Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Girls!!!  Whew!!  We had a GREAT Thanksgiving, had so much fun celebrating Bowen, AND we shopped and shopped!!  Today I'm joining my girls, Andrea and Narci, for our Friday Favorites.  You should join us!!

What my FAVORITE kiddos were up to last week...
Last week, Ebby Lee's school had a Boosterthon Fun Run.  This girl ran and ran!!

I had to tell her that she COULD slow down and walk!  haha!  While I was on Fun Run duty...

Marla was "Feasting" with Nixon.  The cutest Turkey/Indian EVER!

His class did a little something special for all the parents/grandparents.

And...then they chilled.  hahaha!

After the Fun Run, I headed to snag Nix out of class and then we went to Bowen's room to celebrate his birthday!!

Nix was so pumped about getting to go eat dessert with Bowen's class.  Such a sweet brother (when he wants to be!!  haha!).

All of Bowen's little friends...BLESS his teachers' hearts!!  A class full of boys!!

For some reason, I thought this was SO funny!!!  E-mail me if you want to learn more about one of my very FAVORITE products!! :)

Have a GREAT weekend, Ladies!!  Thanks for stopping by!

Thanksgiving and Bowen is 2!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  I hope you have a FABULOUS day with those you are the very most thankful for.  :)  The Slaughters are celebrating Thanksgiving with some of our very favorites, and we're also giving thanks for BOWEN who is 2 today!!!

Bowen Hency Slaughter was born on November 27th, 2012.

He was the PERFECT addition to our family.

To say we were all smitten was a bit of an understatement.

Even big brother, Nixon (two at the time), was head over heels.  Melt. My. Heart.

He loves and adores his big brother and big sister.  He has the BEST personality!  His sense of humor is hilarious!

And...he's absolutely smitten with his dad.

I mean.  How cute is this face??  hahahaha!  He thinks that no matter what the big kids are doing he can do it too.  That's proven to get him in a little trouble. (I got a little stuck on the newborn to six month pictures!!  hahaha!)

He pretty much has all four of us wrapped around his little finger.  :)  Scratch that...he has a TON of us wrapped!!  Mrs. Martha at church, the grandparents, Mrs. Shay, Mrs. Narci and those are JUST to name a few!!

We are so thankful for this little guy and all he brings to our life.  God is going to do BIG things with him.

 Happy 2nd Birthday,  Bowen Hency!!  We love you!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

What We Wore

Happy Wednesday, Ladies!!  We are in FULL Thanksgiving mode over at the Slaughter house, so I'm going to keep today super short and super sweet. :)  I'm going to be highlighting the NFC West today and sharing, "What I'd Be Wearing to Those Football Games".  #stillworkingonthattitle  #needshelp

 First stop...Glendale, Arizona to catch the Cardinals at home.

 I'm including this picture ONLY because the last time I referenced Matt Leinart it struck a nerve with a few of you and I didn't want to let you down.  hahahaha!!

I'm loving this black/white asymmetrical coat.  That would look great with a red tee underneath or...

This coat would be darling as well!'s 30% off through tomorrow with the code "EARLYBIRD".

Next up, the San Francisco 49ers.  Let's discuss how much I LOVE their shiny gold helmets??  That is SO in right now!!  #imsuretheydontcare

Really, all you need are THESE earrings!  PERFECT!

Loving this buffalo plaid shirt for $25 PLUS 30% off.  They have other colors as well.

 I've always wanted to go to Seattle, so I'm super pumped about this trip!!  I'm a big fan of the navy/neon combo!!

Doesn't this sweater scream, "Football FAN!"??  Love it!

Now is not the time to be buying any neon jewelry to add to the sweater.  Hopefully, Seahawks' fans you stocked up on neon this summer!!

This flannel popover (does have red) but also has Seattle colors.  Super cute!  And...J.Crew Factory is on sale right now with code "NOCROWDS".

 Last stop on the trip, I'm taking it back to my home state with the St. Louis Rams!

When I think of the Rams, I think of Kurt Warner.  What a GREAT guy!!! cousin, Whitney, is a CRAZY big sports buff and she probably thinks me saying that is completely ridiculous.  Sorry, Whitney!!  That's seriously who I think of.  Kurt Warner!

This shirt would look great paired with a lot of chunky gold jewelry!!

And I found...
This navy toggle vest is on sale for under $35.  I have it in a medium for the length.

Tomorrow we're celebrating a handsome little man turning two AND we'll be enjoying a special Thanksgiving with family.  Happy Thanksgiving Eve, Girls!!

D-Now Weekend

Whew!!  What a crazy, busy, exhausting, but yet oh-so-rewarding weekend we had!!  It was Disciple Now weekend here in McKinney, Texas.  If you're not familiar with what that is, it's basically a huge retreat for sixth graders through twelfth graders.  They get put in groups of 6-10 students.  Each group has a leader.  And the entire group has a host home where they stay for the weekend.  There are about 5 Bible study lessons the leader teaches at the host homes.  They also have some crazy fun activities at church, praise/worship concert (I'm calling it a was loud and dark!), and our youth minister speaks.  Everyone goes to church on Sunday morning and the parents all pick the students up right after church.

Before kiddos Tab and I worked in the youth department and hosted students a couple different times.  Then we had kids and I didn't really know how that would all work.  This year I decided to throw caution to the wind and I signed up to host!!  Tab had not one football games this weekend but two!  Lucky him!  (I'm being super sarcastic!)  He actually had one game he drove to, so he did get to be here more than normal which was a huge blessing!

Our weekend started on Thursday night...the boys spent the night with M and G, so Ebby Lee and I had GIRL TIME!  We had dinner and then we headed to church to meet our leader and the students we'd have that weekend. 
We had 6 sixth grade girls and Ebby Lee couldn't have been happier!!

She had school on Friday, but as soon as she got home this is pretty much what she did.  She waited patiently for the parents to drop those girls off!!

Bowen took no time in making the girls feel at home by digging into their bags, finding make-up, and applying it on his face!!!  Luckily, it was our leader's make-up and she was so sweet about it!

Saturday morning we had to be at church in the morning for the Food Fight!  This is a crazy fun competition.  Each group is assigned a parking space.  We all have an hour and a half to go door to door asking for canned goods.  Then we race back and you have to have all your canned goods in your parking space by a certain time.  Oh! need to be as creative as possible with your canned goods in your parking space. 

During competitions, the groups receive points and late Saturday night the team in first place gets a surprise's called the Phideaux Bowl and is a HUGE ice cream sundae.  The youth staff shows up at the host home's house to surprise the students.  Super fun!

These girls look ready to collect some canned goods.  Don't they?

Nixon had a playdate and Bowen was on my hip.  :)


My friend, Amber, and I drove the girls all around a neighborhood.  Ebby Lee totally thought she was twelve!  They went door to door in the rain.

We had just a few minutes to turn that big pile into a "creation".

Not too shabby, huh??

We went back to our house for lunch (provided by our "Cooking Coordinator" who happened to be Andrea!!) and another lesson.  Then it was back to church for Crazy Game #2.

At this point, I'd dropped ALL kiddos off at Marla's.  So thankful she watched them for the afternoon/evening!
Game #2 was called "Bigger and Better".  Have you heard of it?  Each group was given a pen.  We had to load up and go door to door asking people if they had anything they'd like to trade that was bigger/better than the pen.  Once you had something you loved or time was up (whatever came first) you raced back to church and had to have your item in your space in the gym.  All the items were then placed in a silent auction on Sunday morning.  All proceeds were going to "sponsor" a boy in Africa.  

Bless our group's little hearts!!  They quickly got a Chia Willie Pet (from Duck Dynasty).  I seriously think that was the biggest money maker they had the entire time!!  They also had a Bath and Body Works candle, Harry Styles from One Direction cardboard stand up thing, and then they got a flower painting.  The sweet lady that gave it to them said that it was worth a lot of money.  These girls were determined that it was going to bring in TONS of money at the silent auction.  hahahaha!  The leader and I let them choose and totally decide.  They felt confident about this painting.  You should have seen their faces when we got to the gym and they saw treadmills, chandeliers, air hockey tables...oh my!  But we had fun and raised a little money!

Then it was time for PIZZA!!  When you say, "Pizza", middle school boys come RUNNING!

Our leader, Alex, and I could not stop laughing!  Those boys were CRAZY!!

We had praise/worship time with the band from church.  AMAZING!!  There's something about over 600 kiddos worshiping Jesus!  So sweet to watch!

Then we headed back home for the last session.  This is when Tab got home and put the kiddos to bed.   So I stayed up until midnight.  Yes, I'll say that again.  I stayed up until midnight playing games, eating chips and dip, drinking way too much soda, and having a blast with middle school girls.  

This was definitely one of those times when I thought, "Oh, I'll sign up to help to bless someone else and I received all the blessings."  Those girls were so sweet.  They left "thank you" notes for my kiddos and totally captured their little hearts!  On the way home from church, Bowen kept asking, "Where are the girls?'".  Sweet boy thought they had all moved in with us I think.  It was definitely a weekend the Slaughter Family will always remember!!

Favorite Things Party

It's THANKSGIVING week!!  Wow!  That came so quickly!  I'm so excited about this week.  I have my kiddos home with me all week long AND we have family coming to town for Thanksgiving.   Today, Andrea and I are having a Par-Tay!!  Every last Monday of the month we host a "Favorite Things Party" and share a few favorite things under $10.  Don't forget to join us!!  Just post a few of your faves under $10, link back to us, and link up!

Since it's SO close to Christmas, (you guys only 4 Fridays until Christmas!!) I thought I'd share some fabulous stocking stuff ideas for under $10.

I've heard AMAZING things about this primer and found this little gift set for $10.  It'd be a super great way to try out a few products.  Ladies...if you've never tried a foundation primer need to rectify that situation ASAP.  I got one in my Birchbox this summer and it changed my life!!  

I've discussed my love for Birchbox several times before, but I can think of nothing better for a stocking stuffer!!  If you haven't heard of Birchbox, it's an amazing company!!  My aunt gave me a subscription back in January and it was like Christmas EVERY time it arrived!  For only $10 a month, you can sign up HERE for a subscription.  You receive a box of four to five beauty products samples ranging from nail polish to perfume.  You could stuff a stocking with only one Birchbox, get them a couple months' subscription, or treat them to an entire year!  Just to get an idea...this is what came in my box this month...

 Folle de joie perfume

Bain de Terre Argan Oil and Passion Flower Styling Oil

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick

I didn't pay attention to the "Eye Stick" on the side and I immediately opened it up and applied "lip gloss".  hahahahaha!

Perlier Body Butter

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint

I've shared my love for cozy socks before as well, but they MUST be included in a stocking stuffer post!  These Old Navy socks are my absolute favorites!!

This Essie set is a little over the $10 budget, but I couldn't choose just one color.  I also LOVE that glitter polish!!  This would be so fun to see in a stocking, wouldn't it??

Please let me know what you'd love to find in your stocking!!  Do you have items on your wish list for under $10??  I'm hoping my "Santa" reads this post!  haha!  

Don't forget to link up with us!!  Just add your link at the bottom!  Happy Monday!!

Tomorrow on the blog, I'll tell you all about our weekend and I was reminded of my love for Ruffles and French Onion Dip!  hahahahaha!!  #whyisitsogood