Friday Favorites


Andrea, Narci, and I are linking up again for this week's edition of FRIDAY FAVORITES!!  

1-Kindergarten Kick-Off Dinner
Ebby Lee and I attended Andrea and Shay's Kindergarten Kick-Off Dinner.  It was a super sweet night!!

All the sweet kiddos are heading to kindergarten this month!

I took Kensington and Ebby Lee to dance this week.  Sweetest thing ever!

3-Sweet Kiddos
Love spending my days with these crazies!

4-Date Night
I had a GREAT night with this handsome guy on Wednesday.  (If you're local) We went to Mash'd for the first time and it was DELISH!!

5-My Wish List

Last week I shared my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List.  There are only a couple days left at amazing prices!!  Go HERE to check it out!

 6-Zoo Trip
Yesterday, we had an unusually cool day so we headed to the zoo with the Shulls and the Dreffs.  Narci always says the funniest things to get the kiddos to smile.  :)

The girls were READY!!!  (and looking good I might add) :)

Bowen was all about getting out of the stroller to SEE!!

The crazies were bouncing around like the kangaroos.

Everybody needs a group picture beside a warthog, right?

The girls decided they needed a model-pose picture.  The boys weren't feeling it.  ha!

This girl got HOT and turned her hat around.  I cracked up EVERY time I looked at her!

Bowen wasn't sure WHAT to think about that goat.

Nixon was ALL about the farm animal section.

A GREAT day at the zoo with some of my FAVORITE girls! (and kids)

7-First Day of School
Thank you SO much for all your sweet comments and your great ideas!!  I've LOVED reading all the fun traditions you guys have!!  As nervous as I am, I can't wait to start some fun new traditions.  And...(thank you for reminding me because I totally needed to hear it) I know those kinder teachers are going to be GREAT!  If you missed the comments and ideas, go check them out HERE!

Hope you girls have a GREAT weekend!!  Thanks so much for reading!  Can't wait to see your Friday Faves!

August-Bucket List

I skipped my bucket list last month, because it would have looked like this...

That would have been a boring post, right??  :)

August is TOMORROW!!!  As much as I love the lazy days of summer, I LOVE getting into a routine!  This is what we have planned...
Last year I turned 30, so Tab went all out and had a 30th birthday party with some of my very favorite people!!  This year I won't have a party, but we'll still celebrate.  :)

We'll also celebrate THIS guy!!  (Our birthdays are just 8 days apart.)

We'll have our VERY LAST SWIM of the summer.  Usually by mid-August, my kiddos are ready to hang up their towels...literally! 

Bring me a TISSUE!!!  THIS girl is going to Kindergarten!!  I know she will have an absolute blast, but I will miss her like CRAZY!!  We will ALL miss her like crazy!  She is the peace maker, the Bowen-sitter, and my helper!  Seriously, it'll take me and the boys a while to get used to her being gone!!  (Ok...I only typed like two non-sappy sentences and I'm tearing up!  I'm gonna be a HOT MESS!!)

If you haven't read this blog post, go read it now!!  I read it yesterday morning and walked around the house sobbing!  Seriously!  hahaha!

And...Mamas, I need some HELP!!!  What are your first day of school traditions??  Please let me know what you do!!  I need some great ideas!!  Thanks in advance!  :)

And...we're pretty much a circus act no matter where we are!!  But...the Slaughter circus is heading to see the real circus!!

I'm soaking up the last few weeks of summer, before we all start our new normal!!  Hope you're enjoying your last few weeks too!!  

And...please let me know about school.  What do you do to make the first day special??  Thanks girls!!

9 Years

On this very day nine years ago, I married my best friend.
Tab and I met in college (Arkansas State University).  We met my sophomore year while I was "talking" to his friend!  YIKES!  Yes, that's totally how we met!  Fast forward two summers later...(I wasn't talking to his friend anymore.  Thank goodness!) the summer before our senior year we saw each other at the apartment pool.  I invited him over to our apartment for tacos.  ha!  

We instantly hit it off and started talking marriage SOON.  That December Tab graduated and moved to Dallas for a real-big boy job!  We began the long distance thing for a couple months.

In February, he surprised me with a RING!!!  We got engaged and were married a few months later....on July 30, 2005.

We loaded up and started our journey in Arlington, TX.  I had to finish my last semester of student teaching and a college in Arlington agreed to work with ASU to evaluate me.

In the spring, we bought our first home in McKinney.  We pretty much looked ALL around the Dallas area and felt like God was saying, "McKinney!!".  

I got my first real-big girl job teaching third grade.  Tab moved jobs to one a little closer to home.

I'm not going to lie.  Everything hasn't been super rosy in the last nine years.  Marriage is HARD!  We've dealt with infertility, job issues, and lots of other things.  But...I'm so thankful THIS guy has been by my side. 

Since then...we've had three beautiful babies.  

We've been through several different jobs.

We've moved into a new house.

And...we've had an absolute blast doing it together!

Thankful I found a guy who is constantly seeking the Lord and His guidance!!  We couldn't do it without our relationship with Christ.  There's no way!

Love this guy and am so thankful I get to do life with him!

Happy Anniversary, Tab Slaughter!!!  
Here is to MANY MANY more!!

Favorite Things Party

Happy Tuesday, Girlies!!  Andrea and I are partying today!!  This is a monthly party we have.  It's super simple to join!  Blog your favorite thing (or two) $10 or under and then link up so we can ALL see your goodies!

This book was one of those random purchases on Amazon. You know when they "recommend" other things you should purchase.  It's a devotional with super short daily stories, but Kristen is SO real!  I think any mom can relate to what she's saying.  You should totally check it out!!

Folger's Cinnamom Swirl Coffee

I know I've blogged about my love for this coffee before, but I'm doing it again!  I LOVE this coffee!  The cinnamon is so yummy!'s SO cheap!!  I can only find it at Wal-mart.  When I go I stock up!

Suave Kids' Detangler

Ebby Lee's hair is growing!!  Yay!!  But...that also means she's finally getting tangles in hair.  I picked this up a couple grocery trips ago and it makes a huge difference!!

That's my super random list for today, girls!!  Can't wait to see your faves!!

Some Randomness, Some Pizza, and Some Jesus

Ebby Lee started ballet/tap this summer and has been loving every second of it!  I took her a couple weeks ago and couldn't stand it.  She looked so stinkin' cute in that little outfit!

You guys know Nixon has a TINY obsession with dogs.  At any second of any day, you can see this at my house.  Bowen even does it too.  :)

The kiddos and I took a walk/bike ride around the neighborhood last week.  The boys spotted a dog. ha!

Smith came over to our house for a SLEEPOVER!!  (Ebby Lee went over to Kensington's)  The boys were SO good!  They played in Nixon's room, they played Lego's, they played with Bowen, and then we made homemade pizzas.  

These little chefs whipped up their own personal pizzas.  I can't stress this enough...they were SO good! I told Shay that Smith can stay with us anytime!!  Seriously, they played SO well!

Bowen managed to fall asleep sitting up at the pool.  How does this happen?  

Don't we all as Moms have those moments when we think "GOD, AM I DOING THIS RIGHT?".  

I was totally having one of those days last week.  The kiddos and I had been to the pool.  After naps we hit up the grocery store for a couple things (my kiddos were super exhausted), it was the kind of trip where the big kids fought over who got to sit in the cart with Bowen and by the end, there was not ONE SINGLE KID left in my cart!!  You know the kind I'm talking about, right?  A crazy chaotic PLEASE let's go this over with kind of grocery run.  I was in a horrible mood pushing my cart to the car. I turned the car on and loaded the kiddos first.  Apparently my radio was on (I really wasn't paying any attention), but I threw the groceries in the back.  As I put my cart away, I heard the Newboys song, "We Believe" and two little voices in my backseat were singing right along..."We believe in God the Father.  We believe in Jesus Christ.  We believe in the Holy Spirit.  And he's given us new life.".  

It was JUST what I needed to hear.  Who cares if every person in the grocery store thought I had lost my mind (and control over my three littles), right?  My kiddos were reminding me what really matters. In that moment, God totally put me in my place with two sweet little voices and a song on the radio.  :)

And...tomorrow Andrea and I are having a PARTY!!!  A Favorite Things Party!!  Sorry, we usually do this the last Monday of the month, but we forgot to remind you.  We thought we'd give everyone an extra day to prepare.  If you blogged it today, no problem!  Just link up with us tomorrow!!  We love getting to see what your favorites are every month!!