Busy Busy Day

Happy Friday!!  Busy busy day on the blog!!  First, I'm linking up with ShaySheaffer, and Mel to show you my Pin-spired look.  If we're being completely honest, I was super lazy this month...but I do love the colors the Pin-spired pic gave me.  :)

Source here.

The coat color is similar to mine, so when I saw this pin I knew I could recreate it.  
Party foul....I forgot to take a picture of my pants!!!  But...I've actually worn this coat/scarf combo a lot and I wear all different kinds of pants/boots.

Scarf:  Nordstrom fringe scarf in black or red here.  Dusty pink is gone. :(
Coat:  For local TX girls, I got mine last year in Canton (when I was on a little shopping trip with Sheaffer.  We should do that again, Sheaffer??).  But a similar one...this option is cute from Nordstrom.

This has nothing to do with the coat I'm wearing, but this super cute puffer jacket is on sale for under $40.

I'm also linking up with Darci over at The Good Life BlogApril at A.Liz Adventures,  Christina at Carolina Charm, and Natasha at Hello! Happiness for 5 on Friday.  

And...because it's the last day of the month, I'm also joining Emily at They Call Me Mama for our February Bucket List.  Today I'm going to be highlighting the top 5 things on my bucket list for February.

These are the top 5 things on my bucket list for February.

Watching the Super Bowl this weekend!!  I went shopping for my super bowl goodies yesterday and added way too much junk food just because it was Super Bowl weekend??  What?  Next week...I'll have to be REALLY good!

This isn't our house...just a google image pic.  :)  But...I have a LONG list of little and big to-dos that Tab and I have to get done this month.  With football over, NOW is the time!

Valentine cards for the kiddos' friends.  This is how I'll be hoping they turn out, but they'll look more like this...
hahahaha!!!  Nothing is wrong with the above card!  I'll have to remind myself!!

#4 (Random pic because each number needed one. haha!)
The Slaughters are officially starting a new valentine tradition.  I'm blogging all about some ideas for this next week.  I'm really looking forward to having fun on Valentine's Day with the entire family!

I'm excited about ANOTHER Instagram challenge!!  Andrea and I are excited to start the February challenge.  I'm really looking forward to seeing ALL the photos this month!!  Please join us!!

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On January 2nd, Andrea and I challenged you to join us for a photo-a-day Instagram challenge.  We have only two more days left to go, ladies!!  We're almost there!  I have had an absolute BLAST participating AND seeing all of your pics!!!  This was January...

We have some news....we're challenging you AGAIN!!!  We had SO much fun that we want to keep it going.  I know some of you started and slowly fizzled out.  Others picked up in the middle.  And some of you posted EVERY SINGLE DAY!  No matter what the case was...we're so thankful you participated!  Please join us again!!  Starting February 1st (Saturday)...here we go!!  
We have a new hashtag this month.  #eapicaday

Can't wait to see what you guys post!!

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What We Wore

Ready for some errands and bible study.

Striped Shirt:  Gap here.
Grey Tank:  Target here.
Military Jacket:  Option here.
Jeans:  Nordstrom here.

Shay and I had our Dry Bar date.  So much fun!!

Sweater:  Gap options here or here.  Mine is sold out.
Coral Tank:  Target here.
Jeans:  Nordstrom here.

Sunday Best!

Dress:  Mine is sold out from Gap, but here's another Gap option.
Jacket:  Similar here.

Grey Tights:  Gap here.
Brown Boots:  These wedge boots are on sale for under $75.  Great deal!!
Brown Riding Boots:  I blogged about these yesterday.  These are my brown flat boots I wear all the time and they're on sale for under $60!!

Plaid Shirt:  Similar here.
Grey Tank:  Target here.
Jeans:  Nordstrom here.

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Tuesday's Top Three

Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, I was a third-grade teacher.  I think being a teacher brought out the holiday-dressing-love inside me!  haha!  What I mean is...as a teacher I'd for sure be sporting black/orange the whole week of Halloween.  The kiddos loved it and it was just fun!  So, even though I'm not teaching anymore, I still find myself planning the red, white, and blue outfits a couple weeks before the 4th!  Or in this case, I start thinking about what me OR my kiddos will be wearing the week of Valentine's Day.  (I know it sounds ridiculous, but just go with it...please. :) Haha!)  I love searching Pinterest for some great holiday inspirations!!  Here are my Top Three casual Valentine's Day looks...

Love this understated heart scarf with the chambray shirt, leggings, and white tee.  Super casual...but oh so cute!!

I found a couple options for this...
Chambray Shirt:  Loft here.
White Tee:  I've said this before, but I'm super long-waisted.  Any shirt that is "long" on an average size person is probably too short on me.  So, I've discovered buying plain tees or tanks (to wear under things) in the maternity section here.  They aren't bigger around the stomach.  They don't have ruching.  (The gathering on the sides.)  If you're long-waisted, try one!
Leggings:  Nordstrom here.
Boots:  SALE ALERT!!!  I bought these boots in the fall and they are now 60% off!!!  Under $60 for a GREAT pair of boots!  If you're needing some, check these out!
Scarf:  I searched and searched for a heart scarf and only found one.  Super cute for $165!  What?  So...here are a couple floral, pink, or red options.  

This one is a little more..."Happy Valentine's Day", but I think it'd be adorable!

Coat:  Super cute purple one here and it's 50% off!  Red toggled option and on sale.  And...dark red option here and on sale too!!
Valentine Shirt:  Red option.  Black option.  These are shirts from Target.  Super fun for a couple days to celebrate, but I wouldn't spend a lot of money on a shirt like this...Target for the win!
Skinny Jeans:  Nordstrom here.

Love the pants/grey combo!!  The heart earrings would be a little much for me, but the pants/shirt combo I LOVE!

Grey Shirt:  Gap option here.
Red Pants:  These might be a little more pink.  Or...boyfriend cords here.

Outfit #4 (One dressy option)
I wish I had some where fancy to go to wear this outfit!  Love the peplum top with the trouser pants!

Peplum Top:  Loft option here.  Forever 21 red/white polka dot peplum.
Trouser Pants:  Loft here.

Hope you guys were a little inspired today!  Happy Tuesday!

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Weekend Recap

Wednesday, I got in some snuggle time with this kid before the big kids woke up from their nap.  This kid LOVES his dad.  If we are both in the same room, he would pick his dad over me EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!  So...I have to take advantage of moments when I'm all he's got!!  haha!  (Just for the record...he was in the Mama stage and now he only wants his dad.)

One of the big kids took this one...ha!

Headed to the gym bright and early!

This kid keeps me on my toes!!!  He is a MESS!!

"Really, Mom, ANOTHER picture?"

Thursday was the art show at preschool.  This is Ebby Lee's masterpiece.

She was SO proud!

And...her coat of many colors.  I was actually really impressed with this one!!

Nixon's masterpiece...I loved the title, "Dog".  hahahaha!  This boy is obsessed!!

His other fabulous creation!!

While the big kids were in school, Bowen got to join me for a doctor appointment.

Friday, I joined the Brassy Blueberries at Market!  SO. MUCH. FUN.

Saturday, we had an afternoon park date with M & G.

The weather this weekend was beautiful!

Bowen started walking everywhere this week.  He's been wobbly walking for a while, but he'd go back and forth between crawling and walking.  This week he decided it's easier to walk.  Still super wobbly, but it's pretty much all he does now.  Tear!  My baby is getting big!

He's big but not big enough for this...YET!

Boys!!  Bowen thought this was a blast!

We went back to M & G's house for dinner and Bowen fell.  Isn't that the biggest bump EVER???  EEK!  I called our friends, the Smiths (she's a nurse and he's an er pa), they calmed me down.  The bump actually started going "down" really quickly....thankfully!

We roasted marshmallows by the fire.

This little guy threw me a bone and let me snuggle with him.  

Ebby Lee talked M into playing "pedicure" with her.  Ha!

Bowen let G snuggle him too. (Nix was there too, but my pic of him was too blurry. :()

On Sunday, I thought about Shay!!  The wedding was just a few hours away and my homegirl LOVES her some bracelets!  :)

I had planned on going to Andrea's house to watch with the girls, but Ebby Lee woke up from her nap with a fever.  When I told her I could stay home and we could watch together, she was SO excited!!  So...we all got in our cozy pajamas and snuggled up to watch The Bachelor Wedding!!  

Ebby Lee figured out how to take a black/white picture!  haha!  I don't even know how to do that!

My kiddos were SO excited about seeing Kensington & Smith on t.v.!!!  Weren't K and S the CUTEST things ever??  They were fabulous!!!  Andrew and Shay were SO cute!!  Papa Jay did incredible and Sherry was stunning!!  So proud of those Lowes and Shulls!!!

Funny comment from Nix:  (He and Smith always talk about being best friends.  Just the other day, Gary was over at the house when I brought Nixon and Smith home from preschool.  Nixon walked in and said, "G...this is Smith."  Smith said, "I'm his best friend."  It's just a line they ALWAYS use to describe each other.  Super cute and sweet...because they're only 3 and 4!  But anyway...during the wedding Smith was walking down the aisle with the other ringbearer and you know what Nixon says, "Is that Smith's best friend?"  hahahaha!!! He was upset someone else was getting to be in the wedding with HIS BEST FRIEND!  haha! Tab and I both started laughing out loud!  Bless his heart!  

Hope you had a fabulous weekend too!!