T-Ball and a Wonderful Weekend

What a FABULOUS weekend we had!!!  

Nixon (#3) and Coach Tab

Nixon (and his bestie, Smith) had their very first tee-ball game on Saturday morning.  I had super low expectations going into the game (friends had told me that at 4...the boys have no clue...so I was prepared for the worst) and I was SO impressed!!!  Those little boys not only looked adorable in their cute little baseball pants, but they kind of acted like they knew what was going on!!!  Cutest thing ever!!  

I will be super happy supporting whatever my kiddos decide to do....baseball, soccer, swimming, whatever!  But...I secretly would be really excited about Nix loving this sport!!

Right before the game started...

Number Three up to bat!

He got up there and paused.  Then he looked at Tab like, "Should I really do this now?"  haha!

Besties after their first game!  

After the game, lunch, and naps...we headed out for some errands.  We rewarded them with a trip to the pet store.

This is what Nixon thinks heaven will be like.  :)

We all went for a family bike ride/walk and after that...Tab thought it would be a good idea to let Ebby Lee try to ride without her training wheels.  

She wasn't feeling it just yet...ha!

Saturday was a PERFECT day!!  Tee-ball, lunch, naps, errands to my kind of stores like Marshall's & T.J. Maxx, dinner out (which means no cleaning up the kitchen...wahoo!), family walk/bike ride...the PERFECT day and the weather was gorgeous which made it even better!!

In our Sunday School class on Sunday morning, we were all feeling the denim jacket love.  :)

Get your denim jacket here.

The weather was beautiful again yesterday, so we hit up a little bike trail in M & G's neighborhood that leads to this park.

There's nothing cuter than a little baby in these shorts...haha!

We had a GLORIOUS weekend!!!  I hope you did too!!

5 on Friday

In true 5 on Friday fashion, I have an assortment of randomness for you!!

This is the craziness going on in my head right now!!
Nixon has his very first t-ball game tomorrow morning!!  It should be super interesting!  Go Indians!

I'm hoping after the game to decorate our house for spring.  If you need a little Easter decorating inspiration, check out my post from yesterday here.

On my to-do list is "order Ebby Lee some new bows".  Casey at One Stop Bow Shop has super cute bows.  She has an adorable gold hair bow that E NEEDS!  Check out the gold bow here.

Tab and I are participating in a Wednesday night bible study at church.  The 5 Love Languages of Children is the book we'll be studying.  We've only met once so far and we're pretty sure we pegged all of our kiddos' love languages!!  haha!  Isn't that crazy??  We'll see if we were right once we continue to learn more, but we for sure have our guesses!

I feel so blessed by YOU!!!  Thank you for all the sweet words, comments, and e-mails!!  I love hearing from you and getting new ideas for the blog.  When I think about you guys, I feel so blessed.  Thank you!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

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A Little Inspiration...

I have some big plans for us this weekend.  One of the things on our to-do list is pulling down the spring/Easter decor and decorating.  This is the first spring/Easter we've been in this house so I need to see what will work and what I need to be in search of!  

My hubby will be so excited about me purchasing new spring decor if the old just doesn't "fit"...ha!  (Being super sarcastic!!)

To get me inspired, I searched Pinterest and found some FABULOUS inspiration pics for decorating our homes for spring/Easter.  Take a look....
I LOVE how she brought nature inside!

Doesn't this beautiful mantle SCREAM spring?? 

Isn't this table darling???  I need it all!!

Using apothecary jars are such a cute and affordable way to change up your look for the holidays.  These look fabulous!

Gotta love Pottery Barn!!  This looks SO good!!  This blog has a DIY for painting, "HAPPY EASTER"  on some eggs.  I will be doing this!!  

Maybe Tab would pick me some cute branches daily so the flowers ALWAYS look fresh??  hahaha!!

Loving this mantle!

There is a LOT going on in this picture, but I wish I had every single piece of this in my house!!  DARLING!

And...a little Easter chalkboard inspiration for us.

I'm loving ALL those inspiration pictures!!!  I have WORK TO DO!!

What's your favorite item or piece to use when decorating for spring??  Wish me luck!  ;)

What I Wore

Hey!!  If you're new to the blog, every Wednesday I document "What I've Been Wearing" and share the details.  Sometimes I do a fabulous job and take lots of pics.  Other weeks I only have a few.  :(  But...either way, hopefully you'll get a little inspiration this week.

Denim Jacket:  Exact one here.
T-Shirt:  Mine is from J.Crew Factory last year.  This one is a different color but similar look.
Coral Tank:  Exact Target tank here.

Camo Pants:  I couldn't find a similar pair of camo pants.  :(
Lilac Toms:  The lilac is all gone.  :(  I found these turquoise crochet Toms for under $30 if you're a size 8.  Or...these are a cute crochet denim option.  

A funny story about these Toms....I bought them a couple weeks ago.  Thursday was the very first day I wore them.  I picked all the boys up from preschool (Smith included) and took my shoes off right beside the front door.  We had t-ball practice just a little later, so I knew I'd be putting those back on.  Just a few minutes before we needed to leave I realized my shoes were gone.  The only person who'd been hanging out in the entryway....BOWEN!  I searched and searched and searched!!!  I couldn't find either shoe!!  What were the odds he had (my 16-month-old) hid BOTH shoes in a fabulous hiding spot??

Friday I searched again in the morning and again in the afternoon...nothing!!!  Saturday morning, Ebby Lee and I were doing some cleaning around the house.  Luckily, she asked if she could clean the windows.  (I let them do this a lot!  They spray way too much Windex and clean the windows...ha!  It keeps them busy.  They think it's so fun.  And...my house smells super clean!  Win for us all!)  So...I went around downstairs raising the blinds and opening the shutters...when I pulled open the shutters in the dining room....THERE WERE MY SHOES!!  Homeboy had opened the plantation shutters in the dining room and had them stuffed at the very bottom so they were invisible to the human eye!!  

He's probably going to be REALLY good at hide-n-seek when he's older!!!

Denim Jacket:  Exact jacket here.
Stripe Scarf:  Mine is from Gap last year.  This Gap scarf is very similar.  All Gap is 35% off right now with the code DEALFORU.
Pink Tee:  Exact t-shirt here from Target....lots of color options.
Lilac Toms:  These are a cute option.

Floral Top:  This is a super cute floral top option.
White Tank:  Exact tank here.
Vigoss Jeans:  Exact pair here...AND they're 40% off!  Just under $35!

And....somebody asked me about my leopard phone case.  It's a Kate Spade cover from Nordstrom.  The I-Phone 5 cover is here.  Or...the I-Phone 4 option is here.

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Top Three

Spring has finally arrived!!  Which to me means....time to start thinking about my Easter look!  Most of the year I don't shop for new "church clothes".  I'll browse while I'm shopping or maybe buy something new for a vacation, but usually I don't set out shopping in search of dressy clothes.  So every year at Easter I treat myself to something new.

In true holiday fashion, I searched and searched Pinterest for my Top Three Easter Looks.  This is what I found...

This is by far my very favorite look!!!  Love a cute dress with a bright statement necklace and neutral shoes!  
I found a couple options if you're in search of this look...
I found this cute option from J.Crew Factory and it's half off right now!  The dress also comes in ivory.

Cute necklace option here.

Love this statement necklace from J.Crew Factory.

Or I also love this stripe option from Gap.  It also comes in mint/blue stripes.

This necklace would be fabulous with that Gap dress.

Both of the above dresses would look great with these wedges.  Sheaffer bossed (ha!) me into purchasing these last year and I wore them A LOT!!

Even though we live in Texas, Easter tends to always be a little chilly!!  A cute dress paired with a cardigan or denim jacket would be perfect for Easter.  The shoes aren't my fave, but I'm loving the bracelet!

This is a cute patterned option from JC Penney.  It has a REALLY cute back and is super affordable.

I know Easter is usually a little dressier than a normal Sunday at church, but if you were going to add a cardigan or jacket, I'd purchase something that you'll wear with lots of other things...like this denim jacket.  You know I wear mine ALL THE TIME!

This is definitely a more casual look for Easter.  A cute tee with a bright floral maxi skirt and the denim vest (or jacket)...super cute!!  Love the bold statement necklace!!  Not a fan of the shoes...look past them!  ha!  

Gap maxi dress here....I had a SUPER hard time finding a cute floral maxi skirt.  This would pair great with the above denim jacket on a cool Easter morning.

Hope you guys found a little inspiration for Easter!!!

When I was searching Pinterest, I came across this cute little outfit.  I bought this right after Easter (major sale) the year I was pregnant with Bowen.  I didn't know yet if he was a he or a she!  ha!  I was going to be prepared!  Needless to say, my friend, Whitney's, little girl got to wear it.  :)

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Spring Break and Catching Up

I'm FINALLY blogging all our fun from the past two weeks!!  Way behind!!

Last Sunday morning before church, I caught these two being super sweet!

Monday (of Spring Break) we met some friends at the park.  The weather was PERFECT!!

This kid thinks he is big and can do anything a big kid can do.  Not quite yet, B!

Monkeys climbing at the park.  :)

Tuesday afternoon, Smith came over for a sleepover with Nix.  The boys practiced t-ball and played until it was time to take baths (and eat brownies).

See??  He thinks he's big!!

 Tab and Andrew would get behind the net and make crazy faces.

I think it helped!

Wednesday morning, we were all up and hit the gym bright and early!  Still waiting for GAP's Marketing team to give me a call.  ;)

We hit up McDonald's with friends and then Nix went to Carter's house for a playdate.

Thursday, Shay and I let the kiddos swim in the heated pool at the gym.  It was cool outside, so we didn't really think they'd last that long.  An hour and a half later (shocker) they were asking to get out to eat lunch!

The girlies being silly!  They were cold once they got out, but they had a blast swimming in March!

Friday...Tab took off work so we hit up a park in Frisco and then ran some errands.

This park is AMAZING!!!

The park has a special "toddler" area....B was in his element!! haha!

Way cooler than the rusty merry-go-rounds we had, huh??

We went out for a yummy brunch and then stopped by the PGA store.

E worked on her swing.

And...N worked on his putting.

Saturday morning we headed to the Perot Museum in Dallas.  It was our very first time.  We had a FABULOUS time!!
 Don't they look like newbies in those hats?

Our first stop was the Children's Museum.

Tab tried to teach them a thing or two.

Nixon had a ball running from area to area checking it all out.

Bowen played in this little play thing for all of two seconds, before he found this....

The water area...(Isn't Ebby Lee going to love the fact that she would NOT take off that hat??  haha!)

Bowen LOVED this!  He was barely tall enough to reach the water, but don't worry...he managed quite well.  When we left, his shirt and pants were soaked!!

 Whose big kid is this???

 Nixon and Ebby Lee got busy painting masterpieces.

Nixon was all about "working" in this area.

Homeboy was STILL at the water table.  

 Then we went to the "Sports Hall".  E practiced her tennis swing again.

They recorded her and we got to watch in slow motion.

Had a BLAST with these two!

This kiddo is a MESS!  But we had SO much fun and can't wait to go back!!

Tuesday, Miss E got her hair trimmed.

Mrs. Jessica did a FABULOUS job!!

We've been enjoying lots of walks around our new neighborhood.

 This past Friday we headed to the Dallas Zoo with lots of friends! (It was a little sunny.)

 So many friends joined us for the day!!!

I bribed this boy with lots of snacks so he'd happily sit in the stroller.  Not sure what his pose was all about??

Nixon's wasn't feeling well (allergies) so he was seriously laid-back ALL day!  He watched from the strollers unless he thought it'd be super interesting to see.  :)

 B LOVED the play area!

Great day hanging with these kiddos and their mamas!!  I am BLESSED beyond measure with GREAT girlfriends!!

 Loaded up and headed home....what a GREAT day!

Yesterday before church (we were waiting for Nix) these two...

Oh my goodness!  Brother/Sisterly Love!

Hope you've had a GREAT weekend!!