October Bucket List

Emily (at They Call Me Mama) and I are so excited to tell you about a new series we'll be hosting each month.  We'll be doing a series titled, "Monthly Bucket Lists".  Each month on the last day of the month, we'll blog about the things on our bucket list for the upcoming month.  Next month, we hope to have our linky party stuff ready so that you guys can link up your bucket lists too!

Emily and I have known each other for a long time.  Emily's family and my aunt's family are close family friends.  So...I have no clue when I first met Emily, but it was a long long time ago.  She lives in St. Louis, Missouri, has two kiddos, and is a mom who keeps her busy family running smoothly.  I enjoy reading Emily's blog to keep up with what they're doing, but also to get some ideas of fun things to do with my own kiddos.  Hopefully...this series will give us all some new ideas.  (Especially in those dreary months of January and February, right??)  So....go check Emily out!!

Here's our October Bucket List:  (This is probably the busiest month ever!!  So many fall activities!)
We've gone the last two years to the Texas State Fair.  Trip #1 and Trip #2...Our kids talk about it ALL year long and begin asking in January when we get to go back.  Last year, Big Tex burned and it was something the Slaughter house watched YouTube videos of for a month!  ha!  My kids were so into it, because they'd seen him just days before it happened.  We're super excited about this year's trip to the Texas State Fair!!

 We'll bake Halloween cookies.  Ours will-without a doubt-NOT look like those, but my kiddos will love them just the same.  :)

The pumpkin patch...it's my FAVORITE fall activity EVER!! 
 Trip #4  
I LOVE everything about the pumpkin patch.  Cheesy, I know!!  I just can't help it...the hayride, the pumpkins, the families, the kids in their cute fall clothes, LOVE it!


It's been a while since we've been to the zoo.  We have an October Zoo Trip planned with some friends.  Can't wait!!

Dallas Arboretum Trip...I was a third grade teacher before I turned SAHM.  When I taught, we always took our kiddos on a field trip to the Arboretum every spring.  I've never been in the fall and I've never taken the kiddos.  I decided earlier that this was our year.  So...I have an upcoming trip to the Arboretum planned too.

The Reyes' Family in our BFG (Fancy name for Sunday School class) always host a Harvest Party.  We all bring soups/stews/casseroles in crockpots.  The kiddos get to wear their Halloween costumes.  And there are smores to top off the night.  It's a great night to hang out with friends and see all the kiddos in their costumes.

And...last but not least...we'll be carving some pumpkins sometime in October!!

Hope this gave you some fun ideas to do this October.  If you have anymore ideas, please comment and share them with us!  We'd LOVE to hear them!!  Happy-Last-Day-Of-September!!

I-Phone Pictures

Kind of dark...this girl chose to watch cartoons on the floor instead of my bed on Friday.  She said that Nixon had stinky breath and she couldn't be close!  Oh my!!
It rained on Friday!!  They were so excited to use their umbrellas!!
My Friday night dates :)
Oops!!  (Sorry!)  Bowen and Mama at the park on Sunday afternoon.
At the park on Monday...SO much fun!!  Park weather is ALMOST here and we are SO happy about it!

Bowen thinks he is BIG stuff!
This kind of picture scared Mama, but Tab thought it would be fine.  #noonewashurtduringthetakingofthispic
Happy Birthday M!!  Bowen LOVED his dinner at Benihana's.  :)

5 on Friday

 Whew!!!  It's Friday!!  I'm linking up again for 5 on Friday.  Here's what I'm excited about today:

 Fall clothes are starting to appear in TX!!  Last Sunday we woke up to cool temperatures.  Apparently I made it a big deal and kept saying that we got to wear fall clothes to church!!  Later in the week, Nixon was trying to get me to remember something that happened on Sunday and he said, "Remember the day we got to wear fall clothes"??  ha!!
 Who knew we had apple orchards in Texas??  The kiddos and I are checking one out tomorrow.  We had some REALLY cute orchards in Missouri, so my expectations are maybe a little too high??  But either way, the kiddos and I will pick some apples and have fun right??
 My mom (A.K.A. T-Nonnie) is coming to visit us this next week.  The kiddos are SO excited!! (I am too!)

Emily (over at They Call Me Mama) and I have something really fun planned for Monday!  Can't wait to share!
The kiddos and I went to the park twice this week and we're headed back again today.  They're loving it and so am I!! 

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!

Marla's Benihana Birthday

 Cutest thing ever, huh?  ha!  
Tuesday night we celebrated Marla's birthday at Benihana.  My kids had never been and were so excited about the chef cooking RIGHT in front of them.
 Ebby Lee and the birthday girl :)
 Love this picture!  Gary is one of Nixon's very favorite people.  Nixon has his own nickname just for him.  Gary's grandpa name is "G".  Nixon decided ALL on his own to start calling him "G-Boy".  I love it!
 When they brought out our soup, I started getting a little nervous.  Bowen can't eat onion soup?  I had packed him some Cheerios, but he was tearing through those.  (Have I mentioned this kid likes to eat?)  Next up was the salad, and he can't eat that.  The chef made corn just for the kids to munch on while he cooked.  (Which was GREAT!  Bowen loved it!!)  This kid started SHOVELING his food in.  Rice, chicken, veggies!!  He was in heaven!!

Have I mentioned that when I get out my camera Bowen starts smiling??  Check these out...

 ha ha!!  Maybe we have a little model on our hands??
 These big kids LOVED M's birthday.  Marla was so sweet and brought glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces to make it extra fun for the kiddos.
 Singing "Happy Birthday".

We had such a GREAT night celebrating with Marla!!  We love you, M!!

What I Wore Wednesday...

I'm linking up again with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.  I tried to do a much better job of taking pictures of myself when I was dressed nicer this week.  Here we go:
Friday night the kiddos and I met Sheaffer & Carter at the mall.  

Pink blouse: Gipsy Bridge (McKinney Trade Days-for local people)
Grey Tank: Target
Floral Leggings:  Gipsy Bridge
Bracelets:  An assorted variety from all over.  ha! 
A shot of the shoes
Nude Flats: Target

Another look...
I LOVE my friends.  Walking through the children's building at church, Andrea and Shay stopped me because they thought I should blog this outfit.  ha!  I look like a BIG DORK-O in the picture tho!

Blouse:  Gipsy Bridge (She was having a sale, so I stocked up.  ha!-You can't tell in the picture, but it has black and orange small polka-dots)
Vigoss Jeans:  Nordstrom
Leopard Booties:  I think it's called Shoe Mart??  This is a funny story....the kiddos and I were running an errand and we walked by this shoe store.  They had a super cute pair of leopard rain boots for little girls so we walked in to see if they had E's size.  When I went in, the guy said that they were moving so everything was half off.  Well, it's a super cheap shoe store anyway...so that made all the shoes SUPER SUPER cheap.  This was the actual day Sheaffer blogged about booties and how everyone NEEDS a pair.  I took this as the perfect time for me to TEST out the bootie waters before I really took the plunge so to speak??
Black Bracelet:  Christmas gift, but I think it was from New York & Company (Thank you Uncle Dale...he had my name! :))
 On Tuesday, the big kids had preschool.  Bowen and I ran lots of errands.  It's still hot here, but I'm trying my best to dress kind of like fall??  If that make sense??

Blue Gingham Button Up:  JCPenney (But a lady was selling them at McKinney Trade Days for super cheap??)
Coral Tank:  Target
White Shorts:  J.Crew Factory

I sported my new riding boots from Nordstrom...even though it was 90 degrees.  It's officially fall, right?

Tuesday's Top Three

 These week I wanted to work on something a little DIY and definitely something kid-friendly.  I found LOTS of cute fall decorations on Pinterest.  My favorites were these do-it-yourself pumpkins.  I chose three different methods to spruce up these dollar store pumpkins. 
I thought this was SO cute and trendy right now.  Chalkboard pumpkins??  Isn't everyone loving chalkboard stuff just as much as I am??  I hauled the kiddos to Lowe's and Hobby Lobby to get some last minute supplies.  I stumbled upon some Chalkboard Spray Paint!  Now, we're talking.  I already had some regular chalkboard paint I was planning on using, but this made my life SO much easier!!
 This is how we started.  2 dollar store orange pumpkins laying on our gossip magazine we ripped up.  Still keepin' it real.  ha!
 We spray painted one with black chalkboard paint.  It looked GREAT!  The other one I painted with SUPER cheap white spray paint and it didn't look so good.  It was runny and you could still see the orange through the white?  I'm thinking it's because I used the 77 cent spray paint??
 After it dried, it looked great!  (Sorry, the Slaughter House had zero newspapers...so I was resourceful!)
 Nixon helped me scribble all over the pumpkin with white chalk.  Then we went back over it with a rag and wiped all the chalk off.  The blog I read said that it helped to prime it??
 Bowen was happy he got to participate by watching and snacking!
 The finished product (a little blurry).  I think this turned out pretty cute!  It was a GREAT craft for kiddos to help with and now they can draw ALL over this $1.00 pumpkin.  (I also bought the chalkboard spray paint, but I will use that ALL the time.)  They were wiping off the face and drawing new things.  So easy!!
My whole plan for this attempt was to just paint white circles onto our pumpkin.  I wasn't thinking and spray painted it white??  It didn't turn out great.  And...I had a white pumpkin??  My pack of paint didn't have orange, so I had to improvise.  I had the kids paint black circles on the white pumpkin.  I had some circle sponges from something years ago.  

 The kiddos took turns sponge painting black circles.  They tried their best, but sponge painting probably wasn't the way to go.  It would have been better if I would have used a real brush and painted circles.
Our attempt...ha!  It doesn't look like the original, but it was a super kid-friendly craft that my kids loved doing.  That was the point, right??  

I was so excited about recreating this pumpkin.  I thought they were too cute.  The ones in the picture were REAL pumpkins.  I used another dollar store pumpkin...just keep that in mind.  Also keep in mind...
1. We did this last.
2. After seeing how one white turned out.  I decided to paint ours black and use gold glitter.
3.  Bowen was crying because he wanted to be held.
4.  The big kids tried to help with this and there was glitter ALL over the kitchen.

You got all that??  We had a mess going on.  I quickly finished it and completely forgot to take pictures.  Until the end...our final products
 Kind of hard to see...sorry!
I actually LOVE how they turned out!!  The kids had a great time helping me with these crafts.  They were easy enough (mostly) for the kids to get to do it themselves, and they didn't cost me much money at all!  Thank you Pinterest for giving me a little inspiration!!