October Bucket List

October might be my very FAVORITE month EVER!!!  There are SO many GREAT things to do and the weather is always beautiful here in Texas!  I haven't done a "Bucket List" post in a while, but we have so many fun things planned I think I need to share!  Maybe you'll find a little idea or inspiration for you and your people too!  Happy October Eve!!  :)

We started this tradition a few years ago and my kids seriously talk about the fair ALL YEAR LONG!  They love it!!  We're looking forward to our annual trip!

There isn't much I love more than taking the kiddos to the pumpkin patch.  I absolutely LOVE it!  I can imagine myself dragging three teenagers to this same pumpkin patch ten or twelve years from now.  :)

Batman, Iron-Man, and a Lion last year.  :)
Our Bible Fellowship Group at church always has a big Halloween party.  The kiddos dress up.  We all bring yummy meals in slow cookers.  It's just always a good time!  This year it's on a night Tab can come!!  He usually has to miss for football, so it'll be extra special.  :)

I'm cracking up at Ebby Lee's face!!!  hahahahaha!  Last year we headed to the Arboretum for the first time and I was so impressed!!  There was SO much to do with the kiddos.  I remember two things...1. Thinking I should bring the kids back because we missed a ton.  2. And...it was incredibly HOT!  haha!  I tried to dress us "fallish" for some cute pics with all the pumpkins and an hour in we were ALL sweating!!  We're making another trip this year with some friends!

Pumpkin Carving

We'll carve our pumpkin (or two or three).  As crazy as it sounds, I usually just grab a pumpkin from the grocery store.  Mamas with littles...you feel me, right?  It's way easier to throw some pumpkins in a cart rather than haul your kiddos AND pumpkins around at the pumpkin patch.  (I LOVE the pumpkin patch, but keeping up with the kiddos AND purchasing pumpkins there has always been TOO much!  haha!).  This year I'm looking forward to seriously choosing some pumpkins from the patch!!

We'll go trick-or-treating dressed up in our Halloween costumes.  The odds of Bowen looking like he did last year are really high.  By the end of the night last year, he was down to not much of his costume.  I predict that happens again!  haha!  

I have some other fun things thrown in the mix as well.  We'll eat mummy dogs, do a Halloween craft, and enjoy lots of "pumpkin" recipes!!  The Slaughters are going to have a great October!  Hope you and your family do too!!  Happy October Eve!!

Favorite Things Party

Hey Girls!!!  Welcome to our Favorite Things Party!  Every month Andrea and I team up and host an online version of a Favorite Thing Party.  We share a couple things we love that are $10 or under.  You can join us!  Just blog your favorite thing and link up!!

Today my list is RANDOM!!!

Target-Thank You Cards...with my Rodan and Fields' business up and running I am constantly in need of new stationery.  I love the selection Target has to offer.  I have these exact cards at home!  This pack has 16 cards for $5.99!

Target-Thank You Cards...Target also has a lot of gold foil cards that are ADORABLE!!  I think this pack is $11.99.  I cheated a little bit.  :)

September in my house smells like apples, but I absolutely LOVE the Pumpkin Apple scent from Bath and Body Works.  I think it should be named the fragrance of September.  hahaha!!  I think the candle is $12, but right now it's 2 for $20.

Shay and I were discussing nail polish when we were in Nashville.  You know because we're always really into "deep" conversations.  haha!!  Believe me at a Christian women's conference, we had plenty of deep discussions!!  Anyway, she recommended this color.  I picked it up last week and I love it!!  Perfect fall color!!

Remember we'd love for you to join us!!  Have a GREAT day, Ladies!!

Friday Favorites


It's FRIDAY!!!  

In true Friday fashion, I'm linking up with my girls, Andrea and Narci, and sharing some of my favorites this Friday!  You should join us!!

#1 Favorite Things Party

Monday, Andrea and I are teaming up again for another Par-Tay!!  It's super simple.  You blog your favorite thing (or two or three) that's $10 or under.  Then you link up so the rest of us can see your goodies!!  You should join us!

#2 Leopard Booties

I have a soft place in my heart for leopard.  I have another soft place in my heart for a COMFY bootie.  Well...when you put those together I can't resist!!  I ordered these leopard booties and am ANXIOUSLY waiting for them to arrive.  I'll let you know what I think when they get here.  ;)

#3 Marla's Birthday

This lady celebrated a special birthday earlier this week.  Last night Gary and I hosted a little party with a few of her girlfriends.  We had a blast!  I'll share more details with you next week!

#4 Big Brother Finale

What did you guys think of the winner??  I mean a family guy AND a police offer??  I think it was the right choice.  But...I did feel a little bad for Cody.  :(  I told Tab that I think they should split the $550,000.  Wouldn't that have been nice??  And...I was SO glad Donny won the extra money!!  Did you see how big he was smiling??!!

#5 Oktoberfest

We live in a big town, but somehow it doesn't feel like it.  :)  Our downtown area does a fabulous job with events...parades, Home for the Holidays (or something like that), Scare on the Square, and I could keep going!!  We've never attended Oktoberfest before, but the kiddos and I are meeting a girlfriend and her kiddo tomorrow for some fun!

I am almost out of this Redefine Daily Cleansing Mask and decided it should be one of my Friday Faves!!  I have one (hopefully two) days left in the bottle I have and I'm hoping my order arrives soon!!  

Remember...if you would like to place an order and become a new Preferred Customer, I'm giving you a pair of Stella and Dot studs-YOUR choice!!  E-mail me if you'd like to hear more about Rodan and Fields.  alittlebitofeverything83@yahoo.com

#7 Owning It

I'm SO glad you guys enjoyed the new series!!  I already have a fabulous blogger lined up for October!!  I can't wait to see what kind of crazy she shares!! 

#8 Movie Night

It is officially MOVIE NIGHT in the Slaughter house!!!  We love movie nights at our house...a good movie, popcorn, and getting comfy-cozy under a blanket...the PERFECT night!  

Hope you guys have a GREAT Friday night planned as well!!

Owning It

Happy Thursday Ladies!!  I have a SUPER fun new series for you today and I'm SO excited about it!!  I don't know if you remember, but I did a post back in July confessing some funny, ridiculous, self-deprecating things about myself.  You can check the post out HERE.  I loved all the fun comments.  There are lots of other closet-Nelly fans out there and I LOVE it!  :)  The new series is inspired by that post and it's called, "Owning It...Claiming the Crazy".  I'll be featuring other bloggers who are keepin' it real and having a few "owning it" moments by sharing their crazy here on the blog.

My first featured blogger you guys already know and love just as much as I do!  :)  I asked Shay (at Mix and Match Family) about doing this for me.  Bless her heart!  She started a note on her phone and has been adding to it any time she thought of a funny she could share.  I absolutely LOVE her list and I think you guys will too!!!  So...without further ado...here's Shay "Owning It AND Claiming her Crazy"...

1. I name babies.  I don't know why...but when people tell me that they're having a baby, I start thinking of names for them.  I don't just think of names I like, I ask the parents to be a million questions (family names, themes, letters, alliteration, etc.) and start thinking of names.  

So far, I have named 5 of my friends' babies...Bowen, Maggie, Fisher, Beckett and Griffin.  Granted, I probably suggested 4000 names to each of my friends...but five of my friends ended up with names I came up with.

2. I know every lyric to every Barry Manilow song.  I blame my mother.

3. I decided about six months ago that flesh colored bras were boring and that after wearing one for 20+ years, I needed to stop.  I invested in a few colorful bras and now, I wear them every day.  I don't know why but all of a sudden, I realized how unattractive a nude bra is and now I'm rebelling.

4. I cannot dive.  Don't tell me I can and show me how by placing your arms above your head, bending forward and pretending to dive...I cannot dive.  My body just can't.  Don't waste your time.   (This is Erika and I'm now on a mission...Summer of 2015 I WILL teach this girl to dive!!)

5. I can't see the "man in the moon".  My mother gets irritated with me every time I say this but after trying to see it up there for years, I think you people are all crazy.  There is no profile in the moon...it's just a moon (my mother is objecting right this second).

6. Last December, my mom and I were writing out the menu for our Christmas Eve dinner when she asked me why I hold my pen so funny.  I told her that I had been holding my pen that way for 30 years...and she told me it was all wrong (apparently, she wasn't paying attention during my formative years).  So, I started watching You Tube videos on how to properly hold a pen and have been working on it all year.  Apparently, I have been doing it all wrong!  Who knew?!?

7. The phrase "we should go dancing" has never left my mouth.  (Hahahahaha!!!  I LOVE this one!!  It has never left mine as well.  That's probably why we're such good friends.  :))

8. I am a news junkie...but I always read people.com before heading to mainstream news...apparently, celebrity news is more important to me than any other.

9. I typically start listening to Christmas music around my birthday.  My birthday is October 25.  Don't judge.

SHAY!!!  That was SO much fun!!  Thanks so much for sharing your crazy with us!
You can find Shay over at Mix and Match Family where she blogs about her life, her family, and her faith.  And...don't forget to check out Shay's foodie blog  HERE.  Last night I made TWO Mix and Match Mama recipes.  Let me tell you...she doesn't disappoint!  

Have a GREAT day friends!!  XOXO

What We Wore

Hey Girls!!!  This month I've been taking a break from my normal "What I Wore" posts.  In honor of football season, I've been coming up with some great Game-Day Gear!!  The past two weeks I traveled to all the Big 12 schools.  The next two weeks I'll be sharing some of my favorite finds for all those SEC schools. Whether you're an SEC fan or not, hopefully you'll find something that might inspire you too!

I'm starting off this football road-trip in College Station, Texas.  I've been to some games in College Station before and you Aggies are SO much fun!!  I love all those traditions!

I'm telling you Aggie games are FUN!

Funny story...the last Aggie game Tab and I attended was with two Aggie couples.  I was just a month pregnant, one girl friend was also just a couple months pregnant, and the other girlfriend was going to have a baby in a couple months.  Our seats were at the VERY top of the stadium.  We tried to take the elevator, but the line was CRAZY long!  Aggie people...you know we had to walk around and around up that ramp to get to the very top.  But we decided we'd just walk.  When my very pregnant girlfriend made it to the top, I thought that if looks could kill...her husband would have been in BIG trouble.  I think it was his idea to walk.  :)

Look at these FUN leggings made just for all you Aggie fans!!  

This Free People top would be great with those maroon leggings.

*These are my FAVORITE find of the week!!  How CUTE are these leopard booties??  How many more weeks until Christmas??  Is it too soon to make my list?  hahaha!

Next stop...cheering on the LSU Tigers!  I absolutely LOVE that bright purple and gold!  Can't wait to choose this outfit!

Loving this purple top!!  Doesn't it scream TIGERS??  

This is the yellow option. Might wrinkle??  Picture looks a little iffy.  :)

Black wedge booties would be so cute with those grey skinnies.

Roll Tide!!  I've wanted to be an Alabama fan for as long as I can remember.  It runs as far back as my love for houndstooth!  Seriously...how great that you guys have your own cute little pattern?!!  I couldn't get that out of my head when I was shopping for my game in 'Bama!!

Ever since I saw these Houndstooth Pixie Pants at Old Navy, I've been thinking of you ladies!  The sizes are super random, but they also have a cute wine color option...

This wine option could work for you 'Bama fans as well.  Right now all Pixie Pants at Old Navy are on sale for $25!

I'd pair this Houndstooth Top with those wine pants and would fit right in with those Alabama fans.  Wouldn't I??

Or...pair this CRIMSON crochet top with the houndstooth pants??  I mean you guys...the name of the color is "CRIMSON"??  That's a sign!  That top was made for Alabama fans!  haha!

I'm loving these metallic flats.  They'd add a little sass to any outfit. :)

I went to college in Arkansas so I know how you Arkansas fans bleed for your Hogs!!  I went to a Rascal Flatts concert in Little Rock with some friends one year.  Guess what you hog fans started doing??  As we were waiting for the concert to start...the ENTIRE crowd of people started calling the hogs!!  I'm not even making that up!  Love your passion for your Razorbacks!!  In Fayetteville, you would find me wearing this outfit...

I love this cute little black shift dress.  The reviews on this dress were great!

To incorporate some cute Razorback color, I'd add a fun pendant necklace like this Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace.

And...I'd pair the dress/necklace with these adorable black booties.  :)

A random fact about me....I applied to Auburn and got accepted.  A friend and I thought it'd be so fun to go to college in Auburn.  Then we both changed our minds.  Super random!  I'd love to go to an Auburn game!  Sure the vibe in that stadium would be GREAT!  

I'm a sucker for a cute puffer vest and this buffalo check vest from J.Crew Factory fits the bill.

Ladies...I searched high and low for a hardcore Auburn orange shirt and this is as close as it gets!  I think this Old Navy top would look great with that vest!!

And...since all jeans are on sale at Old Navy right now thought I'd pair the top and vest with these grey skinny jeans.

And...I'd complete the "Go Tigers" look with these boots.

I've been to an Ole Miss game before and I know you ladies dress NICE for your football games!!  Seriously...I LOVE all those traditions you Rebels have!!  I found something for you...

I love this dress option!  It's on sale (like under $30 kind of sale), but it's only available in medium.  It also comes in black and the black is only available in small or large.

These boots would look great with the navy dress!!

And...to make the outfit extra fun, I'd choose the perfect game-day earrings!! 

Starkville, Mississippi, I traveled here on a little college tour.  I decided it was a little too far from home, but I LOVED it!  The people were the best part.  Everyone was so nice!!  So...I'd be happy to be standing in their crowd screaming for Mississippi State!!

How cute is this army jacket??

It'd be great over this maroon floral top.

This would look great paired with my destroyed Vigoss jeans.

And...these shoes would be perfect for cheering on those Bulldogs!!

Thanks for joining me on my football adventures!!!