I-Phone Pics...

We were headed out of town on Friday morning, and Bowen had been SO cranky the last couple days.  I decided to take him to Acute Kids after dinner.  They tested him for strep, but it was negative.  Just a nasty cold. :(
My grandpa sent me a newspaper article about my cousin coaching baseball at his alma mater.  Nixon is a big fan of Kody, so I showed him the article.  He walked around ALL night holding it.  So sweet!
My OK City Chick-Fil-A buddy
The new face he makes.  I. LOVE. IT!
Trying to stay cool before the game.  Trying is the key word. :)
We saw the cheerleaders!!!  Ebby Lee is ALL about some cheerleaders.  She was so excited!
First day of school...take #1
Take #2
Take #3
Take #4
Take #473 
Ebby Lee took this picture of Bowen yesterday.  Too funny!
I wore my new scarf yesterday.  When Tab saw me (before he left for work), he looked out the window and then asked, "Did a cold front come through?".  What does he know?  #hesclueless :)


Mix and Match Mama said...

Your kids have the BEST smiles! And tell Tab that it's September. Cold or not, it's time to wear scarves!

Andrea - Momfessionals said...

Agreed! September requires a scarf... maybe if we will Fall to to come it will come?!?!?! Bowen's smile is too cute :)