.  There is no shadow in this picture - it is ALL my hair.  I had a spiral perm and then would hot roll and spray my hair to death and then hold it out and blow the hair dryer to make it stand up.  I was a cheerleader so at halftime, I would go to the locker room and put another layer of hair spray on.   I went completely gray right after college (thanks to my dad's family genes) and so to cover it - I have been nearly every hair color in the book.  I have finally decided I have to stay medium blond because it covers the gray best.

9.  (Exhibit A on the hair colors)

There aren't many people who can pull off blond and brunette, but you do it with flying colors!!

10.   In the 8th grade I wore braces and HEAD GEAR.  (This was the day I got my braces).  I also wore those awful thick glasses that had Lucy from the Peanuts gang on the side.  Kids called me Lucy for years.  I had to wear that awful head gear all the time unless I was eating or cheerleading.  Bless my heart.  Bless my mom's heart that we have NO pictures of that head gear.  I was the definition of Awkward.

So basically I'm owning that I'm a BIG nerd.  But I'm a happy one who loves to make fun of herself!

Kelly, that was so much fun!!!  Thank you so much for Owning It and Claiming Your Crazy with us today.  I'm so glad you joined us and I absolutely LOVED those pictures!  The next time you're in the mood for Taco me! :)

Don't forget to check out Kelly's blog here.

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What I'm Looking Forward to Wearing When Spring FINALLY Appears

When you're snowed in and have been wearing sweats for the last several days, then you might have to improvise because your "What I Wore" post would be embarrassing!  I started to post a picture of what I wore yesterday and Tab stopped me!  hahaha!  Clearly I've been inside without make-up for too many days.  

I found a couple cute and simple spring Pinterest looks that we could all recreate and then I found the items we could use to make it happen...

Outfit #1
How chic and cool does this girl look?  Eek!  Love her look and it's such an easy look to pull together!

Outfit #2
This look is so cute!  I did a post about my spring wish list a while back and this outfit makes me think of those cute shorts and sandals I featured!

Outfit #3
This look is pretty simple to outfit #1.  That means if we have white jeans, cute wedges, and a couple different tops we can pull off a couple different looks!  Doesn't that sounds like a math word problem..."If Sally has one pair of white Vigoss destroyed jeans, a cute pair of wedges, three different shirts, and two floral scarves, how many outfits does she have?"  Okay, that was a little tricked up, but you get the idea. :)

Outfit #4
Last year, Sheaffer bossed me into getting some Converse.  I'm so glad she did.  ;)  But I LOVE the way this outfit looks dressed up with the jewelry but so casual with the Converse!

I hope no matter how much snow or ice is outside your house this post got you thinking about warmer weather and spring clothes!  Tomorrow I have a VERY special guest for an "Owning It" post!  Come check it out tomorrow!  Happy Wednesday!  

Top Three

In honor of all the snow/sleet the majority of our country has had lately, I want to share our Top Three essentials for a snow day!  I'm a HUGE fan of a one-time only snow day.  haha!  You know not a week at home where you can't really leave?  But just a one day at home-kind of snow day.  Those are my favorite.  It's nice to be forced to slow down and spend time with your family.

Some of my very favorite memories as a kid were during snow days!  Our family was forced to not go in so many different directions, but we had to slow down and hang out together.

#1 Warm Drink (I'm using "warm" instead of "hot" because my coffee is warm.)
For the adults, it's coffee and the kiddos enjoy hot chocolate.  There's just something special about sipping warm drinks on a cold day.

#2 Big Breakfast (I should have taken a picture of our breakfast yesterday.  Trust me place mats weren't involved.  It was WAY more chaotic than this picture but with three littles what isn't?)
If school is cancelled and there's no place to be, we always have a big breakfast.  Yesterday Tab made whole wheat pancakes, eggs, and bacon.  It was delish!!  

#3 A Good Movie
Yesterday Rio was our kiddos' pick.  A good snow day always involves a movie, right?

#4 A Game
We played a lot of rounds of Uno yesterday.  I hate to say that the boys came out on top and were totally braggers about it.  Ebby Lee and I should have gotten awards for being the best losers!  But...a snow day to me means games and lots of them!

Your turn!  What are your snow day essentials??  Please share!  Maybe I need a few new ones!

Favorite Things at Target

EEK!!!  We have a SNOW DAY here in McKinney, Texas!  We were rounding the kids up for bed when we got the text last night.  Isn't that the best time ever to find out??  Instead of going to bed, they watched Rio and sipped hot chocolate.  :)

Today I'm so excited about sharing with one of my besties, Andrea!  We're sharing our FAVORITE THINGS from Target!  Who doesn't love Target, right??  This should be fun!  You can join us!  Just blog your favorite thing or things from Target, link back to us, and join the link-up!

Here's our list for the rest of the year....
Mark these on your calendar, ladies!

Who doesn't love this store??

I found a couple funnies about Target.  I completely agree!

I don't know why I thought this was so funny, but I did!  :)

For real!!  Going to Target alone is like entering a time warp.  I lose track of time and by the time I'm leaving hours have gone by!!  

These are my favorite things to check out at Target...
First up is the Dollar Spot.  Why, oh why, do I always check this area out?  ha!  I very rarely ever purchase anything from this spot but I ALWAYS look.

First stop, I browse through the aisle of scarves.  This aztec scarf with spring-y colors is cute!

Then I always walk through the shoes.  You never know when you're going to find a hidden treasure on a Target shoe aisle.  These toddler girl shoes are so cute for spring. adorable are these??

I always walk down the aisle with these "fancy" cleaning supplies.  I'm not sure if "fancy" is the right word, but you know what I mean??  If you have to clean the kitchen and scrub the toilets, you should use some products that make you happy, right?

New fun Essie polish always finds it way into my cart.  Always.

If you've been reading here a while, you know these maternity tanks are always my favorite.  I have a long-waist and they are the perfect thing for layering!

Long and lean tanks are also another favorite.  There's usually a much bigger selection of colors in this tank.

These skirts are adorable!  I saw the pleated one on the left in the store and should have already snagged it.  I've seen similar skirts at lots of other stores for a lot more money!

What about swimsuits and cover-ups?  This one is a fave!

I'm loving the ruffle/fringe tops this year.  I'm always a big fan of the mix and match swimsuit section at Target.  Right now you get buy one, get one 50% off!  If you're like me and at the pool almost everyday during the summer, then it's nice to throw some more reasonably priced suits in the mix.

Another cute option from that collection.

I think Shay blogged about these little cups sent from heaven.  She called me a while back and insisted I get some from Target.  I did and was so thankful.  My kids love them!!  And they make a snack/drink so easy.

Those are my faves from Target.  Can't wait to read yours!!  Don't forget to check out Andrea's faves as well!  

And...head over to Sheaffer's blog to read all about how Pinterest Told Me To is partnering with Loft to give an extra special mama a HUGE shopping spree!! 

Happy SNOW Day!!!  XOXO