All Caught Up..

 I'll be all caught up after these pictures!!  This is how the girls slept for the sleepover.  E has a trundle bed, so K was sleeping on the trundle.  E lost it because she wanted to sleep RIGHT beside her not a foot above her??  So...she chose the floor over her bed!  K's under the blanket. :)
 Silly girls!
 Tab's mom, sister, and kids all came to visit last week.  We played out front before everyone showed up to swim.
 Love this guy!
 These boys sat REALLY still when those cheerleaders were dancing!!

 SUPER dark!!  But...E's waving and K is standing beside her.  Blakely is in front.

 Their cheers and dances were the CUTEST thing ever!!

 The cheerleaders did stunts with them.  She was in heaven!  
Kensington, Birdie, and Ebby homegirl LOVED cheer camp!  She had a blast!

Another Catch Up...

To be completely honest...I just haven't been taking many pictures lately.  I have to start pulling out my camera more.  We're having a great summer!  We're swimming, hanging out with friends, and getting settled in our new house.  It'll be a summer I always remember!  A couple things I have captured lately...
Crazy Nixon-Man said he was being an umpire.  :)
Ebby Lee actually took this picture of B...pretty good huh?

We went to the grocery store and E picked out her clothes ALL by herself.  Ha!  She needed ALL of that just to shop at Kroger!
I think Nixon was feeling under-accesorized so he grabbed a hat.  
Ready for church!  Bowen had a little accident and got a big scrape under his nose.  When it started healing, it looked so much worse.  Luckily, it's all gone now.
E helps me out when I need an extra hand.  She was making sounds and would say, "Good boy" after each bite.  It was adorable!
This picture is refusing to turn!!  We celebrated G's birthday!
Ebby Lee and Kensington had a sleepover.  Nix stayed at Smith's house, but I don't have a picture of them.  
Their poses before church the next morning.  :)
Ebby Lee went to cheer camp last week and LOVED it!!  She was exhausted every night, but she had a BLAST!!  Mrs. Karla was a ton of fun!!

First Night July 5...

 The first night we spent the night in the new house was Friday, July 5th.  We had some sweet guests.  My cousin, Morgan, and her mom were on their way to Galveston and they hung out with us for the night.  Then on Sunday night my parents came to check out the new place.  
Since then...we've been doing LOTS of this in the back yard.  

House picture...coming soon!!

Fourth of July...

 We still had LOTS of unpacking to do so we agreed to go to the parade in the morning for some fun and then we went back to the house to work.
 We hung out with the Dreffs and McAnallys while we watched.  E LOVED her some baby Griffin.
 So sweet!!
 Ready to see a parade!

 We had a great morning celebrating our great country!!

Destin-Day 6 (Aunt Katie's Birthday)

 We hit the beach in the morning because it was our last chance to go!  You can't really see it, but E was standing by this big alligator and turtle someone had made in the sand.
 Nix would do great in this part of the beach.  It was the part that was the fluffy sand that would stick to his feet.  He couldn't handle it!!
 Monumental started raining so we told the kids to run and they did...even Nixon!!!
 For Aunt Katie's birthday, we went to dinner at The Crap Trap in Ft. Walton Beach.
 While we waited for our table, we did a little shopping.
 We had a GREAT week relaxing in the sun.  ( relaxed as you can get with 3 children :))
 M with the girls...Nix slipped in.
 Bowen borrowed Uncle Brent's hat during dinner.
 Brecken showing off his mad skills.  He attached like 10 straws together and it worked!
After dinner, we had cake and presents back at the house to celebrate Aunt Katie's birthday.

It was such a fun week!!  Lots of great memories were made!

Destin-Day 5

 This picture makes me sad!!  I didn't realize it was foggy!!  I got the kiddos matching suits and they looked adorable!  Don't worry...I'll take lots more of them in their matching suits.  
 Some pool time and then we went to the harbor area for our dolphin cruise...
 Brecken, Athena, Nixon, and Ebby Lee
 We let Bowen in this one.  :)
 It was a little windy.  Right after this picture, we were going faster and we were out farther in the water looking for the dolphins we kept hitting other boats' wakes and our boat was REALLY rocking.  I was super nervous, holding on for dear life, and holding B!  We survived though. It was so much fun and we saw LOTS of dolphins!

 Love this little guy!
 B was a big fan of Aunt Eleni!  I think she felt the same way.  :)
 Captain Athena
 Captain Ebby Lee

 Captain Nixon
 Fireworks started at 9:00 so we found a restaurant where we could eat outside by the water and watch the fireworks at the same time. (Yes, dinner at 9...all rules and routine go out the window on vacation, right?)
 The restaurant had a super cute playground/beach area for the kids to play while we waited on our table.