I Got Pin-spired!!

I love reading Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel's posts every month.  I decided this month that I'd join in the fun!  I'm linking up with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel to show an inspiration picture I found on Pinterest and how I turned it into a real-live outfit!

Here was the inspiration:
I think this necklace is too bulky with the denim shirt, but I loved the colors they used.  So...I tried to recreate it with things I had in my closet.  

First of all, let me say that it is HARD to take pictures of yourself and even harder to get your four-year-old to take a good picture!
Super dark...but I chose a denim shirt, turquoise necklace, gold earrings, long white tank, and coral shorts.
I realized one very important thing while I was taking these pictures.  I NEED A FULL LENGTH MIRROR IN MY HOUSE??  I tried a selfie and it worked (kind of??).  I actually think my picture looks a lot like Sheaffer's pics??  :) Another thing I noticed...HOW MANY GRAY AND YELLOW CHEVRON RUGS DO I HAVE??  
This picture shows the outfit a little better.  I loved the look!  It was a great transition from summer to fall.  I would have loved it even more if it wouldn't have been 102 degrees BUT I thought it was the perfect late August outfit.

Thanks so much Pinterest for inspiring me!!

A Little Funny for Your Thursday...(Sometimes he deserves his own post)

I've said it before and I'll say it again....Easiest. Baby. Ever.  I should really stop there because that sums it up.  We were at the pool last week.  Bowen got tired, so he went to sleep.  On a towel.  On the concrete.  In the 100 degree heat.  Holding a Rapunzel swim toy.  Easiest Baby Ever!  
Hope this doesn't jinx us because he's in the process of cutting his two front teeth and I'm HOPING it goes well.  

A Week (or so) in I-Phone Pics...

On Thursdays, Shay and I take turns taking the girls to gymnastics and watching the boys.  Two weeks ago, I took the girls.  I caught E in the middle of a forward roll.  See her??
After gymnastics, we had some play time or make a mess time whatever you wanna call it?
Our super sweet babysitter, Mackenzie, for 3 1/2 years stopped to say, "bye" before leaving to go to Baylor for her freshman year of college.  We all (all-including my kiddos) love Mackenzie and are so excited for her, but we're going to miss her terribly!!
Somebody was enjoying tea party time a little too much!  ha!
Friday...we did a little swimming in the afternoon.
Monday, Ebby Lee talked us ALL into participating in a little dress-up action.  Nixon was the "Royal Dog" and Bowen was the "Royal Baby".  Maybe a little too much Sofia the First??
Princess Ebby Lee

Difference between boys and girls??  CRAZY!!
Don't know what happened to this picture??  Proof that we ALL joined in the fun.  I was wearing a cape, but you can't tell.
Friday we played at the mall with our friends.  Bowen was enjoying his lunch and all of a sudden, we noticed this...he finished his grilled nuggets and was DONE.  ha!  It was the funniest thing ever!!
Such a tough life that boy leads!
Then Ebby Lee took over the phone for a little photo shoot .  Kensington was all about smiling for a pic!  So cute!
Then Miss Pose A Lot got a turn.  ha!!  
Headband, hair, necklace, dress, and purse all styled by Ebby Lee :)  
Transporting a sleeping baby from high chair to stroller.  He slept through the whole thing!!
Friday night the Cox's came over for dinner.  We let the kiddos swim, ate, and just visited with them for a while.  The girls were upstairs playing in E's room after dinner.  Apparently, E took my phone up their with them.  I had lots of super cute pictures of her dolls!!

E must have captured this too??  She's sneaky when it comes to that phone!
Monday night after dinner we played outside.  Tab taught them a couple new tricks.  
Nixon dressed himself after swimming.  He put on sweatpants that were WAY too short and it was 102 degrees outside. :)
Nixon and Tab were playing catch with the football in the playroom.  Nixon left for a second and came back with his helmet on.  Safety first, people!
My view :)
Tuesday after the gym, we hit up Sam's Club (and spent a small fortune).  Nixon was hungry at 10:15 (story of his life) so I agreed to a 10:45 pizza lunch after shopping.  Such a fun (and cheap) lunch date these three are!!

What a Fun Day!!

 This was us...ALL smiles yesterday morning.  
 Miss Priss was determined to "pose" for a picture.  She didn't realize she was hardly in this one.  :)
 Here it is.  What is this??  We had a normal day...gym, errands, and then home for naps.  But...last night Ebby Lee had a super fun birthday party to attend.  It was at Made of Sugar and Spice in downtown McKinney.  It's like every little girl's dream.  Glitter, make-up, nail polish!
Princess Ebby Lee
 Getting her lipstick applied.  Sweet little P in the background turned 3!

 All the princesses had a fashion show.  I thought I was taking a video and apparently I was not??  I realized it just as Miss K was walking down the runway.  Love that pose!

 Princess Group Pic...LOVE it!

Ebby Lee had a BLAST celebrating Presley's 3rd birthday!  Such a fun day!

Wednesday and Friday...

They happened to be the only two days I took pictures last week.  So..here we go!  Wednesday, we went to the gym and then swam at the gym with the Shull's.
 Before the gym...Bowen thinks he is BIG stuff when he gets to do what the big kids are doing.
 Don't worry!  That thing Bowen's holding that looks like a very sharp object was just my keys to the car.  It's like he knows how important those are??  He loves them with all of his heart.  So..on special occasions (like getting a great pic of all 3 kids) I let him hold them.  :)
 Handsome B at the pool.
 Watch Ryan Lochte...here comes Nixon Slaughter!
 Ha ha!  She's going to be so thankful for this picture when she's 16!

Friday night:
Tab was out of town at a football scrimmage, so the kiddos and I met up with some other mamas and kiddos.  Such a fun night.  We met for dinner and then took the kids to the splash park to play.
 My happy camper
 Our crew got comfy for the fountain show.  (Little did we know the wind was going to blow lots of cold water our way so we were those crazy people screaming and running during the show.) Ha!
 How did I not realize Sheaffer's hand is ALL up in this picture??  I should have taken another one, but I guess I didn't look??  
Fun fun night with friends!!

Some of my Favorites...

I won a photo shoot from the fabulous Narci D Photography at a charity auction and I'm SO glad I did!!  We had our pictures taken a couple weeks ago in downtown McKinney.  Narci did a GREAT job!  I think (hopefully) my older kiddos are finally to that age where they do good during pictures??  I hope it continues!  Anyway, here are some of my favorites from Narci's photo session...

Thank you so much, Narci!!  I LOVE them!!