Random Random Random...

 Just like his older brother...Tough guys use pink wash cloths??
 How Daddy dresses them...
 ...and another.  :)
Another Sunday Best edition of Bowen!  He and Daddy after church. Ha ha!  Bowen looks SCARED to death!

Rock'n Roll Concert...

 Friday night, my parents were here and we invited M & G over for dinner.  Afterwards, Ebby Lee & Nixon put on their very own rock'n roll concert!  Tab has that song, "Old Time Rock'n Roll" on his ipod...so apparently that's where it came from?
 Breaking out in some moves...ha!
 Nixon was supposed to be the singer, but once he realized he had the whole room's attention, no way!  He just wanted us all to watch him run around!

Best concert I've ever attended...but I might be a little bias.  :)

Valentine's Day...

 The gang before school
 Bowen was feeling good on Valentine's Day.
 Ebby Lee was being so silly.
My parents drove down from Missouri during school so they could make it to Ebby Lee's valentine party.  (Nixon had a kids only party earlier in the day).  My kiddos were SO excited!!  We ended our night with gymnastics, valentine pizzas, and chocolate covered strawberries.  The perfect night for me!!

Crazy Kiddos...

My kiddos wore some red/pink to school on Tuesday.  This picture cracks me up!!  Ebby Lee is smiling.  She probably just put Bowen's pacifier back in for him.  She helps me with that a LOT!  Bowen probably just went back to sleep after she plopped it in.  And..Nixon seems to be thinking, "Another Picture??".  Love these crazy kids!

Off to see the Wizard...

Last Thursday, the 4 of us (Bowen had to sit this one out.) went to see The Wizard of Oz performed at Allen  High School.  My kids LOVE that movie.  They were amazed!!  They sit through the entire 2 hours without hardly moving.  Nixon's favorite part was by far the real live dog they used.  Ebby Lee loved Dorothy.

Rockin' the Undies, Bumbo Love, and Exhausted...

 Nixon has been rockin' the underwear!!  He's had a FEW accidents, but other than that it's going so well!!  So proud of this kid!
 Bowen got a little love in the Bumbo.  His first attempt.  He was a fan for 37 seconds.  
On Tuesdays and Thursdays Ebby Lee doesn't nap at school...so usually by Thursday she's cranky and passes out in the car on the way home.  This day she walked in from the garage and literally passed out in the floor.

Super Bowl...

 We had a super low-key Super Bowl night.  When we heard the Shull's were going to be back in town for the game, we invited them over to watch with us.  Nixon and Smith played in Nixon's room.
 Somebody was being silly! (We painted our faces to be a little festive. ha!)
 The girls played in E's room.  They were singing and dancing when I took this.
 Bowen was really in to the game.  I don't think he missed a second!  The girls thought it'd be fun to cover him up.  I think by the end of the night he had like 6 blankets.
They finished the night with a kiddie movie on the computer.  Super low-key and just like we like it!

Sunday Best...Bowen Edition

 Bowen was looking good on Sunday.  Please don't pay attention to Tab's hairy legs!  ha!  
Caught a little smirk.  :)

Texas vs. The Nation...

Nixon and I had a special date on Saturday.  We went to Tab's game..Texas vs. the Nation in Allen.  Nixon was SO excited!  That is ALL he talked about at school on Thursday.  Apparently his teachers heard ALL about it.  He loved telling Ebby Lee that he was going to the game with me but she was staying home.  ha!
We got a first row seat...in the BRIGHT, BRIGHT sun!!  Who knew I should have packed sunscreen on February 2nd??
We had so much fun!  Nix was the life of the party in our section.  A player's mama kept SCREAMING, "Let all of 'em play, Coach.".  On and on.  Finally they put her son in and then she began screaming, "Go Peter!".  This lady was SO loud.  Everyone on our side could probably hear her.  Anyway, she screamed and yelled for a long time.  Finally Nixon got up, stood right on the edge by the rail, and screamed SO loudly, "GO PETER!".  Everyone probably heard him too and they ALL started laughing!  It was too funny!
Loved our Mommy/Son date on this HOT February Saturday!  When somebody asked him about the game, he said, "It was fun.  I got a treat!".  Ha!  Good thing I got him those Skittles!  That's all he remembered!

Where were we Friday night???

At the pool!!
Tab reffed a game the next day in Allen.  The whole crew stayed at the Marriott that is really close to our house.  The guys all had dinner together on Friday night, but the kiddos and I were having a blast at the pool!!  We had the place ALL to ourselves.  It was so nice!
This little girl is a FISH!!  I packed us dinner, so we swam, ate, and swam some more!  (The pictures are from my phone so they're not the greatest!)
Nixon's cheesy grin. :)
Bowen loved it too.  The room was warm so he hung out in his car seat and took a great nap!

Art Show...

Nixon and his yellow and orange art work at the art show.  His class did a styrofoam and pipe cleaner version of the artist that does all the glass work at the Arboretum??  So cool!

Ebby Lee's art work are the two at the top above her head.  Her class studied the guy that did the Campbell's soup can.  I'm horrible at remembering art!!  So..they painted a Campbell's soup can and then did something with circles underneath.
She named her can painting, "Helping Mommy with Dinner"!!  ha!  Love it!!

Sunday Best...

 Sweet sweet kiddos before church on Sunday (last week).  Love Nixon-Man's smile in this picture!!
 Everybody wanted a turn to hold Bowen.  Brothers were dressed alike in their sweater vests, green, and blue.
Nixon was pumped about this one!  ha!  Proof that Mama doesn't just live behind the camera!