I-Phone Pics...

We were headed out of town on Friday morning, and Bowen had been SO cranky the last couple days.  I decided to take him to Acute Kids after dinner.  They tested him for strep, but it was negative.  Just a nasty cold. :(
My grandpa sent me a newspaper article about my cousin coaching baseball at his alma mater.  Nixon is a big fan of Kody, so I showed him the article.  He walked around ALL night holding it.  So sweet!
My OK City Chick-Fil-A buddy
The new face he makes.  I. LOVE. IT!
Trying to stay cool before the game.  Trying is the key word. :)
We saw the cheerleaders!!!  Ebby Lee is ALL about some cheerleaders.  She was so excited!
First day of school...take #1
Take #2
Take #3
Take #4
Take #473 
Ebby Lee took this picture of Bowen yesterday.  Too funny!
I wore my new scarf yesterday.  When Tab saw me (before he left for work), he looked out the window and then asked, "Did a cold front come through?".  What does he know?  #hesclueless :)


Mix and Match Mama said...

Your kids have the BEST smiles! And tell Tab that it's September. Cold or not, it's time to wear scarves!

Slightly Askew Designs said...

Agreed! September requires a scarf... maybe if we will Fall to to come it will come?!?!?! Bowen's smile is too cute :)