Favorite Vacation Spot and Pinspired

 Happy Friday!!  I'm linking up with ShaySheaffer, and Mel to show you my Pin-spired look. 

This was my inspiration pic for my outfit.

My interpretation :)  Let me also set this stage a little more...it was cold outside, I waited until yesterday to find something to be Pins-pired about, Bowen is sick so we took the big kids to school and have been stuck in the rest of the day, and I paired it with brown leggings.  Comfy and cute!!

Chevron Scarf:  Similar here at Target or here at Forever 21.  Exact scarf here.
Coral Shirt:  Exact shirt here.
Tank:  Exact tank here.
Leggings:  Exact leggings here.

I'm also linking up with Kelly's Korner for another Show Us Your Life post.  This week it's all about your favorite vacation spot.  Tab and I have been on a lot of fabulous vacations or little getaways since we've been married.  Hopefully, we'll go on a variety of many many more, but there's always one place we LOVE going to vacation.  We find ourselves going back again and again...

The Destin/Sandestin area in Florida is one of our very favorite places.

Tab and I took our first trip together there with our friends, the Cox's, in 2008.  
 We stayed at a condo in the Sandestin Resort.  BEAUTIFUL!!!

Sandestin 2008 (Pic is SO off-centered!  ha!  Who took this??)

We had a blast...so much so that we went back the next summer with them, Whitney's parents, and our kids. (We had Ebby Lee in April and vacationed in September.  I had recently found out we were pregnant again.)  This year we stayed in a house in the Sandestin Resort.  It was beautiful...4 bedrooms, 4 baths...plenty of room for our crew.

It was difficult taking a little baby, but there was SO much to do with little kids.  The perfect family place!!

In 2012, we took a Destin vacation with Tab's sister and her family and Tab's dad/Marla.  Our kiddos were the perfect age to start enjoying a beach trip and all the fun that goes along with it!  (Except that Nixon HATES the sand...one tiny problem.)  Our kiddos loved the family adventure place.  There were tons of little kid rides.  We went to dinner several nights.  We did a LOT of swimming at the pool.  And...when we could keep Nixon happy we spent some time at the beach.  :)  Can I add I was pregnant (again...ha!) in this picture?  haha!

We stayed in a condo right on the beach....it was PERFECT!

Destin 2013
Last year we hit Destin again with Tab's dad and his brother and sister's families.  Let me just say when I thought the beach was a little difficult with one five-month-old, I was crazy!!  This year we had SO much fun, but the beach with three little kiddos (one being a seven-month-old baby) is the opposite of relaxing!  ha!  We stayed in a house a couple blocks off the beach.  The house was part of a little resort.  There was an amazing pool right outside our house.  We spent a lot of time at the pool.  (Nix was MUCH happier there.)

Every year we've gone we've found our lodging through www.vrbo.com.  (vacation rentals by owner) It's a great site where you can actually see the condo/home you're interested in renting for the week.  I highly recommend it!!  It's never done us wrong!

The Slaughters have many places on our "Must Visit" list, but I can guarantee at least every few years...we'll be making our way back to the white beaches of Destin.  We've made some AMAZING family memories there already and I look forward to us making many many more!!

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March Bucket List

Emily at They Call Me Mama and I are teaming up again to highlight our Bucket Lists for March!!  Here are a couple things the Slaughters are looking forward to...

Dallas Zoo
We tried hard to make it to the zoo in the fall, but our zoo day was cold and rainy.  So...now that the weather is warming up, we're trying again!!  My kids LOVE the zoo!  They will be SO excited!

 Nixon (and Smith) start tee-ball this month.  Don't worry...there will be way too many pics of them in their cute little baseball pants!!  Adorable!!  (This was Nix and our old neighbor, Case, playing catch last spring.  We miss you, Bishops!!)

Western Day at School
The kiddos and I all dressed up for Western Day 2013.  (I taught at their preschool last year...didn't want you to think I dressed for western day and then headed to get groceries...haha!)  They usually have fun activities planned for the day.  Nixon's class is having a "Cowboy Cook-Out" for lunch...which I think consists of a Cotton Patch kid's meal.  Ha!  I'm sure the cowboys enjoyed stopping at Cotton Patch, right?

Spring Break Fun
I don't have anything officially planned for the week of spring break, but the kids and I always have a blast!!  Not sure what we'll do, but we'll have fun doing it!

St. Patrick's Day
We'll sport our green for St. Patrick's Day!

 My boys in green...Bowen is cracking me up!!

Pinterest Crafts
I'm going to be really intentional about all those Pinterest crafts I've pinned....actually doing them!!  Ebby Lee is ALL about crafts.  With her going to kinder in the fall, I feel the need to soak up every second of crafting with her.  

March and the warmer weather means lots of grilling outside!!  Which is perfect for me, it means not a big dinner mess inside!

A Little Backyard Love
Our backyard is in need of a little lovin'.  (Tab is super excited about this being on my bucket list.  I guarantee it!)  Our backyard is looking drab.  (This isn't our backyard...just a pic I googled.)  But...for ours think lots of concrete around the pool, lots of outdated landscaping, and right this second...maybe you should imagine a nasty pool that needs some MAJOR help!  

I just want to add some fun color to the backyard (to break up all the concrete).  I want to update the plants.  And...for sure we need to give the pool a MAJOR clean!  Hoping it will look more like this picture by April!  I can always hope, right??

What's on your bucket list for March??
Hope you have some fabulous things planned.  :)
Don't forget to check out Emily's list too.

And...go check out Andrea's St. Patrick's Day decor...so fabulous!!!  Here is a little peek...

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What I Wore Wednesday and a Swimsuit Hunt

Eek!!  I just said "Swimsuit"!!!  Keep reading...it's not that painful.  :)

It's Wednesday again!!  I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for WIWWGet Your Pretty On, and Because Shanna Said So.  
When my kiddos are older, they'll probably take pictures of themselves before they leave every morning.  They'll probably think it's just what everyone does!!  haha!!

Stripe Shirt:  Loft options here or here. (the second option is 40% off)
Vigoss Jeans:  I seriously have a couple pairs of these jeans and they're pretty much all I wear.  I'll throw on my camo pants or leggings every now and then.  But...most days I'm wearing these.

Stripe Shirt:  Old Navy option here or here.
Tank:  Gap tank here.
Vigoss Jeans:  Nordstrom here.

Blue Shirt:  Short-sleeve option here.
Pink Tank:  You guys know I love my maternity tanks from Target.  But...they only have so many colors.  I got this neon pink one from Gap.  They have some (probably only online) that come in "tall".  Gap tank here.
Floral Scarf:  Cute Gap option here.  
Vigoss Jeans:  Nordstrom here.

Coral Shirt:  Gap option here.
Floral Scarf:  Nordstrom scarf #1scarf #2, or scarf #3.
Vigoss Jeans:  See what I mean??  Nordstrom here.

Ok...just a little swimsuit talk.  This year I decided I needed to invest in some good swimsuits.  Most of my swimsuits are super stretched out from wearing them preggo, so I really need a couple new suits.  We swim A LOT during the summer!!!  

Normally, I try on suits alone, come home, and am not sure about it.  This year I decided I should change that.  I invited my friend, Narci, who was on a "swimsuit hunt" herself, to join me.  We met at the mall, had lunch, and HIT the swimsuit departments!!  

Let me just tell you it was so much fun!!  We laughed about things that did not look good and we CELEBRATED when we found a winner!!  I did not take pictures of us in our suits...but I'm sharing the treasures we found on our hunt yesterday.  After four stores, these were our winners...

We loved this Cremieux suit from Dillard's.  We actually mix and matched the prints.

We loved this pattern too!!  

Super cute white lace option.

Another option here.

That Cremieux Swimwear line at Dillard's was super cute and there are all different kinds of styles and fits.  When we mixed the patterns, we loved them even more.  So...we both ended up with a patterned suit from this line.  You should check it out!

If you're a tankini wearer, you need to order this one TODAY!!  The color in real-life is a pretty bright coral (not orangey like in the pic).  It's a GREAT color!  The fringe is SO cute!!

Fringe skirt bottoms here.

Our "1st Annual Swimsuit Hunt" was a success!!!  (I'm calling it an annual event...so Narci has to join me again, right??)  We both left with two treasures AND with the promise of using self-tanner ASAP!!  hee hee!

Here's to hoping your swimsuit shopping is a success too!!

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Top Three

Can you believe it's the last week of February??  You know what that means, right??  Spring is SO close.  It's just around the corner.  Today, I searched Pinterest for my "Top Three Spring Looks".  I hope you girlies find some cute inspiration today.  

Chambray Shirt:  Loft option.
Floral Scarf:  Nordstrom scarf #1, scarf #2, or scarf #3.
Coral Shorts:  J.Crew Factory here.  The link is for the 4 inch shorts.  I also like the 3 inch shorts too.

When I was searching for my fave colored shorts, I stumbled upon these.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
J.Crew Factory floral shorts here.

Found these shorts too!!  They also come in navy and light blue.  Loving the nautical look!
J.Crew Factory shorts with gold accents here.

Denim Jacket:  My beloved denim jacket here.  Sheaffer blogged about her love for hers yesterday here.
Coral Top:  This Nordstrom tunic would be great with skinnies.
White Skinnies:  With this type of tunic, you'd want skinny jeans, here is one option and here is another.

Destroyed Vigoss Jeans:  Nordstrom here.
Scarf:   Nordstrom scarf #1scarf #2, or scarf #3.
White Tank:  Loft tank here.  Nordstrom here.

I clearly have a thing for coral and mint!!!  haha!!!  Anybody else having that problem??

I'm also loving this citron flowy skirt paired with the denim jacket! 

Denim Jacket:  Wear mine all the time here.
White Tank: J.Crew Factory option here.
Flowy Skirt:  I couldn't find a skirt this green color, but I found a cute turquoise here.  This is a cute printed option that would be great with the tank and jacket.

I also noticed that I chose a lot of the same things....chambray shirt, white tank, denim jacket, some colored shorts, jeans, or skirts.  Hope you found a little spring inspiration today!!  And...maybe you decided to add a little coral or mint.  :)

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Funnies, Cleat Day, and Some Randomness

Some funny things my kiddos have said lately....

The kiddos and I were in the car on Friday and Ebby Lee started talking about strangers.
Ebby Lee:  "Nixon, if a stranger offers you some candy, what do you say?"
Nixon:  "I'd say, PLEASE?"
Oops!!!  So glad Ebby Lee asked this question!!  We've had a lot of conversations about manners, but I guess I need to step my "stranger talk" up a little.  :)

Ebby Lee and I made "healthy breakfast cookies" from Pinterest.  You know the kind with unsweetened applesauce and no sugar?? They tasted "okay".  After dinner, Nixon asked for a cookie.  
Ebby Lee:  "Nixon, they don't really have a flavor."
Hahahaha!!!  So true!!  I kind of agree with that statement!

Ebby Lee in the bathtub.
Ebby Lee:  "This water is so warm it gives me boose-gumps."

I need to start taking notes on all the little funnies they say!!

My little model strutted her stuff this week.

This kid was a HAM!

He watched Mickey Mouse (his fave show), had his go-to snack in hand, and couldn't handle it.  Rough life for B.

I thought our plans for Saturday were to clean out the garage and get stuff done around the house.  Tab had other plans!!!  Nixon's 1st ever CLEAT DAY!!  We went to the store to get Nixon's tee-ball uniform and cleats.

Nix talked Tab into these wristbands.  Ha!!  We'll see if he really wears them.

He looks tough right??

Tab was seriously having a "moment" about this being his first time ever to buy cleats.  Bless his heart!  Nixon was dying to just ride up the escalator to get to the golf course (the little putting green).

After all that fun, we worked in the yard.  We have an abundance of leaves!!  Out. Of. Control.

While we worked, Ebby Lee and Bowen took selfies.

Nix was busy practicing.

I was a hot mess in the yard while all that was going down.  hahahaha!!  Keepin' it real!

I had to document my first time ever to borrow something from Ebby Lee.  She let me borrow this head band yesterday and I'm 99% sure I'm going to wear it again today to the gym.  She was so sweet.  She said, "Mom, that headband looks great on you."  Love that girl!  And...I'm looking forward to many more "sharing" moments!!