Friday Favorites

It's Friday!!  Time for another edition of Friday Favorites with some of my very favorite girls, Andrea and Narci.  We'd love for you to join us!  Just blog a favorite ANYTHING, link back to us, and join our link-up!

Last week the boys had an Art Show at their preschool.  It's a FAVORITE moment watching them show off their work.  :)

The kiddos learn about an artist and then try to replicate in their own little way the type of art they did.  

Bowen was pointing to his "Dot Art" at the top.  haha!  He was so proud of his work he talked Mrs. Shay, Smith, and Ashby into walking down his hall just to see it!

These Toms' slippers were a FAVORITE Christmas gift!  They're so comfy!

Last year I remember blogging about how horribly dry my skin gets during the winter.  My hands usually crack and bleed (ugh!  I know!) all winter long.  This year has been so much better than last year!  I've been using this hand cream at night (my new FAVORITE).  It's super thick, but it's definitely working.

A FAVORITE moment this week was getting home and seeing this over our neighborhood.

Don't forget!!  This new Easter devotional is starting soon.  To order, click here.  And...use our coupon code, ERIKASLAUGHTER, to receive 10% off.  I think this will be a new FAVORITE!

And...these crazies are definitely my FAVORITE!!  Looking forward to our weekend!

About Me

I've updated my "About Me" page.  I was WAY behind!!  Check it out HERE.  :)
Happy Thursday!

Bucket List and a SPECIAL CODE

Emily and I took a break from our Bucket Lists for a while, but we're BACK!!  Today I'm sharing my February Bucket List!  February can kind of be a blah month...usually it's still cold and dreary, but I'm going to do my best to make it a fabulous month!

*Any remotely nice days we have to get out in the yard and get it prepped for spring!  We have LOTS of yard work to do in this house, so starting ASAP is the plan. 

*I'm pretty sure we'll all sport our red, pink, and hearts for Valentine's Day.

*This is on my bucket list...but really, it's for Marla.  haha!  Last year Marla helped Ebby Lee make her valentine box for her preschool party.  This year, we'll be working on Nixon's.

*On Super Bowl Sunday, we'll sport our team's colors to church.

*The boys will stock up on tee-ball gear for Nix!  His season starts in March!

*We have a membership to the Perot Museum and I'm pretty sure it expires in March.  We need to take one last big trip before that happens.

What's on your Bucket List for February??

I'm so excited to tell you about this!!!  Becky Kiser is the writer behind, Sacred Holidays.  Their goal is to help people focus on Christ through the holidays.  They have a new devotional coming out for lent in preparation for Easter.  Becky and her gang are offering 10% off with the promo code ERIKASLAUGHTER.  I'm ordering today and hope you do too!

 "Are you eager for Easter to mean more than chocolate bunnies and new outfits? Join us on this 6-½ week devotional that will walk you through the life of Jesus in the book of Matthew. Your belief in Jesus will be refreshed as you are reminded by all He did: He lived openly before others, healed, rested, fed people, gave to the poor, taught and went to the Cross. Start your journey to the Cross, and that empty grave, by celebrating Lent with us this year!"

You can find the printed version here.
You can find the digital version here.

Thank you so much, Sacred Holidays!!!  I'm looking forward to this study!  (It begins on February order soon if you're interested.)

Top Three-Baby Names

It's back!!!  The GIRL edition of our BABY NAME GAME!!  In case you missed it, last week we all played the Baby Name Game.  I enjoyed it SO much!!  You can read it here.  You know the game where you name your unborn children....even if you're thirteen years old or seventy-seven??  It's just a fun game that girls of ALL ages seem to play.  And...from the responses last week my hubby is not the only one who despises that game!  hahaha!

Again...just to be clear. :)

I must tell you how we named our sweet girl.  Tab and I found out we were having a girl and had THE HARDEST TIME coming up with the perfect name.  My mom and my father-in-law both have "Lee" as their middle name.  I kept thinking it'd be so cute to use something with "lee" or "ley" or "ly" at the end.  I was super stuck on that ending sound.  These were some of my faves...


Tab and I had the hardest time finding a name we both loved and agreed on.  We'd talked about how we both loved the southern two-name thing, but again...finding two names to agree on wasn't easy!  We were driving down the road and we passed an "Ebby Halliday" sign (who's a realtor in Texas).  Tab jokingly said, "Maybe we should name her Ebby?".  The more we said it.  The more we liked it.  We added "Lee" and loved it even more!  We went from NO name to "Ebby Lee" in probably five minutes.  We love it and think it fits her perfectly.  :)

Top Baby Girl Names of 2014:

How many of you after watching Rachel on Friends name her baby, "Emma Grace", thought you'd for sure name your daughter, "Emma Grace"??  I did!!!  Random fact:  The flower girl in our wedding was Emma Grace.  :)

If I was going to play this game today, my list would look very different!  This is my list today...

Mallie-If Bowen would have been a girl, I'm 99% positive this would have been the name.

Pippen-We have a friend named "Pippen" at the gym and I absolutely love it!!

Britton/Britain/Brittyn-I have no idea how I'd spell that one, but I think it's adorable.  Just to clarify, I'd name her "Britton Blair".  So cute, huh?



Channing-I know I listed, "Tatum" above.  hahahaha!  I know a little girl named, "Channing".  Love it!

Those are my very favorites!!  Now it's your turn!  Please leave a comment telling me what your daughters name is AND if you had a baby girl right now...what would you name her??  I'm hoping we help some preggo mamas out there.  :)  Can't wait to hear your suggestions!  Thanks, ladies!

Also, don't forget we're sharing our goals/bucket lists tomorrow!!

Favorite Things

 Andrea and I are at it again!!  We got a new look.  What do you think??  (Andrea is the BEST!)  Usually the last Monday of the month, we host a "Favorite Things Party".  We encourage everyone to blog a favorite thing (or ten) under $10 and link up to join us.  

It's a new year and we decided to try something NEW!!!  Today we're sharing a few favorite things.  We'd love for you to join us!  We gave you NO warning, so if you want to blog it later this week and link up that's great!   Blog one or more of your favorite things and link-up.  Easy!!  We thought we'd change it up the rest of the year and have themes for our favorites...

This never happens, but today I have a theme for my favorites!!  Just like the rest of America we're trying to make better choices and eat healthy.  I didn't set any crazy unrealistic goals, but so far this has been pretty easy.  I'm making more protein/veggie meals and just overall making healthier choices.  We're all still alive, so that must be a good sign, right??  I think the hardest part is snacks!  Let me be really honest and say the perfect snack to me is chips and salsa!  But...that needs to be a special treat not my daily snack.  So today I'm sharing some of my favorite healthy snacks...(and I hope you'll share yours!)
Skinny Pop Black Pepper Popcorn
I'm a sucker for a delicious salty snack (remember my dream snack is chips and salsa??).  The black pepper is delicious on this and adds the perfect amount of flavor.  And...39 calories per cup!

Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt
My very favorite flavor is the Toasted Coconut.  It's a healthy way to trick myself into thinking I'm having dessert.  :)

Mio Liquid Water Enhancer
I drink an "okay" amount of water, but if I'm using this, I can put some water away.  I'll usually have two glasses of water and then a glass of "lemonade".  I make my self see the lemonade as a reward.  :)  My kiddos drink a lot of water if I put a little splash of this in as well.

Hillshire Grilled Chicken Bites
I saw these just last week at the store and grabbed one to try.  I'm super picky about precooked chicken, but I actually thought this was all pretty good.  Has anyone else tried this?

The queso loving side of me would prefer to have a creamy dressing on each and every salad, but the realistic side knows that isn't the best idea.  Balsamic vinegar has been my friend!  I'm a huge fan of this on any salad.  Tab's loving it too!

Please share with me your favorite healthy snacks!!  What's your go-to snack? up with us!  We love reading all about your favorites!  Happy Monday! XOXO

Emily and I are hosting a Bucket List link-up on Wednesday!  Blog about your goals or bucket list for February or the new year and join us!

Friday Favorites

Hey!  Hey!  It's the weekend!  Andrea, Narci, and I are sharing our Friday Favorites.  We'd love for you to join the fun!  Simply blog a favorite (anything), link back to us, and then join the link-up!  In typical fashion, my favorites today are super random.  :)

The Lash Atelier:
The Lash Atelier is a premier eyelash extension studio here in North Texas.  Trina is the owner and I was introduced to Trina through a friend.  She is fabulous!  I'd never tried eyelash extensions before and I absolutely loved them.  With extensions you never wear mascara!  I was shocked at my before/afters!  Check them out...
How did I live thirty-one years without them??  hahahaha!!  Trina is the sweetest and is so fun to work with.

 Another before/after 

I absolutely love mine!!  I don't wear mascara.  I pretty much get up and am ready to go!!  They're perfect for anyone....stay-at-home moms, working girls, brides, or a girl attending a big party??

If you're in the North Texas area (or you're willing to travel), and would like to give eyelash extensions a try you HAVE to contact Trina.  She's the best!  You can follow her here on Instagram @the_lash_atelier.  Trina is generously offering a coupon code for any blog readers.  If you'd like to make an appointment, give her a call @ 214.668.8097.  

Trina...thank you SO much for that awesome discount code!!!  Trust me, girls, you will absolutely love her!!  She's the sweetest!

Girly Day:
 Can you see their fancy make-up??  :)  These pretty girls came home with Ebby Lee after lunch on Monday.  Our plan was to go see Paddington.  I totally had a big mom fail moment.  I didn't think about the entire county going to an afternoon kid movie on a school holiday.  When we arrived I was told there were plenty of tickets but absolutely not five seats together.  
EEK!  I panicked and we quickly drove to give theater #2 a try.  Imagine me giving the girls a pep talk about how we're going to walk quickly and all stay together because it totally happened.  I should mention that this theater is in a mall.  Our parking place felt like it was miles away AND the escalator was out of order.  The girls were AMAZING!!  They were huffing and puffing behind me.  I was sweating!  We were a mess!  haha!  Fail #2!!!  As soon as we made it to the top, I saw the "Sold Out" sign on Paddington!!  WAAHHH!!  I quickly came up with a (another) back up plan.  Manicures AND ice cream sundaes!  They were easily persuaded and instantly on board with plan C!

It was a super fun girly day!

You guys know I'm a big fan of the Downy Unstopables.  They're an in-wash scent booster and they make your laundry smell AMAZING!!!  I saw the Unstopables candles and thought I should give them a try.  

I love lighting a candle when I'm working at home.  As crazy as it sounds it keeps me motivated (I know that sounds nuts).  It's easier to fold laundry and vacuum when there's a candle burning!  So finding a cheap candle I can burn all the time is great.  The price was fantastic!  The smell?  Not so much!  In order for me to smell it, I couldn't have any other candle in my entire house lit.  It wasn't a delightful was just "eh".  The Unstopables for my laundry is a FAVORITE.  The candles...not so much.  Has anyone else tried them??

A little bit of to wrap it up.  Have you ever tried eyelash extensions??  Or...the Unstopable candles??  

Happy Friday, Ladies!

Throwback Thursday

I thought this Thursday deserved a little "Throwback".  I'm throwing it back to some past Januarys...all the way back to 2007 (because that's when I started blogging-ha).

January 2007-us, the Coxs, and the went out to dinner to celebrate some January birthdays.  This was so far back in the day that I didn't have to get a babysitter.  :)

January 2008-We finally bought furniture for our bedroom and "finished" it.  Up to this point we had random bits and pieces family members had given us. I felt so grown up!

January 2009-This was actually from Christmas, but I blogged it in January.  :)  One year we went to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra at Christmastime to hear the Christmas music.  I was pregnant with Ebby Lee. Probably not the best place for a preggo girl.  I remember getting REALLY sleepy.

January 2010-Ebby Lee and Athena (Tab's brother's daughter) got matching outfits and had a little fashion show for us.  

January 2011-The most beautiful day in January.  We hit up the backyard and played and played.

Look at this little kid!!  I completely don't remember him ever being this little!

January 2012-I remember us having a lazy Sunday night.  We headed out for and Nix in matching camo pants.

And these two were looking just as cute!

January 2013-Nixon was the best big brother.  While watching television, I could prop Bowen up in his arm.  Win-win....Bowen thought he was being held (which he kind of was) and Nix was watching a show.  Mama could get some stuff done!

January 2014-I just thought this was funny!!!  7 years later...we had dinner with the same two couples (celebrating the same birthdays).  This time though we all shelled out some cash for those babysitters.  

Thanks so much for taking a little trip down memory lane with me.  XOXO