Amy Jo Jeans is the winner of the Honey Pie Pumpkin Headband!!  I e-mailed you Amy Jo.  Please e-mail me back so we can get your goodie to you ASAP.  Thanks so much to all who entered.  

The rafflecopter with the drawing is here...(sorry, I didn't know how to repost it!!) 

Thanks again to Elaine at Honey Pie Accessories!!


Elaine~ Honey Pie Accessories said...

Congrats to Amy Jo! Thanks for sponsoring Erika!

AmyJo said...

I'm so excited! Thank you. I hope it's not too late. I never got an email. My friend just told me congrats and I found out!!! Please let me know.

AmyJo said...

I'm so excited. I didn't get the email and my friend just told me I won. I hope it's not too late!