Easy Bake Oven...

 Ebby Lee got one of these for Christmas and we hadn't tried it out yet.  After dinner on Tuesday (Daddy was at a football scrimmage), we got it out and made some red velvet cupcakes for dessert.
My helpers were SO excited for these cupcakes!

I forgot that Easy Bake Ovens make things for really small people, so it made 6 deliciously small cupcakes.  Mama only got a teeny nibble, but they did taste great!!


 This is what most mornings look like...Ebby Lee dancing and singing in front of Bowen.  They both work so hard to keep him entertained.
 He seems to enjoy it all!
 I lay their clothes out and slowly but surely...they've gotten so good at dressing themselves.  It's like a whole new world!!  I have 2 BIG kids!!
Then they put their shoes on and we're out the door!

Stripes Kind of Day...

 Wednesday was just a stripes kind of day.  My 3 sweet kiddos before heading to the gym.
 Aw!!  So sweet!
Finally...real life!  ha!

Happy St. Patrick's Day...

 We all sported our green for church on Sunday!
Boy pic...Nixon wanted to kneel down just like Tab.  ha!

Wildlife Ranch...

Wednesday and Thursday of Spring Break were so much fun!!  My cousin, Whitney, and her husband, Ryan, were in town for a wedding.  Wednesday...they made it in time for dinner.  Thursday, Mackenzie came over to watch the kiddos so Whitney and I could shop and eat kid free!  It was so much fun!  So much fun that I didn't take one picture!!!  But...Friday I took a TON!!  Tab woke up on Friday and decided he could get some work ton in the morning and then take the rest of the day off.  We decided to take the kiddos to the Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch in Pilot Point.  G and M tagged along for some fun.  It turned out to be the best day!
 Getting a peak at the horses and zebras.
 Bowen looks super excited about it!
 We walked around and looked at the zebras, horses, and bears.  Then we got on this tram.  It had buckets of food on the sides.  So...the animals walked right up to eat the food.  We could pet them and take pictures.  They were so close. It actually worked out so well because Bowen needed to eat while we rode this.  I fed him and he fell asleep on our tram ride.  
 This girl decided she was "roughin" it in the country.  She took her bow off and was ALL about the animals!
 Nixon liked them too, but he was very happy about being safe on the tram.
 This girl wasn't scared of anything!  She wanted to pet everything that walked by.  
 Nixon-Man liked the camels.
 We found some of our friends!  The Azels were enjoying their spring break at the Wildlife Ranch too.
 I seriously took this as a teachable moment about how important it is to brush our teeth!  ha!

 Then it was petting zoo time. 
 The goat in the background had just taken care of his business...too funny that Ebby Lee was holding her nose!
 She cracked me up.  I guess we haven't been to a petting zoo in a while, but homegirl USED to be so scared.  Not anymore!
 Nixon surprised me too!

 She fed this goat a little.  Then tried to walk away to feed something else...
 But...the goat followed her.  I heard her say, "You're just so hungry aren't ya?"  ha!
 Fun little barrel ride
 Bowen was looking at the horses and loving it!

Just for fun...this is the petting zoo experience I think of when I think of Ebby Lee.  Her ENTIRE body started shaking when I tried to get her to feed a horse.  We've come SO far!!
 "You want me to FEED the animals?"
She stayed a safe distance away from the fence.  Things have changed!! 


 I forgot that I'd taken some pictures on my camera of our Rainforest Cafe trip.  Even though Nixon doesn't look like it in the pictures...my kiddos were so excited about going to eat and see the animals!
My boys checking out the animals!!

Spring Break Days 1 & 2...

Day #1 Monday...we met Shay, Narci, and their kiddos at the mall.  My kiddos weren't so sure about that Easter bunny!  They waved from afar and talked about her (yes, this one was a girl) ALL the way home.  So many questions about this bunny!  Great start to our week off!!  I will say...I was having one of the WORST days!    But...these girls made it all better!
Day #2 Tuesday...we met my friend and college roomie, Erin, at another mall.  I'm sensing a theme!!  We met to eat at the Rainforest Cafe.  My kiddos were SO into the animals!  Loved it!!  Then we walked around a little and they played on these rides while the big girls hung out.
This little guy has been SO good lately!!  He was loving Tuesday's nap time.  Big kiddos were asleep so he had me ALL to himself...just the way he likes it.  ha!  Day #2 was so much fun!  Can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store.  

I-phone Pics...

Western Day...

 My cowboy and cowgirl ready for Western Day at school!!  Cowboys wear orange Nikes right?
Bowen wasn't feeling the cowboy thing.  He opted for a comfortable sleeper.  I can't blame him.  My boots were a little uncomfortable.  :)

Our morning ritual...

 This is what it looks like around our house every morning.  Kiddos watching a little morning t.v., some food in hand, and Bowen in the nap nanny in the middle.

Sunday Best and Small Group...

 Sunday morning we had time for a quick picture before heading out the door.  Ok...not going to lie, we were really late, but I needed to take a picture!!  See the theme??  Bowen started it all with his plaid shirt and it spread from there.  :)
Sunday night our small group had dinner at Ms. Karla and Mr. Justin's house.  Small group kiddos...minus 2.  

Going Bonkers...

 Friday we met Ms. Sarah and Peyton at Going Bonkers for some play time.  My kiddos were in heaven!  Check out my cowboy on the bull...ha!
 This little guy was a champ.  He just hung out while Ebby Lee & Nix played.

 Nixon was super pumped that Ms. Sarah was putting money in all those rides.  ha!
We got the most out of that 50 cent ride by plopping E on the hood.  My kiddos took the BEST nap Friday afternoon.  They played hard, had a great time, and were exhausted!