Happy Halloween & November Bucket List

First of all...Happy Halloween!!!  Hope you guys have a great day and night!

Check out that graphic?  Andrea is the BEST!!

Emily at They Call Me Mama and I are linking up again to show you our Bucket Lists for November.  Here's mine...
The Dallas Zoo...this was on my list last month and we didn't make it.  So, we're trying again in November.  My kiddos are SO excited!!  They absolutely LOVE the zoo.

This is SUCH a sad picture.  I didn't want to put a picture of tonsils on the blog though.  :(  Ebby Lee is getting her tonsils removed this month.  She doesn't know yet.  Sshh!  So...don't tell her.  We're going to wait and tell her the night before.  She is a worry-er (I made that a word.).  For instance, I picked them up from school and told them we were headed to the doctor to get flu shots.  Ebby Lee cried the ENTIRE way to the doctor!  See what I mean?  I can't wait to get this behind us!

Trip to Hawaii...Tab and I can't wait to make it back to Hawaii this year.  And...I'm SO excited about NOT being BIG and PREGGO this time.  :) 

School Thanksgiving Lunches...both kiddos are celebrating Thanksgiving at school with a special lunch.  I'm excited this year to get to be just a mom (and not another teacher) in my kiddos' rooms.

Somebody turns 1 this month!!!  How did this happen??  Bowen is growing up so quickly.  We're going to have a super low-key birthday celebration for the little guy.  Third time around...I tried to think about what HE thinks is fun (at the age of 1).  ha!

I'm really looking forward to sitting around our dining room table with my family on Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be thankful for.  I pray that we remember this daily!

I'm also looking forward to lots of yummy food.  :)

Some think it's crazy...I think it's SO MUCH FUN!!  I LOVE getting out really late on Thursday night or early Friday morning to do some Christmas shopping.  I think the crowds of people are SO much fun!!  I also LOVE that thrill of getting a good deal.  I can't wait!!

We'd love to see your bucket lists!!!

We'd LOVE for you to join us!  It's always great to get a new idea for a fun outing, a new craft to try, or an inspiration for a new outfit.  Emily and I were super lazy this month and didn't get the official "link up" ready BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave us a comment with your blog and we can check out ALL the bucket lists.  If you're reading, please read the comments too, visit some other blogs, and check out their bucket lists.  Thank you!!

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What I Wore

I'm also linking up to Get Your Pretty On and Because Shanna Said So.  (I have NO clue why those are underlined. Just go with it. :))
Last week after the gym, I put on this striped shirt, tank, my Vigoss jeans, and some leopard flats.  

Striped Shirt:  Gap is here and on sale for under $20.  I'm wearing a small in the picture.
Coral Tank:  Liz Lange Tank (it's maternity so it's the perfect length) is here.  
Vigoss Jeans:  Sheaffer's been telling us FOREVER that we need them.  Listen to her!!  Here and here.

 Ha ha!!  I just realized in these two outfits...the only difference is my shirt!!!  Clearly, you need the tank and the jeans.

Lace Sweater:  Very similar here.
Coral Tank:  Liz Lange Tank (it's maternity so it's the perfect length) is here.  
Vigoss Jeans: Here and here.
These leopard rain boots are similar to mine.  Remember, leopard is a neutral so they pretty much go with ANYTHING.  :)

 This picture is kind of dark and hard to see, but yesterday the temperature was almost 80 degrees!!  I whipped my shorts back out and paired them with riding boots to make it look a little more "fall".

Denim Shirt:  Here is one option and another.
Mint Short:  Mine are from J.Crew Factory.  Now is the time to stock up on shorts!!  They're on sale for $24.50 and it's an extra 30% off right now.  My link will not work for some reason.  Sorry!
Scarf:  LOVE this scarf!!  Sheaffer told me to do this too!

My riding boots again!  ha!  Saevon boots here.

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Also...tomorrow Emily and I are posting our November Bucket Lists.  Please share yours with us too!!

Tuesday's Top Three-Halloween Candy

I thought this was the most appropriate topic for today since Halloween is only two days away!!  I thought I might help you guys decide what candy you should be passing out to trick-or-treaters.  Hopefully, when you're adding candy to your cart...you'll remember this list.  :)

I'm not a huge candy-lover by any stretch of the imagination, BUT I do have some favorites I thought I should share with you.  You know how some countdowns say..."in no particular order"...well this is NOT one of those.  These are in order FOR A REASON!! 

I think the first one is the most underrated candy bar EVER.  If you haven't had one....go to the store right now!
#1 Reese's Fast Break

Please tell me you've had one of these!!  Oh my goodness!!  The best candy bar EVER!!  Chocolate, peanut butter, and nugget!!  (I have NO idea what a nugget is made out of...but it's good, trust me!).  Like I said, around Halloween I'll have a piece of candy here or there, but it's pretty much guaranteed that on the 9 hour drive to Missouri...I'm going to get one of these at one of our many gas station stops.

#2 Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Can you tell I have a thing for chocolate/peanut butter??  Who doesn't LOVE a peanut butter cup??

#3 Hershey's Chocolate

This is a classic.  It'll never let you down or go out of style. :)

If you're passing out ANY of this on Halloween night, those trick-or-treaters are going to be so happy!   And...if you're passing any of this out...you should call me.  My kiddos MIGHT need to stop by. :)

Happy Tuesday!!

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A Performance AND 11 Months

 Friday night we headed to the Melissa Cardinal football game.  Ebby Lee participated in their Cardinal Cheer Camp this summer.  All the girls who participated could perform their dances at half time on Friday.  She was SO excited about going.  We met the Easons (who were minus their dad too) before to grab some dinner.  

 Ebby Lee and Olivia ready to go!!

 This little guy was SO good.  He sit on the bleachers and watched EVERYTHING going on around him.

I took the girls down to "practice" before the game started.  This is where it ALL went down hill for Ebby Lee.  Most of the girls were older than 4.  They ALL seemed to remember the dances.  I think maybe it was a combo of both??  But...E lost it!!  She cried, did NOT want to go out there, and was ready to go home.  We talked about how excited she was, how God is with her ALL the time and she shouldn't be afraid, I told her she could just stand there....she was still crying!  

We'd gone to all the trouble to go...so I was going to make her get outside her comfort zone and at least go out on the field.  At the last minute, I caved and I BRIBED her!!  EEK!  As soon as it flew out of my mouth, I knew it wasn't one of my best ideas.  I said, "If you go out there, I'll let you get a toy at the Disney Store tomorrow!"  What was I thinking??  Clearly...it was a WEAK moment!!  But...it worked!!  

Bowen was ALL bundled up.

 At half time, they all walked out and waited for the bands to perform.

 The boys and I waited patiently too.  :)

 Nixon did great!!  I think Bowen was READY to go at this point.

 Taking their places on the field.  
(They could wear a Melissa Cardinal cheer uniform or their turquoise camp shirt).

 Ebby Lee found her friend, Kirby.  They pretty much stood their the whole time.  Towards the end, they got a little warmed up and busted out some moves.

 Check out Olivia...front left...she was rockin' it!

Ebby Lee had this "embarrassed smile" on her face pretty much the entire time, but at least she was smiling??

Afterwards, Ebby Lee said that she had SO much fun!!  And..she couldn't WAIT to do that again!  Then...she mentioned I can't wait to go to the Disney Store either!  UGH!!!  

The bribing was NOT my finest mom moment, but we ALL have them, right??  In the end, I'm SO glad I pushed her, because she was SO proud of herself.  She had a blast and is already talking about going to cheer camp next summer.  On an even more positive note, she chose a $6.00 stuffed cat at the Disney Store. Thank you, Ebby Lee :)

And..yesterday...this little guy turned 11 months old!!  How did that happen??  What a blessing this little guy is to us all!  Happy 11 Months, Bowen!!

5 on Friday

I'm linking up again with Darci over at The Good Life BlogApril at A.Liz Adventures,  Christina at Carolina Charm, andNatasha at Hello! Happiness for 5 on Friday.  I can't believe it's already Friday!  This week has FLOWN by!

Here are my random 5...
#1.  Ebby Lee participated in a cheerleading camp over the summer.  Tonight at the football game all the girls who attended get to strut their stuff!  ha!  Three months later...let's see if they remember anything!!  I think it's going to be SO cute (and funny).  I'm really excited about going!  And Nixon is pumped about being at the football game.

#2.  Tomorrow while the hubby is at a football game, I'm meeting some girl friends and their kiddos at the mall.  I love my girlfriends and I love the mall...so it should be a GREAT time!

#3. (Random Picture...but wait for it...it will make sense.)  This weekend (when Tab gets back) I have big plans for us to finish unpacking our master bathroom.  I know it's ridiculous that we still have some boxes lingering in our house!!  In our defense...our old house had an office and the new house doesn't.  So, the boxes are all "office things" that we don't know what to do with!!  We're going to do something with them on Sunday though...so hopefully I can start taking pictures in the full length mirror in the master.  Right now, I refuse because you'd see my boxes!!  :)  So...my "outfit pictures" should be better. (FINALLY...the pic made sense?  Kind of? :))

#4.  I'm SO excited to celebrate Halloween this week!!  We get to carve pumpkins this week and of course, go trick-or-treating!  

#5.  Last but certainly not least....I want to wish a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my besties, Shay!!  Look how far we've come, Shay...me-in all my swollen post-baby self and you-with your braces!!  Love you and hope you have a GREAT day!!  :)  One day this picture will be in Nixon or Smith's wedding slideshow, so we should start embracing our fabulous we looked in this picture, right?

Have a GREAT weekend!!

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I-Phone Pics (SUPER random)

My I-Phone takes HORRIBLE pictures!!  I'm actually going to the store today because I think it's time for my upgrade.  Hopefully, then these posts will look SO much better. :)
I LOVE this picture!!  She wasn't feeling good AT all, but she wanted to do the pictures so badly.  I think she did awesome for not feeling great.  LOVE that girl and the cardigan too!

My boy, Nixon, has a blinking problem.  If a camera/phone comes out...he starts blinking!!  Can you tell our hayride was a little warm?

Ebby Lee got my phone and took TONS of pictures.  This was one of B army crawling isn't too bad.  Please excuse that pile in the floor...those are all the clothes that were waiting to be hung up.

Batman's costume had just come in the mail!  He was so excited!  He modeled for us.  (And...it looks like I was still putting away laundry.)

I had these handsome boys on Thursday afternoon and I took them through the carwash.  They screamed like little girls!!

I don't think my friend, Krist, reads my blog, but I saw her post on facebook.  These may be the VERY best costumes I've ever seen??  They look GREAT, don't they??

Handsome Bowen was ready for church.

I was waiting at the doctor's office on Monday morning.  I took this picture for Tab.  I thought he'd be so proud that I was drinking coffee.  

And...again this is what happens when your daughter gets a hold of your phone!

I'm hoping next week my I-Phone pics will be fabulous!!  

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What I Wore Wednesday

I'm really proud of myself for taking pictures several days this week!!  So...again I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.
Last Wednesday, I took the kiddos to dentist appointments, we ran a couple errands, and went to church that night.  I was a little reluctant purchasing my camo pants, but I wear them ALL the time!!

Embellished Sweatshirt:  Old Navy here.  (Can I just say how much I love this sweatshirt??  It's SUPER comfy but still looks cute and put together.  And...it's SUPER affordable.)

Camo Pants:  Mine are here from Gap.

Another view of the pants with my nude flats.

Friday the kiddos and I had a little Halloween/shopping party to attend.  Then we met some friends at the mall for lunch.

Blouse:  Gipsy Bridge (McKinney Trade Days) Very similar herehere and here.  (Love that last one!!)

Vigoss Jeans:  Have you checked out Pinterest Told Me To's posts on these?  LOVE them!  Here they are.

My birthday gift from the hubby...my Nordstrom anniversary sale boots.  :)  I said they were all gone, but apparently I wasn't looking hard enough.  Here they are.  (On SALE!)
 Ready for church on Sunday!  I told you I wear the camo pants ALL the time!!  Here they are again. 

Shirt w/Leather Sleeves:   This one doesn't have leather, but it has a cute zipper detail on the shoulder.

Camo Pants: Here AGAIN :)

Tassel Necklace:  Loft.  Similar here.

My booties and my camo

Booties:  I found some similar Sam Edelman booties.  Black, suede, embellished, and a great height...check these out.  Super cute!  

Monday...doctor's appointment, grocery store, and an errand run.

Purple Sweatshirt:  Loft, but I couldn't find it.  A cute option is here.  Another cute lace sweatshirt option is here.  And...right now all full price sweaters are 30% off at Loft.  I love these shirts....comfy but they still look cute!

Vigoss Jeans:  Check out Pinterest Told Me To's posts about them.  Vigoss Jeans here.

Pendant Necklace:  Similar here and here.

Yesterday, kiddos to school, errands, and book club last night.

Denim Jacket:  Pinterest Told Me To bossed me around about this one too!

Sweater:  Mine is a thicker material than this one, but the same neckline and sleeve length.  The Eggplant color is really pretty.  Or...this is really cute!

Floral Pants:  Mine are from a boutique here, but I love this pair.  They'd be super fun!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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