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Love these crazy kiddos!!

Have a great weekend!

Memorial Day...

We had a crazy busy fun weekend.  These were the only two pictures I took while they were sporting their red, white, and blue.  So thankful for the service men and women who serve and allow us to have our freedom!
My firecrackers before church!! (blurry from my phone)

Memorial Day Cookout with my Little Guy

Horses and Cows...

 This past Friday we went to Tab's mom's house for a visit.  On Saturday, we went to his aunt's house to ride horses and feed the cows.  This cowgirl was in heaven!!  She was up first!
 She was so shy up there with everyone looking at her.  ha!
 The Look-Alikes
 Scary!!  Just what he needs...a sword and a shield!
 Nanny, Bowen, and Lance
 Nixon's turn...he wasn't feeling it near as much as his sister.  But..he got on, rode for a couple seconds, and called it a day!
 Nixon, Cash, and Uncle Bimbo (I would use his real name, but I don't even know it!!)
 Look who else got a turn!
 I'm sure at this point the horse was thinking, "Are you kidding me?"!
 Bowen was all about touching that horse.
 Then it was time to feed the cows.  They LOVED it!!  They were all in the back of the truck and they got to throw the food to them.  LOVED it!

We had a great time on the farm!!

Last Day of School...

 I actually forgot to take a picture on the last day of school.  It was crazy, chaotic, and I'm pretty sure we were running late.  So...this was MY last day of school.  We had meetings and a party, so the kiddos went to childcare while I was busy doing all of that.  Here they are ALMOST on the last day of school.  This school year was great!  Ebby Lee had Ms. Faith and Ms. Katie.  They were fabulous!  She kept telling me how sad she was that it was the last day of school.  Nixon had Ms. Lacie and Ms. Karen.  They had a class FULL of boys.  Not One Girl!!  But...they were somehow so well behaved.  They had a great year at preschool!
Just for fun...this is how they looked on the first day of school.  We'd gone to Hawaiian Falls the day before so E was a little red!  So crazy how much they change in one year!!

It's Summer!!

 On Monday after work out, Shay and I took the kiddos to the Cooper gym to swim and it was SO nice!!  We were there for 3 hours.  Yes, 3 hours with all 5 kids.  The kids played so well together.  It wasn't too Bowen did awesome.  The big kids swam and swam.  Kensington really wanted Shay to get in with her.  Shay (being the great mom that she is) finally agreed and got in the water.  I was thinking..."Oh, this is SO nice.  I'm NOT getting in."  Well...I was helping the kids jump in and make sure they got to the side-when all of a sudden...Ebby Lee pushed  me in!!!  She thought it was the FUNNIEST thing ever.  I'm sure the people working out got a BIG laugh from that.  Even though, I ended up looking like a wet dog...we had so much fun!

 This little guy did great!!  He did this....
 and then this.  :)
We're SO excited that SUMMER is here!!

Saturday Night Swim...

 Saturday was SO warm!!  So..Saturday evening we decided to take the kiddos swimming.  It was so nice!  There were 2 other kids in the water, our kids played so well, and Bowen loved it!  A perfect attempt at an evening swim.
 See what I mean??
 All smiles :)

The big kids had a blast and were ready to swim again the next day!

I-Phone Pics...

My friends agreed.  The Perfect Shirt for Nixon!!  This boy loves to eat.  :)
Tab thought it'd be funny to put Nixon's pajamas on Bowen OR maybe Tab didn't know where Bowen's pajamas were??
2 Little Gymnasts in my backseat
Date day with the hubby at the Byron Nelson
A LITTLE windy :)
When Bowen is tired...he's going to go to sleep.
I don't know how to flip it AND I don't know why they look so pink.  Sweet kiddos before church on Sunday.
First official day of summer in the Slaughter House!!  We loaded up and headed to the pool after the gym.

Baby Dedication/Mother's Day...

 So blessed...this was my view from the front on the way to church.
 Family pic before dedication
G was out of town, but M came to see Bowen get dedicated.  After church, Tab grilled burgers, I had some ALONE time at HomeGoods, and I even got to take a nap!  It was a great day!  So thankful these three kiddos call me Mom!  It was an added bonus that B got dedicated at church on Sunday.

Swim Lessons..

 The big kids at swim lessons every day last week with Ms. Sally.  This was the first year that both kiddos were excited to go and no one cried!!
 Nixon-Man floating on his back.
 E was a rockstar!  She did so good!
 He's a little less crazy than he used to be, but he's still not afraid to jump in by any means.

 Ms. Sally laughed and laughed at Nixon because this is how he swims...with a big ole smile on his face.  I'm sure water would go right in his mouth but he didn't care.  :)

 On Friday (prize day) M and G came to watch.  Bowen was excited to have someone new to sit with.
They did SO great at swim lessons!  They were both sad when I told them that we weren't going back for a whole year.  They LOVE them some Ms. Sally!  What a great week!